What punishment should I make to my boyfriend if he doesn't make it in time to meet me (he lives far) for Valentine day?

He lives really far, I'm kind of sad if we don't meet... Please forgive me for the silly choices, it's a little bit for fun, even though some things I would really like to do... Anyway give me other ideas, please ❣️
Boys can give opinions too, please 🙂
  • Ask my friend to call him to worry him (prank)
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  • Call and make him hear me cry all time 😭
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  • Run from home and surprise meet him 🎁💝
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  • More ideas (opinion)
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Sorry for this question, I didn't mean punishment seriously, I was looking for support, thank you for it... I hope everyone can have happy time on Valentine day and other days <3


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think Winnie that you should expect he might not make. But maybe he will come early to surprise you?

    Remember, Valentine's day is 1 day. There are 364 day's that are just as important to express love. Don't worry about 1 day. ☺

    • Naraku thank youu !
      I think maybe yes we can meet anyway, I really hope!
      Thank you for your words, I like them, they make me feel better <3

    • It's OK Winnie 😊

      I am sure you will meet but if not , don't worry too much. You can make your own special day ! 😉

Most Helpful Girl

  • Just talk to him about how you feel, and listen to his side as well.

    • Thank you, I am trying to talk to him and sometimes I really can't avoid the crying "punishment" heheh... I still think it's unfair if he can't come but sigh I understand him anyway, I'm trying to convince him for alternatives...
      Thank you for your kind words by the way, I feel them like what me and him are trying to do right now, love is understanding each other ❤

    • Crying is okay and it shouldn't be looked at as a punishment. You are showing your emotions, not punishing him. If you are in fact crying intentionally to manipulate or punish him then that's very wrong. If you're crying naturally then he shouldn't see it as a punishment.

    • I only thought to cry intentionally but it really isn't easy for me and I don't want to manipulate him, if I tell him I miss him it's the truth, my question was just silly and I agree with you 🙂

Valentines Day

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What Guys Said 4

  • No Anon opinions? That's sad because I might receive tons of dislikes.

    => You can ask your friend to act as your new boyfriend and see his reaction. He might get jealous but don't take it too far as it can create insecurity. It can be a cool prank!

    • That's going too far.

    • Helloo, thank you for the idea umm it is not bad, I would like to make him a little jealous but I don't know... Maybe he will really get upset this time '-'
      Before we were together, he treated me like if I am childish but it's really like I can't stay like this, feeling so lonely...
      Sorry for the question btw! I didn't allow anonymous because I wanted more serious answers even if my question is a little jokey >w<

  • Why the hell would you do such a thing? That's the best way to lose him. Except for the third option, but that is still stupid.

    • Yes, I'm silly...

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    • Sorry, I don't know that and I don't like this conversation, take care...

    • Finally a person who doesn't. You aren't entirely lost. Take care.

  • punishment? valentines day is dumb anyway. you can do romantic things every other day of the year why is this day so special. ill tell you why, its so companies can make money

  • Invite your ex-boyfriend.


What Girls Said 6

  • Why would you punish him if he lives far away and might not be able to meet you? It's called growing up and being an adult, don't try and punish him for something he doesn't have much control over and don't try too make him feel bad. If he likes you he probably wants to see you too, you shouldn't try to make him feel worse by pranking him.

    • I understand it is right, it's just that we don't meet since a long time, so I was thinking maybe I can go to visit him...

  • Why would you punish him for shit he can't control?

  • You should not punish him. That is his task for you. Reward him if he is on time...

  • Meet him another day?

  • Don't do anything.

  • I don't think you should "punish" anyone.


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