Is this a good plan for my boyfriend on valentines day?

Well to start with in the morning i will give my boyfriend a little gift and while he's away i will put rose petals in his bed an take sexy underwear on and wait for him in his bed and then give him one more gift and then some chocolate and then we gonna order take out
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  • I would like it cause of tge thought. He likes cause he dated you. Me.. eeeeh i see nothings different thats haven't done. Its expected and everyone throwing roses on stuff and gifts. Im saying dont do it. Id say be creative. But hell you are the whos doing it.

  • I don't think you need bother with the rose petal stuff. That's not really a guy thing, he's not going to care for the flowers in quiet the same way you girls do. And make an effort, cook, don't order take out.


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