Have a Valentine's day date?

I was just curious. For those of you that have SOs, should you ask if they want to be your Valentine, or should it be assumed already that they are your Valentine? My SO hasn't asked me yet, so I don't think they want to do anything special that day, but I really want to celebrate it.


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  • Surprising sometime on Valentine's Day is a bad idea; it should be planned in advance.

    I am sending my sweetie a dozen red roses, then I am taking her to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants.

    • I'm the type of person that prefers to plan for a special day. But I also love having my SO take the initiative and plan for something and surprise me... But I know he won't do it so... :(

  • I think plans for Valentine's day should be discussed. Unless he might surprise you with something on that day? Which could be possible.


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