Celebrating Valentine's Day with a girl I just started seeing?

I've only been talking to this girl for 2 weeks and we met online so it's not like she was my friend or anything before that. Our third date is tomorrow. The first two went really well and during the second one she did things like playfully put my hood on when we went outside in the cold and touched my arm several times to get my attention to show me something. I took that as a good sign. Also after the last date she said next time she wanted to show me a restaurant near her that is really good and after we could hang out in her dorm.

Valentine's day is coming up and I don't know what I should do. On the one hand I really like this girl and I want to show her that. But I also don't want to creep her out or scare her off by doing too much.

I was considering asking her after our date tomorrow what she's doing Valentine's day and if she says nothing then asking her to dinner.

Is dinner enough? Would it be too much at this point to bring flowers or chocolate?

I'm also concerned she might be too busy on Tuesday. I know she's in class up until 7ish and if she has homework or tests coming up it could be difficult. If we don't go out for Valentine's day should I get her something anyways?


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  • Just get her a flower and maybe take her to dinner but that’s all you really need to do though since it’s too new of a dating situation


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