Does your partner/spouse still gift you?

My boyfriend of 7 years is wonderful. I love him for everything he is and does, yet he has one flaw that I hate with a passion. He seriously fails in the gifting department. Not a holiday/birthday/celebration has gone by in our 7 years together that he has NOT forgotten to buy me something.
I'm not going to rant about it like I deserve anything, because I got the hint after the first gift-less year (yes, my birthday and Christmas included) and have adjusted. I'm just saying, maybe he could spring for a card, or even a special dinner... just something that says he knows I'm still a woman that likes to be spoiled, however rarely this may be.
Anyone else experienced something like this? How do I re-approach him about it without seeming materialistic?


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  • Just be honest about your feelings 100 percent and tell him.

  • You could show him this. This seems pretty well verbalized.


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