What would be appropriate for Valentine’s Day if we’re not dating but have established that we like each other?

Everyone knows we like each other, and she’s told me she likes me and wants to date me.

What would be appropriate for Valentine’s Day in that situation? I want to avoid teddy bears and “I love you” messages. She’s artistic and has made me homemade gifts, and I don’t want to be empty-handed in case she does something for me.

I was thinking of a funny or ironic “I like you” type card. Any ideas?


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  • Take her out to dinner and movie with a cute random animal plush like an alpaca and ask her to be your girlfriend

    • We're coworkers, both working late that night. I don't really want to take stuffed animals and balloons to work. Since we're far from the "I love you" zone, I was thinking I'd get some nice card stock paper and make a funny "I like you" card, just something thoughtful.

    • If you decide on a plush, you could give it to her before the shift or after. But the card is a cool idea

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  • Just go on a date... Get some piza or do something fun. Put it all in there, dont just buy a card 😃

    • We’re coworkers, both working til 11:30 at night. “Putting it all in there” and brining heart shaped balloons and chocolates to work would be too much. A funny card would be something I wouldn’t be embarrassed by if she wanted to show it to everyone (and our coworkers already know we like each other anyway).

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