Who else is going to be having an emotionally painful Valentine's Day?

Why will it be painful and how many bad or painful ones have you had? Please feel free to share your stories.

For me this one will be very painful because these last few months I have been dealing with a very painful break up. This was my first real serious relationship and I was finally going to be able to enjoy Valentine's Day with a girl. Happy and care free we had planned so much a few months in advance. We knew what we wanted to do and how we were going to do it. Painfully last year a week before Christmas she messaged me just saying that it was over. Through a text and everything in my world just crashed soon after. My Mom died in an accident and my Aunt died of cancer just after the new year. Now with the holiday coming up it only bring back painful emotions and memories of what I had and wanted to do. It also reminds me of what I want a lovely best friend whom I love and who loves being with me doing things we enjoy.


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  • I'll be crying. My lover, who didn't love me, left me, for someone they loved, their real lover, and I'm just a loveless.

    • O man that sucks sorry dude.

Valentines Day

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  • I'm single but I couldn't give a smaller fuck because I'm okay with it. For y'all being sad about it: grown the fuck up

  • Problems are problems till fixed.

  • First Valentine's alone after a 6 year engagement 😔
    Left me 6 months ago but still all I think about.

    • Aw sorry man why was it a 6 year long engagement? Arnt most just 2 years?

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    • Probably I have had that feeling as well.

    • But with me I have seen my ex in person and she pretends I dont exist. I have said hi to her a few times and she did not even look my way as I walked past her.

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Valentines Day