How would you feel if one of your friends asked you out for Valentine's Day?

I'm curious cause I was thinking of asking a girl that I have gotten to know and over a year has come to relax around me and I have called her my friend before.


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  • I'd probably react along the lines of "Wait, you like me? Why?"

    • Lol perfect eevee profile image for that.
      Why do girls wonder why first when a guy likes them. When a female friend is gushing about a new guy they always ask me why I think he likes her.

    • I don't know why other girls feel that way, but for me I was always the last person picked in school situations, like gym or group projects, so my self confidence is through the floor. Even in dating nowadays, my luck is still the same.

    • Aw I'm sorry to hear that. I'm kind of the same. I'd ask why also. I gave you a follow.

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  • My guy friend did ask me out for Valentine’s Day and I was extremely flattered and I told him I’d love to.

  • Depends what would be my feelings towards him.
    But if I would like him then I would be super happy and excited

    • Well more like he did not know your feelings..

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