Good way to get a girls number?

So my friend has this friend who's she told me about for months, and when ever she described her she sounds awesome. I finally met her, she was cute as can be. I told my friend to hook it up but she just gets all weird (even though she's asked me to help her with getting with my best friend for years now) . So since she she won't help I decided on this plan. I walked her to her classroom once so I know where her class is in the morning (we're in college) and I was gonna wait for her. I'll have a chocolate rose and around it will be a paper with my number on it. I'll see her, give my little speel on how I thought she was super cute and I wanted to get to know her more, and say we could go out on Valentine's day, or if she worked we could hang another day. Either way she'll still have my number, which Is what I'm aiming for. What do you guys think?


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  • Sounds good to me. Although you walked her to class before, I hope she won't think you're a stalker.


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