Why is Valentine's day a big deal on the internet?

In high-school we did celebrate it because it's a holiday, on the street they sell roses here and presents just like every other holiday but still... Only the internet you'll find people getting sad about being alone, it's depressing because now I'm just like... should I go get laid or something? I do not care honestly but now I'm wondering if I should.

Let me tell you a story, once upon a time you came from your mom's twat alone, or with a twin, whatever. Now you stress over pairing up with another baby that came from someone else's vagina. This person has thoughts and intentions you will never uncover. The future with them s unsure as they could pair up in the future with another kid from another woman's vagina. You are obsessing over someone's child that you knew nothing about years ago, stop it. If you have someone on that day fine, if not that's fine too.

I'm more stressed because I need to make a dress to go out with my friend, we will take pictures and put up on instagram, gotta do it for the gram, na'am mean?


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  • Cause they were programed for it to be the 1 time where they act right in a relationship out a year. Smh.

  • I guess. Only if you have someone lol


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  • I've never had a good or nice Valentine's Day.
    So I'm hopeful that it's possible to have a good one as my friends seemed to have a decent time.

  • There's money on the table.


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