Girls, How many roses for valentines day?

I met a girl from the middle east online almost 2 years ago. We had an amazing connection but went round in circles because i always in my life had a fear of getting close to someone. I was meant to go there in November but missed the flight and i know i let her down, but i am now planning to go in March. As far as i a can tell, she is still very very keen for me to go and we talked recently and she was teaching me phrases in her language on how to break the ice with a girl you want to be with, and we joked and flirted a bit about it. That was the other day. My point is, i want to send her something for valentines day, and i have seen her activity on instagram, liking lots of rose photos for valentines day, so i know she would appreciate this. But how many roses should i send to be safe, considering things have been so uncertain between us at times? I want to send the right message, and ask her for an online date like we did last year... to let her know she is special to me... but i dont want to scare her away by being over the top... Your advice will be much appreciated!


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  • A girl would always love roses of all different colours... so that's how many roses you should send. It's cool what you're doing. Best wishes for both of you. πŸ’–

    • Thanks :) So forget the amount, and just focus on sending the actual things and make it nice? :)))

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    • Actually she messaged an hour ago, saying she had only received the flowers now :D Thanking me and said how shocked she was, that is the first valentines gift she ever ever got. And that there is only one person with a heart in the world and tonight she wanted to be with him. It was a lovely exchange with lots of love hearts, but still not sure how she feels or if she was just being nice. But its better than it was a few hours ago!!

    • Sweet. πŸ’Œ

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