How Can I surprise My girlfriend on Valentines day?

I want to Surprise my girlfriend on Valentin But i dont have any good idea and i dont have lot of money
i don't know what should i do

She is hungarian
and I'm not
and don't know what Hungarian Girls like to do in valentine
and there's a bigger problem too
2 day after valentine is she's birthday

Valentines Day

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  • Ideas :
    -Cook or order her favorite meal
    -offer a nice picture of you two in a frame
    -have a romantic walk in a park, in nature, in a museum or a place she really enjoys
    -reveal your feelings
    -offer a teddy bear or chocolates (less expensive than flowers) and maybe a single red rose
    -make a memory box full of souvenirs (pictures, objects, tickets) of your relashionship/story
    -tell her what you like about her and why you are with her :)


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Valentines Day