Is it crossing a line to wish a taken girl a happy valentine?

I have this friend that i have a huge crush on
She knows this, an have not directly rejected me
Problem is, that she has a boyfriend
She has told me that she thinks it won’t last long with this guy
I do not know this person, so I cant’t say I care about him, but I do care for her

So, would it be ok to wish her a good and happy valentines day even if she has a boyfriend
Not giving her flowers or asking her out, interfering with her and her boyfriend
But just to show that i think of her and that I’m still out there
Forgot the reason why she thinks it won’t last
Their cemistry is not to good, snd she does’t feel that she is treated like she should


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  • well yeah technically you can. however, if you’re trying to be romantic with her, i don’t think you should.
    i think you should respect that she has a boyfriend

    • I do se your point
      Still it’s not like I’m inviting her or anything
      Was just thinking of wishing her a happy valintine
      But it might be taking/understood the wrong way

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