Have you ever miss someone so bad that it hurts?

i miss you kenya.
i wish you okay :(
it's Valentine's day already and i never knew why you disappeared on me.
or where did u go.
or why.
I'm sorry that it came to this and i wish i knew why.
kenya I don't know what took you away from me but i hope u r healthy and happy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah, but after a few tears I lay back and really think about everything, and it leads me to the conclusion that if they cared about me enough they wouldn't have left me. They would have stuck by my side through the good and bad, but they chose to do otherwise. So I have no other option than to accept it and wish them the best. People like that are not worth my energy anymore.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah. Was a coworker that I had feelings for. She didn't quite reciprocate. Hated me it seemed. I tried to act like nothing was different, like be friends and forget it.. and trying interacting with her more, the more I did, the worse things got. I don't think she ever really knew how much I liked her. There must have been other things going on with her or something. I don't know. She now contacts me.


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