The most hated day for me?

I absolutely hate valentines day and i am gonna say this, i have never been in love. I think i am the only one hating the valentines day. Does anyone else hate valentines day? How many of you are entering valentines day single and what makes you single?


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  • I'm just ambivalent. I pretty much don't remember its existence (except when people keep talking about it, whooo for limited short term memory loss), and it isn't important to me unless I had a partner (which I don't). I just go on with my life as always.

    • It is maybe you did had a relationship before.

    • If I had a relationship that broke up, I probably would remember its existence and be sad on that day as it would remind me of what I've lost. I am, however, not at the point at the moment, and can only comment on what I know.

    • But I am not that kinda guy. I didn't had a relationship and i am questioning my existence every day of my life

  • I don't hate it. It's cute to see people enjoying eachother's love. Just because I'm single and have been for a while doesn't mean I should turn that into disgust and negativity. It's celebrated and in ways although it's a "set day" for showing endearment- it has brought people together in ways you might not have seen before. I just don't find myself wanting to waste time in hating a certain day out of the month.

    • February 15th is the best day. Half price candy!

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    • Yep it's whatever.

  • I hate Valentine’s Day because it’s a commercial holiday devoid of all sentiment and filled only with the pressure to buy overpriced junk to prove your love.

    I have never liked it, even while in a relationship.

    The best Valentine’s Day I have ever had was during a blizzard and wondering if my boyfriend got home safe. At least I was warm. (He did, btw).

    • I completely agree with you. And why you need all this stuff to prove your love, if you love your significant other, every day is valentines day. Why does they have to wait for a particular day to express their loves. And every year on the particular day condom purchase rates goes significantly up by a huge margin (I don't wanna explain about that) just a day to find excuse to fuck...

      And i glad you had experienced love before unlike me who haven't. And it hurts me a lot and i am in my early 20's.

    • Even my parents, the most adorable and disgustingly in love couple that I know, hate Valentine’s Day. They believe that one ought to express love everyday, and not just on the day that Hallmark said that you have to.

    • Very true. I respect your parents and you too. I am just happy that a you can understand my feelings

  • The day only has meaning if you give it meaning. in my opinion, you don't hate Valentine's day, you hate being single.

  • Come on its just another day! Of course all these couples are really cute but i also enjoy to be single. Just grab a drink with your bestiiiiii.

  • Don't care. Just another day.


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