Sending flowers to a I've yet to meet?

We matched on tinder years ago. We follow each other on social media and lately have been texting occasionally. We have not met yet but she said we can meet when she returns from out of state. She is away on a business trip and I was wondering if it is too creepy to send her flowers on Valentine's Day. I feel as if it would be creepy. I've had female friends on both sides of the fence. What do you think? Will it freak her out or will she appreciate them?
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Valentines Day

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  • I would hold off until you guys hang out.
    Unfortunately doing it this soon just looks desperate

    • I agree. The last thing I'm trying to do is impress her. Was just hoping to brighten her day but not sure how to do that without it coming off as a desperate move.

    • Just be there for her when she is at the room. If she does like you that will be enough for now.
      Plus flowers are to expensive to waste like that

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