Nervous as fuck?

Ok so today my roses that im gonna hand out around my college came to my house. they are in good condition and im keeping them fresh for tomorrow. But thats not why im here so this hole time I've been pumped to do this really excited not even the least bit nervous. but the actual thought has actually finally set in tomorrow is the big day and i am slowly dying on the inside. like i feel like im gonna drop dead any moment dont know why i panic so bad when it comes to girls and i am literaly about to drop dead just thing about it. Im still gonna do it dont get me wrong those rosese where damn expensive end someones getting some but can someone give me some tips on how to get rid of this nervous feeling cause it is a problem and so frustrating an i honestly just hate it so much. so any help would be nice😦


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  • Just remember why you are doing it in the first place. Take deep breaths and even though you don't feel it, try to act as confident as possible and have a nice smile on your face. No one will even notice! I know you can do this 😊🌹


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  • I'm hella late but t's alright man, just have fun with it and relax. Women are human too, nothin' to be afraid of. You'll be fine, it's all in your head.


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  • Just take deep breathes! If you are struggling with getting the courage, count to three and just do it. It helps me a lot. You're doing a good thing! I'm proud of you :) you're such a sweet heart!

  • Wait you're passing out roses for vday? that's so sweet

    • Lol your so late I've made like 3 posts on this already πŸ˜‚
      But yea im giving them out to single girls to be nice i got the roses today

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    • Nah the males will probably poke fun of me when ever i do these cheesy things i always get teased about it not really made fun of but teased i guess is the word and i just met these people since my semester classes are only a week or two in so we all barley know each other a couple people are starting to open up but not much

    • thats why im nervous to even too that girl with the pink hair we have never even talked before and i dont wanna get made made fun of if she rejected me that can be emrbassing

  • How did it go?

    • Would be alright if i pm you about what happens if rather not say it out in the open but its up too you

    • Yes of course you can

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  • Thats what you get for buying a bunch of roses without actually having anyone to give them to. And no, random crushes dont count.

    • I'm sure you're never alone for valentines day i may be nervous but ill push through that and get done what i need to at least I'm, not a 30yr old man who is scolding an 18 yr old for buying some flowers to make someone's day

    • Lol, I hit a nerve.

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