My ex gave me flowers on valentines day?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 2 weeks ago
He dumped me coz he has to focus on his career and studies and can't give much attention to me anymore but we broke up in good terms
Two days ago, my ex boyfriend asked me out to watch a movie and have dinner on valentines day
So yesterday was valentines day
He picked me up from my place and bought me an expensive bouquet of flowers and said "happy valentines day"
I didn't get him anything coz i thought we were just hanging out as friends
So anyway he paid for the movies and dinner
And then we watched the movie
And after the movie we went somewhere to have a chat in the car
He kept asking about how family is doing, how my friends are doing, how im doing at my job, etc
Then he was telling me everything he plans to do (becoming a cop) and telling me how we can't be together right now and how he needs to fix himself up and he doesn't want to stuff me around and that he wants me to be happy
But he will be there for me if i need anything or just to hang out to the movies or lunch or dinner or whatever
So yeah we are not back together
But why make all that effort?
Why buy me flowers and take me out?
I asked him "why did u choose valentines day?"
And he replied "why do u think? I did it on purpose. Its hard for me to forget about you. I appreciate you. Thanks for spending your valentines with me"
And then he dropped me home
And he asked for a hug
So we hugged for few minutes
And then yea
Im so confused :/


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  • He does have feelings for you n also he wants to wait for you I guess. But isn't sure if u would wait for him that long till his career is settled.

    • Yea he did say he wants me to wait but he knows im not that type of girl to wait around so he tells me that its ok..

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    • Wouldve done what?

    • What he did in Valentine's day for u

Most Helpful Girl

  • That's sweet that he's still showing he cares. Maybe he wants this to be a break and not a break up


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  • I believe that he just wants to show you that he cares and that he wants to be together with you but just not right now

  • Weak. He likes you but he's weak. NEXT!!

  • yeah kind of weird for an ex to buy flowers on valentines day

  • he still has feelings for you


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