For all the honey-drippers out there. If you could dedicate a song to the one you love, want to love, or a crush. Which one would you choose?

For I;

excuse it being in Afrikaans. I love this song ;


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  • metallica's Nothing Else Matters. this was once a song that was special between me and my ex because we related to it, because we always missed each other. now i'd rather have this song dedicated to whoever comes next in my love life.


    • great song of real meaning

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    • @Tushnim lol XD this song became a special thing when I was in love because the guy was as much of a big metallica fan as I am. that song was one of our favorites. I even remember listening to the song when he first told me he loved me. he used to joke around saying he was planning on serenading me with playing the guitar and doing vocals to the song for me haha

    • Sounds like him and me would get along quite nicely lol...

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