Hows your day going guys?

Mine is better now that im done with that crap job and hopefully dont have to return after today :) my boyfriend and I are doing good now and when he gets home, we hope to celebrate Valentines as well as our 10th month anniversary over Skype today :) My bday is tomorrow and im broke af since this job doesn't pay til the end of the month, but i hope to sleep late :D #HappyValentinesDayToYouuu #HappyBdayToMeee #HappyAnniversaryToUsss


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  • Happy Valentine and happy birthday Desi :D
    Nice to hear that you're doing better in different ways!
    My day was stressy, some frustrating IT problems kept me busy at work, in a way that is not the nicest way to spend a working day :-(


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  • Happy early birthday! I'm glad you are doing better and I'm guessing you will stay at the job for the 3 months then? My day was chill but also chaotic. Tomorrow will for sure be chaotic as well

    • 3 months? Um no. Lol we all found out that he only hiter us for 7 days. So today should be my last

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    • Back to finding a real job lol

    • Hope it works out

  • Always thought your birthday was on Vday lol. Any way glad you're feeling better. Happy early birthday and happy Valentine's Day.

    • Thank you :) and Happy Vday to you too. I haven't watvhed the Challenge yet but i heard my bae Vic went home :( gosh im sick f seein shanes face

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    • Shanes gone why 😍 and lol love Devin

    • Devin is bae. And Shane for sent into elimination by the Troika. You gotta watch. It was a few twists this episode. It started with the elimination from last week and ended with this week's elimination round.

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