She doesn’t like me back?

I sent flowers to my crush without a name. I later messaged her that the flowers were from me. She replied “Oh, thanks. So kind😱😱!!!” I replied something like “No worries ✌️😁” then she replied “Not but really, thanks a lot! It made me happy!” I replied “Great, that was my intention 😝” she replied ☺️. Also, she took a long time to respond after she had read the messages. From like 3-10 min. And for the last one she opened it and replied around 15-20 min later.

This confirms she doesn’t like me back right? She would have replied in a different way if she liked me back, right?


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  • If I like a guy and he gives me flowers, I'd be like awww you're so sweet <3 <3 <3. Thank you with lots of emojis with heart eyes and kisses
    Not "oh thanks, So kind". Really? :/


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  • It doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't like you she could've been busy at work or doing something to find out for sure ask her to hang out maybe go snowboarding or movies

    • She wasn’t busy, it was at 9 pm.

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  • You... Have failed.

    • Ok :/

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    • The money is the least I could think of lol.

    • You could send me your money if you dislike it that much.

  • Stop stalker her


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