Should I text her on Valentine's day?

There is a girl I've known since last summer. When I met her we were both in other relationships, however both of us have been single for several months now. She is friends with my sister so we do a lot of stuff together in as a group ie movies, fishing, youth group, etc... Anyway she isn't extremely beautiful but recently I've started to really like her personality. We text each other occasionally but she is extremely shy. I'm just wondering if y'all think I should text her something for Valentine's day, or wait.


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  • I think you should, considering the fact that you are starting to like what you see in her. It would be really nice to let her know that you are thinking about her on VDay and I think this would be a little confidence boost for her too

    • Update:
      So I texted her and she replied five an a half hours later with "you to" Wich I never responded to.
      Its unlike her to take so long to reply.

      I think if she had been interested she would have replied with a little more enthusiasm. I feel like I should just stop perssuing her because it has the potential to become very awkward as I see her semi regularly.

      I don't know let me know what y'all think

    • What exactly did you send her? If you just said "happy VDay" then there is not much she could actually reply, is there?
      The ball was in your court so it was on you to make a little conversation

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  • Sure, why not? If you like her, go for it


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  • Yeah you really should! She's shy and yet you two still talk and get along~ Go for it, she'll be happy


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