Was it cowardly and selfish for this man to commit suicide?

- His 2 year-old son accidentally fires the gun, killing himself - Moments later, the guy pulls the trigger... joining his son in death - Result: the poor wife is now left without a family; she lost both her son and...
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Which martial artist/actors did you enjoy watching the most?

My faves— I loved Jean Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier and like 1 other films. I loved Jackie Chan in Rush Hour and a few others. I loved Jet Li in Cradle 2 Da Grave and Romeo Must Die. Brandon Lee was great as the...
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Why a vote for Freedom and Donald J Trump and against Socialism will save America!

WHAT I AM NOT: A Republican or a Democrat WHAT I AM: A Fearless Freedom loving registered Independent American WHO DONALD J TRUMP IS: A Fearless Freedom loving Independent American ...registered as a Republican Before...
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How would you feel if you were alive because a kid die saving you?

How would you feel in this scenario: You grow up and get told that as a baby/toddler, a kid died saving you. The girl would've been 14-15 by now. She died saving two toddlers from...
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Isn't this a terrible way to lose your childhood?

This girl lost her childhood for good. I can't imagine what she went through both emotionally and physically. She gave birth at the age of 10. No child should ever go through that.
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What are your views on this? someone just called him from the 11th century maybe lol
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How is my accent? This is my first bilingual video for Thai students. The English part starts from 00:01 to 01:35. Please help me review. 🙏🙏🙏
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I'm crying & frustrated! Why do men do or not do things even after we beg them in tears expressing to them the importance of what we are requesting?

HE NEVER SAYS MY NAME NO ONE I EVER LOVED but one sweetheart called me by my name. I have a beautiful exotic unique name. Not to many can pronounce it. My man SAYS MY NAME PERFECTLY but he calls me hun. One phone calls...
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Explore Music With Me: Synthwave!

Hello everyone! I have decided to start doing a weekly MyTake on a particular genre of music. I'm sure most of you are tired of all the sexual, political, and social bs that we seem to see on G@G all the time. Well I'm...
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Is it OK for designers to use exclusively superslim models in runway shows?

Ten years ago, the average model was quite a bit slimmer than nowadays. If a designer today chose only superslim girls for their show, they would probably be publicly shamed into oblivion. What do you think about that? Is...
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Is anyone else excited for this to drop tomorrow?

Cause I’m stoked 😍
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Do you often dream about your exes?

I get sick of seeing those hoes tbh lol. The ones of my first ex is always about him making me date him again. The one this weekend was crazy. I was happy to be with him. I mean I guess i was always happy with him in...
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Child see Child do: How parenting can affect you and your life

Parenting coming from a barely 20-year-old sounds dumb, but here's the thing. Over the years, I've studied how my friends and even strangers act around other people, people they find attractive and their parents. So I'm...
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If you were abandoned at a dumpster as a baby would you want to know it?

Scenario: You're 18+ and older and have been raised by good parents. However, your birth parents abandoned you next to a garbage bin and didn't even bother to give you a name either. They just didn't want you. Would you...
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Is there a point in talking to babies in gibberish baby talk?

I've always found that pointless. I don't understand why some (not all though) mothers do that. I believe the baby has to be spoken in either English or whatever language you speak, clear words, not the ''agoo''...
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Which Pet Sematary version was more sad and emotional?

Pet Sematary 1989 (Gage's death) The innocent 2 year-old toddler was ran away by the truck. Dad couldn't save him. Pet Sematary 2019 (Ellie's death) The father saves Gage on time...
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Who remembers this song? Isn't it magical come on? This is some great music to wear when you're getting ready I heard it at Sephora again!
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Opinions on this song?

I think it's pretty "dope" as the kids say haha. 🤪
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