How would you react if you could hear a disembodied voice narrate every action you make and even what you are thinking?

Like in this movie Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrel
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Is your opinion of "International Pronouns Day" positive or negative?

Today is "International Pronouns Day," by the way.
Today is "International Pronouns Day," by the way. Show More
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"There are no savage and civilised peoples; there are only different, but equal cultures." Agree or Disagree?

I strongly disagree with this. 620 million Indians, half of their population, defecate in public. UNICEF has to run campaigns teaching them how to use toilets. Public defecation causes bacterial infections which lead...
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I wonder would you guys ever consider dating outside of your standards?

Let say you have a standard for a woman with beautiful blonde hair and she is incredibly sporty, would you consider dating a girl that isn't blonde and doesn't play sports? How about your standard is for a 6 foot...
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Do you think having a very attractive woman remove articles of clothing as a reward for finishing a video game is bad?

this used to be the reward in a couple of the earlier Metroid games. you beat the game under a certain amount of time and you get to see the main character without her full suit on and in a bikini/underwear pretty much....
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Missouri governor wants to charge a journalist with a crime because they found a bug in the government web site, anyone else find this just so stupid?

So the Missouri governor is trying to charge a journalist with a felony because this journalist right clicked on the government page, and clicked view page source, and found out that the page had hundreds of thousands of...
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Do You Find People In QANON Are Just A Bunch Of Uneducated Hicks?

These people are plain nuts and stupid. A bunch of trashy low lives who are struggling in life. However instead of improving their lives, they love being brainwashed that is keeping them down in life...
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If you saw a woman being raped, would you just film it or do something about it?

Everyone on train filming woman being raped, no one called 911 why? What in the hell is wrong with these people?
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Would you be interested in learning Vietnamese?
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Is it possible for two souls to thrive in one body?

Can one soul be two different people?
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Is Dave Chapelle right on abortion?
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Mandela effect question--In "baby one more time, is her skirt "black" or "plaid"?

I always thought it was a plaid skirt but now that I watch it, it looks like just a plain black skirt.
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Would you rather be be married to a kind hearted person with lower income or a mean person with higher income?

You are locked into this relationship the rest of your life with no way out and you cannot find comfort in another ever. Mean Person: Does not pay attention to you, does not make time for you, disrespects you. But...
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What is the driving force behind the labor shortage in the US is?

a lot of people have said the government has given away too much money but data shows that if this is a factor behind it, it's a drop in the bucket. Here's what it really comes down to:...
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Do you think 2022's The Batman will be any good?

Do you think the new Dark Knight movie, "The Batman" from Matt Reeves, will be any good? I think it's gonna suck, honestly. Just like most of the live-action Batman movies.
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Do you remember this music?

Tommy vercetti remember the name !!!
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Would You Risk Your Life For A Low Level Retail Job Like This Employee Did?

Not the smartest move, just let the shoplifters steal and move on with your life. Never put your life in danger mostly for a low level minimum wage job
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