Will my boyfriend know I'm a virgin?

I told my boyfriend that I'm not a virgin, but I actually am a virgin. Will he be able to tell when we have sex?


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  • Well you should tell him because that's something to be proud of, not ashamed. That's not something you should keep as a surprise, just like you need to know if he's one or if he's had multiple partners already. Having sex isn't something like only giving a bj or fingering you. It's the ultimate act of love between two people because with having sex comes responsibility. You both want to know all about it because way too many teens every year jump into sex and then because of that something like getting an STD or the girl getting pregnant, or the regrets later when meeting one they really do love and want to get married too but then they have on their minds all the sex they've had already with different partners. But yes, if he's not a virgin and you are he'll be able to tell by your indecision's plus it hurting will take you by surprise and more than likely bleeding. He'd want to know.


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  • Yeah you'll bleed be sore and in pain, seriously get a guy with your experience and wait till 18, you'll regret it later just like my sis and cousin did.

    Plz check out my question:


    • Your sis and cousin had sex together?

    • LOL I don't think that's what he meant...or is it? o_O

    • No they lost it to guys that were like the perfect guy at first, but after they screwed them were complete douche bags!

  • She never mentioned her hymen was broken before; so I am taking poetic license. If a guy doesn't break a girls hymen when she is a virgin; then he is doing something wrong. The only way your getting in there is if it's broken. Can you walk through a door without opening it? Consider that.

    • Just speaking generally...Not all virgins still have their hymen in tact when they have sex for the first time for all you fellas that believe that :)...so you can't only take the breaching of the hymen into consideration...

  • Yes. If your a virgin; he's going to break your hymen. When that happen's you bleed; alot. Not to mention its pretty tough to get it in there when the girl is a virgin

    • Many many times a girls hymen is broken before she ever has sex. Also, many times a girl doesn't bleed even if she is a virgin. All things to consider *

  • Well I have had sex with a virgin who said she was not one but I could tell right away from a few thing first of she had no idea how to have sex and it was extremely painful for her.( was only in for less than a minute) so I guess that yes you can tell if a girl is a virgin when having sex.

  • if your hymen is still intact, we can say that your a virgin .. but virginity solely doesn't depend on the hymen as it can get ruptured during any sporting activity or exercise

  • yes, I'm a virgin, too. You'll be able to tell skill wise. You should have never told him you weren't a virgin, he's not gonna take it easy on you. It will hurt the first time, if your boyfriend doesn't take it easy. He'll be able to tell because you'll tear you're hymen and bleed. You should def tell him, you are. There's no shame in that. I'm a guy and I'm a virgin, but I don't give a shit because I would just like to lose it to someone I care about, not some grimy skank. good luck.

  • He will. I mean it will be extremely tight. first time I had sex I was like 1 inch in, and I couldn't go any more until she relaxed a little. sooo tight I tell ya.


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  • I do not know why people are so ashamed of being a virgin! It's not a bad thing! Tell him the truth, otherwise you're going to get hurt, physically and mentally.

  • If your hymen hasn't broken yet, then when you have sex you might bleed a little bit, so if he thinks you're not a virgin he'll probably get freaked out and think he's hurt you. But your hymen might have already broken naturally, so this might not be a problem.

    Just tell him the truth about being a virgin, he shouldn't mind.

  • It depends. Sometimes when a girl has sex for the first time, her hymen will break and she will bleed (some bleed a little, and some bleed a bit more.) If you have never had sex before, and you get nervous when the time comes to have sex with your boyfriend, you will more than likely tense up. When you tense up, it will hurt a lot more than it would if you were relaxed. Just tell him that you are a virgin so he will know that he isn't to blame for the possible bleeding or pain that you may experience.

    Just a question for you though. Why did you tell him you weren't a virgin?

  • yes if you hesitate if you flinch when he penetrates you and definitely if you bleed on him

  • What the hell? I'm not a virgin and I never bled.

    He'll probably be able to tell. So you better break

    out moms old playgirls mags (; just look up some

    cool techniques... you might fool him. Good luck(: