Will my boyfriend know I'm a virgin?

I told my boyfriend that I'm not a virgin, but I actually am a virgin. Will he be able to tell when we have sex?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well you should tell him because that's something to be proud of, not ashamed. That's not something you should keep as a surprise, just like you need to know if he's one or if he's had multiple partners already. Having sex isn't something like only giving a bj or fingering you. It's the ultimate act of love between two people because with having sex comes responsibility. You both want to know all about it because way too many teens every year jump into sex and then because of that something like getting an STD or the girl getting pregnant, or the regrets later when meeting one they really do love and want to get married too but then they have on their minds all the sex they've had already with different partners. But yes, if he's not a virgin and you are he'll be able to tell by your indecision's plus it hurting will take you by surprise and more than likely bleeding. He'd want to know.