Do Women Have It Easier Getting Laid Than Men?


Do Women Have It Easier Getting Laid Than Men?

When it comes to being able to get laid, women in general hold the most power (as to whether that happens or not). Most women, don't have to initiate a conversation with a man in order to capture his interest for a one-nighter. All we have to do, is put on clothing that flatters us, style our hair, and the power is all ours, when we enter into a nightclub with pure intent to get laid.
Our looks that attract will have a flock of men noticing and approaching us.
Why do women hold so much power? We do, because there's a old fashioned mentality circulating in this world, where men have to be the aggressors. They have to go after what they want.
Although times are changing, and women are finally stepping up there's still a fair amount of people set in that mentality.
When a man finally builds up enough courage to pursue the woman of his interest, it is our choice as to whether we give that man the green or red light.
Most men are in a situation, where they have to have confidence and courage, to walk up to a girl and attempt to make things happen. If a man lacks this courage, most likely he will be overlooked by tons of women. He will have a hard time getting laid!
If a man is extrememly unattractive and in combination with that, does not know how to talk to women he is at a huge disadvantage, unless he works on the way he expresses himself towards the opposite sex.
I've seen very unattractive women be able to get laid.
They don't have to be the smartest, the best dressed, or the most lady like but it's still easier for them
as opposed to an unattractive man.
The sole fact that the ball is most likely in their court, is again what gives them the power.
If the shoe was on the other foot, and we lived in a society where men typically had to stand back and wait to be interacted with at social settings, i would say men have it easier getting laid.
But until then this view point stands.

What do you think?

Do Women Have It Easier Getting Laid Than Men?
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  • Anonymous
    I think it is much easier for women to get laid then men, but it's not because of societal rules about who should approach.

    It's that men, as a group, are much more interested in casual sex even with women who are less attractive than themselves, then women are. Men are also much more likely than women to view having sex with a large number of different women as a 'plus'.

    Because of this, there's a huge supply of men interested in having casual sex relative to the supply of women interested in having casual sex. A woman who is a '5' can literally just post online that she'd like to have sex, and she will get a pile of offers. A man who is a '5' and posts that online would be unlikely to get any.

    Women have high standards for a man they'd just hook up with (appearance wise) while men will -drop- their standards to get sex.

    To top it all off, i'd suggest that historically, women were less likely than men to opt for casual sex even if a desireable partner was available. That's probably still true, though the gap has narrowed. This one is primarily about social pressures and 'slut shaming', though also a little bit about perceived safety.

    But mainly, it's just supply and demand.

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    • Bandit74


    • Stacyzee

      I think more women than you think are interested in causal sex. It's the fact that we automatically get labeled as a "whore", "slut", or "prostitute" that most women try to compress it and act as if they're not like that. But a lot of women are they just won't admit to it.

    • Anonymous

      I don't disagree with you at all.

      I can perhaps be more clear: I think many and perhaps most women are interested in casual sex with the right guy.

      By contrast, I think many and perhaps most men if they haven't gotten laid in a few weeks are interested in casual sex with a slightly ugly and overweight woman who is cheerful and DTF.

      I also agree with you that slut shaming discourages women from pursuing the casual sex they want (though less now then in most of the past). But women, free to sleep with who they want, don't en masse just start trying to run up their numbers by sleeping with as many average guys as possible.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Mustachekitteh
    Women may be able to get laid easier. Though sadly men have it a BILLION times easier when it comes to being satisfied from sex. Women majority of the time tend to not be 100% satisfied and stuck still feeling horny and needing to be finished off.

    So honestly I think the not being able to have satisfying pleasure from sex is worse than how easy it is to get laid. What's the point of having sex if it's not 100% full filling?
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    • Yes but I feel that's because so many women put the burden of making the sex good completely on men. It's much easier to get yourself off than to get your partner off. Most girls generally are submissive in bed so they mostly just lay there expecting the guy to make things happen all by himself. If girls were more dominant in the bed like guys are they'd probably get off way more often. It's the passive behavior that is the reason the majority of the time that women don't get off at least from what I've observed.

    • @MyMintFrappe True that probably is another factor into it. Though for some it's also hard to reach orgasm with random people. Since some chicks unless they feel extremely comfortable with the dude. It's almost impossible for them to reach orgasm. Plus it takes more knowledge to know how to get yourself to reach it. With dudes they just need something to rub his dick and he will cum and feel awesome. For women we seriously need a blueprint showing where the correct spots are at. :D

    • limousin

      Hi M/K,
      Could you expand on that? I am always careful to make sure my girl gets off b 4 I do. How is it that you don't DEMAND satisfaction?
      Also, what would be needed to "finish you off", if your guy is already deflated?

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  • Scrambledagain
    You know what grates the living shit out of me @Stacyzee is that us guys know this, its the most obvious thing, but women don't get this or the implications thereof. That's why we look thirsty, because we are thirsty, while girls hold the bottle of water. That's fine, but then women dismiss "thirsty guys" as bad, you forget about this little fact that women can get it so easy.

    At the end of the day, this is a FACT: Women can CHOOSE their sexual path. Many men can't.

    Then what really FUCKS me off beyond measure is when I put up a "why prostitutes rule" my take, or something along those lines and everyone of you women (including you missy) argue against it, knowing very well that a man has no choice. Its abstain (boring) or get out there and get it (including prostitutes, playing women, whatever it takes).

    Then... lol... this fucks me off even more ha ha, women hate players, the shit that I write, "alpha bullshit" etc and yet Corey Wayne is one of these dudes, and what he says is everything I have said and yet women will listen to him and not some of us guys on GAG.

    So in summary, my stance still stands: Men MUST play women to get on the level that women are born with, Men who get a lot of women deserve their "stud" labels, and men shouldn't be afraid to use prostitutes. In fact, I would love to see a world where using sex workers is so common that my mom asks how it went ha ha. If you disagree, please read this mytake, think about the implications for men and come back to me.
    • Stacyzee

      Yes, I argued against prostitution for the simple fact I feel it is a pathetic last resort. It is also illegal. Many women that are prostitutes are trafficked , have some psychological issue , or have are std because of their high exposure to many men over the course of a short time. Very few women actually love what they do (let's not be fooled by the act they give you when you hand them over money ), I'm talking about deeply , internally when the day is over and the act fades away.
      I understand why these services are used but my outlook definitely changes when a guy resorts to using it especially when he becomes addicted like you have. Correct me if I am wrong , pretty much all your sexual experiences including the loss of your virginity came from prostitutes. I see this as psychologically damaging to men who rely on those services. It is unhealthy long term because men like you give up on regular women and end up spending a great majority of cash to satisfy their

    • Stacyzee

      urge for women who only want what is in your wallet and not your heart. This can not only he psychologically damaging but financially damaging as well , depending on the frequency of how often you go.

    • Lol... damaged heart, that came long ago from lack of love, not prostitutes. Psychological damage comes from your childhood years and is reinforced through your teens. Sex: For me it came when I reached a tipping point: die a virgin or not? But to be honest, I lost my virginity to a stripper who screwed me on a couch because she couldn't contain a lapdance. A stripper, not any one of my friends that were girls saw my sexual worth, so forgive me if I am more in support of them over other types of women. My point with prozzies is that it wouldn't be psychology damaging if people like you didn't project it as such. and I'm not addicted to them, I'm an advocate of them. I hope all men that can't choose their sexual path realise they can get it through prozzies. very simple. My number count is half prozzies, half normal. I only use prozzies for things I can't get. Like I paid for a model so I could at least say "I banged a 10" before I die.

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  • IceEverest
    If we remove the taboo of women having sex and stop calling them names like "slut" for enjoying casual sex. It will be equally easy for both.

    I find it very surprising, ironic and sad that some men complaint that women won't have casual sex like men but those same men will say how much of a bitch or whore the woman is for giving sex easy.

    "Women dont get sex easy, Men give it to them easy"
    • If someone is given something, they get it. Therefore your last sentence is bullshit. Just like the rest of your comment.
      Women who sleep around are called sluts, because it's easy for them. If they weren't called sluts it still wouldn't be equally easy.

    • IceEverest

      "If someone is given something, they get it"

      Of course, those women are not having sex with chimpanzees are they? So, obviously the person who gave sex recieved it too. Its like trading.
      Its about who is more open to casual sex. If Women want to trade, men agree and trade with them.
      But if a man want to trade, women dont easily do because of social formation.

      I am saying that if we remove the labels from women they will be as much open as us about casual sex. Because they will not have to tackle society and those labels for that.

    • And what you are saying is just wrong. Women tend to see themselves as being better and worth more, they feel like they are entitled to men hitting on them. Meaning that even if they were not called sluts, what those females who sleep around are however, they would still expect men to do all the shit.

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  • kambo_trick3y
    Read through all the comments and I would say @Alayio has it about right.

    I mean, let's face it, in general, it's not hard for either gender to get sex. Trust me, if you're willing to lower your standards far enough, you WILL get sex from SOMEONE. Most people don't like to admit that fact when they're boasting about their sex life, especially guys who boast about how many chicks they banged in a week, but it's true.

    But if I were to say who has the easier time, I would say females. But like Alayio said, that's NOT always a good thing if you sit down and think about it. With that power comes certain social stigmas, it's not the shining all encompassing super power that so many lonely and slightly/very misogynistic guys make it out to be, it's more like a double edged sword. One that a lot of guys fail to ignore.

    Guys don't seem to realize how much freedom they have in the sexual world. If the tables were flipped, imagine being a guy who loves sex, but the moment they have it, EVERY person and their mother somehow knows about their history and 1/3, maybe even 2/3 of every girl you meet would be disgusted to be with you. That's definitely not easy.
  • lumos
    It's easy for girls to get laid. To get quality sex however, is not as easy. So even if we get sex easily, it tends to be on the man's terms anyway. Like he will most likely just get himself off and that will be the end of it. in my opinion that barely even counts as sex, that's more like having a man use your body to masturbate.
  • ManOnFire
    I posted my own Take on this topic weeks ago. I wouldn't say it's EASIER for women to get laid, but I certainly wouldn't say it's harder for men either. In fact sex is far easier for men to get in these times than it ever has been, and that's because a lot of women do make it that easy. Once upon a time the only way a guy could pretty much get available sex was to pay a hooker, nowadays we have more options than that. A lot of the guys here who think it's easier tend to base it off their experience where they had a hard time with it, but that's not really the norm.

    A sad truth is that a lot of women are still easy lays for a lot of men, which women try to pretend isn't true but is. And there are guys out there who have girls "on the side" while they're already with a girlfriend or wife.

    So overall I can't say it's easier for a woman, but I can't say it's hard for a man by far either. Society has programmed us to think it must be easy for women just because they're women, playing up their appeal much more than is really the case. Hell, if I really wanted to get laid right now I could go out and I'm pretty sure some girl would say yes.
    • Wow your prolly a desireable guy. If I go out I prolly wouldn't be able to score a decent girls to get laid with.

    • ManOnFire

      @Bananadream It's really not about my looks, bro. Although a lot of women have said they think I'm "sexy" or handsome, that's not what I depend on. It's about your confidence and knowing what you want.

    • CoolSky01

      well its all about looks, thats why i got hit on 3 times by three different women while on vacation who wanted to have some fun with me , i wanted to but was busy so couldnt do it ( it doesn't happen anymore... ) ... yet my 2 buddies didn't get hit on even once , looks are everything.

  • Applefan1
    Yes, it is much more easy for a woman to get sex than a man. It is not hard at all for women to get sex if she wants it. They say in New Zealand men have an average of 7 sexual partners in their life but women have an average of 20.4 sexual partners in her life. However, I do question those numbers because that survey was done by Durex and from what I see in society I just don't believe it.
    • Stacyzee

      I don't understand why there's a point four.

    • Applefan1

      Well it is an average. So some women have had more sexual partners than that and some less and that is what the average works out to be.

    • Stacyzee

      Yeah, I see. What numbers do u think would be more accurate?

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  • Tdieseler
    well... if this isn't a scoop of "obvious"...
    thing is... though ALL women have the power to get laid, there are still some that don't USE the power. its a shame really.
    • Stacyzee

      Yes, so obvious that I answered my own question. However, I am open to seeing what others think.

    • Tdieseler

      you said it all darling... there's nothing else to say... i just added the fine print.

    • Stacyzee

      Thanks for commenting

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  • Rawrzz
    Ask pretty much any guy if they're cool with women approaching, and 90% of them will say "Yeah, totally." It's only religious zealots that maintain that traditionalist BS. I really don't think many people these days subscribe to the traditional "only males can approach".

    Who is the aggressor isn't the only factor. Female value is very, very high. Male social value is based on accomplishment. Now that women can also accomplish, that boosts their value up to where a man and woman of equal value are actually not of equal value: the woman is more valuable and will usually see her equal as below her. I'm not arguing against women in the workforce, not at all, simply stating how I see the cause and effect.

    So, an average woman, a 5, is worth a 6-7-8 male. Tack on some make up, and an average woman with a decent set of accomplishments is easily worth a 9. Meanwhile, a man who is a solid 6 is only worth a 3 or 4. There is a value discrepancy.

    Not only a hard time getting laid. One particular problem I've heard a lot of women bitching about is "This guy talked to me for an hour and didn't understand that I wasn't interested!" Like they can't just say "Hey, I'm not interested."

    I think that if women were socially determined to be the aggressors, a lot more men would not get laid. Because women would just choose the top ones. They wouldn't go out on a limb and get impressed by a guy they wouldn't have looked at had he not talked to her, or get the desire to learn more about a guy. They would judge more based on appearance. Mmm. Not sure about that, but it was my first idea.

    But there is also one concept that is missed in this "chicks have it easier getting laid". Sure, but they have it harder cumming. Women need intimacy for good sex, more often than not. And that is a lot harder to get than meaningless sex, for them. Women desire sex less than men. Or I guess I should say "a different kind of sex". So it somewhat balances out. But they still definitely have the advantage in dating and courting.
  • SexyStudent
    Of course I agree with you because that is reality. By the way no one should ever think that a guy picks up a girl. They think they do but in actuality it is the female that allows herself to be picked up. A guy can stand on his head and spit gold bullion but it is still up to the female to say yes or no allowing the guy to pick her up or not. Twice in my life at a bar I have gone up a guy and said, "I find you sexually I'd love to have sex with you." Both times I was not turned down. I would like to add that in addition to everything the editor said guys are always, "on the hunt." A Friday night in a bar has many guys there single. I would say that 99.9% of those guys are on the hunt. 80% of girls are also on the hunt.. Guys fail to realize that overwhelming fact. They continue to believe that the girls are there to socialize or to cock tease. Of course some are maybe 10%. When I was in college many of my sorority sisters would go out on a Friday night. If we wanted to socialize we could stay at home in a beautiful sorority house. Cock teasing was frowned upon and considered stupid and immature. The conclusion as to why all didn't wind up bed with somebody was that the guys were too afraid of having their egos crushed if they were rejected. They didn't approach all of us. Hence they hook up and some of us also didn't hook up. But we were all there on the hunt and so were the guys. But again we were approached correctly interaction would occur. And yes it of course was easier for us. Because we were the ones in control. Again never think you're picking up a girl they are allowing you to pick them up.
    • Bandit74

      "were approached correctly "

      What would be a correct approach?

    • @Bandit74 personality and the ability to hold a conversation with anyone of us. Self-confidence that is displayed. Not aggression but being self-assured not egotistical. Being funny finding humor in the whole situation. The correct approach is the approach for any interaction with a girl. There is no magic to it. No secret.

    • ManOnFire

      @SexyStudent "The conclusion as to why all didn't wind up bed with somebody was that the guys were too afraid of having their egos crushed if they were rejected."
      - This is common for females, you assume he wasn't interested in you guys because of that, never because he just wasn't into you.

      Bar and club scenarios are often used to explain the sexual availability thing, but don't apply to regular every day life. Since those places are usually where people go to pick up somebody, the situations are different. But try this at a grocery story, mall, bowling alley, bus stop, and the results are dramatically different.

      Anyone has the power to choose by saying yes or no, even men. So when women approach guys and he turns her down, he's got the same advantage. But that's not something most people will talk about.

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  • godfatherfan
    It is not even a question.
    100% of women that wake up and say "I want to get a cock in me today"... can. 100%
    men that want to get into a pussy have, at best, 50/50 shot
    that doesn't mean the woman will have her pick. but if she lowers her options far enough there will always be someone out there willing to fuck her.
  • kholland65
    I think there are a few facets to this issue, but I do think you've correctly identified one of them.

    You're right, part of this is due to social norms that more or less require men to be the aggressor. If you think about this from a numbers standpoint, it makes perfect sense. A guy only has a chance with the women, he himself has the confidence to talk to, regardless of how many women are actually present in the room. A girl on the other hand, without any effect still theoretically has a chance with any man standing in the room. Her efforts do not effect her theoretical odds.

    If a women walks into a club with 100 men, she only needs to have a 1 of those 100 men to approach her to get laid. In other words she can succeed even with 1% odds. If a man on the other hand only talks to 1 out of 100 women, he has to bat 100% to get laid.

    Also the sheer dynamics of this put the work and the pressure on the shoulders of the man. Similar to a job interview, the interviewer has the power by default. The person being interviewed has the pressure. They're actions determine the outcome of the interview, not the actions of the interviewer. This is the same when it comes to our dating dynamics. The woman's actions, by nature of her role in the dating game are more or less inconsequential.

    The other aspects to this is biological. Put more simply, you could argue men have a higher sex drive. Now I wouldn't necessarily go as far as using a blanket statement like this, as I like to think of it as men and women having different sex drives, not bigger or smaller sex drives. Women are obviously a lot more cautious about who they have sex with and whether they realize this or not, this is partially because of biological conditioning. Subconsciously women know they have more at risk. They can get pregnant, and if they do, they are sidelined from being able to reproduce for 9 months. A man doesn't have this issue. He could impregnate 100 women in a week if he wants to. Because of this women are more selective about who they decide to have sex with.

    I don't think you'll ever completely reverse this, as much as a man I of course would love to see that. Mostly because the biological element is in our DNA and probably will not undergo and major changes any time soon. Our social dynamics are changing slowly, which I think will make it a bit easier for some men, but even then I think it's only the select few who will notice any benefit.

  • aliceinwonderland69
    Men do not have to be so discriminating when it comes to sex as they are not the ones left holding the baby. A man can have many more children than a woman in his life time. So men have evolved to be more aggressive about sex and women to be more cautious.
    • vlrdngr

      Neither are the women. There is something called birthcontrol, which comes in various ways.

    • @vlrdngr We are animals who have evolved consciousness. However, we still have a subconscious and we are still influenced by it. These instincts have not changed much over the last few thousand years. Evolution is a slow process. Your genes know not of birth control.

  • pnl86
    I think it's one of those things that changes with time. I don't mean time in society, but time in a person's life.

    When boys are younger, they are surging with the highest levels of testosterone (and more importantly "free testosterone") they will ever have in their life. At the same time, girls are at their youngest and most fertile (and most attractive). Add to that the fact that the male culture of "my cock is bigger than yours," with boys trying to fight for social dominance and symbolic "rights of passage," and "sex" is not so much about girls, as much as it is about "proving to yourself that you're:" (a) a man, (b) capable of getting laid, (c) attractive to the opposite sex, (d) worth another person's time, (e) worth multiple people's time, (f) worth "attractive" people's time, and (g) are "therefore" very valuable.

    Unfortunately, this all happens at a time where the female's "sexual" value is at her highest, and the male's "partner" value is at its lowest. In most cases, he's nothing but a student. No social status. No income. No assets. No power. So, both sexes end up growing and developing with the temporary illusion of a skewed power dynamic were "women" are the choosers, and "women" hold all the sexual power.

    As someone who works on the legal end of construction, I've learned a thing or two about "the Golden Rule." He who has the gold makes the rules. Subcontractors don't set the terms. Owners set the terms. Why? Because there are hundreds of Subs dying to do work for money. But there's only one phallic-looking object that needs servicing. So, the lowest, cheapest, easiest most hassle-free bid usually wins (unless she's uninsured or has incompetent workers).

    As the sexes get older, and by older, I just mean over age 25, the "high school" sexual dynamic changes dramatically. All of a sudden, men are tired, stressed, and older. Their testosterone is taking a nose dive. Women are older, less attractive, and feeling the pressure to get married, have babies, and feel secure and like their life is moving. The solution to their problems are (as much as they don't want to admit it) - men. Men hold that power over them. A guy can jerk off and get the satisfaction of sexual release. A girl can't "stimulate" being married, having a family, having more financial security than a single person, etc. She "actually needs" a man (if she's hetero) to have those things.

    The irony is, at that point, what do men really want any more?
  • Ghosted
    Its not a question whether its easier for girls to get laid, its more about is that what women even want and do men now respect women who get laid easily?
    • Stacyzee

      That's a whole other topic.
      I think we all know the answer to those questions.
      I can discuss those things in an upcoming take to dig deeper on those issues.

    • ManOnFire

      @Ghosted Another issue people miss is that any sex a woman asks a guy for, still just really makes the sex even easier for him to get. Also, a bunch of guys could want sex with a woman, but if she tries asking sex from guys SHE WANTS, what will her success rate be? This is the difference. It's often time harder for women to get sex from guys THEY WANT, and aren't gonna tell you that. Whereas, men are still successful in the picking the women they want to sleep with because it's still seen as normal for a guy to do that, and women still want to be approached.

      Ultimately, I really don't think it's easier for women to get laid, and I don't think it's harder for men by far because you still have a LOT of easy women out there who give sex to a lot of men, and women pretend it's not true cuz it makes them feel cheap and pathetic, but it's a fact that still stands, yeah.

    • Luciellav

      @ManOnFire Ah I whole heartedly agree with you. It is common that guys we don't like approach us. While the guys we like, if we approach we become disposable.
      It's a whole weird debacle-master plan we have to do to make ourselves approachable, with the right amount of interest so we give the right "signals" to the guys we like and most of the times two things happen: he is too dense, he is not interested. This is the society's acceptable way I would say women score in getting the guy they want 1 in 20 times.

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  • dudeman
    wrong. stacy you seriously have a disconnect from reality. women have an easier time getting laid because they are not as horny as men also all women can get pregnant and men can't. its like you think with your brain and not your brain.
    • Stacyzee

      Wow this is the most retarded horse crap I've ever read.

    • Stacyzee

      I won't even begin to break down on how wrong you are. I hope u are joking? Yes.

    • dudeman

      of course im not joking.

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  • Bluemax
    I once asked a question with a poll in it, "Is sex just a phone call away?"

    Something around 10% of the male responders said "yes." About 80% of the female responders said "yes."

    Whereas it's easy for women to get sex, they explained that the sex they would get would be for the most part undesirable. In terms of actually having sex they want, it is about equal.
  • In my location, there is a part of town - the Westside - in which the women have a reputation for being somewhat easy Louisey for ONS. If you are in a Westside bar around closing time, the standing joke is:

    Q. "What is the mating call of the Westside woman?"

    A. [spoken very loudly] "Whoowey, I SURE am drunk!"
    • You must have tons of offer then?

    • @This_is_my_username

      I don't gamble, I don't fight
      I don't be hangin' in the bars at night
      Yeah I used to be a fighter but
      Now I am a wiser man

      I don't drink much, I don't smoke
      I don't be hardly mess around with no dope
      Yeah I used to be a problem but
      Now I am a careful man.

      -- Jim Croce

      Like Mr. Croce said, I don't be hangin' in the bars at night. Actually, I rely primarily on internet sites to meet women, but I have been in an exclusive relationship for the past 9 months.

    • That is a good way to go! i hope all goes well in your relationship. :)

  • Maxemeister
    A direct sexual advance by a dude is regarded as creepy

    A direct sexual advance by a female is regarded as a miracle to take advantage of
    • Bud, the animal debate is whatever, But this "A direct sexual advance by a female is regarded as a miracle to take advantage of " is so genius ha ha. I love it

    • vlrdngr

      Hear hear!!! Shame I can't like this answer twice! :D

    • @vlrdngr It's okay I forgive you for not doing so :'(

      but yeah amen amen!

  • YourFutureEx
    Is that even a question? If a girl says she is having a hard time getting sex, it means she is having a hard time getting money from a guy. (Could be a joke)

    "women are finally stepping up"
    Very few. But I must admit they're now so open in giving signs. Earlier tonight, I was in a party and I caught 3 girls checking me out. One even slipped on me. Maybe I was just misreading the things, but that's true that women are now at least trying a bit.

    Ah I'd sleep in a good mood tonight :D :)
  • Alayio
    It may be easier for women to get laid but the repercussions and social stigma women receive from it outweigh men
    • Life is full of advantages and disadvantages. Can't have one without the other.

    • Nobody's gonna know who she has sex with unless she tells the world.

  • glock33sig357
    It's quite obvious that they get laid more than men, once she shows up anywhere she is going to get someone to carry home. With men it's like a card game if your hand isn't worth shit your not getting nothing on the night or any night.
  • Dulcedulcexoxo
    Women get sex easier but men get relationships /marriage easier. You can be a average faced faced, plump dude but you treat the girl right and she will commit to you. Girls on the other hand it takes a lot to get get a guy to commit.
    • Don't sleep with him. He will commit.

    • I see where your coming from. But your saying is a one night stand is easier to get to than marriage? Then for women the key is not to lower your standards.

    • @Splintercell true, too many lower their standards until they are non existing. specifically physical standards.

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  • GingerGuy
    If women thought/felt the same as men regarding sex there would be no doubt women have it easier. But, because women need that emotional tie, in that way it's harder for them I think because they won't just sleep with someone, where guys will usually.
  • ThisDudeHere
    I thought this would be yet another female take on how it's "just as hard for girls as it is for guys" but I was pleasantly surprised. Nicely written.
  • Johnagain
    Exactly! And that's why it is so vulgarly CRUEL to look "your feminine best" & show off those curves, legs, & made up faces...& the hair... why is the HAIR so Damn important? Get your hand out of it & stop figuring for 1 minute... Try it. Bet you girls can't.
    Anyway... so cruel to us men who know you're not trying to look so sexy for us & we won't get some?
    If you're going to put on... put out!
    • Stacyzee

      Well, some women get dressed for themselves. In other words , not necessarily for the opposite sex but because dressing a certain way makes them feel good.
      Other women do it for pure attention reasons.

  • blondfrog
    Its so easy for chicks yet they still like to complain it pisses me off. the thing is though most women don't just wanna get laid they want to have an actual relationship which just as hard for women and men when it comes to that.
  • bloodmountain1990
    Yes, by a long shot. If a girl goes out looking to get laid and she's decent looking, 99% of the time she will. The same cannot be said for a guy.

    Does that mean all women are sluts or promiscuous? No, that's just how it is.
  • i1T2daty
    They are also the ones who do any preparation around birth control & STDs. And have far fewer orgasms than men, despite the capability of greater sensation.
  • RobAtomic
    Yep... it's true women can find willing sexual mates easier then guys... we are unfortunately for many years driven by hormones that override our ability to say no to an opportunity...
  • GreatnessRevamped
    Meh. Both have power but it's different.
    Yes, women can get sex easier, but not with anyone. They'd like a guy who's the best of the best.
    Guys who can show they are the best can attract women easily, and you could say they have the power.
    It's a power struggle.
  • mikemx55
    My only question is: Do women really choose?
    Maybe the most don't actually choose. They just pick the ones that choose her first.
    (ok, they choose within a population, but they don't freely choose)
    • Stacyzee

      I'm assuming that question is pertaining to the video, since CoreyWayne uses the word "choose".
      I'll agree with him, and say yes women choose because it's a "choice" as to whether she decides to sleep with that guy or not.
      if she didn't select him, then she's not choosing generally speaking.

    • mikemx55

      Oh, sorry I'm with bad internet and couldn't see the video. I meant as in that the majority only choose out of the population that chose them in the first place. So they don't choose freely from the whole population, and just from the confined group that chose them before.
      But this was still an hypothesis, please comment (still can't see the video btw)

    • Stacyzee

      Not necessarily, a woman could walk into a place and if she's looking for sex, in seconds know what guy she's interested in to have sex with. If that guy shows her interest, its only fire works after that.
      A woman doesn't always necessarily choose someone because she has limited options.

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  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Women are allowed to be selective given how many partners are made available. Men however have to hustle and keep on looking and risk rejection after rejection before finally scoring with the right woman.
  • TayTay21
    Do Women Have It Easier Getting Laid Than Men?
  • Spirit_Is_Free
    I kinda think that it is easy to get laid bit hard to find a person you want to lay with that is probably my experience,
  • 26ukdude
    Yes its true, but its half and half. It can be extremely frustrating to want to have sex but not be able to, then again women often have to deal with crude remarks or unwanted attention and we dont.
    I know from speaking to my female friend that the differences in online dating between genders is massive. She gets loads of men just wanting sex, I get no offers but at least the women I speak to are not going to use me...

    Which is better? I dont know as I only have my own experience to draw from.
  • JayTheKid
    I see it as this and my friends have agreed that any woman can get sex when he wants but only a few guys have that luxury.
  • brain5000
    These unattractive women who are having an easy time getting laid: what sort of men are they getting? Would Kate Upton or Elisha Cuthbert or anyone decent-looking touch those guys' dicks?
    • brain5000

      I honestly have no idea. They might be getting top-notch guys.

  • PenguinApricot65
    Count the number of brothels catering to men and divide by the number of brothels catering to women.
    You will have a ratio that can be used as an indicator

    This indicates that either women dislike sex hundreds of thousands times more than men, or find it hundreds of thousands times easier to obtain it.
    Or a combination of both.

    Literally and scientifically (measurably) , there are 5 orders of magnitude difference between the obtain-ability of sex for males and females.

    Observations of other species, also indicates that it has nothing to do with 'Society' and Traditions or stereotypes.
    But is more of an expression of inherent differences in Gender due to evolution.

    Next question.
  • MyUsernameRules
    Men usually don't care about things like height, money, race, skin color, etc like women do so women's chances is much easier than men.
  • Bards
    Ofc. Aloott of Guys will fuck just about any girl usually.

    Getting sex is easier than taking a shit.
  • theegreat017
    Not just a fairly few but many, almost all, because it's hardwired in us, man needs to persue his woman, to show his worth, hus capabilities, as it happens with animals, where they literally fight for a mate, and the one that wins, gets laid.
  • ryanmackk
    This is absolutely true and I'm happy there is a part of the internet that will just say this. Feminists and society are so focused on aggressive rapists that they think all guys are like that and all women are victims. They forget all about female privilege.

    By the way, the above article also applies to online dating. Good luck sirs. Girls, all they have to do is pick and choose. Guys... even if there is a girl you like, there's a 99% chance she won't like you back. That means you have to try 100 girls before you get one. Imagine that girls... get denounced 99 times before you get 1... and women think they have self esteem issues because of men... ya!
  • Transigence
    I disagree with your assessment of the cause. I think men have naturally higher sex drives creating an unequal demand for sex. Women use this differential to maximize their advantage and take the easiest route (which is just the human thing to do).

    I'm tired of hearing how women's sex drive is just as strong as men's. That is CLEARLY not the case, looking at people's behavior and the dimensions of the sex work industry. The only other explanation would be that men simply can't control themselves, which is also clearly false when you see how much responsibility is heaped upon men, and how stoic men are expected to be (and actually succeed in becoming).
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Of course they do. Lmaoo, then they get pissed if we don't approach them right then. If we go in an hour later i get the cold shoulder... the fuck.
  • Crazyced
    Mentality is not nearly the most important factor though. Ask any woman that had testosterone treatment what happend to her libido.
  • legalboxers
    I haven't had any in 2 years. so I think women have it easier
  • front2back
    Why do people care about getting laid anyways? Being with someone you love is much more satisfying than some stranger.
  • Bluefish
    The have it easier in a lot of things related to sex
  • neoagent1
    Women have 1 thing all straight guys want. Pussy. Yes, it is much easier for a woman. Just the right look at a guy and we're all yours.
  • DrKran
    Not if their surrounded by men who don't believe in themselves.