Dear 'Nice Guys'


Dear 'Nice Guys',

I hate to break it to you but being a nice guy with a sense of integrity isn't enough to get you laid. Just like being a fat chick with a great personality isn't either. Well, that's not strictly true. As a fat chick with a sparkling personality I can confirm there are no omega females. (I'm sure if I had a conscience I would feel suitably guilty for the privilege of your dicks.). But your gender has no standards. One of the many differences between us is that we would rather not get laid than fuck a fugly person whereas you would rather fuck a fugly person than not get laid. However, I'm sure if you put me next to a supermodel with a vapid personality I would magically turn invisible. Just like if I put you next to Tom Cruise or even Donald Trump.

So are we all terribly evil and shallow? As Schopenhauer beautifully explicates, although we can choose to follow our desires we do not choose what we desire. I'm sure you cannot stop being attracted to big tits anymore than I can stop being attracted to bulging muscles. I do not think we can be morally culpable for that which we do not choose. So are we all trapped in a Matrix of our biology and if so what shall we do?

Well I suppose I could post pictures of myself in my underwear holding the slogan 'real men like curves'. You could write whole blogs dedicated to bitching about how women fuck psychopaths, are morally inferior and should be denied sexual autonomy. Oh wait, I think that's already been done. Well I suppose we could all stop feeling sexually entitled to the top 20% of our species, collectively lower our standards and start fucking each other. Nah, just kidding. I don't want to fuck the jaded nice guys of the internet anymore than you want to fuck the SIFs. So what's left? We could put down the donuts step away from the wifi and hit the gym. I would say I'll see you down there but I'm sure you wouldn't notice me.

Dear 'Nice Guys'
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  • OlderAndWiser
    There's nothing wrong with being a nice guy. What's wrong is being a nice guy and overwhelming a girl with tangibles signs of devotion and then thinking that she's obligated to fall in love with you or at least drop her panties. That is the M. O. of some "nice guys" but that is not really being nice.
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    • Applefan1

      I agree with you. I get sick of the term "nice guy" being used for guys that are being nice to get a woman to drop her panties. That is not what the term "nice guy" means so they should be called something else. I am fed up of women doing this all the time. 😡

    • @Applefan1 I think I'll write a myTake on the subject. Since these guys are wolves in sheep's clothing, maybe we should call them nice wolves. Or UOMe's (you owe me.)

    • Applefan1

      I will be interested to see your take on it. All I know is I am sick of being an actual nice and kind man and getting labled as a bad person that is just trying to get sex out of women and then having women turn around and say to be nice and kind to women. If I am going to be treated like shit by women for actually being nice and kind it makes me think well maybe I should just treat women like shit if I am going to get accused of it. I am not going to do that but I think you see my point about how unfair it is for actual nice men.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Pilulu
    Can we stop hating on nice guys? There are guys out there with great personalities, and respect women without wanting to get in their panties.
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    • Shhh girls don't want nice guy especially ugly nice ones like me.

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  • coachTanthony
    Nice Take! Real men do like curves!
  • Bvroon
    Here are my thoughts, I do consider myself a nice guy, in the sense that I'm certainly not a "bad boy" I keep a regular job, am not a criminal, and yes I even treat women with all the respect they deserve. Additionally I never put any pressure on women to have sex with them. Do I want to have sex? Yes, but it is not my primary motivation for everything I do. To my way of seeing it, if I apply no pressure for sex, then the woman in question will feel comfortable around me, and when she feels comfortable, she will begin to trust me, and most every woman I have been in a sexual relationship with, has appreciated that I'm not pressuring them for really anything, so with this in mind, not only do they feel comfortable around me, and trust me they know that I'm safe, and as such I'm not going to "hit it and quit it" so to speak. With all of this in mind, many of the women I have been with have felt comfortable enough with me that they will often initiate sex, which is also a good indicator of both comfort and safety. When they initiate, I reciprocate in the sense that I'm not a selfish lover, I try and make the whole experience as pleasurable for them as it is for me, and thus far I have not had any complaints. Lastly this particular strategy allows me to establish a good foundation for something more than just sex, and it also allows me to be myself, which as it happens most women also seem to like as well. Am I a body double for Brad Pitt, most definitely not, but I'm not Quasi-Modo either. My whole point is it is about how you treat a person in addition to everything else I mentioned. The biggest sex organs we have is not in between your legs but considerably higher, and knowing how to use that will greatly improve both your sex life as well as all other sorts of relationships you can develop.
    • Women approach you for sex? Impressive. You sound like quite the catch.

    • Bvroon

      I wish it were as simple as that. Trust me I'm not a big player, what I was trying to convey, is that when a woman displays interest in me and we spend time together, there is never any pressure from me to hurry up and have sex. Yes I do think about it, and yes I would like to, but I also know that if I were not ready to have sex yet, I certainly wouldn't want anybody pressuring me for it. So in this sense there is no pressure from me. As she feels more comfortable with me and we get closer, there is still no pressure, she can say no at any point, and she knows this, so in my experience when she knows that with me she can make any choices she is comfortable with, then she can feel comfortable initiating sex and that she will be safe throughout the whole experience. So when she initiates sex, I respond in kind and we just go from there. :-)

  • cth96190
    I can understand the point that is being made by aliceinwonderland69.
    She is unhappy that men are not attracted to fat chicks.
    That is a biological reality. Men are hard wired to be attracted to the outward signs of health and good genetics. Fat females do not tick any of those boxes.
    I do not agree with her that men, as a group, would fuck anything. Some men would, but I suspect not many.
    I have received plenty of offers since I have been on the wrong side of 30 and I have walked away from most of them. Just yesterday, during a professional development seminar, two of the female seminar goers hit on me. No thanks.
    When I was a teen and then a 20-something I could almost not get a date, because I was not a player, or some version of the sociopathic bad boy. Young females are attracted to such dirtbags, because it takes until about 25 to 30 for them to gain enough life experience that will allow them to distinguish between the bad boys and true alpha males.
    When someone is fat, their future is entirely in their hands. Being fat is a choice. Nobody forces their jaw open and shoves that cream doughnut into their mouth and forces them to swallow it.
    Being fat is a result of a combination of factors that include poor self esteem, poor choices, sometimes depression and lack of knowledge about food.
    The solution for aliceinwonderland69 and other people who are overweight is simple: eat less; stop eating and drinking the poison that is offered in the form of manufactured food; and exercise.
    Failure to act and, instead, whining about fat acceptance is a sign of mental illness.

    • This is not what I intended. I accept being fat makes me less attractive and that being nice isn't enough to get laid. I don't understand why men can't get this to. My comment about fat acceptance was intended as a joke.

      Your advice about losing weight is good, if somewhat obvious. I think it is a little disingenuous when people talk about being fat as a choice. You could say all kinds of things are a choice. For example, you could claim being paid minimum wage is a choice and claim people could choose to get a higher paid job. But there are many factors that go into why someone is paid less not all are within someone's control. Some of the factors that make it more likely for you to be paid less are the same as those that make you more likely to be overweight. For example, coming from a lower socio economic status, having physical or mental health issue. You yourself correctly determine depression as a factor, is this a choice?

    • cth96190

      To answer your question about depression, to an extent it is a choice.
      I have walked with the black dog since I was a small child. Major depression was not diagnosed until I was 42 years old.
      When I was 56 I did a neuroscience subject as a component of my current course of study and found that I could tick most of the boxes for high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome.
      Those two revelations explained a lot.
      With depression, a person can choose to let the black dog win, or they can kick it in the head and get on with what needs to be done.
      Before the diagnosis, I thought that being utterly miserable and on the brink of suicide was normal, so I pushed it to the background, where it stayed for most of the time. With depression, the pain goes all the way to your soul. I think that you know that.
      I kept the black dog at heel by keeping myself busy day and night with work, study and karate. The black dog came out of its kennel when I was alone, usually when I was trying to get to sleep.

    • So to sum; people don't choose to be depressed but they can choose how to respond to it. That is very true.

  • ObscuredBeyond
    Sex? I'll start with being treated like a reasonable human being that simply wants a social life, instead of being automatically thrown out, as if I were that guy that lived in a white van down by the river.

    I'll start with, when I ask her how she's been doing, showing concern, I get A RESPONSE.

    We don't all expect and demand sex from every woman we meet. But it would be nice to be acknowledged for who we actually are, instead of treated like a paramecium.
  • heavensgift2girls
    Women really need to stop lying about the types of guys they want. They keep saying "I just want a nice guy that will treat me right" then they go have sex with the guy that treats them like shit. Furthermore advice like "don't change" and "just be yourself" further discourages guys from self improvement. Women's attempt at not looking shallow, has created the problem of nice guys, by giving men horrible advice, leaving younger guys confused about how to attract women.

    Guys specifically ask for advice on how to attract a woman, and get told to be a nice guy. So when a guy is acting like a nice guy, it isn't deceitful on his part. That is what he thinks is a clear sign to show the girl he likes her in order to form a relationship. That is why those guys feel used when the woman takes advantage of his being nice, and want to remain just friends. Then when these guys get their feeling hurt from the pain of being used from women that clearly knew he like her, and remains alone for long periods of time, has their feelings thrown back in their face with women that lash out at them pretending like he thinks he is entitled to sex.

    What guys need is better advice on how to attract women. Then they need advice on how to spot a girl taking advantage of his feelings, and to stop being told they are a jerk for not letting women walk all over them. Finally they need the same level of understanding women get when women are in pain. As it is if a guy that is in pain from unrequited love with a female friend can't even stop hanging around the girl to try and move on so he can heal, without being accused of being a selfish jerk that didn't value her friendship, and only wanted in her pants, that felt entitled to sex. Women are not treated this way when they are in pain.

    Nice guys are not monsters that feel entitled to sex. They are just guys getting really bad advice, and often get taken advantage of, and aren't allowed to talk about their pain. That is why they talk about it online so much. Online is the only place guys can talk about their feelings, without having their reputations in real life destroyed.
    • Curmudgeon

      THIS. Men have been sold a false bill of goods and they are angry as a result.

  • lonerider
    I am more irritated by reading these pathetic mytakes than watching the behaviour of 'nice guys'. Stop it already. The fucking same thing again and again.. there are already 100s of mytakes on this topic already and better ones. If you can't contribute anything of your own, stop copy pasting
    • I have not read these my takes since I am new to the site but will check them out. From some of the recent takes I have read the message doesn't seem to be getting through.

    • lonerider

      "since I am new to the site"- not a valid reason. If you are new to the site, didn't you feel the need to check whether such content already exists?

    • I don't think I need to justify myself to a random stanger on the Internet.

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  • QuestionMan
    And yet no matter how many myTakes, you or I or anyone else for that matter write on this subject the people that actually need to read it usually don't while people that already know this are most likely to read it.
  • the_rake
    yeah, I don't even know where to begin deconstructing your arguments so I'll just go ahead and point you here:
  • normalice
    some guys are nice because they think it will get them laid, and some guys are nice because a horrible traumatic childhood deprived them of their sense of self worth, so they were never given the chance to develop a sense of assertion and thus entitlement, and instead developed a sense of compassion for anyone suffering a modicum of what they went through, because it can damage your ability to communicate or interact in even the most casual of circumstances which inhibits one from 'talking to girls' due to severe anxiety attacks or occasional fits of internal rage at the inability to form words when you need them.

    anyway, the guys who are nice because they think it will get them laid tend to only think that because being nice is easier. Being nice always gives a very easy way to talk to a girl - by offering to help them. And spend time with them - by actually helping them. But it doesn't actually make them attractive to girls, and that disconnect of doing the work with no 'reward' is a frustration to the concept 'fairness' they were taught about what happens when you are nice.

    Anyway, I'm rambling..
  • -No0ne-
    1) When I am dating a girl I am hoping it leads to sex... so what?

    Hoping to have sex should not put you in the "bad" category. Making it into the only thing that is important should.

    2) I have an ex who cheated on me with a girl-friend-beating, drug using alcoholic while he was out on bond and unable to return to his home because of the restraining order that resulted from said beating. (As far as I know he never did beat my ex, he just used her when he couldn't have sex with his girlfriend, you know, in between the beatings.)

    I was the "nice guy". I was working two jobs so she could be the stay-at-home wife she said she wanted to be. The above is but one example of how she chose to say thank you for the things I did for her.

    That's one classic example of those "higher standards" you seem to think women adhere to.

    3) Back in high school I dated a girl, then she moved far away. After I graduated (she still had a year left) I moved out to where she was living with her mom. Then her mom asked me to take her to live with her dad, I did. I did "nice" things for her. I did not do those things because I would be able to have sex with her, I did nice things and we had sex as well.

    She eventually broke up with me so she could sleep with a guy she had been infatuated with for years. He stood her up, I wouldn't take her back. She started dating a guy who beat her occasionally. I lost track of her.

    Many years later, after I married my second wife, this girl found me and apologized for the stupid things she did in her youth. She even may have "made a pass at me" once since then, but it was at my dad's funeral so, if that is what it was, I was married and quite sad at the time - it was really bad timing.

    I have seen many examples of how a woman's standards can be different from a man's. I have seen how women and men both can be quite superficial - if they choose to be.

    Women are not as different as you would like us to believe, only their methods are.


    I would like to point out that the above does not represent all women, only some are like that. My current wife is not perfect, neither am I. But we love each other and are nice to each other because it feels good to be nice to each other. The sex is not bad either. =)
  • ConsultantIsBack
    This is everything the truth about 'nice guys' :
    • chriss

      everyone has different personalities so it cannot speak for everyone

    • @chriss watch the video man
      the truth/10

    • chriss

      there is no such thing as nice guy or bad boy. that theory doesn't make sense because everyone has different personalities with different types of attraction

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  • CafèMachiatto
    Shit like this is what is making the nice guys lash out. Like jesus fucking christ you're trying to justify why you want to being a bitch, because you got him to buy you that expensive ass Iphone and then "break things off" smfh
    • Where did you get that from?

    • I'm not talking about "literally using a nice guy" or calling you a bitch directly, What I mean is that for a nice guy, I'm pretty sure it sucks to be genuinely nice, and it gets them nowhere, and if they expect a little something something in return you see what I mean?

    • I do not expect being nice to garner me sex I don't see why men should either.

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  • MoonlitSonata
    I am by nature nice to people. I also have depression so I am easily moved by others emotions, because I have known deep hurt. That combined with hormones makes me unable to resist helping. I despise when people talk about nice guys like they are some disease.
    • It's not nice guys that I have a problem with just ones that expect sex.

    • "Niceness" and "Sex" are currencies... I understand what your saying now

  • CrazynKinky
    Please stop saying we like you speak for all women. I disagree with almost all of your post. Just because you hate yourself doesn't mean you should rip into others.
    • I never said I speak for all woman. I am actually a complete narcissist.

    • Clearly

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  • Bluemax
    "We could put down the donuts step away from the wifi and hit the gym."

    Bravo! Bravo! ( Tossing a rose on the stage ) Bravo! Bravo! Excellent take.

    For once a solution being offered instead of name calling.
    • Have a 6 pack, bigger lats than most and do boxing. Looks mean absolutely shit. Gym for a male is not a solution. I would rather be a chubby douche, than a ripped nice guy

    • Jibaku

      @Scrambledagain What? I'm not sure I follow you.
      Why not just try be healthy? I understand not wanting to be overly ripped as that's a lot of dedication to do but just putting on weight and being unhealthy,,,
      Shouldn't the solution be to find a balance,,, healthy. Like today I've eaten two slives of toast with vegemite, avocado and cheese, a bananna, aprox. 200g of chocolate and I've done a 6km run, done a tonne of ironing, played video games, watched TV and soon I'm going to do 2 1 hour self-defence classes. I feel that by doing so I've done something that comes close to a good balance.

    • @Jibaku I'm overly ripped and I am very healthy. I'm training boxing tonight (I'm the coach). What I'm saying is that being ripped or going to gym or being healthy is NOT going to help with women. In fact, an unhealthy lifestyle of partying, drugs and going out until all hours gets women tons more than a healthy life style. So gym as a solution in the love game, is a load of pig shit.

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  • 10dsw
    Thank you for the honest take by the way. Most guys that I know actually fall into the trap of believing girls when girls say that they are looking for a nice guy. I always hear things along the lines of "Aha, I knew it all along!".

    And I can totally this from the female's point of view. In the long run, we are all animals, and it makes sense from an evolutionary point of view that the woman would go for someone who is more bold.
  • Chief16
    I hate all this attention 'Nice' guys have been getting. Somehow I feel like they're getting an ego massage, people who should be reading this just won't, know what's the most annoying quality of a 'Nice' guy. Denial.
  • thecd1979
    I unfortunately used to be this kind of "nice guy” back in my younger years that thought I was entitled to that top %20 of the female species that you mentioned because I was supposedly “nice”. I’m not proud of having been that guy and I look back on my behaviors with a sense of shame. Most guys are going to have to learn the hard way on this just like I did. They will have to reach the point where they finally realize their behaviors (i. e. lack of confidence, whiny, clingy) and actions are the problem.
    • Commendable self awareness.

    • thecd1979

      It was a long road before I finally swallowed my pride and realized I was the problem why women didn’t like me. I’ve done a few takes also on the subject of nice guys in hopes of reaching out to as many of these guys as I can that are behaving like I used to.

  • BoobMan
    One of the best takes I've read on GAG in the (far too) many years I've been here! Welcome to the site--you're going to make this a MUCH more interesting place!
  • SleepyChan
    This was beautiful! Thank you so much! I'm so sick of guys saying "But I'm nice!" just to get somewhere with me or "I'm not like those other guys." Maybe some of you men are different but it's going to take more than talk to convince me you're "nice".
  • M_A_X
    You think Donald Trump is attractive? How do you think anyone could take this post seriously after that?
    • M_A_X

      Thumb this up like you have everyone else who has posted on your topic and prove to yourself you have no integrity as a human being.

    • If liking a comment means I have no integrity then I am surely going to hell. I appreciate everyone who took the time to join in the debate and found your comment funny. It seems like the polite way to respond.

    • M_A_X

      I don't really think it is. I think it's pandering, and catering, and rewarding people for giving you the time of day, and someone with integrity doesn't do that.

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  • KRIEL55
    on point! so true. for some reason guys love to believe that we would date any ugly guy as long as he has a decent personality, even though they want a girl that looks good and has a nice personality. we are not that different, we prefer someone who also looks good.
    • @KRIEL55 it is also women's fault for making men think what you described in your first sentence. Many guys are idiots that don't think for themselves and believe it when women say they don't look care about looks, they care about personality. Women should stop saying that and maybe then guys that are idiots would not believing things that are not true. I never was one of those guys though. I am not stupid.

    • KRIEL55

      @steven7890789 well i think the reason it is so common to hear that women prefer personality is because it iss true to an extent. for example i had 2 guys that wanted to be with me, one was tall, had some muscle, nice hair, big lips, and a really nice style, but he was super conceited and just really boring. while the other one was just average looking. not ugly but not exactly attractive, but he was very sweet and considerate and just a gentleman. i went for the second guy right away because thats just a no brainer. but he has to be at least decent looking though! just like men, we are sexual creatures. and we refuse to have sex with someone who isn't sexually attractive to us. can't have good sex with a nice personality. a guy has to be attractive enough to turn us on.

    • @KRIEL55 well women need to say that so the idiots won't get confused. Women should just say they care about looks, but just about personality more. They should stop saying''I don't care about looks, I care about personality.'' Cause basically when saying that they are basically saying they don't care about looks at all and only about personality, which is bull. They should be specific. Agree?

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  • Beaver19
    Stop taking the moral high ground about nice guys very few act the way you portray them and most nice guys have very high standards, who can blame them when you only want one?

    Self righteous women invented the nice guy theory not men
    • Beaver19

      I read mor into what you say, I think the title throws the whole thing off but I like how you say basically as much as people don't want to admit it, humanity is physical whether that makes us shallow or not, and there's nothing wrong with wanting looks.

      Ps I'm a guy with a shaved head and I have incredibly high standards so the whole men only want sex and not quality is false for some at least, as I said typically the guys who want something legit like myself are going to expect more physically.

  • DarkHumorRUs
    We fucking get it.

    On the other hand, how come nice girls with a sense of integrity get laid?
    • One word V A G I N A

    • @Touglyforfemales why do penises give in so easily to vagina but not the other way around?

    • "@Touglyforfemales why do penises give in so easily to vagina but not the other way around?"
      Because women risk more when having sex so are instinctual fussier..

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  • Kuraj
    "I hate to break it to you but being a nice guy with a sense of integrity isn't enough to get you laid. Just like being a fat chick with a great personality isn't either."

    Thank you for this line.
    I see hate on "nice guys" all the time but nobody seems to point out that they are the same deal as the "nice personality girls" who somehow feel like they should get preferential treatment over hot girls which they presumably consider to all be bitches.
  • Jayded1
    Fun fact. The guys with "sense of integrity" aren't out looking to only get laid. It is the one great flaw in all these "nice shouldn't be a way to get sex" sayings and memes. Nice guys are JUST NICE. Nice girls are JUST NICE. If a guy or girl is using that word to get something, they aren't nice. So please, stop lumping the actual nice people with the trash.
  • ArchDruidMordred
    I don't have too much of an issue with girls only being attracted to the top 20% as most of the things that make a top 20% guy is within the range of control.

    What I DO have an issue with is girls letting those guys get away horrible things and getting mad at the rest for doing things that aren't nearly as bad.
  • HeWhoPonders
    You want to get with the men you just described? Fine. But what pisses us off is when you get yourself hurt and then proceed to cry to us about it expecting us to feel sorry for you. It's a waste of precious energy to feel any pity for one who brings harm upon oneself. If you want to stand in the fire, don't complain that it is hot.
  • godfatherfan
    well with that shitty attitude about men, I am sure the line is very short around you. and once they find out who you are inside, none stay... pretty sad.
  • Applefan1
    Well I guess I am different to the guys you are talking about. I am nice and kind but I don't demand or expect sex for being nice and kind. It is just who I am, not an act like some other guys.
    • Applefan1

      I can see why you women don't like the guys that act entitled though because I get so fed up of the girls that act entitled to us men.

    • Applefan1

      I am just fed up with being an actual good person and having women treat me like shit. It makes me wonder why I bother treating women well if they are just going to treat me like shit. I have standards and I know other men that have them as well. You maybe evil and shallow but don't you think that is unfair to treat actual good men like that. I actually do not always choose what I desire and I know other men that are the same. A woman has to have a great personality.

    • Applefan1

      "Nice" does not mean what you are describing here and I am so fed up with "actual" good men being labeled bastards when the actual good men are not.

  • Dim_121
    Girls don't want to wait until you know if you like their personality. They just want you to hit on them instantly based on their looks. Even though everyone says personality is the most important.
    • SomeGuy37

      That's where I have the problem!! I need to know HER, and LIKE HER!! I don't hit on pretty girls, because I have NEVER met one that I can talk to for more than a minute, or two, before getting bored.
      "Average" girls, usually smart, wearing glasses are so much more interesting! Smart girls are HOT!! Yeah, because they don't THINK they are, and they aren't so full of themselves!
      Young, hot, and stupid is fine, but what happens when young, and hot is gone? All you have is stupid!

    • Dim_121

      @SomeGuy37 True

  • talloak
    Very interesting points. Since you mentioned you were interested in what others had to say about the subject, here is what I wrote some while back:
  • Spirit_Is_Free
    Yeah that is a good take - We often see posts that girls want guys to be nice but nice guys post that nice guys don't get laid, the players have taking all the women. It is a cliché but just be yourself, let a woman fall for the person you are not the person you are pretending to be.
  • Alex_lovesmusic
    I guess I COULD say screw it and enjoy the company of ice cream since people are becoming pretentious self absorbed jerks, whom only see the beauty of skin and don't take the time to read the book.
  • John_Doesnt
    Wrong on so many accounts. I wouldn't screw or date a fugly chick. Most guys aren't that desperate for sex.
    This isn't a myTake about nice guys. It's a rant about how you're able to get laid as a fat girl.
  • f_ckmeup
    I like how these types of guys try to justify it.

    Supposed "Nice" Guy Logic: If it isn't me they are dating, then all the other guys they date are assholes.
  • GreatnessRevamped
    I'm GreatnessRevamped and I approve this take
  • theegreat017
    My morals stand higher to me than any woman, or any human for that matter and if i belive thag something's wrong, i am not gonna try to get laid, i would rather stay a virgin all my life, but just to please someone changing something in me is a no-no.
  • Raymond_Reddington
    ''i hate to break it to you''
    i thought this was common knowledge...
    • By the looks of this site and many blogs it's not.

    • 10dsw

      No... unfortunately to most guys this is not common knowledge. A lot of guys seem to pretty much never learn.

      One girl who I was not interested in but talked to said something: "I know nice guys are sweet and everything, but I just can't take them seriously". Truer words have never been spoken.

    • Common knowledge isn't so common on GAG.

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  • NineRobes
    A true nice guy, a gentleman, is kind to a lady simply because he is kind. The nice guys that you're referring to seem to really only be nice guys because they want to get laid. We're not all the same.
  • Phoenix98
    Really? lol because I've been offered sex and stuff close to it, because I am that kind of guy and she of course liked me lol.

    Besides whether you are nice, bad, a douche etc, it's really not that hard to get laid now a days in this sexually charged and obsessed society we live in.

    But I don't plan on changing who I am to adhere to what women or society dictates I need or have to be I am what I am and am who I am for a reason.
  • SuitAndTie
    "One of the many differences between us is that we would rather not get laid than fuck a fugly person whereas you would rather fuck a fugly person than not get laid."

    You'd be surprised how many guys actually wouldn't have sex with a fugly person.
  • CoolSky01
    being nice is cool , but you have to be confident and not shower the girl with attention its a really bad idea... being a total ass is not exactly a good way to get close to girls.
  • killerboots
    FELLAS: Being nice is not a good trait to have if you want a long-term relationship or a girlfriend for that matter. Being nice doesn't sexually stimulate a woman and sometimes they want to be sexually simulated.
    • I wish I could like my own opinion because I'm just damn good!

  • LaikaFreefall
    omg, we get it -_- nice guys dont get girls b/c they're nice. CAN WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE NOW PLEASE?
  • Sixgun77
    Ok wtf? When did "nice guy" go from making boring and undatable doormat to meaning entitled manipulator? Is this some bullshit I don't get because I'm not in high school or college?
  • Redshift
    Sorry darling but I'm much taller than Cruise and have better hair than Trumpy. Nice try ;)
  • TwentySomething
    "As Schopenhauer beautifully explicates" You're not as smart as you think you are or how you're trying to come across. It sounds to me like all of your friends are getting married (most likely to beta losers who'll settle for used up sl*ts). You're mad because only beta losers are approaching you with thoughts of a serious relationship. No decent guy with options would pick you because you're all used up and damaged goods. You're trying to improve chumps because they're the only one's who'll settle for you. Sounds like the chickens are coming home to roost. Hope all that random sex was worth it.
    • I am a 30 yr old female with two previous sexual partners and I have been celibate for a year. I think that makes me the worlds most unsuccessful slut.

  • ManOnFire
    "But your gender has no standards. One of the many differences between us is that we would rather not get laid than fuck a fugly person whereas you would rather fuck a fugly person than not get laid."
    - On the contrary. Although people say a guy will fuck an ugly woman, that's actually false, and the other way around. A woman will have sex with an ugly guy much more often than a man will with an ugly woman, especially if she thinks money is involved or he sweet-talked her really well. Talk about a gender not having standards.

    Also, if women will refuse to fuck "an ugly guy" that would actually mean women are more visual than men, what your gender denies. Hmmmmm.
  • sighnothing
    Lol, real "nice guys" do finish last. They care enough to get you to finish first ;P