12 Reasons Why His Hand Is Better Than You


12 Reasons Why His Hand Is Better Than You

1. She's tight.

She has the death grip on his tool! This completely heightens the level of sexual intensity.

2. He knows she's clean.

And if the bitch isn't, just dab some soap and water on her, and she's good to go!

3. She doesn't complain about "feeling used".

In fact, she loves it, this is why there is such a shared close bond.

4. She doesn't make noise.

She's as quiet as can be! He will have no police officers or neighbors knocking on his door,

telling him to quiet it down!

5. She's convenient to his pleasure.

He has access to her 24/7.

She doesn't mind stroking him any and every where!

6. She always hits the right spot.

He doesn't have to train her, she already knows what to do!

What a good girl! A huge load of vitamin c (cum) is what's on the snack list tonight!

7. She's okay with grabbing him a beer
and playing video games.

12 Reasons Why His Hand Is Better Than You

Look at his facial expression, he'd totally marry her if he could!

8. He has more than one of her!

When she is feeling tired, the other hand takes over!

A healthy partnership!

That's what I'm talking about!


9. She keeps her hands to herself.

She only touches his wiener, that is......unless he's open to a world of rainbows!

10. She doesn't mind watching porn.

In fact, she loves to watch his tool grow and work as an aid to help stimulate him.

11. She never complains.

Why would she? She's in total control!

12. She doesn't get jealous.

A sexy girl's hand was used as a substitute the other night. The guy's hand didn't mind, in fact she just wanted to sit back and watch!

12 Reasons Why His Hand Is Better Than You

Final Note: This myTake isn't meant to be taken seriously and is only a spoof!

For the women out there who are outraged, well you should already know the drill by now.

*Silences myself and points*

12 Reasons Why His Hand Is Better Than You

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12 Reasons Why His Hand Is Better Than You
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  • redeyemindtricks
    ahahahhhh you are just on a roll lately <3
    Is this still revelant?

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  • NicoletteKomotov
    Soon true. Especially with a good book.
  • Scrambledagain
    I buy those "sew on joggle eyes" at a craft shop and put them on my left hand and jerk off with my right, cuckhold experience right there👀✊🏻💦

    I sometimes do sock puppets for role play.
  • YourFutureEx
    When I lost my virginity. I thought about point no. 1 tbh :/
  • arashmenalagha
    I think you'd be better than my hand but that just may be my honest opinion.

    • Stacyzee

      :D haha! read the take. It's just a joke!

  • joeb73
    funny but true my take stacy
  • abundantlyrich
    The wankers... lol
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    her name is jill, for the record
  • Anonymous
    Hmm, it seems to be legit :P