Things I Know About Guys So Far...


Yes this will be very generalized, and of course I know it depends on the individual. But here is a list of things I've noticed about guys:

Things I Know About Guys So Far....

1. They like ass, titties and vagina A LOT,

2. Food is a great thing to give them if not some sort of sex.

3. Blankity

4. Blankity

5. Blank


























Things I Know About Guys So Far...

So, girls what do you know about the male species??

(Clearly this is a joke, but I will wait for the people who will come along and say how I'm so sexist or ignorant or a feminazi)

Things I Know About Guys So Far...
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  • Onepiecefan2000
    My friend of a friend's sister knows a guy that likes helping people, maybe he can help you (gotta warn you he is in his mid 20 I think)
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  • ConsultantIsBack
    Yeah that sums us up! We're like chimpanzees that managed to evolve to be able to speak somehow!
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  • OlderAndWiser
  • NoahDT
    Honestly, you're pretty much spot on. Personally, I'm not so fond of the whole "ass" thing, but hey, to each their own. Obviously, I know a good ass from a... not good ass? Is that what they call it? Because bad ass has a totally different meaning... but I digress. Tits, ass, pussy, food. You've got it, 9/10 guys will be drooling over you, especially younger guys. Pretty sad, actually.
  • Chief16
    Funny how women listen to us when we tell them to make us a sandwich. Me like my low intelligence. Mwhahahahaha.
  • Tromba
    Seen from this direction I'd say the number one thing guys are concerned with isn't sex or food but status/respect/peer regard. This is linked to sex of course so it's hard to disentangle. This is best illustrated by the old joke:

    What is a Cinderella 10?

    A beautiful girl who at midnight turns into a pizza, a case of beer and three of your best friends.
    • I mean, wouldn't you rather have three of HER best friends? Especially just for a night ahahaha.

    • Tromba


      I think the joke assumes you are already used up in that regard.

    • FINE, turn the case of beer into a blister-pack of Viagra 100's, with a couple mg's of cabergoline and a couple mg's of melanotan-2. Better?


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  • HeWhoPonders
    Oh my god this is the most offensive shit I ever read in my life. Time to go back to my safe space.
    *Walks to the nearest college campus*
    *Gets a swastika spray painted on my shirt, get's a "Men's Tears" mug chucked at me*
  • ThisDudeHere
    This old stereotype about guys being as simple as rocks stopped being funny back in 1850.
    • that wasn't the joke

    • How so? You mention like two things you know about 3.5 biologically similar creatures when there are dozens more things to know.

  • Redstang88
    How to understand men in two easy steps-
    -We have one thing on our mind at a time, it will likely be one of three things. More is unnecessary.
    -These things are
  • IceEverest
    lol... It was funny...

    1. Some love guys
    2. Some Hate guys
    3. Some love male dick/ass
    4. Some love makeup
    5. Some hate makeup...
    6. Some are friends with food.
    7. Some are enemy with food.
    8. They love shirtless guys... ... ... ..
  • codyccc
    Don't wake us when where napping and don't under any circumstances touch the thermostat lol
  • LovelyComputerVirus
    69) Sometimes they want to be the small spoon, but they would never admit it.
  • Zorax
    Well, not all the guys are the same, some of us prefer pretty face, great legs, beautiful eyes and nice hair ;)
  • Rawrzz
    Yup. You pretty much got it. Not sure what 3-30 are supposed to be, but I think they're irrelevant.
  • Octavius
    We're like you except with penises. Each of us is different. Some of us are incredibly simple to figure out. Others of us,

    not so much...
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    That is two more things you know more about guys than I know about girls.
  • fueledbythc
    You're only right about number 1. Food isn't something I get pleasure out of as much as weed or beer.
  • Phoenix98
    Congratulations you've learned everything about us.

    O wait we love our cars.
  • Satisfyd
    Now if women would buy into this and just give us what we want we'd all be happier. I like this quote " I like men , so if my man doesn't have a hard on when I come into a room, I'm getting him a sandwich ".
  • YourFutureEx
  • BusinessBasketball
    We also love sports car, fame, sports, street bikes, and money. Some also like horses.
  • Decentguy
    we love video games, and we love bodybuilding, and we are loyal and honest too.
  • zagor
    Well, good, at 16 you already know everything there is to know about men...
  • Mario21
    Lmao that's only true for some guys XD
  • BiscuitesSwag
    You forgot sports and cars, how dare you? 😱
  • aliceinwonderland69
    I think you covered the basics.
  • pervertedjester
    We also like shinny things.
  • Nik1hil
    👏👏👏Congratulations!.. Its job well done...
  • fenixx0083
    Nailed it
    • fenixx0083

      After that we all kind-of go our own ways and are all different and like different things, so those are about all the only things that all of us have in common (the hetero ones, anyway)

    • fenixx0083


  • Sexualchrist
    You're sexist, ignorant and a feminazi. End of.
  • loveskittens
    Pretty much.