Guaranteed Tricks To Score Points With Women: After 60 Years, Here Is Everything I've Learned!

I have made a study of women for the past 60 years. It's not my job but it has occupied much of my otherwise available time. After 60 years, I have learned only two things that I think are infallible, and today I will share both of them with you. If you implement these two handy bits of knowledge, you are guaranteed to score more points with your lady.

1. Sending Her Flowers

Guaranteed Tricks To Score Points With Women: After 60 Years, Here Is Everything I've Learned!

Should you send her flowers? Yes! Did she say that she thinks flowers are a waste of money? It doesn't matter; send them anyway.

Flowers make her feel good: they send the message that you were thinking about her. You already knew that part. But flowers have another function for women. So here's the rule: send the flowers to her at work.

She'll get that call to come to the front desk for a delivery and she'll be excited. Then, she'll pick up the vase and carry it back to her work area. The other women will look up at her and the flowers. Then, she'll look back at the ladies and she won't say a word, but her expression will speak very clearly: "Oh, girls, look at what my man sent me!" Some of those women have never received flowers at work and you just gave your woman the opportunity to show everyone that she is a queen to someone special. There is nothing that comapres to that feeling for a woman. If you send those flowers to her at home, 90% of the points have been wasted!

Equally important is the timing. If the event or reason for the flowers falls on a Thursday or Friday, have the flowers delivered on Wednesday. She will want to bring those flowers home Friday afternoon, but the longer they sit on her desk, the more she gets to act like the queen bee.

Res roses are a cliche but it doesn't matter. If you are in a relationship where you have told her that you love her, or if you have been sexually intimate, red roses are what you should send. If the relationship is new and you want to impress her but don't want to scare her with too much too quick, send yellow roses and explain to her that in the old language of flowers, yellow roses symbolize friendship.

2. Ordering Dessert

When you take your lady to a restaurant, you have a wonderful meal and then the waiter asks if you would like to see the dessert menu. She will probably hesitate and then decline. Women are told that they should always act weight-conscious and ordering dessert after a fine meal would be like . . . acting like a cow! No woman wants to be thought of as a cow, so she will decline the invitation.

SHE WANTS A DESSERT! Trust me, most women will see some chocolate assemblage that piques their curiosity and calls them in the silent language of chocolate: "Eat me!" They wish they could have it, but . . . they must maintain that weight-conscious image.

Man to the rescue! You say to her, "You know, I'd kinda like to have a dessert, but I don't really want a whole dessert. Would you share one with me?" It doesn't matter whether it is your first date; she may have planned on not even kissing you on the first date, but sharing a desert and eating from the same plate: that would be okay! So she agrees to do you a big favor and share a dessert with you.

Now you say, "I'm not sure what I want. What looks good to you?" She won't hesitate to tell you that the triple chocolate fudge brownie mousse eclair pie look "interesting" but, of course, only if that sounds good to you, too. I don't care if you are allergic to chocolate; order the triple chocolate whatever.

When the dessert arrives, leave it in the middle of the table and eat it slowly. Get all the eye contact you can while you let the dessert melt in your mouth. You gave her exactly what she wanted and she got to indulge herself free of guilt. While you are enjoying the dessert, savor this: in her book, you just became a hero!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • One more reason why flowers at work are great: because being at work sucks. When women are at work, often times our minds are still in our biological emotional state which we are wired with more intricately than males (whereas men just seem to go to work and trudge through it getting the job done that needs to be done). Women will be thinking of home, our planned evening, our man, sex... and to receive flowers is a boost to get us through our miserable day at work. I never thought it was about impressing female coworkers. I thought it was always nice that it boosted my day at that time, and each time looking at them and smelling them, they reminded me that he was thinking of me.

    Great myTake! Your wisdom is always a terrific asset on this site. :)

    • Thank you for the kind words. A significant number of women have commented on the "bragging to other women" aspect of flowers and agreed with my opinion, so it is interesting for you to raise another angle on that subject.

      I think that the site members over age 30 add an important perspective for the younger members and, after the younger ones get beyond their rebelliousness/oppositional phase, they are not much different than we were at their age. I don't have children of my own so this site allows me an opportunity to help younger people in an important way.

      Thanks for the input and I would be remiss if I didn't comment on your very impressive MHO percentage. Obviously, you do good work!

Most Helpful Guy

  • And I thought this was going to be one of those 12 step "get the girl" guides that I hate so much

    But this... its so simple... and effective...

    Now to find a woman lol


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What Girls Said 10

  • Oh, the men should definitely listen to this take. Absolutely perfect! Yes, (some) women say one thing, but pay attention to her face, eyes and body language because what she said is most likely NOT what she really wants. I have definitely said that flowers were a waste of money, but I absolutely love them. I just don't want to know how much they cost, because I will feel guilty. Just like you want to please your woman, she also wants to please you. She doesn't want you to feel obligated or to spend too much money on her (this doesn't apply to money hungry women or entitled women), but at the same time, she wants to know that you care enough to do it anyway.

  • This is great. A lot of women really are insecure about their looks, and weight specifically. Showing them that they're allowed to eat cake every now and then without feeling guilty about it is great. A lot of women are concerned that the guy will think they're a slob or something (even though most of the time he really won't if he's a good person). Showing them that you won't think less of them just because they wanted dessert is nice. It's a nice, small gesture. And the small gestures are usually the ones that count the most.
    This doesn't apply to me since I wouldn't hesitate, I already know I'm in good shape and I know a slice of cake won't kill me. But it is still a cute idea to share it. Then the sharing aspect of it would be the important part for me. You can't really go wrong with it either way, unless the girl is some kind of freak that hates cake. Lol.

    And the flowers... as long as she isn't allergic, I don't think her stance on it will matter. She will appreciate them either way because it's a sign of affection. I don't care much for flowers in the long run, but I think they're nice every now and then.
    Good take!

  • flowers are a waste of money when picked off the vine they signify death. id rather have something i can keep. and i dont care about ordering whatever i want. guys usually are bothered by not ordering dessert not the other way around. anyhow anyone making you feel like yapper a pig for eating isn't boyfriend material and if thats what you think of yourself you should sort that out before entering a relationship. you can't rely on other people to make you feel ok about what you do. you feel ok about it first then they cane come along or tinkle off.

    anyhow i hate dessert i hate sweets i get nothing out of it and physically i feel unwell having eaten high amounts of sugar / fat. it isn't healthy. i am very active and i care about what goes into my body. being fit is more than being 'not fat'.

    but if he wants dessert id be happy to order him some.

    • I wasn't expecting to get any responses that sounded even a little bit hostile. Are you angry about something I said?

    • I thought being cynical stopped being cool after middle school

  • Yep, it's really the simple things that count. Flowers and chocolate desserts! Can't go wrong there. Unless of course, the girl you're buying the flowers for happens to be me - I'm pretty allergic to most kinds. If I was dating, I'd hate for a new guy to feel bad or embarrassed about buying them for me. Fortunately my husband knows that roses are a definite no go and instead he buys me other things.

    I shamelessly order dessert though! I liked this take 😊

  • Normally I don't really like or agree with what you say but to be fair... yeah, I agree wholeheartedly on both points :)

    I have said many times flowers are a waste of money but my man buys them for me often and I love it. It's very rarely for a reason which kind of makes it even sweeter.

  • Best take ever in my opinion.

  • Yes! This is a man who gets it. Thank you, sir!

  • Thank you! You are a wise man. All men pay attention! Let me eat the chocolate!

  • I like neither flowers nor desserts, I guess I'm not a woman then.

    • Those were not my words! Most women appreciate flowers and most women like desserts but there certainly are exceptions. If I was courting you, I would need to find new tricks; fortunately, I am not an old dog!

  • Here is a little tip. Most women love a man in a suit. I know personally, I find it very attractive and have always referred to it as the males equivalent of lingerie.

    • Thanks, but. . . I am an attorney and I've been wearing a suit 5 days a week for the past 30 years, so I already leaned about that, but. . . you are absolutely right. And even very young girls have a tendency to appreciate a guy who is chivalrous and has good manners. (After all, if your goal is to eventually get married and have children, shouldn't you be looking for a guy who will be a good role model for your kids?)

    • I made my boyfriend put on a suit. I pretty much treated it like it was lingerie. Guys just look so good in them. It's even better when you take each piece off one by one!

What Guys Said 3

  • Yes , i like this take. I personally started my own rose garden a while back. I feel that when you tell a woman that you picked those dozen red roses out of your own garden it has all that much more meaningfull. Also also think a little poetry depending on how long youve known her will help to

  • That's a very great advice.

    For number 1 point, i read an article about flowers a long time ago.

  • Sixty years and that's all you got!

    • I've got some other things, but they are not 100% every time guaranteed like these two tidbits. For the most part, women are not that simple!