My Journey To The Real Life Narnia

A couple years ago when I first joined this site, I asked the question, "What country would you like to visit most?" One Gagger thought...

Why I Won't Relocate or Live In Another State, City, or Country

Here are at least 2 reasons why I refuse to relocate to another state, city, or country 1. I Value My Friends & Family By moving to...

A gem in Asia that no one talks about.

I will make it as short as I can and sorry for my English, not my native tongue. Right before the Coronavirus pandemic, I was in Taiwan,...

Unsung Tourist Sites of Mainland China

Everyone thinks of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong but I think there are a lot of other parts of China worth exploring. These are a few...
At Home

20 Reasons to live on the beach

1) Your friends think you are crazy to leave the buzz of city life behind, but you don’t care… 2) You get to see views like this...

Why I Prefer to Stay In Silicon Valley over Living in New States

Here are 5 reasons why I prefer to stay in Silicon Valley over starting a new life in a different state 1. I Don't Want to Leave My...

What time is it at the North Pole?

There're two answers to this question. The first is that we must distinguish between legal time and physiological time determined by...

What's your dream car?

A yellow camero for me!! It looks sexie and fast and its a girl car!! Plus I love driving and its perfect to travel wherever I want to go!!

Should I feel Embarrassed taking Public transportation?

I’m still at an adult taking the buss and trolley. I can’t drive and I don’t want to because of my anxiety but I get really embarrassed...

Has anyone sold their car and relied on public transport alone? How was the experience and did you regret later?

Considering that you live in a city with decent public transport and the traffic and commute make driving to work a hassle

You think I should wait to pay for driving school or get someone to teach me?

Wen can I say I know how to drive if I never actually drove to anywhere on the road just practice in a parking lot i know it will take...

Would you ever go camping, and explore nature, with friends or family or on your own?

I love camping, and love to go on trail walks. I do the tent ⛺ the old style camping, not on an RV not thesame as in real nature!!...

What do you think of Constantinople (Istanbul), the city which seperates Europe and Asia?

I think it seems an awesome city which was founded by the Romans. But the Ottoman Turks “unfortunately” took it from our hands in 1453....

What’s the whitest city in America?

I’m guessing San Francisco or Portland. I’m living in Baltimore right now and it sucks.

I want to travel the world. How do I find someone to do it with?

I don’t want to travel the world by myself, I want to do it with a few people. How do I find those people?

Which countries would you like to visit and Can u tell me what is your reason?

I want to go to Spain because Spanish men are so handsome!!

Would you ever try hitch hiking?

Do you think that's dangerous?

Do you enjoy the climb or just hate it and can't wait for the top of the mountain?

Like in life do you enjoy the process of getting somewhere or just want it to hurry up and get to the finish result already?

According to you which country is better India or Pakistan?

Pros of India A highly educated nation.Rich in cultureDiversityThird largest economyLand of spirituality Cons of India Inequality...

Have you driven on roads where there were heavy water on it?

I know many people don't like to drive in conditions like this but sometimes it is necessary. I try my best not to travel when the...

Do You Like Driving?

I do. I don't like freeway driving, but back county/forest windy roads are my favorite to drive.

Do you feel like all your weekends should be fun and filled with cool activities?

I feel like i do. Last weekend we went hiking and swimming. This weekend almost everyone in my family got a haircut and we did biking...

Which city is better, Toronto or Vancouver?

Which city is better in your opinion?