Christmas Around The World: Louisiana Cajun Country

#CajunChristmas #Lazziezlesbontempsrouler Inspired by @redrobin's Christmas around the world mytakes on Brazil and New Zealand, I an...

Tips for an Enjoyable First Visit to Japan

These are things I either learned before we went, got told by other people, or wish I'd known before we went. In no particular order,...

7 Things to Know so that YOU can Conquer Your Fear of Flying!

THE CLINICAL VIEWPOINT - - - - This is a follow-up to my previous Take on Coping with Long FlIghts, responding to those who requested it...

Christmas in Dixie: Fun and Festive Southern Holiday Destinations

The Southeast is one of the best places in the US to spend Christmas due to its warmer climate and less likeliness of Snow. It's also...

5 Simple Steps to Survive Long Plane Flights!

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What's My State Like? My Take on North Carolina

Inspired by @pink2000's take on Oklahoma North Carolina is one of the 13 original Colonies. The first English colony in America was...

What's My State Like part 2: A musical journey through North Carolina (Festivals, Food, and fun)

In part one I gave some general facts about NC and it's cities. Now let's look at some Cackalacy food and fun! As you scroll through...

What is/are your favourite book/s?

Mine are "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "Master & Margarita". (A question for those who actually read)

Are city hostels cheaper the more dangerous the areas are which they're in?

In cities like London, Paris, New York etc., do the hostels/hotels cost less the more dangerous the areas are which they are in?

Do American women like Australian accents?

I’m moving to LA in 3 weeks and I’ve been told Americans love accents how true is this statement?

Is it ok to go on vacation to New Zealand alone?

I don’t really have anyone to go with and I don't know anyone from New Zealand but I’ll be going there this Thursday, I’m probably going...

Just got my first lighthouse?

Lmao I’m joking but have you ever been to a lighthouse? Where and how was it? If not would you like to go to a lighthouse?

I have a new job that requires travel. Any advice?

I also have some friends who want to tag along sometimes. Should I let yhem even though I will be at wotk?

When you Think of the United States of America, What is the First Thing That Comes to Your Mind?

On July 4th, 1776, the United States of America became its own independent country, and became the centerpiece of North America. I'm a...

What is the coldest country?

I always thought it's Canada

Would you want to visit the harbor of Lindau, Germany?

It's right across the Lake of Constance from Austria for those who have never heard of it.

Would you want to visit a church built into a cliff?

The one pictured here is in Idar Oberstein, Germany, and there is a castle ruin on top of the hill, as well as a great view of the...

How much do I need to go to Bali for 1 week?

Me and my boyfriend planning to go to Bali for 5 days or maybe 1 week he's going to pay the plane tickets and hotel accomodation And ill...

Which of these places in America would you like to go to the most and why?

Which of these places in America would you like to go to the most and why?

Should there be a minimum thickness for lycra cycling wear?

In the U. K. we see more and more cyclists wearing lycra clothing, and it seems to be so thin in many cases that you practically get...

Which would you rather pay for when travelling?

Which would you rather pay for when travelling with a partner, etc? Which one is cheaper?

Americans. Do you trust God?

Since the motto of US is ''In God we Trust'', do you personally trust god?

Would you use public transport more if it was free?

Luxembourg is set to make all public transport free, at point of use, across the whole 999 square mile country as of summer 2019. At...