A little about Venice

I will be very personal with this MyTake, as I will post personal pictures , so be adviced that all the pictures you will see Below are...
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The city you should visit in France, BORDEAUX.

Bordeaux is a city of more than 2000 years old, crossed by the Garonne, it was not destroyed during the war which makes it a city with...
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Planes, trains and busses.

So I needed a moment to get away. So I booked a trip from my home in Salt Lake City to Vegas and back, via San Francisco. We flew to...
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THE GREAT ESCAPE (Skyline Edition)

Thank you Red Blaze for inspiring me with your lovely question. Some days, I just lie back on my bed and admire all the different...
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7 Lessons of Self-Discovery and Travelling

Every time that you step onto a plane for the first time, you are venturing and exploring outside your comfort zone. Travelling is one...
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Ten Bus Drivers Anyone Who Rode The Bus To School Would Know

1. The cool one We all had those drivers that were cool. Let you do what you want, let you bring friends on the bus, get on and off...
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8 best things to do Japan- The land of Rising Sun

How often do you get the chance to travel to a unique and utterly different destination? If you're lucky enough to plan a trip to Japan,...
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9 Reasons Why The Island of Hvar Sucks!

After spending three weeks in Croatia's Hvar in the middle of summer, I can confidently advise against going there. This is why: 1....
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Can you ever make a TURN from a STRAIGHT ONLY lane?

You're driving and approaching an intersection with this sign. A two-car rear-end crash is blocking the left lane, and you want to turn...

What are the friendliest cities based off of you experience?

Mine would have to be New Orleans and du duh duuhhh … New York City. New Orleans people like to have a good time and are friendly to...

Sky club Status?

What is the further you have gone on a plane (or in an airport)?

Should I go to visit him in Scotland?

There’s this guy who I think is a nice person, but he seems like he may not get around to visiting me in Australia. We’re web pals. I...

How many continents have you been to in life? and Which ones did you visit?

Have you visited other continents other than your own in your life? which ones? I've only been to two. North America and Europe. will be...
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Are American towns pretty?

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Which roadtrip is more epic?

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Where do you or someone you live with park your cars at your residence?

Thought this would be interesting. Where are your cars usually parked at home?
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Is it wrong for a mother to wear a thong bikini in front of her kids, on holiday?

Prompted by this - If thong bikini is provocative why is accepted in western countries? and similar things I've seen on G@G...
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Mixed Nudity in a Hostel?

Has anyone stayed in a hostel that was mixed gender and saw the opposite sex naked? How was it? What did everyone look like and how did...

Would you be upset if your fiancé wanted to go abroad with her female friend on holiday?

It’s just the two of them on a long weekend break in Europe

What is the average height for a male and a female in Mauritius?

I will be visiting Mauritius next year with friends. I had been searching all over the internet but I haven’t found an answer to my...

When you Think of Vietnam, What is the First Thing That Comes to Your Mind?

On September 2nd, 1945, the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam became its own independent Asian country. I've never been to Vietnam (but...
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