A little about Venice

I will be very personal with this MyTake, as I will post personal pictures , so be adviced that all the pictures you will see Below are...
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8 best things to do Japan- The land of Rising Sun

How often do you get the chance to travel to a unique and utterly different destination? If you're lucky enough to plan a trip to Japan,...
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9 Reasons Why The Island of Hvar Sucks!

After spending three weeks in Croatia's Hvar in the middle of summer, I can confidently advise against going there. This is why: 1....
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National ATV Jamboree June 2022

The National ATV Jamboree is hosted out of Fillmore Utah. For those that do not know what an ATV Jamboree is, it is where hundreds of...
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Laurie's List of the Best Nude Beaches and Resorts in Northern and Central California, Nevada and Hawaii

Here are just a few of the Nude Resorts and/or Beaches that I have been to, or go to regularly, and why I like them ...or not. THE...
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Mesa Verde National Park

For part of my Spring Adventure this year, I made a stop at Mesa Verde. My apologies though I do not feel this one is as good as my...
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My Trip to Sedona Arizona

For anyone considering a trip to Sedona, Arizona I would highly recommend a visit to Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. Beautiful...
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Why are there security checkpoints at tourist attractions in Rome?

What are some places in the city that are securityless?

What do you like to do on a gloomy, rainy day on your day off/free time?

I like the sound of the rain on the rooftop. When I was a kid, my friends and I would play in the rain getting all muddy and dirty. I...
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Is it possible to work as a professional author as my main independent income?

I have over 30 book outlines and ideas which I accumulated over a 3-5 year period and I am hoping to publish 1-6 books a year. Either a...

Is Oregon (US State) worth visiting?

I am interested in the nature of Oregon, I love farmer markets, also.

What vacation is one that you'll never forget?

So I'm curious what vacation is one that y'all never forget? I'll start :) Mine would have to be going to Disney world Florida years ago.

Where is your favorite place you’ve ever been?

I think the question speaks for itself…

Have you ever done a budget vacation?

My dad makes decent money but we vacationed with these very poor people who have massive debt to pay off and had to spare money for...

Where are you going on holiday next?

I haven't been on holiday for years and now I can't decide where to visit.

How do you get to school/work everyday?

I like to walk every other week or drive my car… But if it’s cold af and a snow storm or there’s too much snow on the sidewalks, I’m...
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Would you rather live on the Florida or North California coast?

You can swim in the waters off Florida but the North California coast is just so beautiful.
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Which would you rather?

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What is your dream country?

Choose the country of your dreams or where you want to live! Actually, I have many countries in mind 🤭 for example Italy or Japan...
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How do you feel about Swamps?

I think imma ask about every terrain so be ready!
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Which would you rather 2?

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