Prioritizing Mental Health is a Basic Need for your Well-being

Prioritizing mental health involves making intentional efforts to take care of your emotional, psychological, and social well-being....
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Anxiety: A powerful and positive emotion

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines anxiety a few ways (all very similar): 1. Apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness usually over an...
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Do you know what is psychological first aid?

It’s basically a psychological invention to use during and after a traumatic event such as accidents, disasters or terror attacks. The...
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Benefits of Nigella sativa is also called black seed or black cumin.

Nigella sativa is also called black seed or black cumin. Its name in Punjabi is Kalonji. Clonji contains a lot of amino acids and fatty...
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Yup it’s true your brain doesn’t fully develop till the age of 25

While most laws believe that at the age of 18, 16, or 17 in some states/countries people are considered adults and the legal age,...
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Benefits of pineapple 🍍 for girls suffering with PCOS

Pine apple is very beneficial for girls suffering from PCOS because it contains an enzyme called bromelain which helps the ovaries to...
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What is hypotonia and How it affects me?

What is Hypotonia? Hypotonia is a muscle condition which effects the Muscle Tone, Dexterity and strength of the Body, unlike a normal...
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Best fruit 🍊 for diabetic and BP

Kinnu contains a lot of water-soluble plant compounds that do not clog the fine blood vessels, do not allow fat to build up in them, and...
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How would you feel if you gave birth to yourself?

If you’re a male then just imagine you throw up an egg and it hatches 2 weeks later.

Why was I crying a lot post surgery?

It was a bone fracture. When i woke up after surgery I was crying a lot and needed 3 hydromorphones to settle me and make me calm&...

Do you need protein powder to gain muscle for booty?

Of course you can't target one place of your body. But I just mean to see more result and get more round booty because of using protein...

What is he looking for?

I saw this picture and wonder just what does this duck think he is going to find?

What was your worst day ever? Your best day?

Last Wednesday had to be one of my worst days. It began when in the morning I was on my laptop, and suddenly my peripheral vision became...

Diet to drop 6-9Ib weight quickly in 2 weeks while still training 3-4 days per week?

I need to drop 6-9Ib weight in next 2 weeks, but nerd to keep energy up for training. Any suggestions?

Do you still wear a face mask? If so, why?

During covid times, we were told to wear face masks, it was mandatory in public places, and most of us begrudgingly did what we were...
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What do you think about my squat form?

Trying to hit the quads, here is a video of it
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To those who go to the gym have you either experienced or witnessed any harassment going on there?

I guess mainly for women this is a common issue but have you personally experienced or witnessed harassment in the gym yourself?...
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What do you think of biohazard labs?

There are many biohazard labs around the world that work with dangerous and highly transmissible diseases for which there are no...
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Is this something to be worried about?

Around last week i had a bump on my eyelid. Looked like i had swollen eye. It would hurt a little bit, like when i blink or close my...
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How do you calm yourself?

What do you do to calm yourself? After a busy day at work?
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Girls, have you ever had a late period but not been pregnant?

And did it eventually come? If so, how long after?

How should Cranberry Supplements smell?

I don't know much about these supplements. But how should cranberry supplements smell? Does taking them help with odor? Anyone know the...

Why do some people think that CPR counts as kissing? Better yet, why do media try to make it pass as that?

It doesn't. It actually has nothing to do with it. It's about saving someone. That's like saying that when a doctor checks your chest,...

What to drink for a bigger butt?

I want to have a bigget butt. But I don't know which exercises to do or what to drink as an energy drink for a bigger butt... Do you...
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Is 20 minute low impact cardio enough to exercise everyday?

Is 20 minute low impact cardio enough to exercise everyday? Plus 40 fire hydrants each side with band 40 hip abductor exercise each side...

Why did losing weight make my lips bigger?

Since I lost weight people look at me like they're shocked as if I'm a whole new person. The only thing is that my lips look fuller and...
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