Curvy is not a word exclusively for 'bigger' women, it's for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.

I have no issue with women who carry more weight, same with men who carry more. As it's often not life-threatening and isn't in excess...

Fat people aren't healthy, get over it!

Notice this title is NOOOTTT "fat people are ugly", "fat people should be bullied", or any such hateful nonsense....

Being chubby but not fat.

i hated being called thick awhile ago and i accosted that with being fat i didn't care but i didn't appreciate people noticing my weight...

How to lose weight if you’re Asian 🤪🍚🙏

1. Stop drinking Boba Boba prices be lookin like what I wish my gpa was🤕🤑🥶here’s a negative reminder that one boba ball is 7 to 14...

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

wouldn't things be better if we all just cuddled a little more? why? I'll tell you why - cuddling is great! Everyone likes to be held...

How do I handle a stressful life?

Whatever I am going to say here, I practice it whenever needed, I don't know whether it will work for you or not as I don't know...

Building Muscle is Irresponsible.

This might sound controversial to you. By my personal experience as a lifelong competitive athlete who's also dabbled in olympic style...

Can someone please interpret this ECG in detail?

This is for my son. He has sensory neural hearing loss in his right ear and severe in the left. If you could please interpret this graph...

Is there a way to get rid of my anxiety and BPD?

I'm tired of being made to feel like I'm crazy. People around me just insist that if I focus on myself then I can eliminate my issues....

Why are young and healthy people dying of Coronavirus?

Its been few days eversince my country admitted to Coronavirus existing here. A 25 year old nurse died 2 days ago, a 22 year old ATHLETE...

Is it just me but after a workout when I take a shower my muscles dont feel tensed and sore anymore anyone dont like that either?

Like I like it when my muscles are sore cause I feel I pit in a lot of work but when I shower after they dont feel that way and I feel...

Is it wise to get bunion surgery at the same time that I get my ankle fracture fixed?

My mom keeps telling me that I shouldn’t do 2 foot surgeries at once that I could become paralyzed or something but to me it makes more...

How can I help my brother see he's only harming himself?

All my brother eats are cookies and Cornflakes. All day every day. For breakfast, he eats two very large bowls of cornflakes with cocoa,...

How can a petite girl defend against a taller and bigger guy?

I’m a 20 year old college girl and I take judo classes, but I feel like it’s not enough to defend myself in a real life situation. It...

How many pounds of fecal matter do you think is in the average person's gut area?

I was watching some old time colon health commercials and it claimed the average person has 5 to 22 pounds of fecal matter in their gut...

Us medical experts say coronavirus will spread in USA what will happen?

say what you think it can be any thing on the subject or choose from the list to comment on after choosing

What are my chances of being pregnant?

I have this app called Clue and it tracks my periods. My predicted ovulation day was 2/19/2020. I had unprotected sex 3 days past my...

What is causing such a high rise in the number of cases of people with alzheimer's?

say what you think it can be any thing on the subject or choose from the list to comment on

Is Laziness a Mental Disorder or a Character Flaw?

Do you think laziness is due to depression or some other mental disorder, or do you think it is usually just a character flaw?