Curvy is not a word exclusively for 'bigger' women, it's for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.

I have no issue with women who carry more weight, same with men who carry more. As it's often not life-threatening and isn't in excess...

Fat people aren't healthy, get over it!

Notice this title is NOOOTTT "fat people are ugly", "fat people should be bullied", or any such hateful nonsense....

Being chubby but not fat.

i hated being called thick awhile ago and i accosted that with being fat i didn't care but i didn't appreciate people noticing my weight...

How to lose weight if you’re Asian 🤪🍚🙏

1. Stop drinking Boba Boba prices be lookin like what I wish my gpa was🤕🤑🥶here’s a negative reminder that one boba ball is 7 to 14...

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

wouldn't things be better if we all just cuddled a little more? why? I'll tell you why - cuddling is great! Everyone likes to be held...

How do I handle a stressful life?

Whatever I am going to say here, I practice it whenever needed, I don't know whether it will work for you or not as I don't know...

Building Muscle is Irresponsible.

This might sound controversial to you. By my personal experience as a lifelong competitive athlete who's also dabbled in olympic style...

How to control your diet when you're on diet?

It sometimes really gets hard to control urself when ur on diet. Rn I'm on the hardest one I've ever experienced😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Do u...

Tips for weight loss?

I’m going on holiday in June and I want to lose as much weight as possible. Apart from the obvious, eat healthier, lesser portions,...

Do I even have the right to value myself? Do I even have the right to feel stressed?

G@G took this question down last time. I'm still looking for reassurance I live with my mom and live off her allowance, my mental...

Is eating once acceptable?

So when I was younger I was basically a non intentional anorexic. I'm a larger frame and now overweight and someone told me to go back...

Are you scared of the corona virus?

I wasn’t before, but now, I don't know.

Has anybody else here had a stress fracture and what happened?

I've had shin splints since October, at least my physical therapist thinks it is. I have tried to see a doctor about the pain but they...

Giant calorie deficit and not losing weight? What could I be doing wrong?

So everyday I track my food using the app MyFitnessPal and a food scale to weigh out all my vegetables and protein portions. I average...

Back feels compressed?

How do you fix this? Standing sitting it just feels stiff and compressed.

Girls, what are good butt and hip building exercises so I can feel like a normal woman?

I’m an apple shape, my shoulders are broader than my hips, my hips are narrow, etc. I’m on a path to lose weight, but my body shape...

How afraid are you of Covid 19 (Coronavirus)?

Yesterday saw the 1st case in my country but while that's confirmed, I'm sure there are many unconfirmed as a result. I have seen many...

Is mental illness just as bad as physical illness? Is mental illness worse than physical illness?

Too many people still don't understand the damages of mental illness, mostly because they refuse to understand. They think that just...

What are some workouts and sets for mass with a herniated disc?

I'm 5'10 195lb, current 5k time is 23:00. I have heard running can decrease mass gains. So I only run 2x/week. I have only been doing...

How many pounds of fecal matter do you think is in the average person's gut area?

I was watching some old time colon health commercials and it claimed the average person has 5 to 22 pounds of fecal matter in their gut...

Us medical experts say coronavirus will spread in USA what will happen?

say what you think it can be any thing on the subject or choose from the list to comment on after choosing

What are my chances of being pregnant?

I have this app called Clue and it tracks my periods. My predicted ovulation day was 2/19/2020. I had unprotected sex 3 days past my...