How To Eat Healthy For Less

A healthy diet is a diet that is sustainable, that provides nutrients for the body, and that maintains a healthy body weight with normal...

My Bittersweet Depression...

First and foremost I would like to put forth the fact that this piece of literature is nothing more than my own personal opinion on my...

Weight-loss: Sometimes you need to be told you are FAT!

I’m sharing a small bit of my own journey. 3 years ago I was fresh out of the worst possible relationship for me. I was tipping the...

Covid mutation scares people

People are really concerned because they hear about the uk and south African variants. The vaccines Should still work!! This is the...

New to working out and what I learned along the way

I am 36 years and am a diabetic for the past 15 years. I have had issues with keeping myself in shape and losing weight throughout my...

Running the Risks: Providing Perspective For COVID-19

At the present time, in the first world, there’s currently estimated to be a 0.3–0.68% chance of death from COVID-19 infection,...

But Hey, It's Just The Flu!

Your 2020 was probably terrible, but this past year was the best ever for Laguna Hills-based Salam International — moneywise, at least....

How has 2021 been so far?

Have you been happy and mentally healthy this month?

Would a woman be offended if I told her she’s slimmed down?

Have you been working out? You look like you’ve lost some weight

Any gym addicts here?

I wanna glow up. Have the sharp jawline. Thin waist. Thin legs. I've been trying to lose weight but my mental health is keeping me deep...

Is burning about 300 calories five days enough?

I walk for an hour 5 days a week. It get me up to 10k steps & about 300 calories burned. Is that enough?

I don't wear underwear?

when I turned 30 I stopped wearing any underwear, I am now in my 70's and still go Commando, has anyone else adopted this lifestyle? I...

Can I die from a pinched nerve?

My neck is hurting soo bad and it’s shooting down to my arms and it feels like it’s burning. It started yesterday morning so I thought I...

Are you into outdoor winter sports?

Are any of you into any type of outdoor winter sports?

Is it okay to only train legs when I work out?

I’m a female who is naturally skinny and looking to tone and just overall enjoys the benefits of working out (improved mood and posture,...

I am 3 days late should I be worried?

Hey peeps, ı had to get my period yesterday or 2 days ago (the usual for me) ı have irregular periods a lot. But ı still haven't get it....

If you ate a healthy amount, but you didn't exercise, how much would you probably weigh?

I'm asking this question about you specifically, how much you personally would weigh in that scenario.

Have you ever had a panic attack that made you nauseous or even vomit?

I used to get panic attacks all the time, but they never affected me physically too badly. I might get shaky and clammy, but normally...

During sleep paralysis, did it ever feel like your soul left your body?

Sleep paralysis: "A temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking." I had sleep paralysis often as a...

Could I possibly be pregnant? Is it implantation bleeding or side affect after taking Plan B pill?

So my last period started January 4, 2021 and ended January 8. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend January 11 at 11 pm and he...

Can I build muscle if exercising once weekly?

Before I got my job, I exercised daily, It began to feel like a chore. I dreaded exercising because I got tired of it. I stopped...

Are there ways to slow aging that the market does not want you to know about?

I believe the number one cause of old age appearance is restaurant food intake and chemicals and cheese and fat and oil In China people...

Did my doctor cancel my appointment without telling me? 90+ minutes late?

He is over an hour late for the phone conversation Do you think he had a medical or family emergency?