Stalking = Desire > Reason

Stalking = Desire > Reason This is a very important topic. A topic that I feel is often taken too lightly. This is something I have...

I know why I drink and it doesn't help

I've been giving this some thought the last couple weeks. Its obvious why I drink really. Its self medication and an extremely unhealthy...

A story of greatness

This take is about Hermann Maier, who some of you may remember from when he appeared on Jay Leno's show ages ago. Who is he and what...

Conquering Physical Insecurities

Some of you might laugh but yes, I am 16 and I struggle with my body image. No, I'm not overweight, underweight, or chubby but normal....

Understanding the Stigma Around Mental Health

It is estimated that one in four people will at some point in their lives experience a mental health issue. Over the last 18 months, I...

Weight Loss Made Easy

I was inspired to write this because yesterday, I learned that since I started my fitness journey, I’ve lost 25 pounds! In a year, I’ve...

The Body and It's Defensive!

What is the Immune system? The Immune system is a complex system of cells and proteins that fight off foreign invaders, the body has 2...

Which sickness did you have last? And for how long?

I last had a fever. It got up to 103 degrees but only lasted for a day. It was so weird because I felt completely fine the day before &...

Has anyone tried roaccutane for skin acne?

How was your experience on it? Any bad side effects?

Okay so I addressed my girlfriend about her weight gain and constant smoking and she had a panic attack any help😅?

Maybe I pushed her a bit but my intentions were good. She said she is not ready now to pressure herself on that rn on top of everything...

If fat people are looked down on for binging on junk food then how will someone who's in great who eats just as much after their workout be seen as?

I'm in great shape & most people who know me know I pig out after a hard gym session 3x big macs 2x large chocolate smoothies 2lbs...

I messed up my diet. Advice?

Today I ate 580 calories over what I should have. I don’t want to quit since I’ve already lost 5 pounds. I feel upset and unmotivated...

Do you think it was dumb of this girl to tell a person she barely knows she has an illness?

A girl I barely know told me she does not drive because she has epilepsy. Do you think it was dumb of this girl to tell someone she...

Does the Wuhan corona virus worry you?

Just like SARS, it is spreading...

Which 1 is more "impressive"?

Early birds or night owls? I mean if you sleep too late or wake up too early, you get comments out of surprise.

What could happen if a country who has bio weapons sent a mutated virus loose on a country it hates?

say what you think it can be any thing not on the list or choose from the list to comment on after you choose one

Do you fart in public?

When I am in school, I try to hold it in until I am alone and can release. Do you do this? I also can’t defecate in public restrooms...

How often do you 💩?

I havnt shatted in like 5 days im bloated and concerned 😦

Is drinking 6 ounces of Kombucha a very good way to improve intestinal health?

Do you think drinking 6 ounces of Kombucha daily is enough or too much or too little to improve our intestinal health? For the health...

When you use public showers, do you wear shower shoes?

I've never used public showers before, so it was news to me when my mom said I needed to buy waterproof shoes to wear while showering in...