Stalking = Desire > Reason

Stalking = Desire > Reason This is a very important topic. A topic that I feel is often taken too lightly. This is something I have...

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

wouldn't things be better if we all just cuddled a little more? why? I'll tell you why - cuddling is great! Everyone likes to be held...

How do I handle a stressful life?

Whatever I am going to say here, I practice it whenever needed, I don't know whether it will work for you or not as I don't know...

Building Muscle is Irresponsible.

This might sound controversial to you. By my personal experience as a lifelong competitive athlete who's also dabbled in olympic style...

OMG Deadly CoronaVirus: How not to get Infected? (A lot of Questions & Answers)

In the case of the SARS virus, people first had symptoms of the disease, and then they became contagious. With the current coronavirus,...

A Bollywood movie linked with China's coronavirus situation

The coronavirus in China reminds me of this Bollywood movie called Krrish 3 where a villain called Kaal wanted to end the human race by...

I know why I drink and it doesn't help

I've been giving this some thought the last couple weeks. Its obvious why I drink really. Its self medication and an extremely unhealthy...

Do You Like Someone To Go With You When You’ve Got A DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT?

I mean a serious doctor’s appointment, not like a check up, or something like that. And if you do like/want someone to go with you, who...

Do all men have some form of fat around their breast area if they do not go to the gym or aren't malnourished?

This guy on girlsaskguys was saying all men have some form of small boobs unless the man is malnourished or goes to the gym. I could not...

I’m an advanced lifter and been going to the gym for many years. Why is my stomach fat taking a long time to go away?

I don’t do cardio bc I’m trying to pack a bit of weight to go to muscles. Ik that bc I’m trying to eat more, I should expect belly fat....

Is it a big risk for my health?

I accidentally gained some serious amount of weight. I don't know how much yet. Most of it is propably just fat. I gained it in very...

Can blood pressure lower for no reason?

Yesterday my mom said my cheeks look pinker than normal and nobody knew why Today my blood pressure seems a lot lower than normal No...

Can you lose belly fat without exercising? would you need to go gym?

I have some belly fat I need to get rid of ASAP I have no abs muscles

If my Tatas hurt, does that mean I’ve got a bun in the oven😱? 🍞 🔥 ?

But seriously? if you’ve had a bun in the oven before, and experienced pin or discomfort in your ’tatas’’ can you describe the type...

How do you get rid of muscles soreness?

I swear the pain of my trapezius muscles are killing me, the pain goes up my head. It feels horrible, I prefer to not move... The other...

Why did you give up on the crisis team for mental health?

Why i gave up on the crisis team cause i realised they dont do fuck all just say the same generic crap that sounds like its scripted...

How do you react to stress?

Me being the chill person I am, I hate stressing over things I can't fix, things I can't do, or the amount of things I have to do. So, I...

I'm FINALLY getting HELP for my MENTAL HEALTH, is it supposed to be this SCARY?

Well, it's happening, I'm going to do it I've been suffering symptoms of Schizophrenia and Depression for years now. I think I'm going...

Can a woman love an unfit man?

If a man has a bit fat on his belly and fat on his breasts and overall not fit or muscular, would a woman be able to look past that?

Why do you think people are still letting children die instead of getting measles vaccine?

after choosing say what you think it can be anything on the subject or choose from the list

Who is more powerful and would be able to physically dominate?

It's said in general a man is more physically stronger and can win a physical fight with a woman. But what if a man is slim/skinny for a...

Are you an anti-vaxxer?

Are you anti vaccination?

Should I tell the psychiatrist that I think I might have SCHIZOPHRENIA?

I've been suffering symptoms of Schizophrenia and Depression for years now and I'm going to have to seek help soon. Lately when I'm...

Muscles and body tired after first time strength training in a while?

what could i do to suppress the tiredness my body is feeling? just rest and let my muscles heal?