Coronavirus quarantine and eating disorders

How to manage your eating disorder during quarantine? How should you react to your anxieties when you are stuck at home with a full...

Tanning beds, tanning at the beach. Good for you or not?

Most girls like a good healthy tan and can spend a lot of time in tanning booths or just soaking up sun at the beach. The girls look...

What are the Differences Between Munchausen Syndrome and Hypochondriasis?

Today I will explain the differences between Munchausen syndrome and Hypochondriasis. 😌 What is Munchausen syndrome? Munchausen...

Raw Milk: Why it's amazing

No, you did not read that wrong. Raw Milk. Straight from the utter. It's never pasteurized and contains good bacteria for your digestive...

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

How to fix flared ribs and short shoulder width without painful invasive surgery. (Being realistic here, this will take 1-2 years). The...

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Alright let’s get right to the topic. Other than Crack Cocaine, HGH (Human growth hormone) is probably one of the most widely used drugs...

The truth: Instagram models are using steroids

This is for educational purposes. Stay away from steroids girls if you want to live longer and have healthy babies. I won’t sugar coat...

Should men shave their armpits and would that make sweat smell go away if they did?

Inspired by this question Do you remove underarm hairs to reduce unpleasant sweat smell or to look better? ↗

Do you have Any suggestions?

I know very little about fitness I’m 5’3 and weigh around 120 pounds I’m doing exercises only Wednesday’s and Sunday’s I want abs. But I...

Do u have to fit a carpet?

like... use grippers to stick it to the floor? can't i jus cut it to the size of my floor and jus lay it down like a mat without fitting...

How to lose weight with Pcos? read below?

So I have pcos and it’s hard for me to lose weight but I eat healthy and workout twice a day i cut out all gluten , dairy , fast food! I...

Do you feel a little empty sometimes?

So sometimes I feel like I am empty and I just want to cry and I want the world to go away but im not depressed or something like that...

What lessons have you learnt from the COVID Pandemic?

This event took so many people unaware, some where totally unprepared. What lessons did you pick from here?

Is obesity a big problem in America or does world media exaggerate it?

Is obesity a big problem in America or does world media exaggerate it? I watch "My 600 lb life" so i really wonder it.

Do you think our memories are wiped clean and everything we ever do or accomplish is completely pointless when we die?

I dont care much about accomplishing great things, making huge amounts of money and stressing out. I want a simple life dont need a...

How often do you brush your teeth and do you use toothpaste?

Im 31 this year and my teeth look nice, they are straight and white.. My whole life I've been an occasional brusher, I brush a few times...

Are you currently on a diet?

If so, what type of diet are you doing?

How do you feel about the coronavirus so far?

How do you guys feel about covid-19 and the handling of everyone to prevent the spread. To me I honestly feel like keeping people locked...

When did you start to get white hair?

I’m 34 and I have white hair on my head - 99.99% of my head is made of black hair but there are white strands too

Does anyone on g@g smoke cigarettes?

Just curious. (I don't smoke) If you do smoke, why?