Stalking = Desire > Reason

Stalking = Desire > Reason This is a very important topic. A topic that I feel is often taken too lightly. This is something I have...

A Bollywood movie linked with China's coronavirus situation

The coronavirus in China reminds me of this Bollywood movie called Krrish 3 where a villain called Kaal wanted to end the human race by...

I know why I drink and it doesn't help

I've been giving this some thought the last couple weeks. Its obvious why I drink really. Its self medication and an extremely unhealthy...

A story of greatness

This take is about Hermann Maier, who some of you may remember from when he appeared on Jay Leno's show ages ago. Who is he and what...

Conquering Physical Insecurities

Some of you might laugh but yes, I am 16 and I struggle with my body image. No, I'm not overweight, underweight, or chubby but normal....

Understanding the Stigma Around Mental Health

It is estimated that one in four people will at some point in their lives experience a mental health issue. Over the last 18 months, I...

Weight Loss Made Easy

I was inspired to write this because yesterday, I learned that since I started my fitness journey, I’ve lost 25 pounds! In a year, I’ve...

Do face masks protect against coronavirus?

The price of face mask keep increasing 🤔

Have you ever been addicted to exercise to the point it was interfering with your responsibilities?

When I was 21 it was y escape from graduating and moving on to law school or whatever. I’d run then swim training for Triathlon I never...

How can I not be underweight & stressed help me?

I was 87 lbs but last weeks thought I was gaining weight, I was eating a lot and solid foods tacos tortillas even tacos at night of...

I can’t eat anymore?

I weigh just over 100 pounds but no matter what I still feel fat. I posted a picture on my Facebook and this man called me thicc after...

Is it a bad thing to tell my boyfriend's little sister this?

I told her I want to mentally not be ok. I want the old me back. Your brother tries to understand it but he's not fully aware of it. My...

Are there any gyms that are free besides military gyms?

I'm in the military, but I am reserve, so I do not work every day and cannot afford to go to the base every day just to work out because...

About virus protection masks?

GVS Elipse P3 Integra is effective againts virus right? It says 99.95% protection but just want to make sure.

Why do men get the most treatable gender specific cancers but women get the worst?

Testicular cancer is so easy to treat that men are statistically more likely to die from breast cancer despite rarely getting breast...

Do you like MMA? Want a wicked strong grip for submissions?

Say you are a martial artist or even a pro fighter, and you like submissions, do you know a good workout to build strong grip and strong...

Have you ever had surgery?

If so, what for (if you're comfortable sharing)?

Do you ever get "Butthurt"?

DEFINITION: butthurt. Adjective. (slang) Overly annoyed, bothered or bugged because of a perceived insult; needlessly offended....

Planet fitness or LA fitness?

which is better for the money?

Can you do the splits?

Are you capable of spiltting your legs in a 180° (or beyond) angle?

Which 1 is more "impressive"?

Early birds or night owls? I mean if you sleep too late or wake up too early, you get comments out of surprise.

Skip celebrating "the year of the rat?

It's looking like a good idea to skip celebrating the Chinese New Year... the year of the rat! It's possible the rat is literally...