Stalking = Desire > Reason

Stalking = Desire > Reason This is a very important topic. A topic that I feel is often taken too lightly. This is something I have...

Being chubby but not fat.

i hated being called thick awhile ago and i accosted that with being fat i didn't care but i didn't appreciate people noticing my weight...

How to lose weight if you’re Asian 🤪🍚🙏

1. Stop drinking Boba Boba prices be lookin like what I wish my gpa was🤕🤑🥶here’s a negative reminder that one boba ball is 7 to 14...

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

wouldn't things be better if we all just cuddled a little more? why? I'll tell you why - cuddling is great! Everyone likes to be held...

How do I handle a stressful life?

Whatever I am going to say here, I practice it whenever needed, I don't know whether it will work for you or not as I don't know...

Building Muscle is Irresponsible.

This might sound controversial to you. By my personal experience as a lifelong competitive athlete who's also dabbled in olympic style...

OMG Deadly CoronaVirus: How not to get Infected? (A lot of Questions & Answers)

In the case of the SARS virus, people first had symptoms of the disease, and then they became contagious. With the current coronavirus,...

Do you think everyone should see a mental health professional once a year?

Just to be sure they are ok? I do. I think everyone can benefit from mental health care. Just like exercise is good for the body, mental...

Do all guys like a good cigar?

How often do you actually smoke cigars?

How to tell chubby girlfriend, her workout has turned her body more manly politely?

Chubby girlfriend started to workout, she wants to become fit and slimmer. Feminin figure, slim body, a nice ass, toned belly. She being...

Anybody here struggling with depression?

Or is that too bold of a question🤔 Mine comes and goes in waves.

Am I pregnant or just paranoid?

I’m normally the type of person who eats everything. Lately I haven’t been eating at all and haven’t been hungry. I’ve been waking up...

Depression from injury?

I’m currently signed off of work because of a knee injury. It’s really painful and I’m currently facing the possibility of having to...

Why are all my butt exercises going to my thighs?

All though I wanted to increase both butt and thigh size, the main thing I was working out for was increasing butt size but all that...

Why is my chin twitching at a really fast pace?

It kinda started yesterday but it was slow. Now it’s getting faster then it stops. I took a video of it and it’s just one small spot...

Have you ever been in an ambulance?

Do you remember it? What was it like?

Do you feel insecure about your looks after waking up?

I've always either felt much better or much worse about my face after waking up. Sometimes, I look very puffy, my skin looks weird and...

Do you eat before or after gym?

For examples, after work: - you get home, eat then to the gym or - you get home, go to the gym then eat Etc etc...

In benchpress and deadlift, do you consider the weight of the bar itself?

For example if someone asks you how much can you lift? Is it the weight plates that matter? The bar itself is 20kg (45lb). Thats pretty...

Have you ever had your wisdom teeth surgically removed?

How was the recovery for you? How long were you in the hospital?

Ever tried intermittent fasting?

Does it work? Is it healthy, moreover?

I'm FINALLY getting HELP for my MENTAL HEALTH, is it supposed to be this SCARY?

Well, it's happening, I'm going to do it I've been suffering symptoms of Schizophrenia and Depression for years now. I think I'm going...

Can a woman love an unfit man?

If a man has a bit fat on his belly and fat on his breasts and overall not fit or muscular, would a woman be able to look past that?

Why do you think people are still letting children die instead of getting measles vaccine?

after choosing say what you think it can be anything on the subject or choose from the list