How To Eat Healthy For Less

A healthy diet is a diet that is sustainable, that provides nutrients for the body, and that maintains a healthy body weight with normal...

The thing that sucks the most about being autistic

Hi everybody I wanna do a mytake about the positives and the negatives but a lot of the positives are related to the negative stuff I'll...

How to Naturally Cure Anxiety without Medication

Way too many Americans have bad anxiety--and sadly turn to medications that can wreck havoc on your body, leading to weight gain,...
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Raising awareness for Self Harm Struggle.

Today i want to take time to talk about something by merely showing this image, now the message it says is "Everyday Is A Struggle Self...
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How I went from 18% to 8% Body Fat

I have been an athlete most of my life. >10 years as a firefighter, and often the lead or one of the leaders when it comes to physical...

Got acne? me too, but are you sure it isn't your gut?

Hello and welcome (lol, I'm clearly not the best writer) Anyways, allow me to introduce myself- or.. shall we say my acne. you see my...

Got acne? Me too, but here's how I ended it after 7 years!

Recently I decided I DESPERATELY wanted clear skin.. and I wanted it BAD. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me antibiotic acne...

Week #1 how accurate is BMI? And any logic to "you hold your weight well"?

5'3 and 196 and a BMI of 34.7 Starting off exercise wise with 15x pushups 15x situps 4x15 seconds plank 50x squats 45 minute...

Remedies for rash on boys private parts?

Iv been taking care of my little brother and I noticed his private area is sort of red and I’m not sure what to do. We’re currently...

How dp you get rid if stress?

How do you get rid of stress and relax?

Why do I share my father's blood type but not mother's?

My father and I are both O positive. Meanwhile my mother is B. If B is dominant than wouldn't I be having her same blood type? Why...

How do I calm my nerves?

So ever since Monday I had a scratch throat. I didn’t think much of it at first so I didn’t say anything. It progressed until today my...

Is COVID-19 even deadly? should we worry about it?

My family is preventing me from doing anything due to coronavirus but isn’t it not that deadly?

Stiff ankles from being on your feet all the time for years?

I don't think their is any way I could ever take off running full speed like I could when I was 17 or 18. Or things like running down...

Coronvirus on hair and scalp?

Can it do anything to your hair?

Are you taking the vaccine?

Ya’ll know wtf I’m talking about. Given that I’m still in the military chances are I’m not gonna have a choice and wouldn’t be...

Do you know what cryotherapy is? Would you attend a cryotherapy session?

>Temperatures are -160°F to -220°F, so extremely cold > Session lasts 2-3 minutes, cost $30 >Burns 500 calories >Relieves joint pain...

Do you think people with ptsd are disturbing or "freaks"?

and i guess what do you think of people like that? would you be too uncomfortable being friends with them if you knew?

Do you have Corona?

I do have it, and I don't feel that sick xd However, if you have it, how do you feel rn? Get well soon

I just picked my nose am I going to get the ‘rona’?

I got some candy out of the vending machine and forgot to wash my hands. Dug real deep with my finger nails too. #doomed