The Science of Sleep: What's Wrong with It & How to Fix It

I have sleep issues. My interest in sleep began as a teenager, pulling the books on dream analysis off my psychiatrist stepfather's...

Doctor's Orders: Take Your Vitamins

Doctor's Orders: Take Your Vitamins Do you take vitamins or nutritional supplements? Are you consistent about it... making sure to take...

Success as guy versus girl

Introduction As a man who is now 30 years old, I have absolutely less shame in almost anything I do because I understand the goal and...

"Oh No, Not Another Take on Butt Exercises!"

The butt: that mystical mass of fat and muscle that has been pushed in our collective faces, figuratively and literally, since forever....

How To Deal With ADHD As An Adult

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 21. You may have heard something about Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. There are...

My mental illness: My friend & enemy

I'm having one of these days where I'm feeling like a hot mess. I've been in therapy twice in the past three years and its one of the...

Benefits of menstrual cups.

I know what you are thinking "ew gross I would never use that". I use to think exactly the same thing when I first discovered them. The...

Do you feel bad for telling others about your trauma?

So I just told my younger brother about most of the trauma that his biological father caused me, and I don’t know why, but it feels more...

Whats your advice for dieting?

I'm currently a 5'2 female and about 175lbs, I have some belly fat and back flab. Before quarantine I was around 150 due to a lot of...

How long should you go on the treadmill before you start seeing results?

I go for walks in the weekend to do 10000 steps. I walk home from work during the week which is about 20 minutes and about 2600 steps....

Am I fat? i’m not sure if my weight is normal?

i’ve been having body image issues lately and i just want anyone who reads this to be honest. i am a female, 17 my weight is 52.5...

Got bit should I be concerned?

Hey y'all I was going to the bathroom and heading to the store then I noticed a intense pain on the skin part of my thumb I believe it...

If the aftermath of the pandemic leads to either a Depresson or a recession on the global scale will that lead to a global mental health pandemic?

If isolation and mental health are a big problem now but when this is over and done with and the aftermath leads to another global...

How important is it for a man to be in good shape?

We see how much pressure there is for women to be in good shape. I always thought growing up, as long as you have a nice face, your body...

Have you ever had to poop so bad that it really hurt?

Sometimes when I have to go it's very painful until I'm finished. It felt like a knife in my stomach. Has that ever happened to you?

Can't afford medical or hospital United states?

How many people do you know that died because they could not afford medicine or healthcare in general?

With the pandemic raging, is remote learning better or in-person schooling? Why?

I personally favor in-person even with the conditions because I get distracted really easily, and get lonely without socializing with my...

From which side do you wipe?

I remember being taught from the back. But I realize I do it from the front now. Apparently I can no longer reach from the back, so...

Pepcid Complete or Pepcid AC for Asian flush?

When I drink alcohol I turn red and get a terrible headache. Which one works best?

Did you ever cut yourself?

I mean on purpose, due to stress or sadness or anger. Not by accident.

Do you think people that tell you to do the right thing are controlling?

Like tell you Not to smokeGet exercise Eat healthy Save money Things like that.

🧼 🚿 🚿 🚿 When you have to take a COLD shower, Do you imagine the water is hotter or colder than it is in actuality —Or something else?

Sometimes with hot 🥵 and cold 🥶 it’s hard to tell the difference bc your skin is reacting to a sharp contrast, either way when I’m...

Is it possible for girl to grow taller at 20-25?

My dad said he grew taller even at the age of 30. Do u think it’s possible for girls?