What The Point of Body Positivity Is

Body Positivity: the word gives men the image of a fat woman sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching tv. The truth is, you've...

Agoraphobia, Mental Illness and Life, OH MY

https://www.youtube.com/embed/qkSPe7mvELo Reality is merely Perception I was sitting here in my studio the other day and decided that I...

How to Stop Hair Loss & Make Your Hair Grow

Let’s start by saying that I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with hair loss, due to stress or maybe genetics. I’ve seen also women...

Biggest pet peeves of being an amputee

Note: Since I lost my leg in a freak sports accident nearly 2 months ago, I’ve surprisingly taken it pretty well. With that said, I’m...

Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys

I here women on this site complain about overly skinny guys all the time. I also see them all over the place, and now in these recent...

Depression: A War in the Past, Present, and Future

Depression It’s a daily battle. I fight it everyday myself, but it has no dominion over me as it used to. Contrary to what many that do...

St. John's Wort gives a better high than Weed

So this is unexpected. St. John's Wort is a plant named after the Catholic Saint John and was used in ancient Greece in the first...

What the heck is it?

So I just noticed today that I have these like dark almost like purple grayish spots on my elbow and like tiny spots of the same color...

How do I get rid of bad breath?

I thought about using baking soda. Any suggestions?

Should men shave their butt hair?

I don't like hairy men.

Is this true about this condition?

Girlfriend told me her doctor said she has ovarian cyst and it makes it difficult to get pregnant. Is this true?

What do you do when self-care/healing modalities aren’t enough?

I leave yoga empty. My gratitude lists make me empty. Getting outside and exercising, still empty. Eating healthy foods, still empty....

Not to be mean but do these female fitness models/athletes from Thailand look kind of unimpressive by American fitness standards?

I feel like they just seem flabby with zero muscle.. if they came to a gym in miami and said they were fitness models people would think...

Do you think having sex and exercising is good while pregnant?

So I went to the doctors today and hooray I'm pregnant but I totally for got to ask him the question about having sex and doing exercise...

Your honest opinion on smoking cigarettes?

My honest opinion on smoking and im a quite heavy smoker myself is that its the persons choice and i hate when people ask, i tell them...

If you're married, and your spouse goes to a gym and "recruits" a personal trainer of the opposite gender, would you allow it?

As a personal trainer, I train both male and female clients, but I would like to know what you would think if you're married and your...

Have you ever joked about a serious problem of yours?

I'm not talking like joking about being broke or that stuff but things like having depression, being mentally unstable, being broken or...

How painful are bloodtests/needles?

Okay I used to be really fine with needles until eigth grade where I was told if I tense, the needle can hit my bone and my limb will be...

Girls, do you have period issues when sleep in bed?

Do you feel your period hurt and bad back when you are wake up in morning? Do you have a hard time with sleep position when you are on...

Is 300 pounds obese?

About a month & a half ago I weighed 325 pounds, that’s the most I’ve ever weighed. Now I weigh 303 Pounds My goal is about 220. I...

Should I seek some kind of medical help?

Ever since i have started taken antidepressants my head has from time to time uncontrollable turned 90 degress to the right in a quick...

Which of these shoes are better for a short run?

I want to start running and before investing in a running shoe, i have to make do with what i have... Which one is better?

Girls, can u tell me what a butt is supposed to smell like, through the day?

I work as a teacher. I'm normal weight, half jamaican half British When I go back home, and take of my clothes I notice that smell...

Girls, which type of forearms do you prefer on guys?

Big and veiny forearms achieved through heavy weight training or the lean and athletic ones.