How To Eat Healthy For Less

A healthy diet is a diet that is sustainable, that provides nutrients for the body, and that maintains a healthy body weight with normal...

"You look like a man" - my stance on muscular women

I don't like to write a lot, so I will make it short, I still want to share my stance on this topic. Many people, men and women, don't...

A detailed description of what relapsing feels like [self harm]

I've written a number of anonymous posts about self harm and have decided to post this with my real username because I'm sick of people...

Why the quality of your bread is more important than you thought - organic bread recipe for just under £1 per large loaf

Most of us eat bread every day (unless you're on a special diet). For that reason alone you may well want to know what goes into your...

How You Can Use Food Prices To Determine How Much You Buy And Consume

Most people would suggest that you should count calories, reduce portion sizes and eat lots of fruits and vegetables (fresh, canned,...

The brain structure for beginners

Introduction Our brain is the biggest machine in the world. It processes tons of information everyday and has the ability to store a lot...

People who complain about wearing a mask, score high on sociopathy - the science is in!

This will no doubt be divisive. Mocked by mask complainers, no doubt. They tend to be anti science anyway, amongst other traits. But for...

The gym has the benifits of being social, having more resources and better equipment, agree or disagree?

A friend and neighbour of mine who has an improvised home-gym in his garden often comes down on gym going when I train with him....

How to get down to a 110lbs in one week?

I'm a 5'4 woman and I currently weigh 116.5lbs. I would like to get down to 110lbs in a week. What diet/exercises should I do? Please be...

Why do idiots think walking around the city ( or public places in general) barefoot is risky when it ' s perfectly safe, healthy and much more normal?

I literally feel this strong urge to call them very mean names for their lack of intelligence. Imbecile, idiot, you name it. Getting...

How can I get rid of/ fight negative thoughts?

I think I'm losing the battle, I want some advice.

How to lose weight?

Age:17(f) Height:5'4 Weight:213 Goal:185 Chest: 42 Upper arms: L (14.25) R (14) Upper Waist: 38.75 Lower waist:43.25 Hips:51.5 Thighs:L...

Is this possible?

I am 5ft 1 and weigh 235 (I'm insanely unhealthy) I am 23, and I wanna get down to 112-115 area. So that's about 120+ pounds to lose....

Need diagnose please?

Chronic back pain for 6 months, have done back mri, rheumatoid test, Ana test, all is normal. Have taken all pain killers and neurogenic...

Will you still be wearing a mask out in public after this Covid mess is over with?

I think I'll still be wearing a mask for a while after this thing gets under control.

Would you ever want to change your height if you could?

I vote Option B. I'm only 181cm; I *HATE* it! I'm either only ever called short, or viewed as mediocre and compared among worthlessness.

Did You Ever Test Your Home For RADON?

Radon is a radioactive gas that forms naturally when uranium, thorium, or radium, which are radioactive metals break down in rocks, soil...

Are you a lazy fuck?

I am so lazy fuck. I hate myself. But just because I am a nonmotivated person who has anxiety and depression.

Do you think the coronavirus will be significantly less after March or May 2021?

So many people are getting infected but the recovery rates are also high, so will it start to decrease after 2021 ? Is this virus...

Are you super scared to choke on food amidst the coronavirus outbreak?

People will stand there and watch you die because they think you are choking on coronavirus

How do you tell someone to get help?

How should I tell someone that they're getting overweight and seek help from professional dieters before they cause more harm to themselves