My experience with my first Moderna Covid vaccine

After a few weeks of waiting I finally got my turn at the Covid vaccine. After checking in at the health department lobby, they gave me...

Defeating Obesity! What I've experienced 1 month into Working Out 5 Days a Week as a Man (Men's Health)

As some of you are already aware I've had an ongoing struggle with weight most of my life and I've made no secret of it. Some of you...

Answering the question so many people ask: "Why do you self harm?"

( I can't speak for everyone so if these aren't some of the reasons you may do it , then feel free to share why you do . ) Well , one...

If you've ever called a man skinny you're probably wrong and a troll.

I'm a real skinny guy, 6"2' and 130lbs. I eat enough to be fat, but it doesn't work, it's been this way my whole life. My brain burns...

The impossible battle between being underweight/overweight and being sick

It's a topic that's been discussed time and time again. Having said that I've never actually seen someone actually explain, why todays...

The Best Covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson

As the European Union threatens to block exports of the AstraZeneca vaccine to France, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo calls for the...

My experience of having the Pfizer vaccines

I am writing this in addition to this myTake (thanks for sharing your experience @Alyssa11). I thought it would be a useful to add to...

Weight Training any good advice?

Alright I've been on this health kick for along time. With that said I walk 3-4 miles daily (weather pending) I have a great cardio...

Should I get a 2nd Opinion?

I've gotten swollen glands, which is a small hard lump, because of colds and they go away 3-4 weeks. About 2 weeks ago I got swollen...

Why do tall people complain about being tall? What are the negatives that come with being tall?

Seriously; I wanna know. What are the "negatives" to being tall, besides really minor, stupid things like bumping your head, not being...

Little bruises appearing on my hand?

The last two days I have had two small bruises appear on my hand from nowhere, the other one is on my knuckle on my left hand... I...

Does kinesiology tape work for knee pain? ?

Does kinesiology tape work for knee pain?

I am seventeen years old. How many hours of sleep a day would be enough for me?

Actually, I don't want to sleep too much. Because I want to use my days longer. Sometimes I sleep less, sometimes I sleep too much. My...

Girls, Are you ok about community showers when you go to the gym?

Do you look to see if other ladies are looking ot just do what needs done and get out?

How to rid your body of sodium?

I hear how sodium in foods really sticks around in your body and contributes to water weight. How do you rid your body of all the salt?

What's the most fearing thing for you at dental clinic?

As I am going to be a dentist I'd like to know what people fear from at dental clinic.

Who has Cancelled the Vaccine for Awhile this Year?

I cancelled my J & J Vaccine for awhile. It is New and I heard some Side Affects in my Own State where They Closed down some Places...

Will you get the vaccine for covid19?

im honestly not ready just mainly because im afraid of needles which i know is stupid. also I've heard about not-so-good things about...

Have you ever been in hiding/healing mode?

Where you just hide to heal yourself from everything/everyone. Just to recharge yourself. I am right now. Because of my cortisol...

Girls, what should I do to make myself more attractive to girls?

I'm fat. I don't feel confident and I'm ashamed of myself. I want to do something with myself. But what should be my goal? I'm not just...

How much more weight should I lose to look skinny?

By skinny i mean really thin but still healthy looking, not emaciated. I was thinking i'd have to lose maybe about another 20lbs or so...

How many of You Do or Have Suffered in Silence?

Happy Easter!!! A Good Question for Easter... xx