Curvy is not a word exclusively for 'bigger' women, it's for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.

I have no issue with women who carry more weight, same with men who carry more. As it's often not life-threatening and isn't in excess...

Fat people aren't healthy, get over it!

Notice this title is NOOOTTT "fat people are ugly", "fat people should be bullied", or any such hateful nonsense....

Being chubby but not fat.

i hated being called thick awhile ago and i accosted that with being fat i didn't care but i didn't appreciate people noticing my weight...

How to lose weight if you’re Asian 🤪🍚🙏

1. Stop drinking Boba Boba prices be lookin like what I wish my gpa was🤕🤑🥶here’s a negative reminder that one boba ball is 7 to 14...

Cuddling 101 - Why you should do it more!

wouldn't things be better if we all just cuddled a little more? why? I'll tell you why - cuddling is great! Everyone likes to be held...

How do I handle a stressful life?

Whatever I am going to say here, I practice it whenever needed, I don't know whether it will work for you or not as I don't know...

Building Muscle is Irresponsible.

This might sound controversial to you. By my personal experience as a lifelong competitive athlete who's also dabbled in olympic style...

At what point do you consider someone to be "physically strong"?

I don't really see myself as physically strong. I feel that every girl I know is physically stronger than me. I've only recently started...

What dental plan is best for the work I need?

I hate my teeth. I wear a flipper bc I knocked out one tooth when i was a child and chipped the other front tooth. My real front tooth...

How do I gain weight and muscle?

I'm 24 but I'm really short and skinny. Most people assume im 16 by how tiny i am. I want to look stronger but also closer to my age....

If someone responded & adapts faster than you then are they genetically better than you & worth more?

I've always been a humble person but lately I've noticed that ever since I've been out in the gym, school I've noticed that I'm getting...

How can someone eat like crap & yet have a resting heart rate of 50 & never gain weight?

One of my siblings loves to binge on 46oz of strawberry ice cream DAILY & not only does she not gain weight but her resting heart rate...

How do I get over a bad grade on a test?

So I got an 88 on my biology test and I can’t be happy with my self. Anything below a 90 puts me into depression. It’s always a numbers...

What do you do to calm your anxiety?

Mostly curious about people’s go to for anxiety.

Hello everyone?

I need some advice. I am currently dealing with some health problems to the point where I sometimes cannot get out of bed and when I can...

What is an impressive plank time frame?

In other words, how long should someone hold a plank for to be considered average, below average, or above average fitness/core strength?

Do you think she has some face fat (she is not having fat body but face)? What can she do? Also check if she did any surgery on nose, lips?

Do you think she has some face fat (she is not having fat body but face)? What can she do? Also check if she did any surgery on nose,...

What is causing such a high rise in the number of cases of people with alzheimer's?

say what you think it can be any thing on the subject or choose from the list to comment on

Is Laziness a Mental Disorder or a Character Flaw?

Do you think laziness is due to depression or some other mental disorder, or do you think it is usually just a character flaw?

Do you get sick (vomiting and/or diarrhea) if you eat too much?

As some of you know, I've always been underweight. I was 88 pounds before I started dorming last month, at which point, I was forced to...

Are stretch marks a deal breaker?

I've been working on loosing weight from the past few months. Recently, I've noticed very slight stretch marks on my stomach and arms....

Hemp oil what's one thing you think people use it for that helps them with?

say what you think it can be any thing on the subject or choose from the list To comment on after you choose

Is yoga also for men?

Or is it mostly ladies who does this exercise? I ask this because I'm currently taking meditation classes right now and I feel like...

Do women have more stronger and powerful legs than men?

Women in general have thicker , heavier legs and thighs as compared to an average man. So, do women have much more stronger and powerful...

What is your bmi and are you concerned about it?

Me, my bmi is 14.2 but I'm not really concerned about it since I feel great and my doctors already told me I was healthy. 5'11 102lbs. I...