Prioritizing Mental Health is a Basic Need for your Well-being

Prioritizing mental health involves making intentional efforts to take care of your emotional, psychological, and social well-being....
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Nothing works for my anxiety.

I've always been a more anxious person but since the start of my relationship I feel like it multiplied, not necessarily because of my...
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What I've learned about copper and disease

For centuries, alchemists sought the philosophers stone. A stone that could transmutate any element into gold. The reason was not for...
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Pregnancy, baby and the nature

Howard W. Haggard is an American doctor and scientist. He wrote in his book: 'Devils, Drugs and Doctors' that... read about this book in...
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My struggles with Mental Health

I'm going to open up about the times I've been put into hospital due to my mental health. First Time was when I was 16, It all started...
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Child Neglect OR Abortion, are not related

Until recently i would never connect those two issues abortion with child neglect, but at least child neglect the kid lives, as i will...
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How To Be Highly Masculine In 2023 (PRT-2)

How to be Highly Masculine in 2023. Tips. ( PART 2 ) _________________________________ ‼️ DISCLAIMER: These tips and suggestions are...

Why every girl should have a full abdomen ultrasound scan in her early and late teenage years.

Every girl should have a full abdomen ultrasound scan in her early and late teenage years. That is, the scan should be done at the age...
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Why is drinking alcohol so normalised?

An addiction to it is just as bad as a smoking addiction in my opinion. It literally destroys your frontal cortex.

Did anyone else get a tremendous feeling of insecurity when you’re going number two?

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a romantic partner nearby and having to do that. It just makes me feel so uncomfortable. I...

Can someone help me make sense of this?

People often claim there is help out there when you are struggling, but I've seen psychologists and psychiatrists who provided...

Could I have been abused?

When I was 7 or so, I woke up with a red mark in my pelvic area, on the left side between my torso and thigh. I couldn't walk, and just...

Water intake. Is this actually true? How do I up my intake?

So I don't think I drink a lot of water cause I always forget to drink it. Yesterday, I installed an app to remind me to drink water,...

Do you agree with my friend on my bodily changes?

I told my friend that since losing my job and seeking self employment, I’d lost a lot of stomach fat but appeared to have gained leg fat...

Do you believe weed could kill someone?

My boyfriend and I have this argument constantly, I believe that enough weed could kill someone. Like if they smoke it every hour every...
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High cholesterol and iron levels increase your life span according to science... how many of us still avoid the two?

"Higher levels of total cholesterol and iron and lower levels of glucose, creatinine, uric acid, aspartate aminotransferase,...
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How many wipes do you need after pooping?

How many wipes do you normally need after a poo?
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Can you see any results from my exercise?

Left is 3 months ago. Right is today. I have changed up my daily exercise and routine and would like to know if it's made a difference...
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How many hours you sleep in a day?

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Do you get enough sleep?

They say you are supposed to get 8 hours of sleep. I rarely do.
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Why do girls’ buttocks jiggle when they walk?

How can a girl get rid of jiggly butt? :( By the way, I'm not fat nor my buttocks are big...

Is it normal to not have cramps on your period?

I don't understand it why I don't get cramps on my period, cause I used to have sooo much. Should I see a doctor?

How heavy is 60 kg for a girl?

My height is around 165 cms long but recently I gained too much weight and I weigh around 60 kilos. Is it too much for a girl? What do...
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How much weight do you lift on your sets?

How much weight do you lift on your sets? And how many sets do you do for one muscle? Im a woman who wants to build muscle and grow...

When you SHOWER, how long does it take for the WATER to WARM up?

When you turn the water on the shower, it may take a while for the water to warm up before you hop in the shower. That time can vary,...
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