What The Point of Body Positivity Is

Body Positivity: the word gives men the image of a fat woman sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching tv. The truth is, you've...

How to Stop Hair Loss & Make Your Hair Grow

Let’s start by saying that I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with hair loss, due to stress or maybe genetics. I’ve seen also women...

Biggest pet peeves of being an amputee

Note: Since I lost my leg in a freak sports accident nearly 2 months ago, I’ve surprisingly taken it pretty well. With that said, I’m...

Why there are so many overly skinny (and fat) guys

I here women on this site complain about overly skinny guys all the time. I also see them all over the place, and now in these recent...

Depression: A War in the Past, Present, and Future

Depression It’s a daily battle. I fight it everyday myself, but it has no dominion over me as it used to. Contrary to what many that do...

St. John's Wort gives a better high than Weed

So this is unexpected. St. John's Wort is a plant named after the Catholic Saint John and was used in ancient Greece in the first...

What I learned along the way in my 40 pound weight loss journey (and what I continue to learn)

I have struggled with weight and body issues since I was in the 6th grade. After being on medication for epilepsy, my weight increased...

Am I wrong for wanting my girlfriend to lose weight?

My girlfriend is 5’5”, 170; so if you could imagine she’s not obese by any means but I personally think she could stand to lose about...

Whats with the cold comment?

I need to see a doctor for the final answer but, i have had heart pain the last 8 months, have an edema, blood clot removed, and a list...

Would you consider yourself healthy for the most part?

I think I am. I eat all sorts of fish/seafood, fruits. Drink lots of water, some coconut milk, and the occasional wine. I swim a lot....

How do you shut your brain up at night so you can sleep?

My brain never shuts up or turns off and it's getting insanely annoying.

If europeans are smarter & stronger than minorites then why do they get beaten in most fights?

im soley speaking about the average person & not professional fighters european males on average have denser bones & are muscular than...

Anxiety is so common nowadays?

How can one combat anxiety?

How long do I need to cut for if im 19% body fat and wanna get down to 15%?

Hi everyone. So im currently wanting to do a small mini cut to get down to around 15% body fat before I start to bulk. I am kinda the...

What's the likelihood of a woman concieving a couple days after your menstrual cycle?

How likely is it for a woman to concieve a couple days after her period? I hear it's not likely

What can I do about my musty smell?

So, I have an odor issue. I have to change clothes daily because of my armpits. I can go for ten hours with deotrent then I smell bad...

Does it sound like I lost a lot of inches but not pounds?

Today I wore an outfit I used to weigh months before and it barely fit me because it was way too big The scale says I've only lost 30...

What are those beads in my scalp? have u had this?

I do not have lice. I’m sure of it. I have dealt with these beads for the past 3 years. They are white or sometimes yellow tinted. They...

So do you VAPE?

With the recent news about Vaping and the sudden sickness that people are experiencing are you scared, will you stop.

What is the most comn problem people hate about there feet?

after choosing say what you think in comments it can be any thing that's not on the list or from the list

Hiking? Opinions?

Do you like to hike or not? I personally love to hike. I know most people will probably say no, but I’m just curious. Also, for an...

Do You Wear Glasses/Contacts?

This past year, my eyes took a beating.

Do your clothing sizes differ based on body part?

I often do. I'm 5'0 and 84 pounds. My bust and hips often yield smaller clothing sizes than does my waist. For example, according to...