The Carnivore Diet and How It Will Affect Your Body

Why Try the Carnivore Diet? Because vegetables taste like shit and losing weight that way is very unpleasant. Simple. Also, you don't...

My workout routine to help me stay fit during off season.

So again this is not what I'm doing now because of the coronavirus. I just want to get that out the way before people start fussing that...

Boredom is death: Tricks to make it through lockdown

Yes your locked down. I'm here to tell you that it's not the end if the world. There are some tricks to fighting boredom. These come...

If you have anxiety watch this! This guy Day9 is honestly one of my favorite people on the internet. He used to be a pro...

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A side effect of PTSD (some of us were ACTUALLY diagnosed by a psychiatrist) is irritability. I encourage people to educate themselves...

My Skincare Routine - LilElph

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for All Skin Types, Face Wash for Sensitive Skin: It's a simple, non- foaming cleanser. I prefer non-soapy...

Why we need victory gardens again

With food availability not an assurance now more than ever should we be learning to garden. This is more nutritious for you, tastes...

Mental Check! How is your mental health fairing with the quarantine?

I'm personally cycling through bouts of depression. One day I can't stop crying, another day I feel empty and cold inside, other days I...

What do you think about a little chub in the belly or somewhere else?

I like when guys have a little bit of a belly. Like a tummy chub. What do you think? I am slim myself but I love the belly on men

How has your sleep schedule been during this isolation?

Personally I already struggle with insomnia but now my sleep schedule is really bad with this isolation. I also got dumped on Sunday...

How do I separate looks from self worth?

Everytime i look in the mirror, Everytime i see a pretty girl, everytime I see a handsome guy, Everytime i walk past people and they...

Period weight gain/stall?

Hi, lately I've been so discouraged with my diet because something unusual (at least for me) has been going on. I kind of noticed that I...

How disciplined are you in life? What steps do you follow?

How do you stay disciplined everyday? What drives you the most in doing so? How do you try your best not to be undisciplined? What...

Eating healthy, losing cms/inches but not losing a single gram. What is going wrong? ?

Okay so I weigh 97 kilos, which is a 213 pounds. Since January I've been eating good, avoiding unhealthy things and going for a run once...

Is anyone else having trouble sleeping due to the quarantine?

Me and my friends are and I'm wondering if anyone else that usually has school or work (that can't work from home) are having this issue.

Am I fat, skinny or average (body measurements included)?

I'm 5'4 and 114 pounds My measurements are 34.5-24.5-37 According to these stats, am I fat, average or skinny? And what body shape would...

How to get rid of my double chin?

Is this a double chin? If so.. how do I get rid of it?

If you're sick with Covid-19 would you accept being put on a ventilator?

The statistics are rather grim. Most people with Covid-19 recover completely but about 10%, mostly the elderly with several other health...

Who here thinks they had or have coronavirus but were or are asymptomatic?

Tbh, I think I got in like mid February and had to stay home for a week. My mom thought I had bronchitis since I had a deep cough like 2...

Can you swallow tablets or do you chew on them?

I really can't swallow pills at once, i just stay chewing on them

Me vs. Dicaprio?

If we fight who can win me or Dicaprio?

Do you think only those at risk should stay inside and the rest should just be careful?

The economy is really bad already in most countries and more people will suffer more from that than the virus. I think the goverment...

Which animal do you think is not able to spread the coronavirus to people?

Say any thing you want on the subject or choose from the list to comment from

Would you support it in this situation?

This is a follow up to yesterday’s question If you knew for a fact that a womans fetus would grow up to be a serial killer and rapist,...

Are you worried about the number of cases? (corona)?

ok so ik everyone is definitely sick of hearing about it, i’ve actually done a pretty good job at not getting too wrapped into all of...