How to Get a Bigger Booty!

I can tell you that you can absolutely make your butt bigger. As a guy I have done it myself. How to Get a Bigger Booty Diet You need to...

Benefits of menstrual cups.

I know what you are thinking "ew gross I would never use that". I use to think exactly the same thing when I first discovered them. The...

For the ladies: My experience "getting the girls squeezed" and what you can do to get the most out of your mammogram.

OK, I recently turned 35 and my OBGYN suggested that I start getting annual mammograms (I'm starting a bit earlier than most because my...

Why I sometimes don’t like to identify as part of the chronic illness community

For my entire life, I’ve been dealing with a number of chronic health conditions. At first it started with the common conditions such as...

When (and when not) to wear a face mask

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing okay amidst the pandemic. I wanted to share this myTake because I feel there is no real guidance out...

How can you actually tell someone is drowning?

Summer is here and a lot of beaches are reopening... People are getting ready to relax and their pools and have a lesuire swim. I feel...

The Many Masks of Emotional Pain... what they are and why we wear them

What is the cause of our most serious emotional pain? The following are only a few of the many ways we can be afflicted with emotional...

Is this good gym clothes?

I was either thinking of using what I have or buying actual gym clothes

What to do when you feel low on energy?

It's been some time where I easily get tired and I am not as energetic as before. I am sleeping enough and eating well 🤷🏿‍♀️

How come guys don't look like this?

I see hot fit girls all the time with ugly guys but never see hot guys in real life only online

How to get rid of social anxiety?

Lots of people beat me up, judged me and humiliated me when I was a kid including my parents, school friends, teachers. Then when I was...

How do you cope with your Depression?

I tend to insulate myself and overthink to the point of madness followed by a lot of comedy to bounce back. I'm not worried about myself...

Ways to get rid of pimples on my butt cheeks?

Have pimples that started to pop up more around my butt cheeks and i dont know why. I keep them clean and wash my panties daily. Are...

Do you believe mental illness exists?

A friend of mine told me that mental illness is a made up thing , that the government made to get money. Do you feel this is true? Do...

Sorry, but any thoughts on this?

Just something I want to talk about. I've been facing mental issues/challenges for the past 3-4years now and my friends keep telling me...

How do I build up the courage to speak to someone?

I know I need to seek help for my mental health, but sometimes when I don't feel so low, I feel like me seeking help is pointless...

Have you ever finished a workout outside in the sun, where afterwards, steam was literally emanating from your body?

Just finished a long run in sun and upon entering my home, I can see steam coming out from my body. Upon opening my front door, I...

Should I get a breast reduction surgery?

I mean I have pretty big boobs for my age, and it hurts my back too much at night... if anyone has experience with it please message me...

What will the world look like post Covid-19, or will there ever be a real end to it?

Are we going to have to wear face masks for the rest of our lives or be arrested and put in jail if we don't? Will we loose half the...

Can I take the OneADay Women's Multivitamin even if I have Hyperthyroidism?

It has everything else that is fine but it has some Iodine. I don't think it would hurt but I don't wanna risk anything. On their...

Is dancing one of your fave methods of working out?

I’ll get back to my Dance Central days some day. It was great 🤤 and i was in great shape back then 🎶💃🎶 #FeelFreeToList...

Have you ever noticed too much time passing without eating and ate just for your health?

Not because you're hungry or want to eat something specific because it's good. I know people abstain from eating for their health. Do...

Does your Adams’s Apple show?

Mine doesn’t. I've always wanted a big Adam’s apple. I’ve always seen them as a super masculine feature

Are women or men chubbier?

I know the obvious answer, but think of how many men have dad bods or beer bellies

Should you use toilet seat covers while pooping in public restrooms?

I’m pro-seat cover, especially where I work because the bathrooms are very dirty. I have a friend who is against them. She claims that...