I Took The COVID Vaccine And Here's How It Went...

Disclaimer: As you may be aware, the vaccine rollout in the UK is very successful. I was granted priority because I do come into close...

Why I'm obsessed with my mental health

Feeling Helpless Knowing that something is not right but not knowing what and having no way to express it is the most disempowered I've...

How Bipolar Disorder has impacted my life: The truth of what it's like to suffer a mental illness!

Well, it's always been hard to talk about how Bipolar Disorder has shaped my life. First off, what is Bipolar Disorder? Mayo Clinic...

The Difference Between a Genuine and Non-Genuine Smile & An Unintended Side-Effect of Botox

Neuroscientists study many things. One of those, for instance, is what happens in the brain when we observe expressions on other...

My Family's Personal Experience With Donor Transplant

I'm sharing this story because this is a subject very near and dear to my heart.... And because, April is National Donate Life Month....

Why I think there are people who, really, shouldn't bother going vegan (as a 5-year vegan)

Oh I know, you're shocked there's a vegan not shouting how everyone should be vegan. Shocker. But hold on a minute: I do actually think...

How I dealt with being single during CoVid and Valentines

The short answer to how I stay happy while being single is that I kept myself busy. On Friday, 2 days before Valentine’s Day, I read...

Am I scared to fight?

I notice when I'm about to get into fights my heart pumps real fast and my breathing gets heavy. I don't know if its adrenaline or fear

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

In my free time I love to workout play sports and cook

Help me to understand my test results?

I had to do a urine sample test and got my results today online. I have an appointment tomorrow to talk to my doctor but my curiosity is...

How much weigh could you do with bicep curls?

I do about 16 lbs / 7 kg per arm for 15 repetitions.

Any advice on what to eat for a special needs diet, Diabetic Hemachromatosis?

I am trying to train martial arts full time again for the first time in 20 years. I am type 2 diabetic and have high iron and high...

DYING HAMSTER? Does anybody know about hamsters please ik this website it targeted for relationships and other things but please ! ?

So my sister was taking care of my pet hamster names Edwin for a few days! When I came back she said she and her friends were playing...

Did you do school PE barefoot?

Back in my school days PE was done barefoot always as per the school rules. I think its still common today here in UK but I don't know.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

Can't sleep but at least I look cute 😊. by the way do you like my room lighting? I set it up myself! And do you like my pjs?

Would you hook up with a girl if she had dark marks all over her “area”?

I’ve been talking to this guy, kinda just a “hook up thing” he knows Im not sleeping around. i have perfect skin everywhere besides my...

Are You Satisfied With How Tall You Are?

Yes I am ☺️ I used to want to be taller when I played sports, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way

Do trans-female athletes have an edge?

Research I’ve read says the hormone treatments balance it out. They don’t really have any more of an edge than tall people in basketball.

Are you happy with your genetics?

Ofc no. At the age of 28, lost most of my hayır. Very thin bones for a male. Also my heart hurts most of the time. And anxiety socially....

If you were offered the COVID vaccine out of turn, would you accept it?

Many countries have prioritized certain groups for receive COVID vaccinations. If you were offered a dose before your group was eligible...

Girls, Are your boobs two different sizes?

I've noticed a few years ago that my right boob is half a cup larger than my left. I'm currently trying some upper body workouts to get...

How many of you trust the covid vaccine?

Why or why not and keep the answers short please 🤡 ... To me I am in the middle so I can’t say I won’t take it or I will take it.

Would you rather run on the gym treadmill where you have to wear a mask or outside in the freezing rain?

I would prefer the freezing rain but then again I have a BMI of 28 so I overheat when doing heavy cardio which makes cold weather less...

Do you feel like your age?

I was out a couple days ago doing a few errands and I stopped by a store to get some new running shoes, I was interested in variety of...