What The Point of Body Positivity Is

Body Positivity: the word gives men the image of a fat woman sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching tv. The truth is, you've...

What colorblindness really means

The most annoying thing to ask a colorblind person is "What color is this?" while pointing to a random object. On one hand, you're an...

Doing Yoga After Three Years

I've taught myself to do Yoga by two books. It's been three years now and still doing Yoga. If you do it, you're Anti-aging yourself. At...

Phobias: Not something to laugh at!

So, a lot of us, whether we know it or not suffer from certain types of phobias. Me, for example, I suffer from claustrophobia. I'm not...

The Big Is Beautiful movement is terrifying!

Obviously it’s not health to be overweight. Obesity causes so many health problems, and the food that makes you fat destroys your body....

6 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Hot Summer Months

How To Stay Healthy During The Hot Summer Months 1) Drink Water High temperatures and not replenishing fluids lost through sweating...

Diet rules that don't suck!

1. Cereal: I dislike cereal. It reminds me of dog kibble. Cereal is heavily processed and has a lot of preservatives. There are studies...

What is your pain tolerance?

How much pain can you take on a daily basis, including endurance, flexibility, strength?

Blindness in eyes?

I’ve always had eye floaters my whole life and I wouldn’t say it has gotten worse but my eyes have been acting weird lately. My eye...

Booty gains for a flat butt?

I have a super flat butt and keep seeing all of these booty programs Briana chandler Booty king Robin gallant Jeff nippArd etc.. etc.....

Seeing my abs but high bf%?

I am around 17%bf but I am starting to see my abs. Why with the high body fat can I see my abs?

In terms of being the healthiest, which one you consider to be healthier, red meat or chicken?

I think chicken. But red meat is good for iron also. and both have fat as well. Why the Keto diet focus more on red meat than other meats?

Autistic guy, does he seem ok to you?

there's this guy that I like. I never noticed it before but I think he maybe slightly autistic. He has a good office job & he can drive...

How many cigarettes do people smoke a day?

What is Ur Average cigarette consumption a day and how often do you buy tobacco based products?

Bloodclots in teenagers?

I keep having little pulsation in mostly my right calf, and barley any in my left.. I felt/feel this really mild tingly sensation, not...


I need go to work in 10 minutes and I can’t pee at all or poo it’s stuck there I’m drinking water and taking long is it dangerous?

What's 1 problem people in high humidity homes notice?

after choosing you can say any thing thats not on the list or say 1 on the list that you think can be caused from to much humidity in a home

Body style for Asians?

It's common for Asians to like the very skinny body but I want to know their opinion about the toned and fit body for agirl do you find...

If you woke up an your head was bald what product would you blame?

after choosing say what you think it can be anything that's not on the list or from the list also open to anonymous to

Gentlemen, have you performed your self checks recently? Testicular cancer targets men between 15 and 40 the most?

So, last week on Tuesday, I was doing my normal testicle exam that I try to do one or two times a week. I noticed that my left testicle...

What size body frame starts to be too skinny for a guy that’s 6’2”?

I’m going to do this without pictures because depending on whether someone is in shape I would imagine could influence some people’s...

Girls, which one of these menstrual hygiene methods do you prefer: sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup?

Has anyone ever tried menstrual cup? Do you prefer it better than the other options? Feel free to post anonymously.

Would you take medication with side effects that are just as bad?

I'm currently on three different meds. They all have bad side effects but help with seizures. I talked to my doctor about my concerns...

Is it ok for me to weigh almost 300 pounds?

I dont have a problem with walking or running

Do girls wash their vaginas?

I overheard somebody about it They said they don’t wash it completely They said they use water but not soap.. is that true? Now...

Since lifting weights raises hormone levels, can someone become aggressive, without steroids?

Have you experienced this? I feel like lifting weights has altered the hormones in my body/brain and it's changed my personality a bit....