How To Eat Healthy For Less

A healthy diet is a diet that is sustainable, that provides nutrients for the body, and that maintains a healthy body weight with normal...

How You Can Use Food Prices To Determine How Much You Buy And Consume

Most people would suggest that you should count calories, reduce portion sizes and eat lots of fruits and vegetables (fresh, canned,...

The brain structure for beginners

Introduction Our brain is the biggest machine in the world. It processes tons of information everyday and has the ability to store a lot...

People who complain about wearing a mask, score high on sociopathy - the science is in!

This will no doubt be divisive. Mocked by mask complainers, no doubt. They tend to be anti science anyway, amongst other traits. But for...

Doctor's Orders: Take Your Vitamins

Doctor's Orders: Take Your Vitamins Do you take vitamins or nutritional supplements? Are you consistent about it... making sure to take...

The Science of Sleep: What's Wrong with It & How to Fix It

I have sleep issues. My interest in sleep began as a teenager, pulling the books on dream analysis off my psychiatrist stepfather's...

Success as guy versus girl

Introduction As a man who is now 30 years old, I have absolutely less shame in almost anything I do because I understand the goal and...

I need to get some sleep- any ideas?

I’ve tried exercising the past 10 min and it didn’t work, milk never works for me, and I don’t have any ‘sleeping medication’. Any ideas?

Can anyone help me I’m crying very depressed & sick? Hpw do you cure anxiety?

I’ll be 23 October & all year I’m sick with anxiety & it made me get worse n sick entire year I keep losing weight very underweight. I...

Why do people get so offended when good news is told about this virus?

96% of Covid deaths didn't happen because of the virus. According to the CDC, 9683 people has died in the United States with only having...

Is there a way to treat male pattern baldness without reducing levels of DHT or its effects on male development?

There's a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that is the primary cause of male pattern baldness. It also participates in a lot of...

How can I help my stepdad who can’t sleep?

He can’t sleep and he starts get anxious. I am thinking a weighted blanket and ocean waves sounds. But he keep his mind overthinking. I...

Is this a good training regime for weight loss and would cutting out sugar help you with weight loss?

In the mornings I do an hour of shadow boxing. After that 30mins of either an ab/ hit workout or a 2000 jump rope workout (which is...

Should I self isolate?

My boyfriend has been in close contact with someone who came back positive with COVID very recently, should I self isolate?

Which would you rather try to escape if it meant all your bills/expenses would be paid for a year?

Just pretend these things are chasing you even if they dont actually pursue people 😂 #FeelFreeToList #AnimalAttack #iAintAfraidOfNoGhost

Am fat and gross?

I've never been super skinny, but i have been about average till i hit my 20s and i got some pudge, but this year i really gained some...

Do you think by a certain age you will be more happy and wise than you are now?

I just turned 35 today. I wonder if i am more happy or wiser than i was at 25.

In two weeks I will be down to one job and I am not used to that, with all the free time I would have what are some interesting hobbies I could take?

Besides exercising because that is something I will already be doing. I lost interest in video games for about a year now and so don't...

Is an apple the healthiest fruit to eat and can it keep you from health issues? Do you...

Should I fast to lose weight?

I thought I could try eating only at 6 p. m. 2-3 times a week

Does some people have blind spots in just one eye instead of them both?

I thought all people had blind spots in both eyes but somebody told me some people only have them in one eye. Is this really true?

Why is my face always red?

First off I'm half Irish, have one or two beers every night, drink caffeine at work, have high blood pressure, and am very sensitive to...