Games to play with your partner for fun and connection

Playing games with your partner is a fantastic way to spend quality time together, break the routine, and strengthen your relationship....
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K-pop selection for you

I haven't done one of these in a while but because of your overwhelming positive response to the other posts I'll do another one :P...
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I (Don't) Write the Songs

. “I write the songs that make the whole world sing” — Barry Manilow . I was going to respond to a question I saw My personal record is...
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Was our Childhood all a lie? The Nickelodeon Scandal.

The 90's was considered one of the best times to be a kid, if you were growing up in that era. Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network...
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Music I’ve had on repeat lately

Hi y’all, first MyTake here. Pretty self-explanatory. I’m going to be sharing the music I have had on repeat lately. I believe I have...
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Everthing You Need to Know About Oscars 2024

Hey, if you're feeling left behind by too much information about the Oscars, this MyTake has got you covered. Here, you'll find all the...
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Memes About ENFPs

Thanks to LaFemmeFatale_1 who pointed out something that got me curious. She told me that she heard that ENFPs are the most introverted...
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A List of the Best Recent TV Shows To Watch With Your Significant Other

Having trouble finding the perfect TV show to watch and chill with your partner? Look no further! This myTake features a curated list...
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Do horror movies scare you, or do you just find them entertaining and funny?

Is there any horror movie that made you very scared even after you watched it?
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Thoughts on this Kanye’s information?

Kanye west is reportedly planning to launch his own adult film studio ”Yeezy Porn” who is set to start this summer, any thoughts?

What is your favorite podcast and why? Looking for new favorites?

I like a bunch of things. Educational, horror, anime, gaming, bizarre/odd things wilderness/nature/animal attack survival stories.

Do you know a free website to see your TikTok analysis?

Because my TikTok account doesn’t work the way it should be. I can do a few things but on the good side I get a lot of views and likes...

Should black characters be in series, films and animations?

Is it correct for black characters to be important or to be protagonists? If the story doesn't revolve around white characters, but...

Which of these famous Toms do you like most?

A lot of famous Toms out there
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Superpower Lottery?

Pick a super power you would like to have below, and tell me how you gonna make it useful in your daily life. Use your imagination...
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In honour of Shakespeare's 460th birthday, what words did he invent?

William Shakespeare was born 460 years ago today (23-Apr-2024). In his honour, we have an interesting quiz for you. The poll lists...
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What are your must play best single player PC games?

As far as I know, there is Witcher, Elden Ring and Dead Space. But I'm looking for something new :) Do you have any must play single...

Do you still listen to the same music genre that you listened to during your teenage years?

I was listening a lot of grunge.. Nowadays when I listen grunge, after a while it gives me headache and I find it very noisy. How about you?
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Is your laugh annoying?

I know one of y'all laugh like SpongeBob 🧐
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How's everyone's brain doing today? Up for a little mental challenge? Can you break the code?

I've seen a few of these floating around, but this is the first 4-digit I've come across. Have fun... it'll be super easy to cheat, but...
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