Female Singers & Musicians Over 50, Who Are Still Hot At Their Age

There are some people who've been treated very well by the time. Those singers/musicians listed below are certainly one of them. (From...

"Glass". . . I am not sure what the critics were expecting.

So I saw "Glass" this weekend, despite having to work almost the entire time. That sucked! Anyway, I got pissed Saturday with something...

Top 10 Roy Orbison song's from the 70's.

1: Penny Arcade(1970) https://www.youtube.com/embed/QyCJ-vQnCQo 2: Hound Dog Man(1979) https://www.youtube.com/embed/JgE2IJIu8Pg 3:...

It's The hottest Wrestling Event of all time!!! IT"S POLITICAL WRESTLEMANIA!!! (Satire)

IN THE MAIN EVENT!!!! STEEL CAGE MATCH!!!!! Donald Trump Vs Chuck Schumer If Donald wins,he gets his wall, and the shutdown ends!!! If...

Poems to discomfort/delight

I bit an apple already deceased Rotten stinking fruit- My sorrow increased as I shivered into noon For the sun was bright But in no way...

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!

So, what do you think about metal? You see it as devil music? Stuff with evil black masked messages? Violent stuff? That us headbangers...

10 Roy Orbison Songs from the 50's

1: Ooby Dooby (1956) https://www.youtube.com/embed/EmfKT8BPPU8 2: Go Go Go (Down the Line) (1956)...

Any tips and tricks on writing good lyrics?

Im not talking 3 sentences for an entire song, but more lyrics with depth and meaning?

What do you think about my next movie idea "the troll"?

When an Internet troll goes too far. A family torn apart. A city brought to its knees. The troll.

Do you like Jazz? Which subgenre do you like at most?

Jazz is the heart of music. How many people are aware of it? Do you like Jazz? Which subgenre?

Who is you’re favorite R6 operator?

I don’t have any of the DLC operators but I main Thermite and Rook

What are some good books?

I just got a library card and want to find good books to read.

Do you like these song lyrics? Obviously not written by me?

"The Abraham Lincoln town cars arrive To dispose of our king and queen They orchestrated dramatic new scenes for Celebritarian™ needs...

Favorite actor please?

my favorite actor is Bruce Willis, he stared in my all time favorite movie the fifth element and lots of other good movies..

What is your go to song to sing in the shower?

What is your fave song to belt out and sing whilst in the shower?

Do you like Spanish music?

Te gusta música español? Particularly today's Spanish music. With its sudden popularity, thought I'd ask.

Emin Agalarov cancels US and Canadian tour?

Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, who set up the infamous trump tower meeting, is canceling his US and Canadian tour because he's scared...

Which gender listens to hard rock the most?

Metalcore, post hardcore, metal is what I mean by hard rock. Who do you think does? And why

Whos your favourite and why and what do u wish to see in the future?

Personally i can't pick... i love both villians and hope to see vaas return somehow if its done correctly in the future

Nudity, Movies, Annoying?

In movies, and etc, how come girls can randomly show there boobs in some movies, and not get nothing said or blocked out, But when a guy...

Who is a better female dancer?

I like Jennifer Lopez. Beyonce comes off as dancing too hard, doesn't look natural.

Which movie should I watch first?


Is the anime "Seven Deadly Sins" worth watching?

I'm not the biggest fan of Anime, but there are some Anime shows I very much enjoyed, I liked Bleach, Full metal Alchemist, YU-GI-OH, my...

Who would you like to see play the the green arrow in the dc movie when it comes out?

after choosing say who you think would be best for the green arrow dc movie. this is for anonymous an girls an guys