Most Attractive Millennial Female Celebs

I tend to find older women more attractive but that’s not to say that there aren’t hot millennial females though. There are several...

Why Comedy Movies are so Sh*tty now.

Comedy movies are meant to make us laugh and forget our troubles. Some people are great with comedy such as Robin William's and Eddie...

Live Aid 1985 Concert

Live Aid 1985 took place on 13 July 1985. It was held in Wembley Stadium in London, and in John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. The...

Good, Young, Celebrity Role Models

Some celebrities, are role models for young people at one point. Then some decided to go all out doing something crazy, which we would...

Laurie's TOP 15 WORLD'S SEXIEST music and dance videos of all time - Part 1

YOU THINK I'M KIDDING DON'T YOU? ...LOL! Brace yourself as we embark upon an erotic and adventureful ride through time and space into a...

Captain Marvel! Extremely average!

So knowing GaG, lot of you guys are going to be in the whole identity politics things. I can only say that is just weird. If it isn't...

Coming up on the charts, love list number 5

Back again with another 15 love songs that I personally enjoy. Now as a disclaimer, this time around I am claiming that these songs may...

What is your fav painting?

Mine is The scream. I find it brutal yet so beautiful, and it's irresistible with all these colors dancing around..

If you could choose your movie what would it be and how would it end?

Imagine a alternate universe where everyone could live one movie in a lifetime. Like, you could take a movie like be the Hulk and stuff...

Need feedback on YouTube channel?

I recently started a you tube channel and I was wondering if you guys could give me feedback on the channel itself & videos. I’m...

What is your best clean joke?

What I mean by clean not dirty words and safe enough for kids to say.

My boyfriend of 8 years is jealous of my acting, how can I fix this?

I do a lot of acting, theater, and modeling. My boyfriend of 8 years gets so jealous it drives me crazy. He thinks I'm going to get...

What is the best disney movie in your opinion?

Mine is Fox and the Hound or Treasure Planet 😆

Is it more common for the majority of FPS players to never improve & only the exception do?

I don't cater to the FPS genre im more into building simulators but a few years back my relatives who were on the overwatch band wagon...

What are your 3 favorite genre of music?

I like everything except Country lol

What's your top 3 movies of all time?

My top three are1: Roman Holiday 2: Back To The Future 3: La La Land tied with The Shawshank Redemption (Yeah I know I picked 4)

What do you think about Spiderman Into the SpiderVerse winning an Oscar?

It might be old news to some people but i just read it somewhere and im pretty happy that Sony got what it deserved.

Do you ever have these kind of dreams? If so please explain what they are like for you?

A dream that is something you like wish to happen. Like lets say Sexual Dreams or Wishful dreams.

Guess who's birthday is today?

ItsI adam Levines birthday 😍😍

Is anyone else really worried Captain America is going to die in endgame?

I would honestly rather they killed off, Iron Man, Thor, Pepper Potts, and Black Widow combined than kill off Cap. I don't want Captain...

Would you auction yourself off for charity?

Would you auction yourself off for charity if you were asked... that is the opposite sex bids on you for charity and wins... well a...

What do you like better: TV shows or movies?

I like movies way more than TV shows. Not sure why, but I don't enjoy TV shows that much. How about you?

Do you find this lady attractive?

I hope parallel universes exist and in one of them I'm having sex with her right now.