Psychological Thrillers: The Good, Not So Bad, And Ugly

THIS IS STRICTLY BASED ON MY OPINION, SO KEEP CALM AND READ ON 🤘🤘🤘 #FeelFreeToList #PsychologicalThrillers I love some of every movie...

Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

Well, I have thought about this topic for a while. I have binge watched so many shows over the last few months. And I have some...

Your all time Favourite Live Concert Ever

As everyone knows, there's a lot of types of music genres and tastes, but that's not the point here. What I want to know is, for ever...

Male and Female PC Gamers

Some of you must remember that video on the Web showing Henry Cavill (A.K.A Superman) building his PC game, despite most of women (and...

The Story of 90's G-Dragon

This is a crazy story. I like when life is so weird and unpredictable and things happen that you would never think are possible. I'll...

Extreme/Unusual music genres that I enjoy! Not for the faint of heart!

Do you ever get tired of the blandness of "popular"/"hit" music? Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, etc. I honestly hate the...

Thought provoking films for people who are tired of Marvel and crappy CGI

I know I'm tired of these movies that seem to get made every other week and have the same thing they all do. The classic "edgy" woke...

Who’s your favorite musical artist as of 2020?

I have been listening to The Weeknd a lot this year. He is one of my favorite artists with Tame Impala as my close second. What about you?

I want to write lyrics but I don’t know where to begin?

I have no experience writing because I always thought everything I wrote sounded lame and childish. But if I keep procrastinating, it’ll...

What have you been watching on Netflix lately?

I’ve been watching Drag Race, The Walking Dead, Unsolved Mysteries, etc. what about you?

Do you like Japanese songs?

I love me some anime openings and J pop songs

What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard?

Besides my own joke of a life, lemme hear it

What 4 film characters would you want as bodyguards?

If you can, choose realistic ones. Ones that could mostly exist in the real world. Not too far into advanced technology or myth.

I made dis.. u like?

I'm trying to go back to drawing.. I think I'm getting better.. I'm happy so I wanted to share!!

What do you think about this?

I was getting bored so I thought of sketching mandala. I would love to know if anyone shares the same hobby as mine.

What are your thoughts on Indian Actresses?

What are your thoughts on Indian Actresses compared to Hollywood women? And out of the following whom do you think can do roles in...

Which villain would you choose as your protector?

Some one has sent to kill you , all the heroes are busy and you can't define yourself, the only way to survive is to hire one of these...

Best piece of digital art?

Thanks guys❤️ for your votes and comments...

Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible) vs. James Bond (James Bond franchise)? Who would win in a fight?

This is a revamp of a question I asked several years ago regarding Jason Bourne vs. James Bond. This would be a more interesting...

Is Benedict Cumberbatch really that ugly?

just asking this out of boredom and curiosity. anyways for quite a while now I've come across multiple sources considering this poor...

Who's your favourite Final Fantasy VII character?

A few moments ago, I've released a myTake about Final Fantasy VII Remake mentioned about some characters, but this time, I'll go direct...

Did you like Superman's 'Man of Steel' suit, or his 'Batman v Superman' suit more?

I liked the Man of Steel suit more and I liked Henry Cavill's physique in Man of Steel more as well. In Batman v Superman, his suit is...

What would you do (part who's still counting)?

You're alone on a subway (or so you thought) at 12 midnight and you notice a man farther down reading a newspaper. He seems to make eye...

Which of these 6 Official Concept Renderings of Aircraft is your favorite?

Concepts and Renderings could lead to development of new Aircraft and changing the game in designs, the B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber...

Which female celebrity do you think is open to fans?

Opposed to how they interact on screen or such which amongst these female celebs do you think would be open to a fan and be fun to spend...

Which one do you prefer horror movies or horror videogames?

I personally prefer horror videogames especially the indie ones What about you guys?