My Top 10 List of the Most Beautiful Actresses

This is just MY personal opinion, i'm sure there is some prettier people out there but this is who i find attractive. 1.) Rachel...

Top 5 Artists Whose Solo Material Is Better than Their Band's

Inspired by "That Metal Show", I decided to make a list of Top 5 artists who went solo and produced better music than their bands. Feel...

Ten Guys who are Hotter Than 'Sexiest Man Alive' Blake Shelton

Jason Momoa Michael B Jordan Idris Elba Kit Harrington Sam Claflin Alexander Ludwig This guy Theo James Kofi Siriboe

Music Affects Your Personality/Behaviour and View of the World

Ever thought you wanted calm, relaxing, warm music with peaceful tones? Music can affect your personality, but it affects your...

Death Note Anime Rant

I just finished watching the original series of Death Note 2006 and I've so much to say 😭 SPOILERS I hate the ending. I'm extremely...

Classic Holiday Films: 10 Great Christmas Movies To Watch Over The Holiday Season

1 ) It's A Wonderful Life Synopsis George Bailey feels overwhelmed by problems in his life ,and wishes he had never been born....

I Don't Like Country Music but Miley Cyrus Touched a Chord on SNL Singing to Her New Husband This is powerful, this is a true storytelling . She's overcomethe nonsense and become an adult...

What do you do on you free time?

I am wondering so that I can get ideas of what to do when I'm bored... (rather than just using the internet. Believe it or not, I just...

Steam games sales?

Which games you gamers gonna buy on stean during the sales?

Favorit 90s sony?

One of mine is wake me up when September ends. By greenday the other onr wonderwall by oasis

Snapchat namess?

New to thiss, Woooould I be the only one to ask for Snapchats?😂😂

Getting emotional for no reason over childhood?

For some reason I get really emotional when I look back at the music, movies and youtubers I used to watch a long time ago even though...

Are there any metalheads here? Whats you fav genre? whats your fav bands?

Mine : Thrash / Groove Metal : Exodus, Overkill and Pantera ! Death Metal : Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus and Aborted !

Anyone good with assassin's Creed IV?

I seriously need help. I'm stuck on sequence 11.

Which picture do you find the most intriguing?

I want to take part in a photography contest at my school and the topic is "our inheritance". I want to get opinions on them and which...

Poll: For girls/ladies only?

Poll for the girls and ladies on GAG. Which guy in my profile pic is attractive

Geeky Debate #1: USS Enterprise-D v Imperial Star Destroyer?

I'll post the answer that I have come up with in an update in 2 days.

Hiphop; West coast. vs. East Coast? Tupac or Biggie?

This is for my project for History day. This years theme is conflict and/or compromise so I decided to do Tupac. vs. Biggie/Hiphop; West...

What's your opinion about indie-game developers?

Your thoughts about indie-games and devs, and why