Homecoming Tips for Guys

Homecoming season is here, and it's a great time for all high school students. For girls, it's easy. All girls do is slip on a Goodwill...

Spider-Man Homecoming--Such a Messed up Film

Just watched Spider-Man Homecoming, and I've got to say... I'm glad Sony is taking Spidey back. This had a glaring black hole of...

Stephen Reviews: IT Chapter 2. But, do they all float?

When we last left off the Losers Club in 1989, they had just defeated Pennywise the Clown and swore to return if It did not die. Well,...

13 Great Movies With An Unexpected Ending

1) Just Cause Starring: Sean Connery,Ed Harris,Laurence Fishburne and Scarlett Johansson Buried deep in the Florida Everglades a...

Colors of the rainbow in the order I like them and why

I will do a mini version take about which order I like the rainbow colors and no, this is not lgbt related, so not a sexually themed...

A take for my vanishing childhood.

As the previous one, this take is more about venting, letting go of unpleasant feelings. I'm french, which is important for that take...

A ghost girl haunting a well in south France?

I'm bored so I'm making a different mytake, I stumble across a video that recommend this video call "Fixing my camper fridge in a...

What movie could you watch a bunch of times?

what movie do you think you could watch a bunch of times & never get tired of.

What is your horoscope sign?

What is your horoscope sign? Do you believe in horoscopes Pisces ♓️ and yes 💜🌸

What about music?

Which is the instrument you like the most?

Do you like card games?

Like heartstone, shadowverse or yugioh have you ever played stuff like that? And what do you think of them? I played shadowverse since...

What does ASBO mean?

I'm watching a film right now and heard the word ASBO but I don't know what it means So far I know it's a civil order in the UK but what...

Are there ladies out there who have a wide range of interests a talents and abilities?

Ever had a full body portrait painted of you... Profile, torso, silhouette, in pastel, indigo ink or any other medium?