My Favorite TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

Come Fly With Me (2010) Death Valley (2011) Dracula...

Top 7 Memorable Disney Princesses/Female Characters

I've been a big fan of Disney ever since I was child and I'm still one till this day. I enjoy watching so many Disney movies and would...

The 5 Best Books I Read for the First Time in 2017 (and One I Was Slightly Disappointed in)

I read or listened to over one hundred books in 2017. I did a similar take to this last year about the books I read in 2016 for the...

Things You Should Know When Going Into a Mosh Pit

1. It's good to be a little rough, but you also need to be respectful Among the unwritten rules of being in a mosh pit is that anyone...

Favorite Songs of Mine from My Favorite Band, Theory of a Deadman

Theory of a Deadman is a Canadian rock band and they were formed in 2001. And while they are a pretty famous band, I wish they had...

Alternative Universe Comic Book Series I Would Love to See as Live Action Movies

Spiderman Noir A change on the spiderman story that takes place in 1930's New York. Peter Parker is an investigative journalist and...

Waffles Reviews Thieftaker, the Thieftaker Chronicles #1, By D. B Jackson.

Ethan Kaile is a Wizard or as he calls it a Conjurer, in Boston in 1765. He is also a Thief-taker (a historical profession where private...

Does shipping characters from a tv show or members in a band or 2 actors or singers seem annoying to you sometimes?

This one tv show I used to love has recently had a lot of shipping in it especially between one guy and a bunch of different girls. It’s...

Do you know kpop idol?

Is there anybody kpopers? Which fandom are you? 😊

What type of content could have more views and revenue?

I'm interested in open a YouTube channel. Between these two type of content, which one would you guys say, has more potential to get...

If you were to make a movie, what would it be about?

The sky is the limit. You have an unlimited budget.

What should I do?

I haven't seen my fiance in months bc he's in the Navy. Im pregnant. It may or may not be his. What should I do

Which ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ character are you?

Which ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ character are you? I am the caterpillar and you? Just click on the link above and you will go...

What's the difference between anime and animation?

This guy always shouted at me for saying anime was animation. I'm just wondering what's the difference?

Which Hogwarts House Hybrid Do You Belong In?

Star Trek vs Star Wars?

What do you like better?

Have you seen the de-feminized edit of Star Wars:The Last Jedi?

I did. I have to say that all sexism aside, it's actually a good parody while highlighting how bad the actual film was. I didn't have...

Does anybody here watched FRIENDS?

if yes who is your favorite character, and why. And your favorite scenes

Which is favourite thing for Entertainment?

What you like to do for entertain your self or other whom you love most. Like I act funny face face reaction for smile of my love one