The Best Crying Scenes I've Ever Seen 😭

I already know that I forgot a few or simply just had no room to fit the rest. Don't ever let someone tell you that crying is weak. Its...

My Take on the Justice League Movie

I know I’m hella late lol but I’ve been procrastinating on this one. Last night I just watched The Transporter and Justice League for...

Why MJ (Michelle Jones) Is My Favourite Spider-Man Love Interest

If my username doesn't give it away, I'm a Spider-Man fan. And I think it's pretty clear that my favourite Spidey love interest is MJ...

AD ASTRA! Well, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

Spoiler Alert!!! Maybe it is just me. I guess I wanted some great mystery to be unraveled or for the flick to take on some great...

An Insight Into My Insanity

I got really wasted this weekend and drank way too much whiskey (maybe a couple of bottles worth, dunno, was at Nomihoudai -- all you...

Reacting To My Secondary School Playlist #1

So... I made a post not so long ago, about 'songs throughout my secondary school life' and I just thought of songs I remember during...

My favorite marvel villains

Marvel has so many great villains, many of them deserve their own movie or tv show. Here are my favorite marvel villains. (This...

Have y'all ever watched Stranger Things?

i enjoy it but damn the police chief/ Elevens dad is a dick

Do you have a favourite photographer or photo?

I love browsing photography pages on Instagram, and wondered if there was a particular photographer or photo that you love? Try and...

Why do you think a cop would follow a car?

I was driving me and my dad car and when I pulled into the driveway, I saw a cop car passing us. I know they were following because...

Do Any Adults or teens here watch Anime?

I Watch Anime and There are soo Many Anime Series that shows inspiration or Even Motivate someone to do something in life have you Ever...

Has Disney become too focused on money and profits and forgotten about the importance of family values?

Has Disney become so money hungry they've forgotten what they were founded on?

Give me some Netflix movie suggestions?

I'm very bored and I wanna watch a movie. I really like animated, but other movies are fine too! Drop some suggestions!!

Who is a better Joker?

It’s a tie for me

Batwoman (2019 - Tv Show)?

Was this a good idea or not?

Favorite Genre of Music?

So, most of my age range enjoy rap (Which is what I’m listening to as I write this question), but I’m curious as to what other genres...

Do you like ads or commercials? ! ? 😅🍔🍕👠📺📡?

some short, some long all "try" to be funny

Who would you say is the most attractive of the Sidemen?

I'll add pictures for those who don't know who they are. I tried to make this as even as possible. A hi res photo taken within the last...

Beat Spider-Man?

We’ve gone through a lot of Spider-Man drama over the past few months and I want to know everyone’s favorite (live action) Spider-Man. I...

Has anyone besides me ever seen the "The Curse of Oak Island" documentary from The History Channel?

I binge watched all 6 seasons of this documentary over the last like 3 weeks or so and it is really fascinating about what may be the...

What does this movie mean to you and your childhood?

Please share your thoughts if this movie means anything to you or if you just want to engage in conversation.