My Fave Superbowl Performances

So I don’t believe I started watching the Half Time shows until maybe 2012+. I went back and watched a few old ones as well. Here’s my...
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Powers of a Miraculous World

So I got into this Disney show “Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug & Cat Noir” back in 2020. The storyline follows...
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At Home

Some of my favorite 1970's jams

The seventies were one of the best decades in all of music. Although I was born in the 90's I would put the 70's as one of my favorite...
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Still Alives game collection tour as of 2023!

Welcome my GAG friends. I did one of these mytakes on a different account here almost 8 years ago I'd say. I thought it would be cool to...
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Happy Detention Day

♫ Hey, hey, hey, hey Ooh, woah... March 24, 1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois, 60062. Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the...
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It's been a shitty week. And so, a poem: Run With Me.

Yes. True. Shitty week. With one bright spot. And a lot of inspiration. So, a new poem titled, " Run With Me ". Enjoy. Have you...
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A poem: "Why are the only options getting my hands caught in the door or the door hitting me in the face?"

This piece inspired by a very smart friend who had a shitty thing happen. When a door slams in your face, are you expecting it? Can...
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[ My Appreciation Post ] for my favorite show 😏 (can’t stop talking about it) Have you ever watched an actual t.v. show that made you high with endorphins? 🧠 ✨ I mean,...
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Can you recall what happened in your fave Tom and Jerry episode?

Some of my fave Tom and Jerry episodes in no specific order— #1 the one with the baby duck thinking Tom is the mom... #2 the one where...

What's your favorite 90s guilty pleasure song?

Mines is Barbie Girl by Aqua

Is Disney discriminating against white people?

I just watched The Little Mermaid and i didn’t care about her race because they need to be inclusive but when she got legs and came to...

What anime should I watch next?

i always disliked anime and i always told myself i would have never watch them , some months ago my bestfriend told me to watch attack...

Do you have a Pilot's License? Do you want one?

I think it would be pretty cool to acquire a Pilot's License, what about you?

If you made a movie star famous, do you have to pay them more?

Mark Hammill was virtually unknown before Star Wars as was Natalie Portman. I also think Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford weren't really...

What's your favorite book or book series?

My favorite book has always been Jennifer Murdleys toad. By Bruce Coville. From the a magic shop book series

Which is your favorite GTA game out of the four?

I can't choose between Vice City or GTA 5. Vice City just brings on nostalgia vibes... me being 12 years old playing my own video game...
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Do you watch anime?

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Is this set a yay or nay?

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Can you play the piano?

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What would you choose?

If you could have any of the following, what would you choose.
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How do actors not fall in love with each other?

Like they kiss, hold hands, and tell each other sweet things and they don't fall for each other in real Life.
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Do you think only old movie stars matter to movie goers?

I found this interesting article about why now it seems that only old stars are the ones who can draw attention to movie goers and yes...
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