🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️

Ever dealt with a stalker? Yea well i hope you kicked buttootie as good as the people dealing with them in film. Checkout these Must-See...

More things you didn't know about LanaDelRey25

I mean, you might know some of them. But if you knew all these things about me, I'd be scared. 1. I have 4 cats and 3 dogs! The cats are...

MyReview: The Wind Rises Listen to the soundtrack while reading Spirited Away: MyReview: Spirited Away Princess...

So... I watched Cuties. Here's what I thought.

Plenty of people can bad mouth a movie without ever seeing it like a bunch of triggered pirahna, ready to sense a drop of blood and rush...

My top 6 Studio Ghibli movies

Me and @Dizzydesii both put out a list of animated movies that we like. However, my last list was non Ghibl and Non Disney films. Now, I...

40 of My Fave Must-See Animated Movies

Thank you @smahala1991 for englightening this topic. It totally sent me digging through my dvd collection to find all my fave animated...

Five of my favorite Non Disney/Non Ghibl animated films

Usually I talk about Disney or Ghibli films. Although I do like several animated films that are neither. Here are some that I like that...

What’s your favorite video game?

Mine are these, the obvious choice 🤪

Do you think I can draw?

if not can I help it with practice?

Why is anime so good?

I'm a weeb, and even I can't explain why I like anime. I think it has something to do with the unique graphics mixed with the flashing...

Do you think covid will be done by the end of next year?

I don't know here in japan is pretty strictly still I don't know bout other places but hopefully its done...

Song rec from underrated artists?

list some good songs ^_^ im getting a little bored with the songs i have. i won't judge the songs u listen to

What did you always wanted to try but never found the courage to do?

will you lie to share what you been trying to have enough courage to do

If you could go back in time?

If you could go back in time. What age, era would you go back to and why?

If GAG threw a Halloween Party, who would you and your date dress as?

I’ve said this many times before lol but we’re def dressing as Halle Berry Catwoman and Human Torch. I mean Michael B Jordan is sexy af...

Do you think celebrities have their “candid“ photos photoshopped? If the pics were unexpected why do they look edited —I e unnatural?

These look like the kind of pictures I make with my sh*tty camera bit these are professionals with real equipment. Why does it look so...

Which is more unsettling?

Lady Bracknell ^^^^^^^ Be honest!!!

Do people love sad music even when they aren't sad?

I love sad or even depressing kinds of music and artists even when I'm not in those moods. I try not to listen to it all the time...

Why do I Hear that Jackie Stallion was Strange and Odd?

Sylvester Stallone's Mom died yesterday. R. I. P. I am Hearing she was Strange and Odd? Any Thoughts? xx

Have you ever solved a jigsaw puzzle of at least 1000 pieces?

Are jigsaw puzzles one of your favorite things to do? Do you think this is a great way to pass the time without worrying about other...