My Fave Superbowl Performances

So I don’t believe I started watching the Half Time shows until maybe 2012+. I went back and watched a few old ones as well. Here’s my...
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Memes About ENFPs

Thanks to LaFemmeFatale_1 who pointed out something that got me curious. She told me that she heard that ENFPs are the most introverted...
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A List of the Best Recent TV Shows To Watch With Your Significant Other

Having trouble finding the perfect TV show to watch and chill with your partner? Look no further! This myTake features a curated list...
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Five performers I would like to see in next year's halftime show

This year's Superbowl Halftime show with Usher, Alicia Keys, HER, Ludacris, Little John, and others was pretty good. But, here are five...
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The Objective Top 10 Best Movies Ever

Debates over the best movies rage in an unceasing squabble between dorks and poindexters into perpetuity. That’s why I’m using my...
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When The Talking Begins But Does Not End

Okay so normally my grandpa and I are deemed “talkers” when it comes to film watching… but we are two different types. TYPE #1- My...
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Cult Movies to Watch

These are my top ten, what would you add to this list? 1. Fight Club "The First Rule of Fight Club Is You Do Not Talk About Fight...
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Clever marketing in book hunger game 2008

this story described a "coal mine" town by appalachia , under an oppressive government that replaced the u.s. government. this book was...
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Is a series of unfortunate events based on a true story?

I started to watch this Netflix drama and I cannot be sure whether it is true story or not. I dont want any spoilers but I wonder if it...

Excited for Spring?

Spring is almost here, are y’all excited and do y’all have any plans for this season?

Can you name one, just ONE American celebrity that doesn't have an English surname?

How about a famous American with a Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Italian, German or Spanish surname?

If Satyrs were real and you met one what would you do/say?

Satyrs, the minor forest gods of Greek mythology, had the face, torso, and arms of a man, the ears and tail of a goat, and two goatlike...
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In your opinion: If someone commits heinous acts, does that automatically discredit their accomplishments?

I was watching Dark Side of the Ring and I got to Chris Benoit's episodes... For those who don't know, Chris Benoit was a wrestler for...
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Do you watch other people’s Netflix when you’re at a hotel?

I do and if I’m not watching something I actually want to see, I just leave it playing the most abysmal crap to stuff up their...
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Which of these movies is the most quotable?

Which of these movies is the most fun to quote?
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So, who is a BIG fan of Drake 👀?

Didn't expect to hop on socials today and get that surprise lol.
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Are you a Disney fan?

Loved Disney growing up and now my baby is super into Disney.
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Two ideas for custom Wild cards for my UNO?

Here are the ones I already have:

Why is Taylor Swift so popular?

I don't dislike her, but I also don't really understand the hype. She's ok, but I'm tired of seeing her in all my feed. I honestly just...
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