Psychological Thrillers: The Good, Not So Bad, And Ugly

THIS IS STRICTLY BASED ON MY OPINION, SO KEEP CALM AND READ ON 🤘🤘🤘 #FeelFreeToList #PsychologicalThrillers I love some of every movie...

The dark truth about each zodiac sign

Aries: Extreme fear of death Aries are allways thinking about them/their loved ones passing away; Taurus: Cocky Taurus always think they...

Why Star Trek: TNG, is Totally Awesome

I go all nerdy now. Why is this show only considered suitable for the nerds? This is an amazing show. Nerds might not even like this....

Things I've discovered by trying to translate a short story into multiple languages

So, have you ever written a machinomic, or...any short story, for that matter, and later thought to yourself: "Say, it'd sure be cool if...

My Review of Cyberpunk 2077

Impressions I thought it was pretty good even though there were some issues. I had this stupid foliage bug that really bothered me. The...

Gaming IS NOT men only activity!

This stereotype that girls cannot be gamers have rooted itself so deeply into the society that it has been poisoning and ruining the...

Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!

So this guy is Victor Han. He's an ex kpop idol, a drummer from About U, a band under Corona X Entertainment. He's been training for 8...

Which video game and console marked your childhood?

Mine was definitely Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles for the Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis 😁

What Movies Have You Seen, Lately?

and... on what channel, free app, or netflix?

Have you ever won anything? If yes what did you win?

Example: a raffle, lottery, scratchers, casino, or contest I won a TV once box tv ages ago in a raffle, I think $3 from scratchers...

Thoughts on poll dancing?

I mean it's pretty cool and I wouldn't mind learning how to do it ( it actually looks fun ) As long as the poll dancer isn't half naked...

Do you judge people for their music taste?

Or you too chill to be bothered by what someone else likes?

Which Anime Series?

Which one of these Anime Series did you watch and what do you like or not like about them😅 and which one of them do you know but...

Why do people get so triggered about video game critics?

Whenever media critics talk about the narrative or content of a video game, you always hear people getting so butthurt and saying "who...

What constitutes as a celebrity now?

Remember the days before google when another person mentioned a celebrity and you just knew who they were? And in the instances when you...

What was your go to kids tv program to watch as a kid for cartoons?

Growing up mine was Cartoon Network. Back then cartoon network had some of if not the most iconic cartoons on television, cartoon...

Which doomed "side chick" would you rather be?

I don't mean "the other woman" by the way 1. James Bond "bond girl" Plenty O' Toole who is weighted down in a swimming pool for no...

Why are gamers such assholes?

Maybe it's just the game I play, but If I win the game people get rage mad and call me the loser even though I just beat their ass...

Whose enemy would you rather be?

You pissed one of them off and now they're coming for you, who would you rather it be? 1. Raymond Reddington "Raymond Reddington is a...

Thoughts on the name Riker?

Cool, lame, stupid, etc? I’m just considering it as the main character’s name in a story I’m writing. If you have another name in mind...

Do you think Christina Applegate could play the role of an assassin?

Do you think she had enough talent to play a part like this?

Should I do this tv opportunity?

I have this opportunity to go on this dating tv show. However, there’s an obvious chance I could make a fool of myself. do you think I...

Have you watched Bridgerton on Netflix?

One of the best shows I have watched on netflix - warning: its raunchy 😉🙈 so many s*x scenes 😂 All the castings are good looking...