Fighting Corona Virus With a Music Jam to Enjoy yourself While Quarantine!

If you're all day home and wondering what recreative activity can boost your mood these days, sometimes hitting the right music and take...

Taylor Swift donates $3000 to support fans during covid-19 outbreak.

After giving her a $3,000 (£ 2,423) gift, Taylor Swift left a fan stunned. Holly Turner, a photographer from New York, turned last week...

Stephen's playlist to beat Quarantine blues

Right now in the world, we live in unprecedented times. Things have truly slowed down and it's no longer business as usual. We are most...

A list of found footage films that are actually good

Found footage is a very peculiar genre. Most movies that fall under this genre are usually horror based and usually don’t have happy...

Craft time with Smahala1991: Chalkboards

Hello everyone! Welcome to Craft time. Today I am going to show you how to make your own chalkboard! What you will need: Plywood...

Thank you for Being a Friend: Golden Girls COVID 19 parodies.

A guy on Facebook makes a parody of " The Golden Girls" each day to make people laugh and give them a glimpse into how Betty White and...

If a movie was made about your life, which actors would play you and which actors would play the people who are closest to you?

Imagine an unrestricted timeline (old and new actors) Me: Michelle Williams could play both my serious and quirky sides My daughter:...

Whom would you spend a day alone with if they were not celebs?

Suppose the following women were not stars who would you date based on their looks and physical appeal. Who do you think is the most...

Which of these new Sports/Race cars are your favorite?

Which of these new Sports cars are your favorite? Please only choose from the poll shown, thanks.

What is the name of this?

The song I am looking for is on 8:20 PLEASE help me, I am searching for two weeks now Any ideas? I promise...

Which one should I watch tonight?

I also might be interested in some good horror but that’s hard to find. So, if you have suggestion please list it.

I can't celebrate my birthday party so can I have one online is that a good idea?

I can't celebrate my birthday its on the 4th April.. I can;t have a big lazer tag party like planned so I told my friends to get on some...

Is it bad that I don’t know all the lyrics to Mr Brightside lmfao?

2nd year of college (well was until corona), and the song is played a lot in parties and I love it. But everyone literally knows the...