Disney+ is live in the US! My first inital thoughts.

Disney+ has launched in the US! At least in the Eastern and Central time zones as I'm writing this take. Just upon first glance it's a...

Why Metal Is Superior To Other Music Styles

For most metal heads, metal isn't just a genre of music they listen to every once in a while when it comes on the radio, or when they...

Disney+, My review and Pros and Cons of the service.

Disney Plus launched in the US, Canada, and Holland on Tuesday with it launching in Australia and New Zealand next Tuesday. Over all...

Writing utensils and why each hold a special place

I will discuss 5 writing utensils: pens, pencils, crayons, magic markers and chalk. I will tell what I like about them. Pens Pens are...

Some Bollywood movies I highly recommend that are good!

Too many people are looking down on Bolly movies. You'll hear people say that they're too overreacting, but so is every other movie if...

The peak era of The Beatles

I like pretty much all of The Beatles' music, but my fave era was the mid `60's and psych stuff! That was THEE MOST creative music...

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

1. The Emperor and Darth Vader They overthrew the corrupt republic bringing peace and stability up until a group of terrorist called...

What is your favourite Simpsons episodes?

Mine are: The first one, the Tree house of Horror ones, the one where Maude Flanders dies, Itchy and Scratchy land, and Homer gets an RV.

Do you think there should be separate anime channels for adults and children?

Do you think there should be separate anime channels for adults and children?

Don't you think kpop fans overhyped everything?

from the appearance of their favorite singers to the songs we are exposed to them everywhere I mean, do you have to mention that you’re...

Have you ever been to a WWE event?

My 9year old daughter is into martial arts and UFC fighting but has recently taken a liking to WWE. I'm thinking of getting her tickets...

Best pick up line?

drop your best one ! (examples)😹🤟🏾 Are you cake? Cause I want a piece of that. Are you from Japan cause I'm trying to get in...

Would You Be Down For A "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" remake?

I would be, totally. I was thinking that Will should be like the "Uncle Phil" type figure- like he worked hard and now is a successful...

Rate this Disney sitcom: That's So Raven?

Used to always watch this when I was a kid lol Now it's on Disney Plus <3

Do you think people would have noticed?

Back in 1994 the movie Harriet was originally pitched to a Hollywood executive. He loved the movie and thought Julia Roberts should...

Who Is Better: Spider-Man or The Flash?

Funny story today... In class at college, I don't know how this started- I think it started with me saying that Marvel is better than...

What do you think of Paperclip Man?

I made him at work out of basic office supplies.

Would you consider an actors weight loss for a part a form of eating disorder?

For movies like Black Swan, The Jocker, and The Machinist actors went on extreme diets and exercise programs to make themselves as...

Is it weird or funny to recreate a popular tiktok video?

I want to recreate a popular tiktok video. I already contacted the original creator and she said it would be okay if I recreated my own...

Anyone watching any of these shows?

Looking to discuss #FeelFreeToList 1. Ray Donavan (Showtime) basically cleans up murders all while having affairs. First 3 season were...