🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️

Ever dealt with a stalker? Yea well i hope you kicked buttootie as good as the people dealing with them in film. Checkout these Must-See...

I cannot be a feminist and here's why:

This'll definitely probably be a touchy subject for some but this needs to be said. I cannot support feminism because of the way it is...

Things that are beautiful (to me anyways)

If you don't care about this, then fuck off, no one said you have to read it. <3 1. Dreary hazy weather 2. Angelic aesthetic 3....

Underrated songs that seriously need to be heard

Hello dear friends! I was just listening to West Coast by my idol Lana Del Rey, and I thought to myself "I feel so bad for the people...

Great films that need to be watched

Did anyone ask for this? No, probably not, but here it is anyways! I can't tell you how many times I flip on the television to find...

Three K-Dramas to watch if you've got a case of the blues

Now, who doesn't love K-dramas(that was rhetorical mind you)? They've got everything you need from romance, drama, to comedy. Oh, not to...


What is STEAMPUNK? per Wikipedia... "Steampunk is a retro-futuristic sub-genre of science fiction or science fantasy that...

Does anyone remember these frozen treats from childhood?

I loved the Bug Pops, The Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars and the Mickey Mouse and friends popsicles especially the grape Donald Duck ones.

How sexest 1-10 do you consider "damsel in distresses"?

These are all examples from the last 10-15 years of girls being humiliated, it's never ever the guy is it? EVER.

Would you watch a show about an red pill incel and radical feminazi who are roommates forced to live with each other?

I think it would make a great animated web series. Someone please make this.

Should I switch over to an electric guitar?

I been practicing the acoustic but there are a few things I need to get better at but I been wanting the electric since day one. There...

Is this bullying?

Why are people so against kpop?

Other than the kpop stans why do most people refuse to explore out of their culture to see other music. Kpop is literally just pop but...

What actors do you really NOT like?

Their work, not personally. For me, Will Ferrell, Jeff Goldblum, Steve Carell.

Which of these timeless legends do you think is more attractive?😍😎💋👠🎥🎭🎙️?

Both stunning and talented in singing & acting, who do you like more?

What would you do in this crazy situation?

You just finished your masterpiece painting, the best you've ever done yet. It's in your living room drying and you're so excited. Then...

Sasuke Vs. Garou! Winner?

So... Garou... he's, interesting? He's a human from One Punch Man (For those who don't know.) He trained in the way of Flowing Water and...

Pick an overused female character trope?

Which type of character do you most enjoy?

Would you date/marry a gamer who tends to be addicted to games?

This may be a generalization and i am talking about my anecdotal experiences. So what I have seen is that gamers like my sister are...

What illustration do you like by Jean-François Allaux?

This guy possibly has the most French-sounding name I've ever heard.

Ross and Rachel were on a break? Yes or No?

I was just rewatching the episode. Any other friends fans out there? What was your take on it?

Who's worse Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah Winfrey?

I will have to go with ellen degeneres after the latest allegations. I know we can't prove them. But to have that many people come out...

Do you think the New World Order is real?

The New World Order or NWO in "conspiracy theories" is the hypothesis of a secretly emerging totalitarian world government. The common...