A Walk with Romance

Now that spring flings have flown by, a hot and sweaty summer romance can begin! I just wanted to give you guys a taste of romantic...
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My opioion on the New Games

I have played Pokemon since their debut in 90s, Its one of the few animes that refused to put down. Pokemon day 2022 I was watching with...
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RRR, just BLEW MY MIND !!!

Warning ⚠️ Spoiler - Review I was finally able to see RRR on Netflix. The Telugu language Indian action epic “RRR” (short for “Rise...
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I'm afraid no one on the entire planet can stop Kardashian from taking crazy selfies!

Kardashian's photo drew outrage and applause from the media and other stars. This is even featured on news programs worldwide. One of...
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Characters Worth Crying For

@Chazmatazz269 asked another great question earlier today regarding if anyone has ever cried over a tv character. Lol I should be...
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HBO Max's new series Velma is pretty much an animated Riverdale/ Teen movie parody

In 1969, Scooby Doo first premiered on TV screens. It was considered at the time to be a sort of a ripoff of Archie. Going full circle...
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WWE Has been sold to the Saudi Arabians

WWE has been sold to the Saudi Arabian Public Investment firm. In other news, Vince Mcmahon is back in charge of the company as the...
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My review of the Showtime series "George & Tammy"

(TW: Drug Use, Mental Illness, Electroshock therapy, alcoholism, domestic violence, premature birth, gaslighting, and manipulation) The...
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Star Wars or Star Trek?

Most people are either/or/
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Is ps1 still good to play on?

What kind of jet should I make a new transformer as?

These ones I am already going to use: lockheed martin f-22 raptor f-15 fighting falcon B-2 Spirit

What’s the best jump scare in a movie?

My nieces and nephews have recently shown interest in watching horror movies/slasher flicks, which is not my typical genre of film....

Do you have a playlist for a lot of occasions?

I have one for spring, summer, winter, sex, studying, Halloween (still workin' on it though), and probably more. What about y'all?...

Is using shaky camera in movie action scenes just a cheep gimmick?

I wonder who was the rocket scientist who came up with that gimmick. Now it's standard and employed in every single action sequence....

The Oscars (2023) nominations were announced. Which actress do you think deserves the award?

Here are the nominees: 1- Cate Blanchett (Tár) 2- Michelle Williams (The Fabelmans) 3- Ana de Armas (Blonde) 4- Andrea Riseborough (To...
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Which of Jason Statham's co-stars is your favorite?

Yes, I know this won't get featured by the feminist cucks but whatever, enjoy.
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Who do you think is the most iconic and legendary artist of this generation?

Who will be remembered the best fifty years from now? Think Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley level. Also don't make your answers...
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Out of the three We Bare Bears do you like best?

I think I like Panda the best. He's cute, even though he doesn't like being called cute.
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Did you ever watch the 1993 movie "Dazed and Confused" while buzzed?

I think I'm gonna achieve that goal today.
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What's your song for today?

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