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Gender Differences in Covid Mortality Rates & Vaccine Adverse Reactions: An Explanation

Okay. I was doing some research on covid and vaccines and whatnot, and came across a couple of interesting points I hadn't read before....
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Now credit card companies now will be forced to Track Gun and Ammo sales , will this stop shootings or is this for gun confiscating guns

It will not stop mass shootings . Most of those people don;t get their guns that way . They also don;t care if they are caught. Their...
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Seattle teachers are on strike... its effects

Seattle teachers are on strike, which cancels classes and forces kids to stay home. Though I sympathize with what teachers are trying to...
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Will YOUR next home be PRINTED?

Mega-size "printers" now extrude patented concrete paste to "print" finished concrete shells for homes. Interiors can be left as is and...
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Nostradamus and Putin - Is it just me?

I was just watching a program talking about spies, and codes, and somehow it turned to Nostradamus and two of his antichrists, and it...
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Why is American society so idiotic? Maybe hating Russian folks in America for something they did not do, is just plain stupid.

What is the point of harassing Russian-Americans? Even if they are Putin supporters? I mean, racist, bigots, insano fruitcake xenophobes...
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Why Putin and Russia are invading Ukraine

Based on my own research, here is why Putin is invading the Ukraine. Putin wants Ukraine because Ukraine is a key country between the...
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Twitter. Why are liberals so pissed about Elon Musk taking steps to stop the rampant pedophilia on Twitter & finally get the problem sorted?

Personally I think its good that Musk is addressing the issue of pedophilia on twitter after years of it being ignored by the old guard...

Hotwife to be or not to be?

Ladies, if your man either husband/boyfriend asked you to be his hotwife or to colic like him, what’s your answer and why?

Many companies are going bankrupt one after another in Cripto. So, did you make a profit or a loss?

After the bankruptcy of FTX , BlockFi also announced its bankruptcy yesterday. What do you think about this state of the current...

Balenciaga apologized for its campaign which has been regarded as child abuse. Do you think such luxury brand campaigns support child abuse?

Details of the discussion are below: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/1594532715126202368?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
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If you're a retail or restaurant worker during the Holiday season are you more worried about your safety over most times of the year?

Last night in Chesapeake VA there was a shooting at a Walmart that ended the lives of 7 people including the shooter. Do you get worried...

How generic sounding of a name is 'Jack Smith'?

Looks like a cool dude though

Qatar bans rainbows. Right or wrong?

Welsh football news is dominated by two topics in the local press. Fans enjoy a singalong in pubs and rainbow bucket hats have been...

Do you support Elon Musk keeping Alex Jones's Twitter ban in place?

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Would you be for the defeat of the CCP and freedom for Chinese people even if meant an end to electric cars?

US should support the Chinese people in getting freedom and human rights. This could mean that electric cars would be put on hold and...
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My gun question was taken down for being too offensive , was it offensive?

I think it was a legitimate question. But any of my questions on guns, Trump, or anything critical of Biden get taken down here.
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Massive Covid policy Protests in China , what happens?

What is funny is Democrats telling China it won't work. Right the dumb asses tried it here and Americans didn't like the US Constitution...
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Should Kevin Johnson's 19 year old daughter be allowed to attend his execution?

For those who don't know, Missouri law prohibits anyone under 21 from attending executions....
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Which of these things is the ‘America’ that YOU want?

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Is Musk a hypocrite on Twitter bans?

I hate both Trump and Alex Jones but you can’t let on one raving conspiracist under investigation and not another. Hypocrite Musk again.
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Which one do you prefer?

China is witnessing acute labour shortage. Not because people are not there. But, the younger generation is not willing to go in the...
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How long will Ukraine last if UK and US stop giving them weapons?

Russian plans a massive attack soon. 400,000 men, and many more tanks , drones, and missiles. Ukraine is losing men they can't replace...
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First thing Republicans plan to do is impeach Biden , when they send it to Senate , will Senate vote to impeach or will Biden resign?

I think it is possible Democrats will cross over and Impeach Biden. They can get rid of him and that allows someone else to run and it...
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Gas back to $4 a gallon here and no college loans forgiveness , would you still vote for Democrats now?

Gas is going back up since Biden quit releasing oil reserves and college loan forgiveness was struck down as illegal. National Abortion...
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Got local news?

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