Justice Is Served: Amber Guyger Found Guilty

The other day I happened to see a post on Facebook from a family member about Botham Jean and Amber Guyger. From what the post implied,...

Racial Discrimination... against white people?

I just read an article from The Economist, concerning the black voters of America and the Democrats who are trying to appeal to their...

I’m back!! Please reconnect!!

I’m back! I was @Panda_gurl88 but deleted that account due to certain people. Anyways I’m back!!

Florida Serial Killer Set to be Executed

Gary Ray Bowles is a serial killer from Florida set to be executed August 22, 2019. He was sentenced for killing 6 men. He was raised in...

The Truth About Area 51

Recently a man created a Facebook page called "storm area 51, they can't stop us all, let's see them aliens" and over 2 million people...

17 Year Old Girl's Murder Posted on Instagram

This is the story of Bianca Devins aka @escty on Instagram. She was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Brandon, who posted graphic pictures...

Remember when Ariana licked a donut? Welcome to people licking ice cream!

What has the world come into that people are behaving like animals. I mean even some animals have better discipline. There's nothing...

Cop shoots and kills a 28 year old woman in her own home after neighbor calls for a wellness check. Thoughts?

A black woman was shot and killed by police inside her own home early Saturday morning in Fort Worth, Texas, after her neighbor called a...

Is Piers Morgan a bit of a twat?

Or do you agree with what he has to say 😂

Has anyone looked up the United Nations 211 and 2030 agendas for a new world order yet?

This is the new world order some of our politicians have been referring too.

What do you like more; traditional or modern gender roles?

Such as how women and men are supposed to act now versus how they were expected in earlier times.

What depression can do to you?

Another South Korean singer and actress Sulli committed suicide in her residence in Seongnam, South Korea, on Oct 14, 2019....

What's your opinion about "El Mencho" the new el chapo of mexico?

Slaughtering women and babies in the most gruesome ways! I'm always amazed about the mexican drug cartels, why there is so much crimes...

Americans whats this? Oxygen-dependent California man dies 12 minutes after PG&E cuts power to his home?


What is your opinion of Matt Lauer and Brooke Nevils?

Now that Matt Lauer has publicly spoken out about his affair, what is your opinion? What is your opinion about Brooke Nevils? Should the...

Do you think that nearly 4 years in prison is enough for a man who killed his 9 month old daughter?

"Father gets nearly 4 years in death of 9-month-old daughter - The Washington Post" www.washingtonpost.com/.../...26ee0c199_story.html

Would you willingly sterilize yourself?

If science had advanced enough that babies could be developed outside of a woman. Of course, it would still be your DNA, which could be...

Is It Cruel to Arrest a Gentleman After He Walked 300 Miles to Have Sex with a Pretend Teen?

The Gentleman in question thought he was communicating with a 14-year-old girl online. After walking over 300 miles, instead of getting...

Climate Change protesters. What do you think of them preventing people from getting to work leaving hundreds of thousands impoverished?

funny thing is many of them fly in from abroad. Guess only working people should worry about their carbon footprint. Must all live with...

Should a man be allowed to sign away his parental rights to a child if he doesn't want it?

Obviously I don't mean at the kids 10th birthday party, but at birth or before. Like relinquishing his claim to the child entirely. No...

Do you support Planned Parenthood?

In regards to all of their practices, do you support them? If not, what do you not support or why? https://www.plannedparenthood.org/#

Should feminism include male rights movements?

Feminism is the fight for equality for woman but should it be changed to include men too? ° ° ° ° I personally don't think so, it is...

The Washington Post gave Adam Schiff 4 Pinocchio nose?

That means he been lying as a House Congress man. Should he resign for lying about the impeachment of President Trump? He starts every...

Will the Republicans be like Democrats on Trump?

News is showing Clinton used Russian Conclusion to go against then Candidate Trump. Whats your thoughts on this?

Do guy hate feminist?

I just want to know