OceanGate Mission specialists onboard the five-person Expeditions vessel touring the Titanic Wreckage.

A massive search operation is underway in an area twice the size of Connecticut for the submersible that went missing Sunday, as...
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Are you surprised these names ended up on jeffrey epsteins list?

This past week, the Courts in the US have sealed some of the names on Jeffrey Epsteins list. I feel like I should share a few of these...
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The background of the hammas war 2023

to straighten the mess of propaganda from both sides. israel is a country since 1948. #palestine was never a government. the conflict...
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The importance of Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is an EXTREMELY important issue, NOW as ever, as we continue using fuels, uses that dismantled the fuel called...
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NOW another change in the sun cycle

NOW another change in the sun cycle until June, more time was added for sunlight like longer days. then a change at dawn as mention...
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Good news about "global Warming Hell, aka Climate Change?

A lot of Climate Change activists see a living hell coming our way as CO2 rises and, for unknown, unproven reasons, it has increased...
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How Twitter was acquired with the Leveraged Buyout strategy.

I. The loan. How banks avoided the astronomical risk of $13B. $44B = $24B + $7B + $13B. $44B is the price at which Elon Musk privatised...
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Now credit card companies now will be forced to Track Gun and Ammo sales , will this stop shootings or is this for gun confiscating guns

It will not stop mass shootings . Most of those people don;t get their guns that way . They also don;t care if they are caught. Their...
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I keep watching, I keep listening, but all I hear from Nikki Haley's mouth is her criticism of Joe And Donald. What does she have to offer America?

I heard her say once a few months ago it's time for something new and different. I'm still waiting to hear what value she can bring to...

Is anyone on AT&T, Verizon, or T Mobile experiencing outages right now?

There is a national outage right now on the AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon networks. This also includes Cricket, Boost, and some other...

Soaring Grocery Bills And Restaurant Tabs Are Eating Up More Of Americans’ Paychecks Than They Have In Three Decades. Time for President Trump?

The Democrats introduced legislation to deal with this called the "Eat Every Other Day" bill which requires Americans to refrain from...

How long does it take to get 150 points?

So I can message

Will China's recent downturn lead to our inevitable economic collapse?

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinese-president-xi-jinping-grappling-170013183.html It's only 7 trillion dollars. Maybe it'll be fine.

Would it be wrong to misgender Caitlyn Jenner in order to prevent a nuclear apocalypse?

The new Google A. I says it would be wrong to misgender Caitlynn to save the world.
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Are Taylor Swift fans racist as BLM founder says or is it just white people having fun that makes her mad?

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All-time US Presidential rankings came out today. Do you agree with the list?

It's Presidents Day! 150 accomplished & respected historians have ranked the US Presidents from best to worst. Here's the list! 1....
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Are you going to buy Trump's sneakers?

do you think you will purchase them?
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Today is November 11th, Single's Day! What do you think is the best thing about being single?

Both single people and people in relationship can answer this question. Everyone has been lonely at some point in their life. :)
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Why isn't Eugenia Cooney dead yet?

So I've been thinking, I'm no where near being a doctor so a lot of things will probably be false or said wrong. Anyways, maybe the...

Today is World Mental Health Day. What do you do to improve your mental health?

Mine would probably be spending time with my pets... What is yours?
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Do you approve or disapprove of Taylor Swft telling her Swifties to register to vote?

Taylor Swift call to action drives 13,000 people every 30 minutes to voter registration site Taylor Swift managed to drive...
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