Cincinnati Reds Broadcaster Thom Brennaman Suspended After On-Air Homophobic Slur

In the latest mea culpa, on Wednesday, very well known Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman was suspended indefinitely after he...

Riots are they really needed to make a point, or just bunch of thugs, & thieves out to cause a problem stirred up by the media?

I thought long & hard about this subject & the riot over George Floyd was senseless. The man is dead the Psycho Cop that killed him is...
At Home

My take on the past two months and a half

Where I live(Buenos Aires, Argentina) , we have been under mandatory lock down since around March 20. Instead of flattening the curve,...

The Arrest of George Floyd & The Riots that Resulted

First off like me say I'm no racist. I grew up intercity. I have friends from all walks of life, from many different ethnicities (and...

Musings about masks

Masks are symbolic of being gagged, bound, silenced and controlled. They are obviously bondage and discipline accessories. But there...

Covid-19: Not an evil plot. A rebuttle to another mytake

Is Covid-19 part of an evil plot? Was it created or genetically altered in a lab? Is it a bio weapon? Is there a cure, offered only to...

My latest visit to the hospital, taking my daughter there with a fever.

So I notice a lot of opinions on here are about what the US should be doing, our government, so on and so forth. I'm setting out to...

How do you think the pandemic will end?

The way i see it there can be two possibilities. The medical ending an elimination from the stems via vaccine or social ending which...

Whats your favourite time of the year?

I can't really choose because i love valentines, new years , Christmas and Halloween. Im festive * and also black Friday even though i...

Do you feel like you’ve been played, yet?

Nashville’s mayor (D) and health department cover up low infection rates in bars and restaurants to keep them closed down. It’s not...

A 9yo boy raped a 5yo girl, what do you think has caused the world to come to this point?

If you're wondering if you read 19 and 15 wrong then lemme tell you they didn't. It's actually a 9 year old boy, he's been arrested....

Are you disturbed by the fun 'depression' trend on the internet?

My dad has manic depression and growing up with it is sometimes a living hell. He was abusive, alcoholic, and very self obsessed. I...

Gun Control: Trained Cops Only Hit 30% of Targets?

Perhaps we should start limiting these deadly weapons until accuracy improves. Less guns = less gun deaths

Can you believe that podesta and the Clintons are a bunch of satanic pedos without liking trump?

I personally believe that pizzagate is real, but it seems that everyone who agree with me, turn out to be a trump supporter, and they’re...

Are you near any wildfires at the moment?

I live about 10-20 minutes away from where the Bobcat Fire (California) is. Hopefully we won't eventually have to evacuate. 😳 I hope...

Is the Death of RBG Actually a Republican Nightmare?

I was just watching FOX "News" and Tucker Carlson was speaking to a guest who said that RBG's passing is very scary. He told Tucker that...

Are wildfires real or hoax?

Never seen one in my life. I think its just hoax

Did you know that Latin American countries are suffering more deaths from COVID than USA and Europe?

Here are the nations with the most COVID deaths, when adjusted for population: 1. Peru 2. Belgium 3. Bolivia 4. Spain 5. Ecuador 6....

Do you Think This could have Contributed?

The autopsy report came back from the Coroners Office saying Naya Rivera had alcohol in her System, Was on Prescription medication for a...

So, masks are the only solution, right?

It’s the only thing that works. Yeah no crowds. But masks have been proven. So we should have mandatory masks in public.

Does anyone Think the 9ll Memorial every Year is still Overkill?

**I think it is a Beautiful and Memorial event!!! xx

Should the FBI focus on Incels?

Seems the last 5 years it’s been one of our biggest domestic threats.

So Now We Know Trump Lied About the Virus to the Citizens of America. Is He Guilty of Murder?

It turns out that Donald "flag molester" Trump knew that the virus was spread through the air from the very beginning (February 7th). He...