Was Super Bowl LIII The Worst Super Bowl of All Time?

After seeing Super Bowl XLIX(Patriots/Seahawks), I never thought I would see a more devastating loss. After seeing Super Bowl...

Greatest boxing bouts of all time that I've watched on television or in the arena.

I joined my parents and my brothers for a video conference on Microsoft Teams earlier. We all noticed that we had our TVs on in the...

My First Celebrity Crush

Before I even start this, I KNOW I'm gonna get a lot of replies on this like Whaaaaaat? Yeah, I'm expecting it, okay, so I should reveal...

In defense of professional wrestling: Why most critics don’t understand the concept of professional wrestling

Professional wrestling is one of the most dynamic forms of entertainment out there. It has been around for several generations and has...

My Life In Sports And My Opinion Of The Game Of Baseball.

To start, Baseball is such a whack and dull name for a sport (its fitting actually) and someone on here possibly is going to get...

Debunking the skeptics of Bruce Lee: How Bruce Lee is misunderstood within Western martial arts communities

When people think of martial arts, Bruce Lee is among the first individuals that comes to everyone’s minds. Bruce Lee is perhaps the...

How I got into track.

So this was requested by Another user @TadCurious So my parents were both very Athletic. My mom ran track in high school. She competed...

What's your favorite part to exercise?

Mine is legsssssss Ps: never skip leg days

Girls physically stronger than guys or able to beat them in sports?

Have you ever seen a girl who beat a guy in sports or showed him that she is stronger? How was it for you and for the guy/Girl?

Do you think martial arts rules are designed to make guys look tougher than they are?

I have been thinking lately ever since I took up martial arts. I am quite small because my parents are both from Asia so I am very small...

What type of athlete is most attractive to you?

What type of athlete or fitness junkie are you attracted to? For instance, you’re on a date with a girl and she mentions that she used...

Do a lot of people in high school go into sports because the parents did?

When I was in high school looking back through old yearbooks and listening to the old radio talk shows about local high school sports...

Can u share your opinion?

Hi. I a biker i love motorcycles. Whenecer people see me on a sttrrt motorbike they say its fits you well even strangers who dont see me...