Why did I get ghosted?

The Answers Straight From The Mouths Of Ghosters Themselves Hi guys and girls. In this MyTake I will be covering the internet trend...

My UFO Encounter!

After years of watching, reading and hearing stories about UFO reports. After my cousin's very own UFO encounter. After brief phases of...

Apples 2019 keynote for you in a nutshell

1. A subscription mobile gaming service. You basically pay 5 bucks a month for mobile games that may have been for free in the store...

Why Toyota is The Greatest Car Manufacturer Ever

Toyotas are known for their reliability, build quality, fair pricing, and engineering. For decades now Toyota has been selling more...

Do you think it'll do the world some good if the internet gets shuts down for even just a while?

No exceptions... The WHOLE WORLD would lose any ability to use the internet & texting... Leaving us with phone calls, faxing,...

Let's talk about Snapchat filters!

Most of the site may not know what these filters are, I'll explain briefly! Snapchat is a social app, mostly used my teens you can talk,...

18 Fast & Fun Facts About Popular Internet Social Media Sites

Hi guys and girls. I hope all is well. I will be covering a fun MyTake that features quick facts from my top favorite social media apps....

Should window 10 change Safe key mode?

There more ways to do. Vi am fresh roboootc. By turning on and turn off when starting up

Can scientists destroy homosexuality and bisexuality in the near future?

Can scientists destroy homosexuality and bisexuality in the near future?

Isy phone hacked?

I have some weired problems regarding my s9+ in wharsapp i sometimes chat someone and when i return back ti chats i see an opened...

Good Gaming Laptops?

Really could use some help here. New to the market and highly confused by everything, esp specs. Want a laptop with a color backlit...

Who or what is your favourite person or channel to follow on Youtube?

Do you like to learn, be entertained, or something else? Don't forget to explain why you like them. Include a video clip of one of your...

Do you lack empathy online?

I have noticed when talking to people online who say obvious odd or derogatory statements or lack the ability to recognise humour or are...

Which 6th gen console/s do you like?

Welcome to the generation of online gaming! Previously I've asked about the 5th gen consoles, but this time I'd like to have your...

Which desktop and mobile operating system combo do you prefer?

Which of each operating systems for desktop and mobile do you prefer? I have a an old MacBook but prefer windows. I chose this because I...

Can I get by without using a frontend JS framework/library for a larger project in 2019?

I hate JS frontend frameworks with an absolute passion. Plus, I don't know which one to choose. They have all been complicated so far.

Should I take a break from the internet/phone for a week?

So, I've been out of my tree lately with everything involving the phone and internet.. Just like us teens, We all can be addicted to...

Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)?

what did you mine and how did you do it and the reasons why.