How Social Media Affects Society

Hi everyone! Welcome back to a new take. And today, I'll be sharing with you factors on how social media affects our world. So sit back...

Why I Think the Internet is Slowly Becoming Censored

I wanted to post this MyTake to share my thoughts on what I think about the direction the internet is heading. Let me start by...

7 "Outdated" Things People Still Use In 2018

Nowadays people say that the things on this list are outdated, but some people (including myself) still use all of them. 1. CDs In an...

More Science! Is Time Travel Really Possible? Meet the "Time Travel Brother," Dr. Ronald Mallett

I was going to do this earlier but I got side tracked. Then someone posted a question about time travel. I just wanted to write about...

Life Before Cell Phones

I feel like I grew up in a time where we were on the cusp of "the old world" and the new, like a sort of Life BT, or life before...

Social Media is Controlling How We Communicate

Why has meeting new people become a real task. These days it is hard to connect with people on a real/deep level. Often times it becomes...

How to Win Over Mean People/Trolls on the Internet!

Hello my fellow gagers. You don't like that one person who keeps saying your IQ-level is low and that you have nothing to fight back...

What is it that you like about social media and what do you dislike most? Do you think people try to wear others down using social media?

A random question. I myself do have a loads of problem with social media. I want know about yours. Thsnk you.

Between the Samsung A and J series which is best?

And what phone from each serie do you like better?

Which a better colored phone, black or silver?

I'm buying a new phone and I only like the colors black an sliver and they've got that but i can't choose, help me

What is this circle thingy under my phone's camera for?

I forgot to ask the guy at the store and im not gping back there anytime soon, is it for something or just there as a style?

How to buy a laptop that's not crappy?

Of latest laptop I bought the screen died, the keyboard died, the chasis started cracking at multiple parts, and the audio chip died....

When do you think technological singularity will be a reality?

I was watching a talk show where they were discussing the matter and thought it'd be an interesting to discuss here as well. They had a...

What would be the worst thing a car that drives it self could do?

after you choose comment on sum thing you think would be bad that's not on the list the car mite do

If we have homes that do every thing for us in future what would you be a afraid of it doing to you?

In comments write what would your worst fear be of a home being able to do every thing for you

How do you reverse an image?

Do you have to save the image to do so, or can you just copy it straight to the site?

Did you delete Facebook?

Did you delete your facebook account after finding out about Cambridge Analytica?

Who do you think is more attached to there phones?

Who do you think has there phone with them more, always using it 24/7

Which social media app do you use the most?

I just listed some options to choose from if one of these happen to be your choice, but name the top social media app you use the most....

Which 1 future thing would you like to have?

now if you had 1 of these which would you want an why?

Samsung or IPhone?

Which do you like/prefer?