YouTube Isn't THAT Bad, or Even Bad at All. #PitchforkPolishing

I take full responsibility for making YouTube look like it's a cesspool of misinformation and idiocy, when it's not, and the actions of...

9 Signs That You're Being Catfished

How To Spot A Catfish On The Internet Catfish pretend to be someone that they're not .They create fake online accounts, and create a...

Immortal cell phone !

Hello And yes you read it right , today i will be writing about my old mobile phone, seems insignificant , but i have to write this ....

7 Examples of Why I Believe Children Should Stay Away From YouTube

I'm going to sound like an old man so bare with me while I explain what influencers online will do to your children. Intentions I am not...

Memes Are Stupid, and They Make Us Stupid

This shouldn't take long. The scope, breadth, depth, and potential beauty of the English language cannot be overstated. We are capable...

Technology In The 90's vs Now: A Side By Side Comparison

I was a 90's kid and I think about that time a lot because it was a happy time for me. It was also a simple time has far as technology...

Snapshot From Progressive: Saving Money on Car Insurance

For my first Take on this site in a while, I figured I'd start with a non-confrontational and gender-neutral subject, so here's my...

Mac vs PC: Which do you prefer & why?

which do you prefer and why? detailed and thoughtful answers are appreciated

Why so slow & so many freeze ups?

Why is this site SO slow to loas & locks up so easy? I have no such problems ANYWHERE else. This is BS & needs fixed.

Give me some idea on taking a good photo of yourself with a phone camera timer?

Trying to stop talking "selfies", but I don't want to ask others to take photos of me outside of a couple of mates but I would want to...

Should I be concerned?

This happened while downloading a game, not sure if that's related however. It seems super ominous to me. Who even is my "IT administrator"?

Do you know some sites or applications to chat with new people?

NO DATING, except if you think we can make friends on Tinder.

Can anyone help me out with this?

So it's been a while since I've turned on my computer. Haven't used it since school ended in April and haven't needed to use it until...

Cheats for GTA 5?

Is there an easy way to get money and level up on GTA 5 online?

What social media do you use the most?

For me I think I use YouTube or Facebook the most.

Huawei P20 or HTC U12+? Which is better?

Huawei P20 or HTC U12+? Which is better? I'm not talking about Huawei P20 Pro. Thank you in advance.

Does anyone know a way that I could read/view files (Mainly mp4) on an external device with a regular (non-smart) tv?

Basically, I just wanna be able to watch videos on my tv from my external storage sources (like external hard drive/sd card reader)....

Girls vs Guy gamers?

Is girl gamers better than boy gamers

Do you have a bitmoji on Snapchat?

Which one do you prefer? And why?

I personally prefer Instagram but I also love making and seeing creative music videos on Musically! And I like Snapchat 2 but I don't...

IOS or Android?

Which one would you prefer and why

What style of gaming is better?

Witch is better? Fps games, MMORPG or Adventure Sandbox? I for one like the adventure and freedom in sandbox games. Although The thrill...