The effects of smartphones and the sexual liberation movement

Okay, 2020 is probably going to dramatize this trend with Covid19 going on. But just 2008 - 2019 produces enough of a graph to infer the...

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

I’m a firm believer in the advancement of technology that is used responsibly and ethically. While pigheaded skepticism is a big...

Why You Should NEVER Set Your TikTok Profile To Private

Reminder if you go private on Tik Tok you're only setting yourself up for failure. I did that with my profile after turning off the pro...

Social distancing, gaming app for couch potato gamers, but not only. Steam Link and what it's all about.

I'm sure many of you heard of the free gaming network called Steam, but did you ever hear about its remote play feature, the Steam Link?...

Social Media is Killing Your Productive Time.

Social media has become quite a regular activity for most people. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, you name it, it...

Ransomware is nothing to play with.

Well, I have been gone from the forum for a couple of months. I was just focusing on year-end stuff with my clients going into December....

The birth of photography

Photography is so omnipresent today. Whether in science, advertising, current events media, propaganda, or just our own snaps. it is...

Off grid internet any advice?

So my boyfriend and I are moving to a house so far away there is solar power and rain water and wood heating. This also means no...

What do guys think that the Nivida 3080 RTX got bought by scalpers in the first 30 seconds?

I'm kinda mad at that also, they could've allowed it so more people can buy the 3090 RTX?🤔🤔

What does everyone think of Trumps Tik tok ban in the U. S?

I honestly could care less because i don't use that app and neither do any of my friends lol because it's not that interesting and i...

Who's ready for the ps5?

So my brothers just pre-orderd the ps5 🙌🙌🙌🙌😂 and over here in nz you can only have 1 ps per house. Is it like that where yous are?

Is yahoo answers down in America right now?

Almost none of my questions are getting answered and faithful followers of mine who respond to almost ever question I ever ask have not...

What if there were a pair of virtual reality glasses designed to tell those who wear it, who is a bad person and who isn't?

Maybe it would be confirmation of what you already assumed. Or maybe it would be a surprise. Or perhaps it would tell you how somebody...

If you could live forever as a machine, would you?

Within the lifetime of many it will become a reality where we can live as a machine. Would you do it? Do you believe in life after...

Those that have Instagram?

Do you follow just strictly family/friends/acquaintances. Or do you follow anyone even if you don’t know them?

Guys, Why is Google the best to work for?

Why is Google the best? Since Google is one of the most well-known technology companies in the world, it offers employees better job...

Confused between two smart phones?

Which is better galaxy s 10plus or iphone 11

Are you getting the PS5 or Xbox Series X?

I'm in the PS5 camp myself. Digital.

What do you hold more often---- water bottle or cell phone?

I think you understand that this is an insult against those who uses their phone so often. Some live by them and can't live without...

Have you ever used a WiFi router for your computer or cell phone?

Do you use a WiFi router? If so, what are the main reasons you use it? Is it more for privacy or to save power and data on your devices....

Is social media causing people to become vain and attention seekers or is this just a moral panic type statement?

What do you think? Is social media causing issues? Or is it useful? Let’s see