Online Misinformation: Why I Have Such a Hard Time Accepting It

I realise that I can often come across as being abrasive, insensitive, and sometimes even confrontational. This is largely due to the...
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The Artificial Intelligence Large Language Model Phenomenon of Hallucination

You hear a great deal in the news about artificial intelligence (AI) and how people are worried about it and what can be done. At the...
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Could You Live The Rest Of Your Life Without Electricity? Here Are10 Things You Only Know Once You’ve Lived without Electricity

I speak from experience from having my electricity disconnected a lot times when I was kid. Coming from a very poor family, mom couldn't...
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I have a short theory about UFOs (or UAPs).

What if, in those UFOs, aren't Aliens? What if they are people from other Earths just like ours? I've watched some Marvel movies and is...
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The Manipulation and Deletion of Internet Search Results

It will no doubt come as no surprise to some, but the major search engine companies are very... selective let's say, when it comes to...
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At Home

M3GAN, A social commentary on how we use technology for everything nowadays.

Technology is everywhere today. We use technology in our homes to order food and groceries without having to get dressed or put makeup...
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Future Technologies and the Advancements in Science

There is no doubt that technology has come a long way in the past few decades and will continue to advance at an even faster pace in the...
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Nuclear Fusion!!!

So I couldn't wait to get this take out there. We have been hearing about nuclear fusion for decades. Ever since we started building...
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Why Don't People Answer Your Questions When Texting?

I became friends with a person at college and we exchanged telephone numbers. This person loves dogs. So I texted this person, " "What...

Anybody know of any GOOD video to MP3 converters?

I've been using YT5s for over a year, now and it's just been giving me all kinds of shit, recently and I'm tired of fucking with it!!

What type of headphones do you use?

I prefer earbuds... Wireless or wired? earbud or headset? Are you using the same headphones when you are home and another different...

Why do people try to avoid it when someone wants verification that they’re real?

Like i ask for a real time selfie from someone i meet on instagram, for verification and they’re like “i dont need to prove myself to...

Laptop battery keeps depleting and stupid issues arise from it?

Often times it'll just force hibernate and randomly my gaming mouse's dongle will disconnect sometimes. Other times the laptop doesn't...
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Are you good with modern technology?

Such as computers, cell phones, televisions, etc?
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Are you using the GAG app or doing this on the browser?

I'm on the browser version because the reviews said there's a ton of ads. Like more than most apps. Is the app any different from the...
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I'm new here what's an mho?

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What does the date under "Hey there I am using Whatsapp" Status mean?

Where it says "Hey there Im using Whatsapp" in your contact info, there is a date. This guy who I was dating and talking to through...

Why does reddit site blocked my ip address?

I don't have reddit account I just view and read questions and opinions on their site. I'm using an adblocker app where I view reddit...

Why Apple? Why Android?

I'm not going to explain this, because no one will read the explanation. lol

Should Twitter get rid of blocking?

Blocking is mostly used to exclude people. It’s cyber bullying.

How Does ''Facebook Suggested Friends'' Actually Work?

Are suggested friends on Facebook your previous stalkers? I've heard that Facebook suggests you friends that have searched your name...

I blocked someone on facebook but they still message me. Is it possible?

As I said in the title, I blocked some of my old friends on Facebook, but then I realized that they can still message me. How is it...
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