My Favorite Episodes of Deadly Women

Deadly women is a tv show primarily on Investigation Discovery, I mostly watch it on YouTube. This show is about you guessed, women who...

Communicating in a Purely Functional Way

If we are fine, -- Then perhaps we should walk to the store. But we shouldn't actually walk. We should just plan to walk to the store...

Did you know your phone can do this?

In this take I am going to introduce you to a feature that the newest phone models have, but which many people don't know exists. Let's...

15 Reasons Why You Got Blocked On Social Media

Have You Ever Been Block For Seemingly No Reason? Well I Have Compiled 15 Potential Reasons Why You Got Blocked. Check It Out. 1. You're...

My UFO Encounter!

After years of watching, reading and hearing stories about UFO reports. After my cousin's very own UFO encounter. After brief phases of...

Apples 2019 keynote for you in a nutshell

1. A subscription mobile gaming service. You basically pay 5 bucks a month for mobile games that may have been for free in the store...

Why Toyota is The Greatest Car Manufacturer Ever

Toyotas are known for their reliability, build quality, fair pricing, and engineering. For decades now Toyota has been selling more...

How do you feel about YouTube's changes with COPPA?

YouTube changed its policy splitting the YouTube creators from Child Friendly to Not Child Friendly where both sides have downsides and...

Why are guys telling me to follow them on so many apps?

Dude, I just signed up on a app. We’re talking to each other, everything is going good. Now, you want me to download another app and...

How can I change my number when that's how I can get into my email adress?

I'm trying to change my number but I forgot that I won't be able to get in because im changing my number even with me knowing my...

How is it I get faster internet than I paid?

Like 7mbs more is that normal

Minor talking to an older guy?

So I met this 19 year old kid in this app called walkie talkie and you get to talk to like random people just for fun and I added him on...

What current cellphone are you using and what are some things you like about your phone?

I have a ZenFone 4 max. I like the battery life, camera, fingerprint sensor and it can carry two SIM cards.

How fast in seconds does it take you to fb text 6 letters?

I have ocd with numbers. How fast would it take you in seconds to text these words in fb messenger? 6 words 28 characters

How often do you buy a new laptop/ tablet?

How often do you buy one? I get every 5 years or so?

On FACEBOOK, can all your "friends" see all your other "friends"?

If so, don't the users find this disturbing, from privacy point of view?

Any suggestions for a good Xbox headphones said that’s around $60?

I’d be willing to go up to 80 but I don’t want to spend over 100

Where are my fellow gamers at? Are you team Xbox or Team Playstation?

I'm a gamer girl and I wanted to see who else games

Trump opens a new Apple plant in Texas. Is that good enough for you?

Here is President Trump standing next to Tim Apple, president of fruit manufacturing Apple Core, shaking hands over the apples. But the...

How do you feel about so many of us using our phones more and more nowadays?

I feel like every one is so glued to there screens these days.

Is anyone else starving for social interaction?

Just moved to a new city. My job is 95% task oriented and then I come home and I have no one to talk to. Are there any online...

Instagram likes?

Instagram removed likes for everyone but me maybe. I updated it but I can still see other people's likes?

Is your online personality very different from real life?

For me, online is this different world to explore, share, and express less conventional aspects of my thoughts. It probably seems like...

What makes the new eltric heating an cooling systems that use 50 percent less energy so apealing?

after choosing say what you think it can be any thing not on the list or choose from the list to comment on after you choose

Reddit, GAG, Debate. org or Quora - Which one do you prefer, and Why?

Please explain why. #Reddit #Quora #GirlsAskGuys #Poll

Unfiltered filter?

Anyone else want to be able to filter out age groups on this app?