The effects of smartphones and the sexual liberation movement

Okay, 2020 is probably going to dramatize this trend with Covid19 going on. But just 2008 - 2019 produces enough of a graph to infer the...

Why is Reddit so absolute trash and filled with absolutely obnoxious users? (Why Reddit Sucks, part 2)

Redditors are literally some of the worst people you will EVER encounter on the internet. They're all the same exact people on Twitter...

Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

I’m a firm believer in the advancement of technology that is used responsibly and ethically. While pigheaded skepticism is a big...

Why You Should NEVER Set Your TikTok Profile To Private

Reminder if you go private on Tik Tok you're only setting yourself up for failure. I did that with my profile after turning off the pro...

Social distancing, gaming app for couch potato gamers, but not only. Steam Link and what it's all about.

I'm sure many of you heard of the free gaming network called Steam, but did you ever hear about its remote play feature, the Steam Link?...

Social Media is Killing Your Productive Time.

Social media has become quite a regular activity for most people. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, you name it, it...

Ransomware is nothing to play with.

Well, I have been gone from the forum for a couple of months. I was just focusing on year-end stuff with my clients going into December....

Why using too much emojis is considered childish? What do you think? Is it childish?

I love using emoji and also sometimes I can't explain things in words so I use lot of emojis. For example if I am crying I use one emoji...

Laptop owners! What do you own? and how did you come to make your decision based on your needs and wants in a laptop? Are you computer savvy?

What was your price range in finding one? Did you go above your price range because it just sounded so promising or had a better rep? Or...

When will mobile beat laptops completely?

I still need my laptop for these: Coding and programming for Windows, professional beat making, fl studio etc.

How many games can this SD card hold?

Can’t decided if I want to get this or the 512 Micro SD card.

Why do girls follow me?

I noticed girls will follow me on Instagram and Facebook and not like one of my pictures. This is just weird to me. Why even follow me....

How do Americans fight back against tech for freedom of speech?

The censorship has gone rampant. Our favorite social media and tech platforms are actively blocking information from reputable news...

How many of you can see and use emojis or aka emojicons?

For me on my 20 plus year old laptop. (it used to have Windows 98SE and XP, now it uses a Linux OS) I can't see 90% of them. So when...

Do you watch at everyones instagram and snapchat story?

I don't use snapchat that much, but I do have instagram. I don't watch everyones stories, either some are really boring with repetitive...

Do any of you gaggers own bitcoin?

I think bitcoin is retarded i enjoy making fun of people on twitter for acting like they are going to get rich.

Which color do you prefer for iphone?

Just conducting a survey for color preferences by gender

Will apple let me change my mac?

I bought a MacBook Pro online not from apple. Brand new not opened still had the seal. I want to change it for the new MacBook Pro m1...

What makes you decide to subscribe to a YouTuber?

I'm asking as I'm about to start my own channel and I'm looking for ideas to make it good from the start.

CGI or real product photo. Which one would you prefer for your company's product (s)?

I can take/make and have taken/made both, and I can say I kind of prefer it if a company orders a CGI product photo. 🤷‍♀️ It's less...

Tablet for Uni: new iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy (stylus)?

So, here's the thing: I need a tablet for university that I can use a stylus with. There's no way around it anymore and I've decided...

What do you think about the chat app to find your real love?

Comment below if you are using chat app and which app are you using to make new friends or true love🙈🙈🙈🙈

Instagram Promotions: Is It Worth A Try?

Hey guys and gals, I have a car page with 450-500 followers and my posts each typically get 10-20 likes. Most posts I create consist of...

What computer brand do you have or prefer?

I have a Macbook to do work/studies, and a Windows PC for gaming (the windows PC is super old though).