Social Media: Destroying Social Lives Since 2004

Social Media is one of the most important and vital components of today's society, Rarely you'll find someone who isn't aware of social...

Be Creative If You Wish To Survive in the Future

As the title goes, survival will be connected to creativity in the near future more than you can imagine. The AIs are being developed at...

Tips To Stop Cyberbullying for Parents

Hello @Girlsaskguys Community Thanks for your GREAT Response on my Previous Take. Tips To Stop Cyberbullying for Kids and Children...

Beware of HACKERs!

With developing Technology, there is large increase in number of Hackers. There are different levels of hacking starting from E-Whoring...

Protect Your Computer From Ransomware Before You "WannaCry"

I hope you know about "malware" or in the extended form "malicious software". When we talk about malware, it includes several harmful...

"Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook": Is There Anything We Missed?

Mark Zuckerberg is a world famous character loved by millions of people of all ages and nationalities around the world. Zuckerberg is...

These Sites Can Help You To Become A Better Person

Earlier, I had a habit of watching too much of useless Youtube videos, hanging too much on social media, and spend the whole day doing...

Is anyone here a gamer?

if so what games do you enjoy playing?

If a facebook message is marked delivered for over a month but not read. are they ignoring it?

delivered but not read for a month. we are not friends on facebook. are they ignoring it or could it be in their "other folder"

Opinions about this?

If a machine could exactly duplicate your mind right down to the same pattern of synapses firing, would it be you? Could it predict how...

Which should I buy?

ok im ready to buy a phone but i can't chose s6 edge s7 edge note 4 note 4 edge note 5 s7 edge i like the note 5 and 4 a lot but i also...

IPhone x on sale?

Will the iPhone x be put in the black Friday sale? And what are your thoughts on the phone?

PC help? Pls I need some guidance?

What's the cheapest and most reliable stuff that I could buy if I'm building my own PC?

Any gamers on here?

Iv been a big gamer my whole life. Are you a gamer and if so what consoles and games do you play?

Can You Help Me?

So my tablet is not cooperating. The battery is weird. When I turn it on, it says it needs to be charged because it has less than 1%....

Should I buy a used phone?

I want to buy a used phone Is it a good idea? I don't have to much money

IPhone 8 Plus or IPhone X (which one would you pick POLL)?

I really don’t know which one. Which one are you getting OR which one would you choose if you had to.

How important is Net Neutrality?

"Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating most of the Internet must treat all data on...

Whatsapp how many people use it?

So everyone i know here in uk uses it but people in other countries like the US dont. Just curious see who uses it

Im addicted to this Game. Are you?

So I love playing Sims and that is literally all I'm doing for Thanksgiving Break... Just wanted to know who else plays this

Is this tv good for my xbox one x (sceptre 24 inch 1080p HDTV)?

I recently ordered my xbox one x scorpio edition (so excited!) and now I can focus on getting a tv upgrade. My budget is low since the...

Can you use a Samsung sim card on a IPhone 6?

I got a IPhone 6 and im wonder if i could use my sim card from my Samsung on the IPhone?