My Favorite Episodes of Deadly Women

Deadly women is a tv show primarily on Investigation Discovery, I mostly watch it on YouTube. This show is about you guessed, women who...

Social distancing, gaming app for couch potato gamers, but not only. Steam Link and what it's all about.

I'm sure many of you heard of the free gaming network called Steam, but did you ever hear about its remote play feature, the Steam Link?...

Social Media is Killing Your Productive Time.

Social media has become quite a regular activity for most people. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, you name it, it...

Ransomware is nothing to play with.

Well, I have been gone from the forum for a couple of months. I was just focusing on year-end stuff with my clients going into December....

The birth of photography

Photography is so omnipresent today. Whether in science, advertising, current events media, propaganda, or just our own snaps. it is...

Communicating in a Purely Functional Way

If we are fine, -- Then perhaps we should walk to the store. But we shouldn't actually walk. We should just plan to walk to the store...

Did you know your phone can do this?

In this take I am going to introduce you to a feature that the newest phone models have, but which many people don't know exists. Let's...

What earbuds can be worn with a mask?

I'm looking for earbuds one can wear while wearing a mask. The ear part to the mask is causing difficulties when also wearing wire...

Why TikTok isn't so popular among people above 25?

The majority of TikTokers are 13-21. There are also some 21-25, but you don't get many people above 25. Although during the last year...

What would be the reason I for permanently banned from a website for saying #BlueLivesMatter?

I was on this social media website with thousands of followers and I got permanently banned and not allowed to reactivate it because all...

Can I use my expired permit as and ID?

I have to pick up an money order from money gram in the morning & I need my ID/permit But it’s been expired for about 2 months

Quick/‘automated’ way of filing 200 emails currently in inbox, into namesake folders (i. e. that are yet to be created)?

If I do this manually, it will take me literally hours. So I’m looking for a quick fix. It is Outlook 365, and please give me a ‘dummies...

Is it Selfish of Me to Take a Social Media Hiatus?

Everything happening right now is too much for me, the racism and hate, so I want to take a break from social media, as I also have a...

Do you think you are being recorded on cameras the second you get out of your house?

Another question is how to find every camera with using technology

Business name help! Tell me what you think?

I am trying to decide between these two names for my marketing and web design business. Please vote the name that appeals to you the...

Have you ever lost your phone?

Day before yesterday, I lost my phone. I feel so bad right now. I don't know how I'll get over it.

Do you ever buy pirated books?

There was a book I tried to buy online - Google Play did not have it and amazon. com would not sell to me because I'm Canadian and...

Is this hardware good for a laptop?

I posted a different one before but how about this one? Is this good?

Did I make proper comments against Indians as written in description (check description)?

I see these people everywhere on the internet so I wrote in comments sections (it was some software engineering related video on youtube...

Which type of wrist watch do you prefer to wear: analog or digital?

Some people have very different tastes in the type of watch or timepiece, whichever you prefer to call it. Some like the actual display...

Are you annoyed of seeing Indian guys everywhere on the internet? They are everywhere be it on YouTube, fb comments or see any site's comment section?

Are you annoyed of seeing Indian guys everywhere on the internet? They are everywhere be it on YouTube, fb, tiktok comments or see any...