My Favorite Episodes of Deadly Women

Deadly women is a tv show primarily on Investigation Discovery, I mostly watch it on YouTube. This show is about you guessed, women who...

The birth of photography

Photography is so omnipresent today. Whether in science, advertising, current events media, propaganda, or just our own snaps. it is...

Communicating in a Purely Functional Way

If we are fine, -- Then perhaps we should walk to the store. But we shouldn't actually walk. We should just plan to walk to the store...

Did you know your phone can do this?

In this take I am going to introduce you to a feature that the newest phone models have, but which many people don't know exists. Let's...

15 Reasons Why You Got Blocked On Social Media

Have You Ever Been Block For Seemingly No Reason? Well I Have Compiled 15 Potential Reasons Why You Got Blocked. Check It Out. 1. You're...

My UFO Encounter!

After years of watching, reading and hearing stories about UFO reports. After my cousin's very own UFO encounter. After brief phases of...

Apples 2019 keynote for you in a nutshell

1. A subscription mobile gaming service. You basically pay 5 bucks a month for mobile games that may have been for free in the store...

Do you use your phone more than you talk to people?

I do, and it kills my social skills/self esteem

Why does everyone prefer Spotify?

I currently use Apple Music but have heard that people like Spotify a lot better. What is better about it? Might consider making the...

Deleting PS4 account?

Please help if you’re savvy with ps4. Long story short, a person who gave me an account for GTA about 3 years ago now wants the account...

Best ways to secure your home?

I know that cameras, window sencores & bigger screws for doors help, but what else is there to do to make your WHOLE house break-in proof.

What do you think about smart technology and smart home technology where you can control everything from lights all the way to thermostat and locks?

Do you like the technological advancements in today's smart technology? Are you scared of home smart technology if so what scares you...

Do you know anyone who doesn't have a mobile phone?

including yourself ofcourse i know of three people one guy who had a brain tumour and the doctors said it was due to years of using a...

Does anyone have a Roku and know how to work it?

The week I got sent off to a mental hospital and came back Tuesday afternoon when I wanted to watch Netflix on my Roku, the logo didn't...

What do you guys think of the girl who got banned for doing NUDE TikToks? Creative or no?

Yes people, someone was actually doing nude tiktoks. What do you think? Was it a creative idea or flat out stupid? She made % $36,000...

Would it be weird to do a Starbucks photoshoot?

My boyfriend has a professional camera and I was maybe thinking of doing a photoshoot at Starbucks. Is that weird?

Do you have an unlimited data plan?

If not, how much data comes with your plan and is it enough for you?

Is it odd if someone doesn’t use any social media?

Do you think they’re trying to hide something?

Does burrying your tech (phone, tablet etc) 6 feet under ground still considered pollution?

I would say a definite yes but apparently my opinion on this was challenged here on GaG so tell me what you think.

Instagram user commits suicide for not getting enough Likes. Opinions?

A 19-year-old British girl who was addicted to Instagram has killed herself for not getting enough “likes” on her photos. She was...