GirlsAskGuys FAQ

The most frequently asked questions are listed here. If you still need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • How do I sign up?

    GirlsAskGuys is completely FREE!
    You can sign up with your Facebook, Google account or email address.
    Think of a great username and tell us your gender and date of birth.
    You'll then be asked to pick 3 Topics you'd like to Follow.
    After picking your favorite Topics, share more about yourself by selecting your personality type, relationship status, and occupation.
    If you want to add your own photo to use as your avatar, you can do that at any time!
    If you signed up with your email address, you'll need to first verify that address before you can ask questions or share your opinions. Otherwise, you're ready to go :-)

    GirlsAskGuys will not publicly display or share your social media account information and we will not post anything to Facebook or Google+ for you.
  • What is a Private Opinion?

    Private Opinions are opinions that are sent as a private message to the Asker. If a member wants to keep their opinion and conversation private, they can check the "Private" option when posting their opinion. This cannot be changed later.

    Because Private Opinions function in the form of a private message, the same messaging rules apply. This means if a user has their privacy settings checked to include "Allow messages only from people I follow," only users they follow will be able to post a private opinion on their questions. Similarly, since users must be level 2+ to send private messages, level 1 users cannot send private opinions.
  • What is a Closed Question?

    All questions are open by default and visible to all users. A question becomes closed if the Asker selects to close it.

    Questions can be closed by the asker only after 24 hours have passed since the question was posted. To close your question, just click on the overflow menu (3 vertical dots) in the top right corner of the question and click "Close." You can also choose to Close the question when you select a Most Helpful Opinion.

    Closed questions are still visible to all users, they will be marked by the STOP sign. You cannot leave new opinions on a closed question, but you can still reply to, or like, existing opinions, and like the question. You can also request to feature a closed question, an admin will re-open the question for 24 hours and feature it so you can get more responses!
  • How do I sign in?

    You can sign in using the top right menu at any time. Depending on how you signed up, you'll then either click Connect with Facebook, Connect with Google or enter your email address and password and click Sign In.
  • How do I ask a question?

    It's easy!

    - Hover over (desktop) or tap (mobile) on the Post text/button that you see at the top of every page, and then select "Ask Question". You will be directed to the Ask Question page.

    - Enter your details (if you want to). You can insert images/videos/links into your detail either by pasting links directly into the details box, or by using the tool buttons on top of the details box. Here you can upload images from your own device by clicking on "image" icon. (You need to be Xper Level 2+ to be able to insert links)

    -If you want to receive only Private Opinions, check the box that says, “Allow only private opinions.”

    - If you have reached your question limit but have a question to ask, at the bottom of the page, by clicking "Save Draft" your question will be saved until you are ready to post it at a later time! To access a saved question, simply visit your questions page from your profile and you will see the question highlighted with "Draft" on top of it. If you have saved a draft, the next time you go to the "Ask Question" page, you will see your saved draft there. You can then post the saved draft or delete it to make a new question.

    -If you are ready to post your question, click Preview Question. You will be directed to the Preview screen where you'll be able to check what you entered. On this preview screen you have the option to "edit" your question.

    - If everything looks great click Submit Question. Ta Da! Your question is now online awaiting opinions!

    You can also tap (for mobile) the top left "hamburger" menu icon (3 lines) and click/tap Ask. Then follow the same process as above.

  • What is a myTake? How do I post a myTake?

    myTakes are another post type for you to share your experience, knowledge with the GAG community. A myTake can become a "promoted myTake" or even a "featured myTake"; for which you will earn extra Xper points (25 Xper points for promoted myTakes, and 100 Xper points more -total of 125 Xper points- for Featured myTakes. MyTakes that are copy and pasted content from other sites will be removed.

    How to post a myTake? - Hover over (desktop) or tap (mobile) on the Post text/button that you see at the top of every page, and then select "Share myTake". You will be directed to the Share myTake page.
    - Pick the gender(s) you want to direct your myTake by clicking on "both", "girls", or "guys".
    - Enter your myTake Title
    - Add a topic
    - Enter your details. You can insert images/videos/links into your myTake either by pasting links directly into the details box, or by using the tool buttons on top of the details box. Here you can upload images from your own device by clicking on "image" icon.
    (Images need to be at least 320x240 in resolution and should be less than 3MB in size. You can also insert YouTube and Vine videos, Instagram captions, and Tweet embeds.) - Check boxes for Anonymity and "no opinions wanted" preferences
    - After you're done entering information, click Preview myTake. You will be directed to the Preview screen where you'll be able to check and see how your myTake will appear when posted. On this preview screen you have the option to "edit" your myTake or "Save it as Draft".
    - If everything looks great click Submit myTake. Ta Da! Your myTake is now online!

    You can also tap (for mobile) the top left "hamburger" menu icon (3 lines) and click/tap myTake. Then follow the same process as above.

    For more information on posting Takes, check out the myTake, What’s Your Take? FAQs & More!
  • What is a Promoted myTake? What is a Featured myTake?

    Promoted myTakes are myTakes that site Admins found to be really inspiring or helpful, full of information that we want more G@Gers to learn from! You can earn 25 Xper points if your myTake becomes a promoted myTake! When a myTake becomes promoted you will receive a message in your inbox.

    myTakes are marked with a gray lightbulb.
    Promoted myTakes are marked with a blue (guy) or pink (girl) lightbulb.

    Featured myTakes are really cool myTakes that not only becomes promoted, but will also be featured on the homepage. If your promoted myTake becomes a Featured myTake you will get a message about it. And you will also earn 100 more Xper points; totalling up the bounty to 125 Xpers, only for that myTake.

    For more information on promoted myTakes, check out our myTake, What’s Your Take? FAQs & More!
  • What is a Poll Question and how can I ask one?

    Poll Questions are an exciting feature that allow you to design your own short survey or poll.

    Enter a Question Title and Question Details, just like you would a regular question, and then check the "Poll" box and enter poll options.
    This is a great way to get advice when you are trying to make a decision and would like input based on the choices you know you have.
  • What is a Featured Question? How do I feature my question?

    Featured Questions are kept at the top of all question list pages, and are highlighted and kept in the Site Feed for 24 hours. This exposure gets more opinions on your question!

    There are two ways to feature questions.
    1.The system selects questions to feature from the queue of "popular" questions on the site. If a question is selected by the system to be featured, the Question Asker will earn +4 xper points and will receive a message informing them that their question has been selected.
    2. Users can also request to have their questions featured by redeeming their xper points. You need to have at least 750 "redeemable" Xper points in your account to feature a question

    To feature your question, go to the Contact Page, select Redeem Xper from the pull down menu, paste the link (URL) of your question to be featured in the form box, and click on Submit to send the form.

    You can also send us a Featured Question request from your own profile page. Click on My Xper from the left menu on your profile page and then click on Redeem Points button and include the URL link of the question you'd like featured..

    You will get a message letting you know your question is in line, as we feature in order by request. You'll then receive another message when your question is featured and the points have been redeemed.

    We do not feature questions in the "How do I look?" topic. Our Admin Editors reserve the right to select/reject featured question requests.
    Please carefully consider your Featured Question requests as modifications and cancellations are rarely, if ever, able to be accommodated.
  • How do I share my opinion on a question or on a myTake?

    -2 ways to post opinions:
    - From the Question/myTake page simply type your response in the text field under the Question/myTake details and click send it! on Questions, Submit on myTakes.
    - On the homepage on Site Feed or on My Feed, and on Question list pages (such as Recent Questions) you will see "Add your opinion" link. Clicking/tapping on this link will open the opinion text box and let you send your opinion right from that page. Type your opinion and hit "Send It".
    -To make your opinion Private, just check the box that says “Private.” Only you and the Question Asker can see your Private Opinions.

    Please note that you will need to be logged in to share your opinion on a Question/myTake.

    To find Questions to add your Opinions to, you can go to Questions from the top menu. Using this menu, you can filter questions according to: Recent, Popular, Poll, Video, No Opinions, and By Topic.
    You can also check Site Feed or My Feed on the Home Page.

    To find myTakes to add your Opinions to, you can go to myTakes from the top menu. Using this menu, you can filter Takes according to: Recent, Popular, No Opinions, All myTakes, and By Topic.
    You can also check Site Feed or My Feed on the Home Page.
  • How do I add links, images, or videos to posts?

    There are 2 ways to add media to your posts:

    - Copy and Paste the link (a page, an image, or a video link) into the details of your question, myTake or opinion. To properly display an image you need to paste the direct link to the image file; for example or (Hint: link should end with .jpg, .gif, or .png)
    - OR you can use the tool buttons located on top of the Question or myTake details box. Here you have more choices; such as, by clicking on the image button you can upload an image directly from your device or designate text to be hyper-linked.

    You can link/upload jpg, gif, and png images. The minimum dimensions of the image should be 320x240 and should be less than 3MB in file size.

    You can embed YouTube and Vine videos either by pasting the links to the video pages directly into the post or by clicking on the Video insert button located on the toolbar.

    You can also embed Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts to your myTake.

    You can add up to 15 embedded photos/videos to your myTakes. For questions this number is 5. If you have more than 5 images in your question or opinion, only 5 will be embedded, the rest will appear as links.

    Please remember, nothing explicit or offensive! Keep it relatively clean, guys!

    To insert links you need to be Xper Level 2+.
  • What are Xper points? What are Xper Levels?

    You can earn Xper points by sharing content on GirlsAskGuys. Xper points determine your Xper Level and the features you can use on the site. You can also redeem your Xper points for various prizes.

    For more info on Xper point system, such as how you can earn and lose Xper points, what prizes you can redeem your Xper points for, please visit the "Xper" tab on FAQ
  • What are Most Helpful Opinions (MHO)?

    A Most Helpful Opinion (MHO) is an Opinion the Question Asker or myTake Owner voted as Most Helpful to them.

    Users can select two MHO's for their questions and myTakes; one girl opinion and one guy opinion. The MHO selected opinions appear on top of all other opinions on the Question/myTake page; with a blue and pink star. To select a MHO on your post, click the "mho" icon with a star located on the bottom right of the opinion you want to select, then click "okay."

    The Question Asker or myTake Owner earns 1 Xper point for selecting MHO per gender. So they can earn up to 2 Xper points for selecting an MHO for each gender. The Opinion Owner awarded MHO earns 7 Xper points.

    To be able to select MHO for your questions and myTakes, you must wait 24 hours after posting the question/myTake. If the Question Asker or myTake Owner does not select MHO for a gender within 30 days, the system will automatically choose one MHO for that gender. Selection criteria is based on several different attributes. The Question Asker or myTake Owner does not earn Xper points for these auto-selections but the Opinion Owner will earn +3 Xper points.
  • What is MHO%?

    MHO% is the ratio of the number of your opinions that are selected as Most Helpful Opinion, to the total number of your eligible opinions (your eligible opinions are the opinions you posted for questions and myTakes that have MHO selected for your gender after you post your opinion).

    Your MHO% is not affected if you post an opinion to a question or myTake which has the MHO already selected for your gender. Likewise, your MHO% is not affected until the question asker or myTake Owner selectes MHO for your gender.
    For example, if you shared 150 Opinions on 150 Questions, and 100 questions' MHOs were selected after you post an opinion, and out of these 100 selections, 50 of your opinions were selected MHO, your MHO% would be 50% (50 out of 100).

    While browsing the site, you will also see MHO% badges. Users who have less than 10% MHO will have grey text (ex: mho 4%). Users who have between 10 and 19% MHO have a grey badge icon with a dark grey star and dark grey text (ex: mho 12%). Users who have greater than 20% MHO will have a gender color badge with a white star and white mho text (ex: mho 25%).

    Higher MHO% users' opinions are displayed on top of other opinions by default. The only exceptions are Users you follow and Master level users, which are always displayed on the top. However, you can change the opinion sorting on questions and myTakes. There is a dropdown with 4 options: MHO%, Best, Time, and Xper Level, but the default is MHO%.

    Every week, we feature the previous week's Most Helpful G@Gers in our G@G News. This reflects the MHO % only for the previous week, it does not reflect their total MHO %. Top MHO users of the week are awarded 250 Xper points each week.
  • What are the rules for posting on GirlsAskGuys? Why was my post removed?

    GirlsAskGuys reserves the right to edit content to ensure quality and to remove content that is inappropriate or abusive. We will remove content that breaks the law, is indecent or obscene, which defames anyone based on race, religion, disability, etc, or which is otherwise viewed as offensive by contemporary community standards.

    A Moderator, Super Moderator, or Uber Moderator may hide your post if it is considered to be against the site rules. Or an Admin may directly remove your post. A hidden post will be re-evaulated by our Admin team and if the Moderator decision is right it will be removed from the site permanently. In some cases an Admin can reinstate a Moderator hidden post.

    When a post of yours is hidden or removed you will receive a message with a general explanation as to why your post was hidden or removed. If you think the decision was not right please send a message through Contact and we will check the decision to remove the post. Please DO NOT post Questions/myTakes asking why specific posts were removed, as those Questions/myTakes will be removed as well. Come to us with those questions :-)

    Our general posting guidelines are as follows:

    Adult Topic – These are posts that contain overly sexual content posted by users under 18. Our members must be 18+ to ask “how to” sexual Questions. Posts that provide too many sexually graphic details by a member who is under 18 are removed for their protection. This is sexually related content that would not be presented in a high school Sexual Education course.
    For example, for those under 18, a Sexuality Question such as, "Why do guys get pleasure from nude pics?" is fine while "Best way to turn on a guy friend?" is not.

    Antagonistic – While we encourage lively debate, personal attacks and posts that bait or antagonize are removed. Sometimes it’s just a matter of rephrasing it so that it doesn't have a hostile tone.
    For example, "You're an idiot!" will be removed.

    Duplicate – If you've already posted a particular Question/myTake, please do not post it again as it will be removed. If you’re wanting more Opinions, please consider featuring the Question (750 Xper points) or share it via social media.
    Also, duplicate accounts are never allowed under any circumstances. We only allow each member ONE GirlsAskGuys account so as to avoid clutter within the site.

    Explicit – These are posts that contain depictions of overly graphic violence or sexually explicit details (text, images, videos or links) that are considered poor quality content. Full nudes and posts that encourage or glorify bestiality/incest are removed as explicit. Sexual responses to non-sexual Questions are also removed for this reason.
    Pictures that cover genitals and women's nipples are allowed. .

    Grammar – If your post has so many abbreviations or spelling/grammar mistakes, it will be removed. Also, please remember to post only in English. We do have a Turkish site:, a Spanish site: However, Replies in other languages are allowed.
    For example, “i wld luv tht 2 b awsm.” will be removed.

    Member Posts – We do not allow members to talk negatively of other GAGers in posts.
    For example, "[username] is a stupid jerk!" will be removed.
    - ALL *Questions and Takes* about specific members in a negative way are removed as Member Posts.

    No Sexuality Topic – All sexuality related Questions/myTakes must be in one of the two sexuality topics (sexual Behavior or Sexual Health). If a sexual Question/myTake is posted without a sexuality topic, it will be reported by our moderation team.

    Nonsense – Posts that are irrelevant to GirlsAskGuys, or posts that don’t contain enough details will be removed. If the post is so unrelated or pointless that it will annoy our members or if the entry does not have details at all for it to make sense, it will be removed.
    For example, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” "Help me with my homework!" or "Ask me anything!" will be removed.

    Offensive – If your post contains content that is blatantly insulting, degrading or distasteful, it will be removed. Healthy debates are encouraged, but blatant racism, sexism, and attacks towards groups of people are not.

    Spam – If you include links or personal information for the sole purpose of advertisement or solicitation, your post will be removed. If the post is just advertisement or solicitation, it will be removed.
    - Questions/myTakes only asking for others to chat will be removed as Spam.

    Underage - Members must be at least 13 years old to be a part of GirlsAskGuys. All posts and accounts from members under 13 will be removed from the site and their membership cancelled.

    How Do I Look topic - If the question or myTake should belong to the “How Do I Look” topic but instead was shared in another topic, it will be reported by our moderation team.

    Suicidal Tendencies - Posts that glorify suicide, questions asking ways to commit suicide or giving suicide ideas, or opinions that encourage suicide will be removed. Example: “What’s the best way to commit suicide”, “Go kill yourself.” These posts are removed and we send the user a help message informing them how to get help.
  • What is Live Feed? How can I filter my Live Feed?

    Live Feed is a tool that displays members' activity in real time. On the Live Feed, you can see all members’ activities in the topics you follow.

    You can filter your Live Feed as well, making it easier than ever to go straight to what you're wanting to see! You can filter by gender and users you follow!

    For example, if you click Guys, you'll see ONLY posts from guys.
    Another example, if you click Girls, then choose users followed icon (buddy icon) you will see posts only from girls you follow.
    When you filter by users you follow, you will see member's activity in all topics.

    Your settings will be automatically saved when you leave the Live Feed so on your next visit you will see the same filter setup results.
  • Who are Followers? How can I Follow other members?

    Followers are site members who seem to have liked your advice and decided to follow you, so that next time when you post a question, an opinion, a reply, or a take, they can get notified on My Feed. They are your fans!

    If you are uneasy about someone following your activities, no worries; you can block them.

    To follow a member you can go to the member’s profile and click Follow. If someone follows you first, you can easily follow them back by clicking on the "buddy" icon in the top right corner of the "box" where their username is.
    If, at any point, you would like to stop following someone, simply click Unfollow from their profile page or your Following list.
    On Desktop, you can also hover your mouse over a username on questions/opinions and click the Follow icon (buddy icon) to Follow them.

    When another member follows you, you will see a notification next to your Follows menu item, on your profile and in your drop down menu.
    If your profile is private, you will receive a notification to let you approve or deny the follow request from that user.
  • What is Following a Member or Topic?

    Following is a feature that allows you to customize your Live Feed, as well as all of the other content pages. By using the different filters you can choose to see only the activity related with members or topics you follow.

    You can see all your follows in your profile under "Follows".
  • What is a private profile?

    Making your profile private means only users you are following and who you approve to follow you can see your profile information. If you have a private profile, you will receive Follow requests, awaiting your Approval or Denial for any new Followers.

    To make your profile private, go to My Settings, under Privacy Settings. Check the box labeled Set profile private and click Save.
  • What are Privacy settings? How can I update my Privacy settings?

    - Go to your Profile/Settings Page (Settings page can be accessed from the top right user menu)
    - Scroll down to "Privacy" settings
    - Check the "Set profile private" box to make your profile private.
    - Check "Allow messages only from people I follow" to receive messages only from the users you are following.
    - Check the "Hide activity from users I blocked" box if you do not want to see the site activity of users you have blocked in your Live Feed
    - Click "Save" to save your changes
  • What is blocking? How do I block another member?

    If you are uneasy about someone messaging you or following your activities, no worries; you can just block them. There are several ways to block a member:

    - You can go to that member's profile page and click the Block icon X.
    - Also, on desktop version when you hover your mouse over a username, you click the X to block them.
    - If you'd received messages from a member that you'd now like to block, you can block them from your inbox by clicking the X.

    Blocked users cannot message or @mention you, they cannot Follow you or your questions/takes, they cannot share their opinions on your questions/takes, they cannot reply to your opinions, and they cannot like your posts... UNLESS you post anonymously.
    Whether you post anonymously or not, a blocked user can never send you private messages (remember to delete the existing conversation BEFORE blocking).

    If you do not want to see blocked users activity, you can go to your profile settings and check the box that says, "Hide activity from users I blocked" and then click save. This will hide the users activity from your site feed as well as the recent questions page, poll page, popular questions page, and myTakes page. You will still see their opinions or replies on individual question pages though.

    Please keep in mind that when you block a user, you are blocked back. You cannot @mention them, you cannot Follow them or their questions/takes, you cannot share your opinions on their questions/takes, you cannot reply to their opinions, and you cannot like their posts... UNLESS they post anonymously.
    Whether they post anonymously or not, you can never send them private messages. You can see a list of user that you blocked on your profile under "Blocks".

    If you want to block an Anonymous user, please click (or tap, for mobile) where it says "Anonymous" on the post and click "Yes" to Block. They will no longer be able to interact with you anonymously on that post and all future posts. To reset your Anonymous blocks, just go to the "Blocks" page on your profile, click on the tab that says "Anonymous" and then click "Unblock." Click for more info on blocking.

  • How can I block a certain Topic?

    Blocking a Topic prevents you from having to see those questions in Site Feed, My Feed, and list pages. Basically, it lets you omit all posts from that Topic.
    To block a topic go to the "By Topic" pages from Questions or myTakes menu on the top header and click Block next to the Topic in the Topic list.

    To manage your Block list, go to Blocks from your profile page.
  • How do I select which notifications I want to receive?

    - Go to your Profile/Settings Page (Settings page can be accessed from the top right user menu)
    - Underneath "Privacy" settings you should see "Notifications" settings
    - Check the boxes for which notifications you want to receive
    - Click "Save"
  • What are @Mentions and how can I mention someone?

    You can mention a user in a question's details, a myTake's details, an opinion, or a reply by using the @ symbol in front of their username. For example: @GirlsAskGuys

    When a user is mentioned, they'll be notified (click Mentions from their profile page). When they check that notification, they'll be taken directly to where they're mentioned on the question/take page.

    Please keep in mind that you cannot mention a user who has blocked you, you cannot mention an invalid username, you cannot mention someone if you post anonymously, and you cannot use mentions in question/myTake titles.
  • What are #hashtags?

    #hashtags help you tag certain keywords or key phrases you'd like to emphasize and create a search page gathering results from your hashtagged keywords.

    Within your post, use the # symbol before the word or phrase. For example: #BeingSingle.
  • What is G@G News?

    We bet you notice a box at the top right hand side of most GirlsAskGuys pages... G@G News! This is so that we can get information to you guys faster and simpler. Use the arrows to go through all of the messages to see what's going on in the G@G world!
  • What are those little icons I see next to some posts?

    We let you know, right from Site Feed, My Feed, or any question/take list page, if you've already seen or shared opinion on a question/take!
    There are indicators that will appear on the right side of the question/take title, next to the timestamp.

    Eye = You've seen that question/take before, you have been to the question/take page.
    Checkmark = You're already shared an opinion on that question/myTake.
    Buddy = It's a post from a user you follow.
    Pink or Blue flame = Popular (hot) post trending on the site.
  • Why did the system choose a Most Helpful Opinion (MHO) for me?

    If, after 30 days, you haven't chosen and selected Most Helpful opinion per each gender, one will automatically be chosen for you.
    The Question Asker/myTake Owner will not receive Xper points for these automatic selections. However, the user awarded Most Helpful will still get +3 Xper points.
    Automatic MHOs are chosen per gender based on engagement: likes, replies, length, time, xper level, among other criteria. As long as you're giving helpful opinions, we'll find them!
  • Who are Editors? How to become an Editor?

    Editors are GAG users who have consistently written informative, interesting, or helpful myTakes. When a user is awarded Editor status, all of the myTakes they write will be instantly promoted. Like always, 25 xper points will be earned for every promoted myTake and 100 xper points will be earned for each featured myTake! Editors can post 5 myTakes every 24 hours, regardless of their Xper level. Featured myTakes are myTakes that the admins select to be highlighted at the top of the myTakes page and on the SiteFeed. The admin staff still reviews the published content and then will make the decision to "feature" it on the homepage or un-promote the myTake. Editor users can also edit their own myTakes! However, they can only make edits to their myTakes within 48 hours of posting.

    To become an Editor, keep writing great myTakes! MyTakes that are copy and pasted content from other sites will be removed.

    For more information on Editors and how to become an Editor, check out our myTake: Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!
  • What are Topic Influencers on GAG?

    Topic Influencers are members of our community who have a high MHO%, ask engaging questions, and have high overall interaction in certain topics on the site. These members have been identified as helpful, knowledgeable, or simply post interesting content about specific topics.

    When a Topic Influencer asks a question or posts a myTake in their designated topic, the post will automatically be promoted and featured on the site. Similarly, when a Topic Influencer posts an opinion to a question in their Topic, their opinion will appear at the top of the default sorting list for their gender. Influencers can have 5 open questions and post 5 myTakes every 24 hours, regardless of their Xper level. These members can also add their social media accounts to display on their profiles!

    Topic Influencers' posts will be marked with a purple Influencer badge next to their username.
  • What is a cover image and what is mood text?

    A cover image is a larger image you can upload on your profile. You can add another image of yourself, you can add a meme or something funny you’ve found, whatever you’re wanting to use to express yourself. Please remember that G@G isn’t an adult site, so keep the photos clean!
    Mood text is like a status update. It can be changed as often as you want, but please remember that posting rules apply, so nothing offensive, antagonistic, or explicit.

    To add, click the pencil (top right of image) to upload an image from your computer.
    Click the pencil (top right of mood text box) to change your status.
  • What is liking a post and what does it do?

    The like button is the 'thumbs up' icon located at the bottom left of each post. This is a way to show appreciation for that content.

    Liking a question or myTake sends a notification to that Question Asker or myTake Owner saying you liked their content. For Opinions, the like feature takes the place of up voting in the past. If a post is liked more than 5 times, it will give the Question Asker, myTake Owner, or Opinion Owner +3 Xper points.
  • How can I mute/un-mute notifications?

    If you no longer want to recieve notifications for a specific post, simply click the button that says "mute" located in the overflow menu on the top right corner of the question. This will "mute" notifications for new Opinions, new Replies, Mentions, MHO awards, and "like" notifications.

    By clicking "unmute" the post will be unmuted and the user will receive all new notifications.

    This button is visible to the Question Asker/myTake Owner, anyone who left an Opinion on the question/myTake, and anyone who left a reply on the question/myTake.