GirlsAskGuys FAQ

The most frequently asked questions are listed here. If you still need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • What is G@G News?

    We bet you notice a box at the top right hand side of most GirlsAskGuys pages... G@G News! This is so that we can get information to you guys faster and simpler. Use the arrows to go through all of the messages to see what's going on in the G@G world!
  • What is the Live Feed?

    Live Feed is a tool that displays members' activity in real time. On the Live Feed, you can see all members’ activities in the topics you follow.

    You can filter your Live Feed as well, making it easier than ever to go straight to what you're wanting to see! You can filter by gender and users you follow!

    For example, if you click Guys, you'll see ONLY posts from guys.
    Another example, if you click Girls, then choose users followed icon (buddy icon) you will see posts only from girls you follow.
    When you filter by users you follow, you will see member's activity in all topics.

    Your settings will be automatically saved when you leave the Live Feed so on your next visit you will see the same filter setup results.
  • What are those little icons I see next to some posts?

    We let you know right from Live Feed or any question/myTake list page, if you've already seen or shared an opinion on a question/myTake!
    There are indicators that will appear on the right side of the question/myTake title, next to the timestamp.

    Eye = You've seen that question/take before, you have been to the question/myTake page.
    Checkmark = You're already shared an opinion on that question/myTake.
    Buddy = It's a post from a user you follow.
    Pink or Blue flame = Popular (hot) post trending on the site.
  • What are expired questions?

    All questions posted in the "How do I look?" topic will automatically expire after 24 hours. This means that after 24 hours, no one will be able to view your question anymore, not even the members who shared an Opinion. Expired questions are only visible to the Asker. No more activity (new replies, updates, MHO selection, etc.) is allowed on expired questions either. The question will be effectively expired and not visible to any outside sources.

    If you post in the wrong topic by mistake and your question is moved to the How do I look? topic, the 24 hour countdown to expire will begin from the time the topic is changed. You can identify an expired question on the questions page of your profile by the small clock symbol beside the expired question.
  • What is Following a Member or Topic?

    Following is a feature that allows you to customize your Live Feed, as well as all of the other content pages. By using the different filters you can choose to see only the activity related with members or topics you follow. You can see all your follows in your profile under "Follows".
  • Who are Followers? How can I Follow other members?

    Followers are site members who seem to have liked your advice and decided to follow you, so that next time when you post a question, an opinion, a reply, or a myTake, they can get notified. They are your fans! If you are uneasy about someone following your activities, no worries; you can block them.

    To follow a member you can go to the member’s profile and click Follow. If someone follows you first, you can easily follow them back by clicking on the "buddy" icon in the top right corner of the "box" where their username is.

    If, at any point, you would like to stop following someone, simply click Unfollow from their profile page or your Following list. On Desktop, you can also hover your mouse over a username on questions/opinions and click the Follow icon (buddy icon) to Follow them.

    When another member follows you, you will see a notification next to your Follows menu item, on your profile and in your drop down menu. If your profile is private, you will receive a notification to let you approve or deny the follow request from that user.
  • What is blocking? How do I block another member?

    If you are uneasy about someone messaging you or following your activities, no worries; you can just block them. There are several ways to block a member:

    - You can go to that member's profile page and click the Block button.
    - Also, on desktop version when you hover your mouse over a username, you click the block icon to block them.

    Blocked users cannot message or @mention you, they cannot Follow you or your questions/myTakes, they cannot share their opinions on your questions/myTakes, they cannot reply to your opinions, and they cannot like your posts... UNLESS you post anonymously. Whether you post anonymously or not, a blocked user can never send you private messages (just remember to delete the existing conversation BEFORE blocking).

    If you do not want to see blocked users activity, you can go to your profile settings and check the box that says, "Hide activity from users I blocked" and then click save. This will hide the users activity from your Live Feed as well as the recent questions page, poll page, popular questions page, and myTakes page. You will still see their opinions or replies on individual question pages though.

    Please keep in mind that when you block a user, you are blocked back. You cannot @mention them, you cannot Follow them or their questions/myTakes, you cannot share your opinions on their questions/myTakes, you cannot reply to their opinions, and you cannot like their posts... UNLESS they post anonymously. Whether they post anonymously or not, you can never send them private messages. You can see a list of users that you blocked on your profile under "Blocks".

    If you want to block an Anonymous user, just click (or tap, for mobile) where it says "Anonymous" on the post and click "Yes" to Block. They will no longer be able to interact with you anonymously on that post and all future posts. To reset your Anonymous blocks, just go to the "Blocks" page on your profile, click on the tab that says "Anonymous" and then click "Unblock." Click for more info on blocking.

  • How do I block a certain Topic?

    Blocking a Topic prevents you from having to see those questions in your Live Feed and list pages. Basically, it lets you omit all posts from that Topic. To block a topic go to the Topic you want to block from the top menu, then click on the overflow icon to the right of the topic description, and click Block.

    To manage your Block list, go to Blocks from your profile page.
  • How can members private message each other?

    You can communicate directly with other members by sending and receiving private messages (PM) to the member(s) of your choice. You must be Xper level 2+ to send a private message. Keep in mind that some members may also only allow private messages from users they are following due to their Privacy Settings.

    To send your first message, visit the member's profile and enter your message in the Send a Message feature.
  • How do I select which notifications I want to receive?

    - Go to your Profile/Settings Page (Settings page can be accessed from the top right user menu)
    - Underneath "Privacy" settings you should see "Notifications" settings
    - Check the boxes for which notifications you want to receive
    - Click "Save"
  • How do I mute/un-mute notifications?

    If you no longer want to recieve notifications for a specific post, simply click the button that says "mute" located in the overflow menu on the top right corner of the question. This will "mute" notifications for new Opinions, new Replies, Mentions, MHO awards, and "like" notifications.

    By clicking "unmute" the post will be unmuted and the user will receive all new notifications.

    This button is visible to the Question Asker/myTake Owner, anyone who left an Opinion on the question/myTake, and anyone who left a reply on the question/myTake.
  • What is liking a post and what does it do?

    The like button is the 'thumbs up' icon located at the bottom left of each post. This is a way to show appreciation for that content.

    Liking a question or myTake sends a notification to that Question Asker or myTake Owner saying you liked their content. For Opinions, the like feature takes the place of up voting in the past. If a post is liked more than 5 times, it will give the Question Asker, myTake Owner, or Opinion Owner +3 Xper points.
  • What are @Mentions and how can I mention someone?

    You can mention a user in a question's details, a take's details, an opinion, or a reply by using the @ symbol in front of their username. For example: @GirlsAskGuys

    When a user is mentioned, they'll be notified (click Mentions from their profile page). When they check that notification, they'll be taken directly to where they're mentioned on the question/take page.

    Please keep in mind that you cannot mention a user who has blocked you, you cannot mention an invalid username, you cannot mention someone if you post anonymously, and you cannot use mentions in question/take titles.
  • What are Topic Influencers on GAG?

    Topic Influencers are members of our community who have a high MHO%, ask engaging questions, and have high overall interaction in certain topics on the site. These members have been identified as helpful, knowledgeable, or simply post interesting content about specific topics.

    When a Topic Influencer posts an opinion to a question in their Topic, their opinion will appear at the top of the default sorting list for their gender. Influencers can have 5 open questions and post 5 myTakes every 24 hours, regardless of their Xper level. These members can also add their social media accounts to display on their profiles!

    Topic Influencers' posts will be marked with a purple Influencer badge next to their username.
  • Who are Editors? How do I become an Editor?

    Editors are GAG users who have consistently written informative, interesting, or helpful myTakes. When a user is awarded Editor status, all of the myTakes they write will be instantly promoted. Like always, 25 xper points will be earned for every promoted myTake and 100 xper points will be earned for each featured myTake! Editors can post 5 myTakes every 24 hours, regardless of their Xper level. The admin staff still reviews the published content and then will make the decision to "feature" it on the homepage or un-promote the myTake. Editor users can also edit their own myTakes! However, they can only make edits to their myTakes within 48 hours of posting. To become an Editor, keep writing great myTakes!

    For more information on Editors and how to become an Editor, check out our myTake: Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!
  • What are "Great" Questions? What is a Featured Question?

    Featured Questions are "Great" questions that are highlighted on all question list pages, the Live Feed, and our Homepage! This exposure helps get more opinions on your question.

    A "Great" question is a question that our content team thinks is interesting, unique, and engaging! Great questions can be about any topic that is getting popular in our community. Adding good quality images to your post can help your question stand out more in order to be selected as "Great" too! Having a question selected as "Great" will earn you an extra 4 Xper points, you will receive a message letting you know when this happens.
  • What is inviting a user to my question or myTake and how do I do it?

    If you want more opinions on your questions and myTakes and know users who you think give great Opinions, send them an invite to your post so they can be notified and leave a response! There are multiple ways you can invite friends to your questions and myTakes.

    1) By going to their individual profile
    2) From your follows/followers page, by clicking the overflow menu in the box beside their name
    3) On your individual question or myTake page, by clicking the overflow menu in the top right corner
    4) At the bottom of your question or myTake page, clicking the orange "Invite Friends" button

    By doing any of the actions above, you will see a pop-up box of your followers and users you follow to allow you to select which members you want to invite and they will be notified to your posts!

    Note: If you post anonymously, you cannot invite users to your question or myTake.
  • How can I disable Ads?

    There are multiple ways you can reach an ad-free environment on GirlsAskGuys.

    1. Reach Xper Level 7.

    2. Meet the "daily requirements": When you post a certain amount of activity on the site, you will not see ads for 24 hours.
    - Post at least 20 Opinions
    - Your myTake gets promoted
    In these cases, allow a couple of minutes for ad-free status to be activated after you reach the post numbers.

    3. Become a GirlsAskGuys Editor, Influencer, or Moderator. These members do not see ads.
  • What are #hashtags?

    Just as on some other social media sites, GirlsAskGuys also uses #hashtags to help you tag certain keywords or key phrases you'd like to emphasize and create a search page gathering results from your hashtagged keywords.

    Within your post, use the # symbol before the word or phrase. For example: #BeingSingle
  • What are badges and how do I earn them?

    Badges are our way of recognizing your accomplishments and milestones on GAG! You can earn badges by completing specific actions or tasks around the site.

    From your profile page, you should see a tab titled "Badges." From this page, you can see all of the available badges with a short description of how to earn them. Some badges can be earned multiple times too! In that case, you will see an orange circle in the top right corner displaying the number of times you have reached that achievement. Be active on GAG and see how many you can earn!