7 Stupid Things Women Tell Men

Not gonna waste any time with much of an intro about this Take, because there really is no special opening for it, so let's just get...

Since Women "Don't Need No Man", here's my plan for getting over it...

Whenever you ask any girl “Do you need a man?” the answer's always going to be "NO"- not a single girl'll answer "yes". There is...

Stop getting dating advice from girls

Girls will never tell you the truth. They will never tell you what works in dating or not. They will say things like well it's about...

How to make all guys respect you!

To all women out here reading this Take, I will tell you how to get guys to respect you, no bullshit tips. I see women worrying about...

Women force men to be better and more successful

Women love strong, confident, successful men. They choose those men. That means men have to compete, work hard and improve themselves....

Response: Why girls have lingerie parties?

My first ever myTake is here! So there's this question that's quite popular today by @chris_987 and I wanted to answer this separately,...

What I Learned About Women decades in the Friend Zone

Last night I was called by a friends with benefits and we had sex. A few Hours later I found myself on a date first date with a...

How to deal with extreme baby fever?

I’m 16 years old and I’ve recently been wanting to have a baby so badly. They’re just so cute, I want my own kid to care for and cuddle....

To Be Ignored Or Not To Be Ignored?

Please before anything make sure that you know what "Love" really means or at least you haven't a cheap perspective of love. I wonder...

How do guys feel about girls who post every second of their life?

This is one of my pet peeves. Girls who post online every thing that happens at every moment. Is this a turn off or is it just me?

Why would a girl go after a insecure guy?

Like I have never really dated and usually women avoid me like the plague because I never smile and I’m not really social I mainly keep...

Are you attracted to older men (asking for a friend)?

Let's assume the man is reasonably attractive and fit. If so, why?

Girls, (HONEST OPINION) why are girls/women quick to say no without knowing him?

Please don't say "it's female intuition" that he is trouble. I mean I could argue girls go by that same intuition and date boy boys who...

What do girls with daddy issues act like?

Cause tbh all girls act the same regardless if they had a father to me

What do you blame yourself for?

Anything in particular?

The angry black woman stereotype is it true?

Now, I don't know but I have seen a lot of articles regarding black women going AKA Vegeta "Power level over 5000!" angry. For little...

Guys, why are women so irresponsible and immature as adults in your opinion?

Just a quick thought on why it is the way it is. I know a lot of girls want to immediately jump to, IM NOT, I DO IT ALL, ITS JUST YOU!...

Would you stop shaving if your SO asked you to?

The price of Razors is too damn high! And poor ladies have to drag this metal blade on so many areas of their bodies no wonder they are...

Do hot girls usually get away with stalking?

Cyber stalking and sometimes in person.

Does the way she act means she just wants attention?

There's this girl who works with the same company as I do, but she's at a different store. I go over there 2-3 times a week. Frequently...

Is it wrong to accept a gift from someone who has feelings for you, if you don’t feel the same?

This girl I work with has had a crush on me for a while, she’s sweet but she’s not really my type. She thinks I can’t tell she likes me...

Girls, which of the following typical female items would always be visible in your bathroom or bedroom?

In other words, which is these is most typical for you, and will certainly always be around if one would look around in your personal...

Girls, would you sleep with your male friends?

Inspired in the reverse question by @AlongCameCindy, where the results speek for themselves. Now let's find out if girls want to be such...