Things Girls Are Better At

Before you read this myTake I know many men will say but there is things that men are better at too. Maybe, but in this myTake I'm only...

A quick angry message to girls

You don't want to chat, just let us know instead of ignoring messages! Don't tell me you appreciate the friendship and you want to be...

Being infertile makes me feel empty inside!

Being infertile makes me feel empty. It makes me wonder what my purpose in life is. I often wonder what growing old childless will be...

Most cool and badass women in human history

This myTake is my reply to this question that has been posted recently Women can't be cool! saying that women can't be cool or badass. I...

Women can't be cool!

My theory on this is that there is possibly some truth to it. The cool energy that men give off comes from the fact that we males deep...

Thank you to the silent majority of women

Because we constantly hear about feminists, SJWs, bitter women, female incels and other bad women bashing us men or hurting us, we tend...

Just being one of the guys!

My problem with girls who are "Just being one of the guys". A Guy's Girl Everyone has met this type of woman. The one who claims that...

Girls, how true is this statement in your life? Guys, do you find it easier to get a woman if you seem to be well off?

Money for me is a non-issue. I make my own money and wouldn't hesitate to date a guy solely based on the fact that he doesn't earn well.

What do girls like most in guys?

Tbh I don't really understand much about girls but I'm curious

Girls, Ladies; Body, butt or dick?

What attribute is most important, physically, in terms of what makes you hot or turns you on about a guy? Hot body, nice butt or BIG...

Dwelling on past mistakes?

lately I've been dwelling on things I've done, anxiety gets the better of me sometimes and i can't shake the dwelling feelings. Today i...

Should I go for it?

So, there is this girl that I really like. I wanna know if I should go for it or nah. We were in class and we had a good conversation....

Do I have a right to yell at and boss other Parents around for for not following my rules?

I see my estranged sister and my daughter who is a total brat at the park having a birthday party for one of her friends. She and her...

I met her on a dating website and we went out several times.. We have different religious views and that's what happened. How should I treat her?

we used to talk dialy for hours on whatsapp. She always hinted that she can't date someone from different religion but i decided to ask...

Girls, Do you sit near guys you find attractive in lecture?

So just had a girl in my lecture walk in make eye contact with me then sit in the seat diagonally from me right behind me She also kept...

Why do you wear a bra?

Why are you wearing a bra, isn't it more comfortable to walk around without a bra?

Girls, have you ever gotten physical with another girl? Guys have you ever seen 2 girls fighting?

Were you/they drunk, and it was kind of funny, or was it a very serious fight that had to be stopped.

Should a wife only wear a string bikini in public when her husband is with her?

A place where there are, or the potential for men to be around like a pool, park, beach, boat, etc.

Girls, Share an interesting/cool thing your mom/dad did or perhaps someone in your family?

For instance, my mom used to be an actress and she did quite a few bollywood films in the 90s... this one is her most famous role though...

(SORRY if this is a cliched question) A girl you have spoken to rarely says hi to you every time you're around her. Which is the most probable reason?

1. We're in high school. 2. I like her (not as a friend). 3. We don't talk much. 4. I gave her chocolates on Valentine's day anonymously...

Women, would you cut off your male friends after marriage if your husband demands it?

For example, if after marriage you have a male friend and your husband doesn't want you to talk to him, would you cut your male friend...

Why is my friend mad at me for sleeping with his friend?

Why is my friend not talking to me after I slept with his friend? My male friend of three years invited me on a camping trip. I know...

Will she reach out again?

I had a friend through highschool I really liked, but she wasn't ever a good friend. She'd only hang out with me just to try to get me...

Does anybody else ignore women?

People taught me growing up that You have to ignore 50% of the things women say, they’ll make you mad. & I’m starting to realize how...

Is she wearing butt pads?

They’re not implants, she showed me her bare butt... I just couldn’t really tell.. She was sitting on a sink.. Her chest doesn’t even...

Girls, would you date a short guy?

Not a midget but a guy who's shorter than average height for guys? That's 5'8 or shorter I have a friend I'm trying to prove wrong....