Why I Think Being An Introvert Is Ruining My Life

First of all I'd like to address that I was always a shy and closed type of person, never have been one to embrace the love from guys...

Women equally contribute to women's oppression! Part One.

There is a saying that "a woman is another woman's enemy," and "a woman can make a home and break a home." I strongly believe in these...

Loser Women and How to Screen Them Out

You guys may never have thought that there is actually such thing as a loser woman. When we give so much value to vaginas how can a...

The 5 Best Types of Women Ever!

Cycling girls Cycling = thick thighs. Good cardiovascular health, very feminine women. Calves, OMG calves. Super hot! Gymnastic girls...

Things Girls Are Better At

Before you read this myTake I know many men will say but there is things that men are better at too. Maybe, but in this myTake I'm only...

A quick angry message to girls

You don't want to chat, just let us know instead of ignoring messages! Don't tell me you appreciate the friendship and you want to be...

Being infertile makes me feel empty inside!

Being infertile makes me feel empty. It makes me wonder what my purpose in life is. I often wonder what growing old childless will be...

Do you think gender stereotypes are far from reality?

I am fan of equality and all but I don't understand when they say inequality starts from toys and during childhood. How many girls are...

Why hasn’t my girlfriend blocked her ex or told him to stop contacting her?

He’s been in touch several times with her, and she just doesn’t tell him to stop contacting him. She hasn’t even blocked him. She has...

Can anyone help on this?

My sister goes to a salon and she’s known the woman there since she was thirteen quite a while lol, but she has seemed to turn on her a...

I don't understand why is she acting like that?

There is this girl I know for a year and we just have been friends, recently she kept flirting with me, saying I she have nice hair, and...

Public mastubation?

Ladies, have you ever masturbated in public? If so where and how?

Why she start laughing when the song came on the radio?

I was in the car with my friend and cousin who were both girls. She was scrolling through the songs and the suddenly the song friends by...

Ladies what do you think of woman who date older men?

Okay so woman let’s get real and juicy now, what do you think of woman that date older men? As in young woman in their late teens 18-19...

Why do I still think about this at night?

it's been 8 months since my ex best friend and I ended things really badly. I knew her for 6 years and it really just ended horribly...

Are biracial men seen as exotic to women?

Why I ask is because I have seen an increase in attention and flirting women are doing

Do you believe that you should always trust your intuition, no matter what?

Do you believe that you should always trust and follow your intuition no matter what, even if the logical side of your brain is telling...

Will she take this as I'm ignoring her?

I went on a date with a friend of mine, and it went ok. But she was very rude about how the date went. We went back and forth for a few...

Which girl is worse?

Zuri is 21 years old and a wedding planner. Zuri's cousin Zack is about to get married to her best friend Maria. Zuri is fully aware...

Girls, Honest opinion about my current profile pic?

Girls/ladies what do you think about my profile pic? Should I keep it or change it?

Girls, have you ever driven alone, or with just one other girl, in an old car that you were scared might break down leaving you vulnerable?

Please always have a cell phone on you with the batteries charged or with a car phone charger with you to get help... PLEASE!

Do you believe these instances?

If a girl/women says "Its Nothing" Do you believe that is the case? From my experience its always something with these women gender.

Is she still doing stuff?

I’ve known this woman for 5years. She’s a few years older than me. When she was younge. She did stuff to get my attention and flirted...

Girls, This girl had her hoodie on but still looked at me through it.. what’s up?

I’ve seen her around and I checked her out. She didn’t do anything the first time. But I saw her again and she had a hoodie on with the...

Can Men Wear Mules?

Do you girls think men can wear mules? I know a lot of women in the US do but not a lot of men, unlike in Europe, so why is that?

Girls, what type of guy do you like talking to?

Girls, when texting or talking with a guy, do you guys prefer someone who is:

She gave me her number at the store without me asking, does she like me?

She was wearing a denim dress just like this and had a beautiful face with sexy big framed glasses. She was so my type. At our store if...