What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

There are always questions we have about the opposite sex. It bothers us, we need to know, we don't understand, so here are a few. As...
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Feminism: Real vs Corrupted.

Real: Strives to be equal with all genders (men, women, others). Corrupted : Seeks superiority. Real: Doesn't force you to leave your...
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Modern day Feminists vision of equality: Women get the authority of elite figures, the privileges of women, and the accountability of children.

I understand a lot of goals for modern women to help them be respected more in society or be understood more and such or have more...
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Women can't make up their minds what they want.

I just watched a video were a woman was complaining about men being misogynistic and at the same time calling men momma boys. I found...
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Women lead other women to ruin

It's become painfully clear who is the cause of a majority of female suffering in the world- other women. Everyone is susceptible to...
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How to Ask a Woman Her Age

My take on women's age Why would I need to ask her age? To check her maturity level To check whether she's a jailbait To better connect...
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Men: Never Trust a Clown

Men shouldn't trust women who use excessive amounts of makeup. You would be wise to find the women who look good without using more than...
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Ek Villain Adds New Dimensions To The Good Girl Hypothesis!

Indian Movie Shows Realistic Good Girls : **extreme archetypes alert!! Ek Villain, CHARACTERS; RAKESH submissive guy is a murderer...
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Would You Compliment A Pick Me?

from what angle is the above girl "ew" is thought provoking. from her other poses, i really doubt she's insecure.

Girls, Why would she let me know that we can still be friends?

So I was talking to a lady about 8 years older than me. She has 2 kids and I already knew that. She was also recently divorced and has...

I hate being a girl is this normal?

Men just have it so much easier and yet women are the ones who are respected less.

As a girl, do would you get "annoyed" if you had a conventially "Unattractive" guy neighbor?

Almost every female neighbor I had had some animosity towards me either right from the get go or over time I've never spoken to them or...

Has a "black" person ever impressed you, how so?

Have you been impressed by someone who was "black", maybe they had exceptional skills or gifts you hadn't seen before. A few that come...
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Girls, would you care if a guy you're interested in asked you out over text instead of in-person?

I'm a guy who's a bit shy and never really took risks when it comes to romance out of fear of being rejected or things becoming awkward....

Girls, Can you be selfless?

Some guys think you girls are selfish. So they think you can’t be selfless. what’s your take?

Is it just me/a coincidence or are women who show more skin often more warm/friendly than women who cover up more?

By "show more skin" I mean stuff like tank tops and short shorts, and by "cover up more" I mean stuff like long sleeves and long...
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