Women Must Work On Themselves

There are some great women I meet here on GaG from time to time, who are actually intelligent and realistic, who have sex drives and...

Why confidence is actually a bad thing.

You hear it all the time. Women love confidence. Women are attracted to confidence. For many women, it is true, but it is to their own...

Oh rosy cheeks! I still love you!

A while back I posted a question asking if this photo was too provocative to post on instagram, and I got back lots of messages about my...

What happens to women who believe they are ugly?

Alright, so I'm a black woman, and being a black woman comes with a lot of ups and downs and one of the downs is dating... All my life,...

5 Reasons Why She Keep Bringing Up the Past?

"Help! For what reason does she keep raising the past? Nothing I can do is ever adequate." Sound recognizable? One reoccurring subject I...

An open window never lies

The eyes are the window to the soul. It's not just poetry, there's something almost mind-reading about staring into someone's eyes....

Everything I know about women

I recently “celebrated” my 65th birthday, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and this myTake will tell you everything I know about women....

Is it attractive when a girl has a very soft voice?

I usually speak very quietly and people used to ask me to repeat myself all the time, although I’ve gotten better in recent years.

Why do women taking flirting seriously?

I’m engaged, but I like to flirt around with other women. Nothing serious. I started a “flirtstionship” with her. She seemed to avoid me...

New too me extended period?

Hey has this ever happened to you? Like I have my period a few days ago and then went away. It also came back heavy? I have a IUD so it...

How do you feel about a girl courting a boy?

The usual setup is that when a boy likes a girl, he courts her. But when a girl likes a boy, how could she make it known to him without...

MEN.. Your girl comes up to you and says she wants to start a fans only page, what do you say?

Just had this discussion with one of my friends, interested in others opinions!

How to get this girl to chase me?

Alright she is a "co-worker" her cousin gave me her number and told me to talk to her I have since text her twice and no response from...

Are girls with deep voices attractive?

Is it attractive when a woman has a deep voice (like a mature woman’s) and not a very high pitched?

How are Instagram stories arranged?

There is girl who is my crush and she is following 1200 people and she happens to view my story 2 mins after I uploaded it? Could it...

Why many girls are so jealous of models?

Confusions and debates about beauty: Often when we talk about beautiful women people start to doubt that their beauty is 100% natural,...

Do women still want to be treated with respect?

I recently saw another person ask a question about how chivalry is no longer acceptable in the 21 century. I was raised to show respect...

What is your voice pitch?

Do you have a high, medium or low pitched voice? Have other people told you that your voice sound nice or weird in some capacity?

Girls and their Parents. Too much interest?

About a year ago, their was this cute girl I sat next to in geometry class. I helped her a lot with school; with homework, organization,...

Girls, why do you agree to meetup/hangout and then ghost?

I've asked this question before and got no female responses. I mean, I get that sometimes there are circumstances that influence it....

Do you believe the best way to a woman's heart is through her mind?

The best and in my opinion the only way to a woman's heart is through intellect. Women if you agree with this comment please list some...

Ladies, how do you feel about being called a good girl?

And I don't mean in the traditional "proper and modest" type of way. I mean what people may say when you've done a good job at...

A whole day passed and she still didn't answer me, it's normal?

Like she's is not online all the time, but she did connect a bit (one hour or two) and I don't know if she hasn't seen or ignored my...

Men are so unaesthetic / ugly that even makeup can't help it?

The girls and women are naturally so beautiful and aesthetic that they already look much appealing and goof compared to men , add to it...

Girls, is it a girl’s thing to go check the mirror before meeting someone?

I’m a guy and I really don’t go out of my way to check the mirror when I’m seeing my guy friends or people who I’m not interested

Guys, do you find that girls overanalyze things?

Example if you compliment a girl for being quite attractive and she would ask you the meaning of quite attractive?

I chase her, she ignores me. I ignore her, she chases me. Make sense of this?

So I met this girl at a party a few weeks ago. My gut feeling was that we instantly liked each other. A few days later she managed to...