Player's Wisdom

Player's Wisdom: Hi lovelies! I ran into a super cool high school friend of mine today. Dad wasn't too pleased to drive me for college...

Mental health as a student (online semester due to COVID-19 regulations)

I had an awful week and wanted to tell you about it to give you a idea of what studying at university during the pandemic is like. First...

My story and why young women need to stop searching for physical validation on social media from men

I know im no one but i really want to help girls on here from my own past mistakes. I see so many young girls on this site sexulising...

YOU are that BISH 😌

Yes, you heard me! YOU are that BISH! *This not a feminist post, or to offend anyone. All negative comments will be laughed at, and will...

Fifi's guide to being the cutest nymphet

I know this isn't wattpad lol but I'm still sharing this for any other nymphets on GaG, whether it's just a handful or not. Or maybe for...

Why women fall for you after one night stands

Note: This is not a woman-trapping take. Thank you! 1. You treat them like human Kindness speaks volumes. Most people get things done by...

Signs a shy girl you don't know likes you? The stranger in the morning.

Of course this was MY personal experience and what I found to happen. This may or may not be relevant and - I'll mention this again-...

What does the statement “girls run the world” mean?

The song always confused, if a guy made a song “men run the world” would it be sexist?

Why is me female friend upset with me for ignoring her after she cut me out of her life?

After she cut me out of her life because she believed lies about me being in love with her she also ignored me Nd appeared to. Hate me,...

What does girls mean by the word "Cute" ?

This word is confusing for boys. Do you like the guy if you call him cute. Or you innocently mean this word. Or you mean he is sexy. Or...

How do I defend myself against romeo or rapist?

I'm a slim and weak girl but I'm a looking sexy, so i always afraid to bad boys on streets 😓

My roommate is getting shy and awkward around me after becoming good friends with me, why?

few months ago a new roommate moved into the house i live in and she was shy and awkward when i first met her. after getting to know...

Girls, Are women aware that wearing a bikini is like wearing underwear in public?

Girls are so protective about visible panty lines but walk freely wearing bikini, why? Don't they feel shy!

She wanted to listen to my wedding song?

Was hanging out with some of my friends at this girls place. We were all joking around and I mentioned something about a song I wanted...

Have you ever been manipulated?

Have you ever been led on sexually and then after 2 months, suddenly rejected? Who leads someone on by sending them pictures in...

Girls, what do you find the most attractive on a man's body? What do you look for?

Feel free to add anything to the conversation :) I am really interested in your opinion

Does this girl like him as a friend, does she like like him or does she just like his attention?

- She is a shy and insecure girl who has known this guy for 3 years but got closer in the last few months. Before that they only saw...

Girls, Why do so many younger women like this guy that calls himself a King?

So many of them like him and he’s just a loser that wears nice clothes and he’s really really super like into himself. He’s confident...

Is it a coincidence that the same girl is always next to me in every group photo we’ve both been in for the last few years?

I’ve always been friends with her but never that close. And I never even realised until a mutual friend pointed it out.