Tips On The Women Men Must Avoid To Get In A Serious Relationship Or Marriage With?

Introduction: This Mytake is my personal advice based on what I have experienced personally and seen from others on what type of women...

Self-harm, EDs, suicide are a part of young people's lives now [teenager's perspective]

Young people make mistakes and, contrary to parent's and teacher's beliefs, we actually do have a particularly hard time growing up....

Don’t bother reading this... it needed to be said, and I had no one to say it to.

All of my life, all the signs have pointed to my not being good enough. I’m too shy, too nervous, too anxious, too isolated, too...

My "Phases" Through The 2010s🤣🤣

Fun little MyTake here which you can all laugh at- because some of my little "phases" throughout this decade are SO...

Women are incapable of desiring a man just based on picture.

Look at guys like Brad Pitt, Leo Dicaprio, Zack Efron, Ian Somerhalder, Chris Hemsworth they all look really hot and sexy for most...

Why the men that women choose always treat them like crap and why they always will.

We hear/read it all the time...some tearful young lady wondering why men are such assholes and where the "good" guys are. The obvious...

Topic: Irrational Woman! Why Are Women Irrational?

Let's start this off with a quote; Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are...

Why would a girl make it seem like she likes you but ask someone else out?

So this year, I entered college and made friends with this girl in my English class that I have like a huge crush one, and i was pretty...

Should I just move on from my crush or should I try harder?

So I like this girl that I’ve been following on instagram for 2 years now. About at least 1 or 2 months ago I told her that I liked her...

Why do girls try and say I'm a bad person because I want to have sex?

It usually goes like this: >I see girl I'm attracted to. >I talk to girl to make sure she's not a psychopath >I end up liking her. She...

This girl apparenlty got her nipples pierced but i'm not allowed to know?

i had this weird encounter with this girl earlier this year , i don't know the whole story but from what i know. at some point in the...

Should I go to a NYE party or stay home?

The train ride would be 2 hours, i do have a place to stay over. but every time i go to a party, i leave dissappointed and exhausted,...

Why am I so upset over this guy I hardly even dated?

This guy and I have been talking for over a year and the situation has been nothing but confusing, arguing, a lot of back and forth. We...

Why does this girl keep coming back and leaving my life?

I basically told her f**k off and she still came back

How would you feel if someone talks to your friend instead of you?

I don't know how to phrase the question hahah so more info here. Basically there was this guy with his group of friends who went up to...

If a woman (25) has not received much attention for her physical appearance, doesn’t that mean she’s not pretty?

While every other woman I’ve known has been approached by guys, good looking ones too. The fact I’ve always been ignored makes me feel...

Would you be annoyed if somebody kept untying your shoes?

Would you be annoyed if one of your friends just kept untying your shoes randomly? just for fun untying them whenever they had a chance

Is this girl a terrible person?

Nora is 18 years old. She has a 23-year-old sister named Dora who put 10 thousand dollars in her name and refused to pay it off, saying...

Would you girls let your male friends rub your back or only guys you were interested in in that "way" for no reason?

Liked he just rubbed your back gently for no reason. You weren't crying or sad or anything. I rubbed her back for no reason and she let me.

Was I disrespecting him?

Ok so this guy pm me and I said please don't call me that I have a boyfriend then he said fine bye and I was disrespecting him What...

Girls, If you ask a girl out, and she says "I have to see," is that leaning more towards yes or no?

This was the convo: Me: Hey Amelia, how are you? If you aren't doing anything this weekend, I was thinking about going to [restaurant I...

Does she know how big her chest is?

I’ve got a friend named pierce, she’s 20 Pierce isn’t sexual at all, she’s “still a virgin” & She’s very Mature. She has big breasts,...

Am I a girl or woman?

I thought that technically, once you hit 18, you're an adult, so I'd be a woman. But often I hear people calling females in their early...

Are girls better than and superior to boys?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a feminazi who hates boys. I LOVE boys. It's just that I think girls are better than them. Girls are...

How often do girls check out a guy's ass?

This is in comparison to when a guy checks out a girl's ass