What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

There are always questions we have about the opposite sex. It bothers us, we need to know, we don't understand, so here are a few. As...
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Reasons to not pretend you are moral

For women: 1. If you sleep around with attractive guys, but won't have kids with any of them because you're saving that for marriage,...
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Feminism: Real vs Corrupted.

Real: Strives to be equal with all genders (men, women, others). Corrupted : Seeks superiority. Real: Doesn't force you to leave your...
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Modern day Feminists vision of equality: Women get the authority of elite figures, the privileges of women, and the accountability of children.

I understand a lot of goals for modern women to help them be respected more in society or be understood more and such or have more...
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Women can't make up their minds what they want.

I just watched a video were a woman was complaining about men being misogynistic and at the same time calling men momma boys. I found...
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Women lead other women to ruin

It's become painfully clear who is the cause of a majority of female suffering in the world- other women. Everyone is susceptible to...
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How to Ask a Woman Her Age

My take on women's age Why would I need to ask her age? To check her maturity level To check whether she's a jailbait To better connect...
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Men: Never Trust a Clown

Men shouldn't trust women who use excessive amounts of makeup. You would be wise to find the women who look good without using more than...
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I need some advice on what to do about a girl?

There is this girl I've done acting with for about 6 years, we kind of knew each other but about 1 year ago I started to like her. I...

Does hair matter to you on a guy?

Like if he’s got long, short, bald, styled. Does it make him more or less attractive? Oh and beards

Girls, What do you think about young men with rattails?

Do you like young guys w rattails or are they not attractive to you? I know rattails have a negative view by most people a lot of...

Male and female freinds?

I have a female freind that i used to talk to a lot we were just freinds and that was it. She recently started dating somebody which is...

A crush I had at my job just recently became a manager, will she look down on me now?

couple of weeks ago a few new employees were hired at my job and one of them was a girl who was pretty naughty. whenever we were a break...
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Girls, As a woman would you be able to tolerate full beard or hairy chest?

On the right man , would you be able to tolerate a well kept but full beard or a very hairy chest and stomach with hairy legs?

Do you search guys that you're interested in up on facebook?

Weird question I know. Curious what the odds are she saw something Im worried about.

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I feel like my girlfriend doesn't respect/value me enough. Where to go from here?

My girlfriend had a streak where she'd get drunk, party etc. Before we met. I never did because I was too shy, plus I didn't like to...

Why do girls have to act like they are not interested when they are?

I feel like a lot of the time, when I’m trying to make conversation with a girl most of the time they can’t carry on a the conversation...
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If a girl stands close to you is that a sign that she’s interested?

So I have this girl in my class, and we sometimes meet eyes a couple of times during class. She’s started to stand close to me enough to...

Why do women seem to give you more attention when you don't give them as much attention?

Does ignoring a girl who likes you will that work? WHEN I SAY WORK WILL SHE MISS YOU AND GET IN A LINE. wHY DOES IT WORK
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Why do girls look at me from a distance but ignore me up close?

Is it a shy thing or something? If I am walking towards a group of girls I can see them looking at me from a far off distance but about...
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