Ladies, stop being desperate and asking men to validate you

So I saw a preposterous article the other day and I have been seeing many men believe that they have some form of preference for 20 year...

All who have periods are women yes!

It is not just because you think transmen are real men they will not be female. Transmen are women who want to be a men but they are...

Women are evolved to have short term relationships too

Not long ago people believed that women are completely monogamous and they are not interested with short term mating. But then the more...

What makes my lonely Monday nights better

Because it's Monday and I'm always lonely. 1. Getting dolled up Putting on a shit ton of makeup that I'd never wear out and a bunch of...

TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?

TW = Trigger Warning if you're easily offended or if you're one of the "plus-sized" women I talk about in this Take. I don’t know since...

3rd Grade “Mean Girls” moment Part 3

Honestly, I never even would’ve ever thought about it. But she would wear these crazy flashy shiny leotards to gym class, Invariably ask...

The contradiction of "Girl Power" and how it's making girls weak.

You can not open your mouth today without "Girl Power" being forced down your throat. We are being ideologically throat fucked by...

Can someone tell me what this girl is thinking?

There's this girl I've been exchanging letters with for some time now (she lives in another country). We also talk online through emails...

MMy sister sent me nudes by accident?

She said they were supposed to go to some guy she's talking to but sent them to me accidentally. But we weren't even texting so why...

She looks at me then looks away quickly?

So I was standing in line in my local supermarket. A girl who works there (she knows me) was busy a few meters away from me and I saw...

Hi girls, male is physically stronger than females 💪 so, how will you win during fight?

Women are soo weak or poor 😷 if a man punch her in stomach she will cry badly 😥 am i right 👈

Are ditzy girls a turn-off?

I know a lot of people dislike how girls act dumb around guys. Istg I don't do that on purpose. And no I wouldn't say I am dumb. Just...

How do I accept old age?

I can’t control it and I am going to have to grow up by force. I just want stay a teenager forever.

Do you think most women find most men unattractive and gross?

Sometimes i wonder how the world end up with 8 billion people. Attracting girls and having sex became impossible. There are billions of...

Ladies if your bodies are so judged by society, then why are there all types of different female models?

Fat female models, female models with dwarfism etc... Men would not be able to become a model with dwarfism or if he is fat.

Girls, are you more into traditionally masculine or effeminate guys?

I've noticed a recent surge in lust towards effeminate men like Tom Holland, virtually any teenage Tiktok star, One Direction, BTS, etc....

Is it okay for a girl to pee sitting down?

Inspired by @Wowwgirl's question Is it okay for a guy to pee sitting down? ↗

Is it an insult if someone liked candles but they also smoked in their house and you gave them candles for their birthday?

I gave my ex's mother candles because she said she liked candles but they also smoke in their house and smells like smoke

Do women subconiously date men with issues, if so why?

I have only dated 3 guys but I noticed the two I connected to the most were ones who had family issues. Before dating both I had no idea...

Girls, College and 20"s, do all guys?

I wanna know from college girls and ones in their 20's, do all guys that act like players get slapped by cute college girls?

Do women get annoyed at men or at other women when they hear the following reasons?

a lot of men are choosing to have shirt term relationships with women instead hence f long term ones because of the following reasons...

Girls, what age did you switch to tampons?

Hi. I think most of us wearing pads when we get our periods. I've seen all my friends have switched to tampons over the last year. I'm...