Women are Patriarchal too

Introduction Both men and women lament about how much of a man’s world this is: whether it be unequal political, economic, or social...

Things Women Constantly Say That We Should Stop Believing Once And For All

I write this Mytake for men. Of course if you're a woman reading this I obviously can't stop you, however, I can warn you that you will...

Valuable Women vs Women With Value

You may find the two having the same meaning but in reality, it has a different definition. Let me differentiate them. A valuable woman...

Things I Want To Change about Myself

Number 1: Less Insecurity- There is nothing more annoying than a girl who is always insecure asking How Do I Look? Am I fat?etc. I want...

My life! (Story)

Depression Between the ages of 13 and 16 I was cronicly depressed, I would shut myself in my room for hours only imerging for food and...

Why The MGTOW Is Growing

Boys in last 30–40 years were raised with the following words - be nice to girls, be a good person, respect women, protect them, don’t...

Growing Up Abused

I was abused for 5 years. It started when I was 10. It's been 4 years since then and it still hurts. I remember every single thing so...

I haven't felt a strong connection like this about a girl before, does she feel it too or is it just me?

This girl at work I've been talking to mostly laughs at everything I say, gives me strong eye contact when we talk, conversations just...

Does she like me but is shy or creeped out?

A girl I work with that I also like looks at me all the time, like 20 times a day and I talk to her sometimes but not as much as I’d...

Girls, So how do I approach the topic of giving oral to a girls butt?

I want to please her by giving her oral but it can be really awkward to bring up using my mouth on her butt. Should I just start to lick...

How should I approach a friend about walking on me?

So kinda weird, but I enjoy being trampled and walked on, especially in heels, but being asexual and aromantic, I don’t really seek out...

Girls, How do I give oral sex to a girl if she is super sensative?

I want to give my friend oral sex and she seems to like it but I seem to over stimulate her and must not be doing it very well. She says...

Is it out of pocket?

There is this girl at work that I vibe with. Is it disrespectful to ask for a sexual favor? I mean she did say she isn't interested in...

A girls perspective on this please?

Girls, if you worked with a guy you were creeped out by, would you look at him like 100 times a day but not say anything even when you...

Why aren't there as many successful women as there are men, who have made their own fortunes?

By success I mean living a high quality life, earning more than enough money to make a living, getting and doing the things you wanted...

Does girls like men as foot slave?

Are the girls suprior to men Should men need to whorship women feet

Does this mean yes or no?

I gave my perception I have on a woman... I asked her if it was accurate, and she said “I don’t know, maybe”. Does it mean yes? No or is...

Do you prefer clean shaved or facial hair?

Asking mainly toward girls 18-26 and college girls, but all opinions are welcome

One life, one love?

One life, one love exist or not?

What age group do you belong to?

I've been seeing all the questions being asked here and was wondering about what she group dominates in this app