Reasons Why I Think Women File for Divorce More Than Men/Why Relationships Fail

Hello! It`s time again for a small rant. I`ve noticed recently that a majority of the most frequently asked questions on GaG are about...

Why withholding sex does not produce higher quality men

Does withholding sex actually work in weeding out which partner is best? The answer is no. Here is what all these broken hearted women...

Why do I feel like my attractiveness is a curse to find a decent relationship?

Hi, My name is Katie and being attractive always feeling like a curse . 1: Always get tons likes from unwanted men I did start noticed...

Ladies, stop pampering the assholes who won't appreciate you !

WARNING : I'm talking about toxic men and not generalizing men. If you can't read/understand and love to get triggered then leave this...
At Home

You’ve really broken me and I don’t know what to do..

November 2020, you started my work and you instantly made my head turn. I thought ‘wow, what a beautiful girl’. I didn’t know how to...

Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?

Go easy on the Grammer and Spelling with me guys, this is my first myTake. Jennifer Lopez has been someone I had idolized since I was a...

Being the perfect gentleman does women's still prefer it and does men still do it? (about 5 min read)

Good day Gag Community. I recently read a article that mentioned that some feminist don’t prefer men to be the traditional Gentleman for...

Girls, Should I write her a letter?

Hi guys I need your opinion pls. Okay so I met this girl about 2 months ago in the hospital she's working there first time saw her we...

Why do women feel that they don't need a man?

women keep saying there " independent"

Is it bad that I'm not a sensitive woman?

I don't really get my deal here. I don't understand my girl-friends... they obsess over boys, petty nonsense that doesn't matter, get...

Do females negative behavior, being on their periods, annoy males in relationships?

Everytime I feel a negative/angry/sadness vibe from myself, I know I'm about to get my period real soon. I then warn my boyfriend that...

What are signs of "daddy issues" in women?

A girl I'm seeing i suspect has daddy issues. She reacts poorly to criticism, somewhat promiscuous and sexually active, hates men, and i...

Do girls like to dress feminine looking guys with long hair into women's clothing? Will I be able to get a girl to like me if I look like a girl?

I grew my hair a bit long. My mother and some aunties blackmailed me to cut it down or else they would make me wear there daughter's...

What to do when you crave attention?

I almost posted a picture of myself on here but I stopped myself cause I don't wanna be one of thoooseee girls... but I do crave...

Is it ok for a married woman to try and still be attractive?

My husband seems more drawn to me when I put effort in my appearance. I'm a girly girl. I love make up and painting my nails.

Can a male Be a lezbian?

I feel like super girly, like, apart from not being afraid to smell... apart from that... I’m not very masculine at all... I have...

Looks or nature?

I want to know what girls sees in him to get attracted whether it is looks or his nature towards her?

Is it wrong that I feel superior over other races of females?

I feel this was deep inside as a white girl. I feel like I can take away any black, Latina, Asian or whoever's man easily. I feel like I...

Are women "Bitchy" on purpose to see how their man will react?

So one of the girls I am dating was being a bit confusing. She said she was a sports fan but was too tired to watch a playoff football...

When will women start being romantic to men? Am I missing something here?

Maybe it's just me but I personally don't recall almost any instances of women romancing men. The most I have seen is being gifted with...

Girls, How come this woman and stopped holding her boyfriends hand when I checked her out?

This woman and her boyfriend were walking hand in hand and then I checked her out because she’s really good looking. She stopped holding...

Girls, If you were a male and had lots of body hair?

If you were a male and had lots and lots of body hair then how would you keep and manage it?