Why are we still lying about what attracts women?

Disclaimer: This message does not apply to all women! Therefore this does not apply to the noble pinks, that actively stand out. You...
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Why being happy is the most important thing in life

I am 32 and only really just coming to terms with the fact that as a woman, my weight and how I look really is secondary to my...

Caught in the spiders web... the dumb bug

I'm sharing this for other men, and women as well, so that you know what can go wrong, and that you know there is hope for your life...

Confession of a Ladies Man: Addressing the Haters, What Is A "Ladies Man"?

A Ladies Man is Not A Man Whore I find that people are triggered by the term “Ladies Man” because they don’t really know what I mean by...

Body hair has no gender!

Stop associating masculinity with hair! Nature has also given hair to women, and with that being said, hair cannot be masculine! WOMEN...

High-rise pants are "fat girl pants". A hot take from someone who's plus sized but not outright fat.

Hi! I just wanted to share my opinion / things I've observed. One of the biggest signs that you're fat is when you start wearing...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women are NOT children. They MUST tell flirting men when they have a boyfriend!

There are many women in society (not all) who are responsible for creating controlling boyfriends or vagabond boyfriends who refuse to...

Was it wrong of me to get mad at him for telling me his dream?

Sometimes I feel like he wants be to get insecure. Anyway, he told me this morning "I had a crazy dream" and I just said "that's not...

How come she never did this?

in high school some stuff happened. There was this girl and I’m sure she had a crush on me. She would always stare at me and got really...

Girls, How do women really feel when men cry in front of them?

Like strangers, friends, boyfriend's, husband's?

Do girls feel uncomfortable around guys they don't find attractive?

Just as they might get nervous around guys they DO find attractive!

Girls, have you ever sucker punched another girl?

Girls can cause more of a stir than guys sometimes, especially when drunk. Have you ever had a tiff with another Tiffany and punched her...

Girls, what is your idea of a potential boyfriend?

This is aimed at ladies aged from 19-24 out of sheer curiousity. Who or what, defines your idea of a potential boyfriend? Is it...

I made my girlfriend cry?

I been with my girlfriend for 2 years she's really sweet I love her like crazy she's obsessed with some new English boy band Hanoi Rocks...

[Black People Only] What can I do about this problem?

So I had a bad experience with black girls in high school (I'm in my senior year now). I knew one of them years before, we weren't...

What does it mean when a girl says you have `nice style’?

A women who work the other day said that I have `nice style’ to solidify that she is always complimenting me on my clothes. She...

Is it Common for a girl to set rules when you Break the Ice?

I finally asked my coworker for her number She asked me if I was flirting I said Kinda. Then she said she wasn’t looking for...

If you're past 35 and try to get with women in their 20s will you get rejected? What kind of reaction will you get in general?

How you come off matters most but your age could be a huge factor whether a woman finds you appealing or not.

Out of a hot girl's potentially awful traits, which of these is the least tolerable (worst) to you?

Which one is the worst to deal with in someone you'd otherwise consider "a 9 out of 10" in both face and body? Also, if you're writing...

Guys, honest answers. If a girl you're friends with smiles at you a lot and compliments you a lot, do you feel like she's doing too much?

If you aren't dating and you notice that she smiles at you a lot shyly and frequently compliments you, do you feel like she's doing too...

Why do many men complain about female hypergamy/"women's conditional love" but they are also obsessed with women's youth and beauty?

Ageism towards women is a huge issue. I have heard by some male gagers that men can love women uncondiotonally. For some reason they...

Are girls with guy friends meant to be taken seriously?

I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks. She’s a lot of fun, we have good sex. But she has too many guy friends. She tells me she...

Does this make me a terrible person?

I was going grocery shopping and there was this woman outside the store asking for money for her homeless drive. I made eye contact with...

Girls, how do you normally do this?

How do you normally get changed into a swimsuit at a pool lockeroom? I'll put a poll up for some options or you can just say it below.