Player's Wisdom

Player's Wisdom: Hi lovelies! I ran into a super cool high school friend of mine today. Dad wasn't too pleased to drive me for college...

Why it's hard for me to put my trust into people

Trust is a big thing for me. Many people have backstabbed me, lied to me, or betrayed me in some way to an extent and i felt stupid and...

Mental health as a student (online semester due to COVID-19 regulations)

I had an awful week and wanted to tell you about it to give you a idea of what studying at university during the pandemic is like. First...

My story and why young women need to stop searching for physical validation on social media from men

I know im no one but i really want to help girls on here from my own past mistakes. I see so many young girls on this site sexulising...

YOU are that BISH 😌

Yes, you heard me! YOU are that BISH! *This not a feminist post, or to offend anyone. All negative comments will be laughed at, and will...

Fifi's guide to being the cutest nymphet

I know this isn't wattpad lol but I'm still sharing this for any other nymphets on GaG, whether it's just a handful or not. Or maybe for...

Why women fall for you after one night stands

Note: This is not a woman-trapping take. Thank you! 1. You treat them like human Kindness speaks volumes. Most people get things done by...

Would you MESSAGE the guy you like on Facebook if you liked him?

● If you liked a guy, Would you message him on facebook first? If he messaged you first before days ago would you message him first later?

I think my little sister got her period. What should I do?

Two years ago, my mom abandoned my sister and I. I’ve always taken care of my little sister. She has lived with me for the past couple...

How difficult is it to attract a German woman?

Alright for some reason I've a strange fixation with wanting a German woman as a partner, thinks it's just your looks and accent is...

Is there such a thing as serendipity?

I remember one time about 9 months ago, I went to this bar by myself (I know bars aren't the best place to meet people or girls) but I...

Why is my girlfriend so annoying?

Yesterday my girlfriend and I were texting and she started telling me about her friend that's a guy and says he doesn't like me still,...

Thinking about saying "f" it to shaving this winter?

I mean nobody is going to see my body besides my boyfriend and he really doesn't care. I just lose motivation to shave during the winter...

Are you sensitive?

I am pretty sensitive. It`s because I overthink everything and believe there are hidden meanings behind behaviors and words. So if...

I have a girl friend who gets quite touchy with me, what do I do?

When she hugs me or holds my hands I become uncomfortable coz she gives me different vibes. She always kisses me on my jaw or neck and...

Girls, I texted up a younger girl & made one badly timed sexual comment. She got creeped/pissed despite me immediately apologizing. How can I fix?

We texted for two weeks straight about lots of things. We were planning to meet up. We did talk about sex earlier. Just a FYI she said...

Have you ever been manipulated?

Have you ever been led on sexually and then after 2 months, suddenly rejected? Who leads someone on by sending them pictures in...

Are shit tests a hoax?

People basically say that all women shit test men. But of all the girls who have been into me or who I've been on a date with, most of...

Which do girls prefer guys who show strong desire or guys who maintain good self control?

I'm curious on which you girls prefer A.) That a man is confident in his desire for a girl and pursues what he wants aggressively...

Do You Ladies Sometimes?

Get blackheads under your breast? I do although i wash under them

Girls, How come she went super red and smiled then turned away?

Hi. I checked out this woman heaps and she used to say to others whos that guy anyway cut a long story short one time I really checked...

Girls, Been told you're really cute before?

If you're really cute, do most players ignore a really cute face so their mouth doesn't drop, or they try but they can't?

Is it the mans or the womans fault if a woman is a single mother?

On one hand the dude left... But on the other hand the woman let a dude like that get her pregnant in the first place.

Girls, How come this girl after I looked at her she turned around. looked at me. then leaned in and spoke to her friend while looking at me as I walk?

We dont know each other.. i happened to look at her and then this happened.. happens to me quite a bit, whats up? i looked at her.. she...