Ten double standards that most men are just sick of when it comes to male and female relationships.

Ten double standards that most men are just sick of when it comes to male and female relationships.

10 - When women post revealing photos for attention she's confident but when a man interacts with those photos he's cheating or at the very least he's just not as loyal. This is an annoying one. The same woman who posts bikini pics or thirst traps get pissed off when her boyfriend or husband likes images from other women. she's perfectly okay receiving attention from other men, but when her significant other gives his attention to others, she gets pissed and claims its cheating. The way i see it, if you dont want your man liking other girls pics, that's perfectly fine, but dont post thirst trap, and expect him to be okay with it.

9 - Physical abuse, it's okay for a woman to hit a man but it's not okay for a man to hit a
woman. I've seen this time and time again, even in content on social media, where a woman gets mad and she hits a man is a joke and the video will go viral, have millions of views because it's seen as funny. Which I think is so messed up, because we all know that video would be taken down, and the account would be banned if the genders were reversed, but
the fact that a woman hitting a man is so easily disregarded as harmless, is very telling. That it is way more acceptable within relationships, when it absolutely shouldn't be. What's even more messed up is the stigma against men for speaking up against physical abuse that a woman has committed.

8 - It's okay for a woman to sexually objectify a man but it's not okay for a man to objectify a
woman. Prime example of this is Henry Cavill. You know Superman, and The Witcher. He's been objectified by not only fans, but also within professional interviews where the interviewer has focused in on his looks rather than his skills. Katie Couric even asked him in an interview if he was worried about his good looks getting in the way of his acting in terms of people taking him seriously for his craft rather than his Packaging. Think about that, If it had been a man asking say Jennifer Lawrence the same question the interviewer would no longer have a job.

7 - A woman can do and say terrible things to a man, and it's the man's fault for making her that upset. While if a man says the same things to a woman it's emotional abuse. Well guess
what, it's emotional abuse either way.

6 - It's okay for women to talk about being attracted to someone else, for example talking about how hot an actor is while, watching a movie with her man right next to her. Yet if her man was talking about an actress in that way uh it would not be okay.

5 - Being vulnerable as a man is weakness, while women being vulnerable is just the norm. A man is human and should absolutely have different emotions. I actually believe that if he's never been vulnerable that it's because he doesn't feel safe enough to and there's a lot of reasons for this. One of the biggest ones being that when he has been vulnerable in the past it was used against him later on down the line. If your man is vulnerable with you ladies, you dont get to use that against him EVER.

4 - If she cheats he's blamed for not making her happy, Its his fault. if he cheats it's a character defect. I will stand to argue that it's probably more the latter for either one of those. I think that cheating is terrible like there's really never an excuse for it, but if you're somebody that truly believes that, it shouldn't be gender specific. you can't really believe
that there is never a reason for a man to cheat and then on the other hand, when a woman cheats its his fault. Sorry a cheater is a cheater, there is never ever an excuse, Ever, regardless of gender.

3 - Men that verbalize physical preferences in a woman are misogynist, but only if it's preferences about being blonde or having big boobs big butt butt or skinny. The caveat here is that men can actually talk about physical preferences if it's designed to validate average
women, for example: a man saying he likes thick ladies. That sort of comment is celebrated by average women. The big example from real life Comes from the Comedian Matt Rife. You guys know who he is, he exploded on Tik Tok maybe less than a year ago, and then he went viral with this clip of him in a podcast being asked what is his type, and he responded with blonde big boobs, and women went crazy after him, they did not like that. If it was a woman giving that same response, like she was saying that she likes tall, dark, six-pack ABS, six inches long, six Figures in the bank, and at least six feet tall, all of that is so widely accepted.

2 - Men that set a relationship boundary are seen as controlling or insecure but women that set boundaries are confident and know their value. For example, if a man doesn't like it when his woman post a half naked picture on Instagram and he talks to her about that and talks about why he wants to set that as a boundary and why he wants her to change her actions he is seen as controlling. The reality of the matter is that he finds it embarrassing honestly that his lady is feeling the need to seek attention in that way. Meanwhile a woman can ask all day long for her man to unfollow certain accounts that make her feel uncomfortable all right.

1 - Women that cry are emotional but men that cry are weak. this is just such an outdated dangerous belief and extremely toxic for men. men are just as human as women. we have feelings. Something a lot of women aren't capable of understanding. I recall just recently in a store hearing a woman shout at her son "If you dont stop crying i will give you something to cry about." And "You're not a boy if you dont stop crying, Here lets buy you a dress." And so on.. this was from his goddamn mother. If that's not child abuse i dont know what is.

Ten double standards that most men are just sick of when it comes to male and female relationships.
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