Is Food Becoming Less Racist?

Somewhere around 2020, there was a snowball effect among some well known food brands which were known to tout racist characters as part...
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Plants vs animals

So I found a question in quora which was something like, "how can people love animals and eat them?" And a user replied "Just like you...
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Things I Ate Growing Up In Oklahoma

I saw this trend on tiktok and decided to make a myTake about my favorite foods I ate growing up in Oklahoma. Collard and turnip...
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Cookout Season is almost here! Things every cookout should have

Memorial Day is just three Mondays away! Here in the US, it's the unofficial start of Summer. Yessir, it's time to break out the pool...
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[ My DISTASTE for non-creative/non-artistic, food media 🍱 ]

my DISTASTE (pun intended) for Mukkbang and FOOD asmr and why: It’s all very very very simple for me, and I have to share this. My...
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You Can Learn to Cook

Learning to cook is an invaluable skill that everyone should learn as food and eating is a huge part of everyone's life and survival in...
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Fudge Stripe Cookie Salad

Fudge stripe cookies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a salad, but trust me... you're going to want to...
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My Favorite Types of Cake

I don't get to have cake often, most times it's just plain chocolate or vanilla for a special occasion. And that's pretty boring, so I'm...
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Have you ever made alcohol?

I've made a few hedgerow wines but haven't attempted to make the hard stuff. But what about you? What have you produced and how strong...

What's under the chocolate?

Simple little game. What is coated in chocolate in the photo?
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What does your daily diet consist of?

What do you consume on a daily basis?
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What's the best food to eat when you're heartbroken?

For me, it's definitely ice cream 🥲🍦
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What's the longest you ever went without eating?

for me 5 days, was when i was 18 and was trying to fast for the longest possible i could. my original goal i think was one week but i...

What is a strange food combo that you like?

Ice cream and fries is pretty common, but it’s still strange. What about Cheerios in Greek yoghurt?

Do you like/eat organic food?

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What sounds better for lunch?

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What should I have for my meal of the day tomorrow?

can't pick. by the way i'm on a diet so only trying to eat once a day, and yea my options aren't that healthy but whatever also dont...
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Would you chase a cheese down a hill?

This weekend saw the annual cheese rolling contest at Cooper's hill, Glouster England. It's a well-known event in the UK not so much for...
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What hand (s) do you EAT and DRINK with?

Do you eat and drink with the same hand, or do you eat with one and drink with the other? Or maybe you use both hands to eat and drink,...
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Is anyone actually mad at beverages that support the LGBTQ?

and, if you are, are you gonna actually boycott all products that support LGBTQ people?
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Will Seagram's Escapes get me drunk if I've never drank before?

This is the first time I've ever drank an alcoholic beverage. I had the burger and fries earlier. Im also chasing it with Dr Pepper.
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Why don't/can't women cook anymore?

It seems as if most women, I'll say under 30, can no longer cook. What happened ladies? My own girlfriend is guilty of this. My best...
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How to get un high?

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