Is Food Becoming Less Racist?

Somewhere around 2020, there was a snowball effect among some well known food brands which were known to tout racist characters as part...
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Why Crystal Pepsi was not the "clear" choice

The year is 1993, and You're at home watching Superbowl 27 between the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Suddenly Right Now by Van Halen...
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Plants vs animals

So I found a question in quora which was something like, "how can people love animals and eat them?" And a user replied "Just like you...
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Things I Ate Growing Up In Oklahoma

I saw this trend on tiktok and decided to make a myTake about my favorite foods I ate growing up in Oklahoma. Collard and turnip...
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Cookout Season is almost here! Things every cookout should have

Memorial Day is just three Mondays away! Here in the US, it's the unofficial start of Summer. Yessir, it's time to break out the pool...
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[ My DISTASTE for non-creative/non-artistic, food media 🍱 ]

my DISTASTE (pun intended) for Mukkbang and FOOD asmr and why: It’s all very very very simple for me, and I have to share this. My...
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You Can Learn to Cook

Learning to cook is an invaluable skill that everyone should learn as food and eating is a huge part of everyone's life and survival in...
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Fudge Stripe Cookie Salad

Fudge stripe cookies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a salad, but trust me... you're going to want to...
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Do you eat anything that looks gross but tastes great?

I order this canned smoked salmon from Alaska ($$$) that looks really gross, but tastes great ! Do you eat anything like this?

Is this cereal still safe to eat?

Ok so I’ve had packaged serial that’s not been opened yet in this attic room, the thing is my sister also keeps her cat upstairs and has...

What’s your favorite drink?

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What’s your favorite juice?

Orange juice, grape juice, and mango pineapple juice.

What’s your favorite nuts?

Walnuts, pistachios, and almonds.

Have you ever eaten wet cake?

I've just baked my first wet cake just to see what they're like. A wet cake was originally a type of basic everyday cake that was...

Do you hate Candy Corn? If so, why?

I love Candy corn, but I see a lot of hate for it. Tell me why
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Do you like waffles?

I love waffles because I feel as though they hold syrup better than pancakes.
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The FDA has approved of the sell in the U. S. A. of lab grown meat. Would you buy and eat lab grown meat, why, why not?

“meat without slaughter,” a more humane approach to eating meat....
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Foods for a big butt?

How do I open a can of old bay seasoning?

It's not a common product here and I'm not sure how to get the lid off. It's hard to grip with fingers I can't see a lip to prise it...
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