Booze Toons: The perfect alcohol and Saturday Morning Cartoon combinations

Millennials love booze and classic cartoons. But, how about both mixed together? Here are a few cartoon and drink pairings. Hey Arnold-...

Starbucks Cinnamon Shortbread Frappuccino Review Video I love cinnamon in most desserts and I also love coffee flavoured desserts. STARBUCKS...

LINDT LINDOR ALMOND milk chocolate REVIEW VIDEO I love chocolate and I also enjoy almond flavoured desserts. Something about all almond...

Food's I Grew Up On

I present to you, the reasons I am so chubby. Gumbo Dressing Brunswick Stew Crab-legs Chicken And Dumplings Ya welcome :p

Why Indian Food Is More Than Curry

Some people think that Indian food is all about curry even through India have most diverse food and non Indian only have explored north...

Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes

Today, I'm going to talk about potatoes. Potato facts potato dishes potato dankness, basically everything I can tell you about them. So,...

6 Indonesian Extreme Culinary, Dare to Try?

Famous for its rich spices, Indonesia is a country that has a variety of cuisines. The flavor varies, depending on each region. Not only...

Which milkshake flavor sounds the best out of these?

This is from a chain of fast food restaurants in the Southern US called Cookout.

What is your favorite soup?

I've been making a lot of beef vegetables soup lately

Would you try an East Asian pancake?

In general, East Asian pancakes tend to be the savory kind. In Japan, we have okonomiyaki (okonomi = as you like, yaki = cooked)....

What are your favorite Italian foods?

I love Italian food, My favorites are probably pizza and pasta.

Will you make fun of my takoyaki?

Someone felt compelled to make fun of my cooking so for today’s offering I’ve made takoyaki I’m not a big fan of katsuobushi so I tread...

What's your fave b-day dessert?

If you could pick any dessert to have for your birthday, anything you could think of, what would you choose?

Meals to look forward to?

Do you have any meals/food, be it for a special occasion or you've just planned a head, that you're looking forward to?

Do you like French Burnt Peauts?

Nuts. com describes them as followed: "These French burnt peanuts (also known as candy peanuts) used to be sold by the scoopful at the...

What things should be grown in green houses year round to in shure it's available year round?

say what you like to see grown yearly to keep prices low on them you can say any type of food that's in a produce department to plants...

Do you prefer Tea or Coffee?

I like both but prefer Tea 🙃

Can you cook a feast?

It's common for people to cook a meal but what about a feast? It's been a while since I last did it.