Foods I'm loving in Quarantine! Beginner-friendly, No Meat and Dairy

I can't cook, but I am stuck at home and not being able to eat outside at all. So I'm trying to make food for myself at home that hardly...

Which Breakfast Spread is THE BEST? TASTE TEST There is plenty of choices for breakfast spreads out there from the most well known one...

The Supermarket's "Dollar Store"

Let's see what you can buy at my local grocery stores for a buck this week! Kroger Chobani Complete or Flip Yogurt, 10/$10.00 with Card,...

The Cost of the Mukbang Diet vs. Whole Foods Market Diet

We all know that mukbangers love to eat huge quantities of food, and huge quantities of food do add up in costs. We also know that Whole...

How To Eat Less Meat

In American mainstream culture, meat and dairy products take up a lot of space in the diet and are sold at a relatively cheap and...

Supermarket "Fresh" is not the same as Fresh Produce directly from the local garden!

Back in the day, most people lived agrarian, rural lives, but now, the entire world is urbanizing. As people live in cities and suburbs...

Why You Should Buy Preserved Food (Canned, Dried, Frozen, Salted, Pickled)

Preserved foods last longer in the pantry The thing with preserved foods is that they are preserved. So naturally, they have a long...

Are the British eating these?

Bacon, Baked beans in the oven, Egg, Sausage, Fried tomato. Thank you for the comments.

How does a quality red wine taste like?

What does it taste like? Thank you for the comments.

Have you ever eaten anything so good, food just doesn’t taste the same afterwards?

whenever I eat other people’s food. I can taste all the things they did wrong. And it just becomes inedible for me.

Do you like Dr Pepper?

This is my favorite soda even though I don't drink them anymore, it still holds a place in my heart. However, some people say that it...

Whats the set up of your favourite Subway Sandwich?

Just curious about other peoples taste... Mine is Honey oat bread with turkey, sometimes with cheddar Triple salad, cucumbers, green...

What's a mix that sounds odd but is actually tasty?

Shredded apple with grated biscuits. Delish! My mom used to give it to us as a kid. It is still good to this day ☺😋

On average, how much does beer cost where you live?

Let's say 0.5 litres or 17 ounces. Here in Czech you can buy 2 litres of beer for 1.5$ or 1.2€.

Is it something serious to drink expired milk while pregnant?

I just drank a cup of milk that I mixed with some fruits and honey. There was ‘t bad taste or smell at all and I didn’t see that it was...

What are you having for breakfast this morning?

Im having waffles with whipped cream. And butter

Watching Food on TikTok?

Are you on tiktok watching any of the food videos? Here's a new one:

What's your favorite snack?

I like sour gummy worms, oreo's and chicken nuggets.

Which is your favourite type of meat?

Venison has to be my favourite and I truly hate pork because it can be so chewy sometimes.

Are you signed up to Uber eats?

I’m wondering. If you aren’t please say why!

Do you like cheese?

My mind has been pressuring me to ask this question, for some reason. "Ask them if they like cheese Ty". "But I..." "JUST DO IT!"

Should healthy foods like produce cost less than a can of beans?

Fresh foods cost a lot. Would you eat better if it didn't cost so much?

Which bread recipe idea sounds the best to you for a custom creation?

I have made Soru Bread in the past which I got the name from the PS1 game called Legend of Legaia and I made my take on it for the bread...

Which noodle soup is your fav?

Pho 🙌🏽 but I love udon and ramen too!