Is Food Becoming Less Racist?

Somewhere around 2020, there was a snowball effect among some well known food brands which were known to tout racist characters as part...
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The 10 Most Delıcıous Cuısınes In The World (:

1-Italian : When it comes to world cuisines, the first thing that comes to mind is Italian cuisine. Italians, who care about simplicity...
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4 faulty food crazes

1) sweet potato hummus where sweet potato replaces chickpeas..... to begin with hummus means chickpeas (facepalm). It is an Arabic...
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Best Beef Recipes : 6 countries (á mon avi)

So. There is a difference between # 1) eating beef meat because you simply like the experience. And # 2) a) eating rare meat because...
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At Home

GAG recipe time: Bagel pizzas!

You will need: 2 tbsps of Pizza Sauce Bagel split in two A handful of Mozzarella cheese 3 to 4 pepperonis each (optional or substitute...
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My favorite dessert is baklava!

​This is baklava, or paklawa as its known in most Kurdish households. This nutty, buttery, sticky, sweet, spiced pastry exists in some...
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Waffles really are better than pancakes

This is my first MyTake so I decided to talk about how waffles really are better than pancakes. Well that’s it for the intro so now let...
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Do you like bananas?

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If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

For me personally I'd say a chicken rice bowl cause I can put new sauces on it Plus that's my birb

I need some parenting advice?

for the last week I have asked my dog if we would like chicken, venison, omelette or something else to eat. She will notion to which I...

Pineapple On Pizza?

Pineapple on pizza yay or nay. i actually like it adds a bit if curt sweetness.

Am I a bad person because I dont like to share or offer my food to anybody?

How many of y'all don't like to share your food with other people even the closest ones? Do you think im an asshole for that, and worth...

What is a sweet dessert wine that’s yummy & good? Please help?

I want a sweet wine buy at target for my bday ocotber. I rarely drink so need help. I want one that’s sweet. Which one do you recommend?

How do you pronounce the following words?

I know this is hard to explain on print--but please spell them as phonetically as you can. See my examples to get an idea: caramel - I...

What fancy food do you want to try?

I want to try all of them especially foie gras, abalone, truffle, and caviar.
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Anyone else ever sometimes pour out too much sauce for whatever you need for and end up wasting the excess?

Like ill sometimes overestimate how much sauce i need for dipping my chips or chicken nuggets in and then feel bad for having to waste...
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What's your favorite way to prepare potatoes?

I'm talking about normal, everyday recipes. Not something that you have on special occasions. But I'm also specifically EXCLUDING:...
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Do you ever eat snacks while driving?

Maybe you were in a rush and couldn’t eat anything so you brought snacks to eat whenever you are stopped at stop lights or in bumper to...
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It's late at night, you're extremely hungry, and you have nothing to eat at home. What are you going to go out and eat?

It's late at night, like 1 or 2am and you wake up, very, very hungry. you've got nothing to eat in your fridge (even if you're the...
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What do you call this: a sandwich or a burger?

Question inspired by @Lucy68
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Chicken sandwich vs. hamburger which do you prefer?

And what toppings do you prefer on your chicken or hamburger. Personally for me I prefer lettuce, tomatoes, pickels, and ketchup on...
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