Foods I'm loving in Quarantine! Beginner-friendly, No Meat and Dairy

I can't cook, but I am stuck at home and not being able to eat outside at all. So I'm trying to make food for myself at home that hardly...

The Supermarket's "Dollar Store"

Let's see what you can buy at my local grocery stores for a buck this week! Kroger Chobani Complete or Flip Yogurt, 10/$10.00 with Card,...

The Cost of the Mukbang Diet vs. Whole Foods Market Diet

We all know that mukbangers love to eat huge quantities of food, and huge quantities of food do add up in costs. We also know that Whole...

How To Eat Less Meat

In American mainstream culture, meat and dairy products take up a lot of space in the diet and are sold at a relatively cheap and...

Supermarket "Fresh" is not the same as Fresh Produce directly from the local garden!

Back in the day, most people lived agrarian, rural lives, but now, the entire world is urbanizing. As people live in cities and suburbs...

Why You Should Buy Preserved Food (Canned, Dried, Frozen, Salted, Pickled)

Preserved foods last longer in the pantry The thing with preserved foods is that they are preserved. So naturally, they have a long...

Benefits of Eating Rice Porridge Everyday

White rice is a very shelf-staple food product that can last in the pantry for up to 5 years. You can buy it almost everywhere in the...

What are ways you want your food cooked/prepared other people don't like?

I actually like mushy overcooked rice with that smoky taste from that burned rice at the bottom, soggy sandwiches and overcooked pasta....

Do you like korean food?

When in was in Korea the food was soo good. Kimchi stew was amazing Korean barbeque of course, my favorite fried chicken from this...

Am I the only one that doesn't know how to use chopsticks?

that shit is hard, could be cause i have no patience and its frustrating but i can't be the only one that doesn't know how to use...

What is the worst fast food item that you've ever had and why?

worst food from a fast food place you’ve ever had and why? For me it’s the new jacks chilli burger 🍔🤢 Also I’m from California so...

Which is your favourite chocolate and why?

My favourite is Ferrero Rocher because its has a has a rich chocolatey-nutty flavour and it's so addictive. Been loving it since childhood.

What kind of Japanese food/cuisine/snacks do you like?

I love ramen, sushi, teriyaki chicken, rice crackers, omelet rice, takoyaki and anything that tastes good to me

Have you had buckfast wine?

Buckfast wine is a cheap high alcohol wine with a high caffeine content much loved by Scottish alcoholics and heavy drinkers. It'll get...

Does ketchup from bottle and sachet taste different?

I always think sachet ketchup tastes better. It has a stronger taste or is my mind just playing tricks? Which tastes better for you?

Cold Bitter Dark Chocolate vs. Warm Gooey Milk Chocolate?

It's the cold bitter dark chocolate for me.

Have Any Good Recipes You Can Send Me?

I made a sweet potato soup recently, and it was awesome! Got any recipes? You can DM me them or send them in the opinions. Thanks!

What to have for dinner tonight?

My wife ask me, what German should she make tonight for super So I'm going to ask GAG for the hell of it. So first up is the...