A little thought before moving in

I promise it won't be long. Tomorrow, I'll officially start moving in with my girlfriend. We had agreed it would be by 2020, but things...

My opinion on why love and romance is unfair

Love is an unequal partnership. It seems men have to carry most of the weight of a relationship on their shoulders, especially in modern...

Not all men can financially afford polygamy!

Only rich men can have four wives. Many men struggle financially to even have one wife and to even raise one child. Many men spend years...

Polygamy is better than hook up culture!

Even though I am not a fan of polygamy but it is better than hook up culture because of two reasons- identity and honesty. At least, in...

How to move on from someone who hurt you

I guess you could say that I'm an Empath; a person with the ability to perceive the emotional state of another individual. When someone...

You're The One And Only

We were together and in that moment I felt good. Felt like I belonged. I felt loved. So purely and unconditionally. I gazed at you and I...

That Man Touched Me From The Inside Out

It's gonna take a long time to undo the damage And I know that I'm not supposed to resort to the last option. It's Over. but I just...

Tips for first time sex?

Me and my boyfriend are gonna have sex for the first time and we’re both virgins, any tips 😬

I have to “pick” between two guys?

Forewarning: this is a little complex of a story and there are a bunch of details so Ill try to keep it just to the bigger parts of the...

What should we do?

So I like this guy, and he likes me. We're both in college, but I'll be in another country for the entire next semester. Basically I...

I'm so confused?

I was dating this guy for 3 months. He seemed like he was trying to actually make things right so we could soon move forward in life....

What you will do on your first date? romantic?

I am very romantic boy heheh

Ex got married and had a baby, wants me back?

A year ago he started to date some girl and she got pregnant about 6 months into their relationship and he married her in October. Now...

Why does he still want to be connected with me when we are on a break?

i have been dating this guy for about 6 months now and i want to be in a realtionship with him but he will go travelling around the...

Why am I questioning whether he likes me or not?

I have been going out with this guy for 8 months now... we aren't in a relationship bc he will go back home to his country in a few...

Should I be distant towards my boyfriend since he’s being distant towards me?

So my boyfriend barely puts effort into conversations with me. He doesn’t do anything sexual with me and rejects me when I ask. When we...

Is my ex still into me?

I have an ex and we talk pretty regularly. We're still friends and we still have the same friends we plan to meet up soon and even then...

What should I do with my crush?

There is a girl in university I'm here crush and she is my crush as well but she is my friend crush also the problem is he isn't serious...

Do girls prefer taller guys or does it not matter that much?

I always see girls choosing taller guys and some even put a height requirement on their dating profiles. What's your take on this?

Should I break up with my gf?

My girlfriend and i are 1.8 years together, lately our relationship become boring and usual. Also i really love this girl, she is my...

What’s the longest your partner has ignored you or you’ve ignored them?

If you’d care to share details as to why, and what happened when you talked again, please share!

Between the two of you had to choose, What makes you feel more appreciated and desired ( as a person NOYLT just sexually) by your SO, sex or cuddles?

I’m not asking which you ENJOY more.. in asking which of the two turn wanting yo do WITH you , makes you feel more valued by them? As a...

What would you do differently this Christmas?

I find myself wanting to breaking cycles this Christmas. To do things I have never done before. Go places I have never gone. So I want...

Did I deserved getting exposed about my past?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 months now. We were walking his Husky in the park when all of the sudden, my former neighbor...

If a woman hits a man, should the man hit her back?

Not a slap, just full on punching.