What it's like to be with an actual man - the period talk

Disclaimer: I am writing this post because I in my more than 13 months on G@G I noticed that so many men on here have a very wrong view...

Our first holiday as a couple (secret relationship at 19)

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anyone to keep secrets from their family without having very valid reasons for doing so. I am simply...

A messed up Valentine's day and his way of making up for it

Long story short, my boyfriend slept all Valentine's Day, which left me feeling very lonely and disappointed. I went on a walk on my...

The Stages of Foreign Travel Infedelity

I really miss him. I wish he could be here with me! I don't know anyone.I met some really cool people today! I wish my boyfriend could...

A woman hitting a man it's not funny, it's abuse

Movies, cartoons and other medias actually portray a woman or girl hitting a boy or a man as something funny or comical, when actually...
At Home

My Dream Man... The Man I Would Marry

I know what you’re thinking…this is gonna be another cliche list of unattainable traits and in my defence I’m going to argue that...

Ever realised just how messed up you're life is, was. Now I'm working at healing from it.

Since a young age I've been nothing but kind. I was raised to be a good person, but when I look back I wasn't raised to be a leader in...

It is wrong to prefer being a taker in a relationship?

Since every time I am a giver I get told that it's "not necessary" and that I should just let her and others take care of me, I've been...

Would you leave her if?

I've been dating a guy here in the US for almost a year now. We're so in love; however, I graduate this year. If there's nothing to do...

Are men willing to have a platonic soulmate that's a women?

I don't want a "romantic" relationship with a guy but I do want to be able to say I have a "boyfriend" where we talk everyday, see each...

My boyfriend left me for a girl who’s 24 last week and said I shouldn’t bother trying to find a new man. Is this true?

I’m 35, he said don’t bother trying to find a new man at your age. I’m confused because he’s 38 so I thought I was enough younger than...

How does one Find true love?

I've lived in the same location for years. I've wanted to find true love for the longest time, but i have such trouble actually talking...

I don't know how I feel about my boyfriend?

We've been dating for about 7 months and I have had this weird feeling about the whole state of our relationship. I love him, and I have...

Best way to get back at my boyfriend?

Every time I tell My boyfriend how I feel he makes me feel stupid. It makes me second guess if I actually love him. He will laugh or...

My boyfriend acts submissive and it makes me feel manly or like I'm the one wearing the pants! What do I do?

I love my boyfriend very much (Even though I haven't told him yet...). He sweet, funny, let's me pay for things, and always makes sure...

Do you agree that men control access to relationships and marriage?

Like girls don’t propose or ask men out on dates so it seem like men control whether or not women get married

"Missing a lover is because of all of the things that were once done right in a relationship." Agree?

Tell me if this thought makes sense. Even if your relationship has broken down... the fact that you miss them or they miss you means at...

What would you do if your OLDER S. O. said you may date other people if they became too old/ill to tend to you so long as you are secretive about it?

So you fall in love with someone far older than you. All is going well. Yet one day they bring up the subject of some day they might...

Girlfriend is angry at her boyfriend but still talks to him. Is that a sign they will make up?

Say a woman gets mad at her boyfriend because after an argument he broke things off and blocked her number in pain. The next day she got...

How Long Is A 'Long-Term' Relationship?

What do you think the minimum amount of time for a couple to have been together before their relationship can be considered long-term?

BRUTALLY HONEST QUESTION! Is the primary purpose of a relationship for men.. sex?

If I want to feel close to somebody, I already have friends I have known since my teens that are loyal to me. Meanwhile, women will just...

White guys, is this really how you feel about Asian women?

I know that some white women have their own racial preferences too. Do some of you really love Asian women that much?