I thought I was over him

Maybe I was over him a little, I would say that I had at least successfully distracted myself. All the pictures I ever had of him are...

Personality Experiment

The other day, I found myself watching this TV series about an experiment of falling in love with someone based on their personality...

Are we really surprised to be single these days?

I have been able to discuss relationships with a TON of older people. People who are still together along with people on their...

Sticking to your ideas in a relationship

This more of a short thought than a proper myTake, a thought I just formulated and that I think it's fundamental to go on in life and...

How I’ll take my time to find someone to love with my whole heart

I’ve only had one boyfriend so far, and although I thought I loved him at the time, I didn’t - I love my former best friend, my only...

What Causes Jealousy And What Are The Best Ways To Deal With Feelings Of Jealousy?

This myTake deals with jealousy and ways to overcome or deal with jealousy. Jealousy can be feelings of insecurity, fear, and concern...

This world is screwed up around relationships!

(Rejection) Girl rejecting the guy; sorry I dont want to date you because your not hot, too short, not buff, not rich, not a bad boy, a...

Have you ever met an opposite sex friend without telling your partner?

I don't see why I should tell my fiancée who I went out with today, she'd get jealous anyway and fill me with questions and "jokes"....

Would you break up with someone disrespecting you and calling you names?

My boyfriend called me a bitch because he has anger problems and told me he didn't wanna be bothered so I said okay bye. He called me a...

If the person you loved said they were only attracted to the same gender and promised marriage in return if you got surgery would you do it?

Given its an extreme idea but in these modern times. I'm sure it's actally happened once... For me it would be no though Seeing a...

If your partner does not provide you with emotional or moral support, is it ok to get it elsewhere?

My husband is not a good listener, nor is he empathetic or understanding. I feel like i have to go see a counselor twice a month to get...

Are you ever not sure if you love yourself or not?

I always feel like my self love is there but sometimes people will call me out and be like you have to love yourself more. I definitely...

Loveless marriage?

Is it possible that a husband is not love wd his wife in a marriage and still they have kids. They dont plan to leave each other. but...

How would you gals feel if your SO called you a dingbat?

Hahaha. I haven't heard that term in forever but damn it! I love it

For you, does a long term relationship mean commitment to monogamy?

I think I know the answer to this question, but sometimes, younger users insistently tell me that “people have changed and dating has...

Do you practice or identify as non-monogamous?

I'm wondering if there are more people on GAG that identify as non-monogamous, and maybe even practice it?

Did you ever start dating someone (shortly after a breakup)?

A few weeks or a few months after. *How was the experience? *Would you do it again?

I prefer to call my boyfriend Sir and not Daddy and he prefers it that way to. What do you call your S. O?

I cringe when people call their S. O’s daddy/mommy and he does as well. He sometimes calls me boo and ill call him kitty whenever we are...

Should I end things with my boyfriend who still loves me?

I have been together with him for 3 years. We went through MANY ups and downs together and currently in a LDR. The past few days I've...

Is it abuse to withhold hugs and cuddles from your partner when you are mad at them?

If a woman knows how much her boyfriend likes cuddling and kissing, is it abuse to refuse these things from him whenever they get into...

Do you ever feel you make people uncomfortable with the amount of eye contact you make?

I tend to look directly at peoples eyes while talking and maintain eye contact. I can see that this makes some people uncomfortable. Has...

Can you help me identify if a person is into me?

So I have a friend. Another friend once told me she is into me ( this friend interprets way too much ) so i started thinking about it...

Do People Find Love? Or Do People Create Love?

FIND or CREATE, explain if you have the time.

When you get deeper and deeper in a relationship, is it harder to break up with the person if you wanted to?

I know a couple that were together for 2 years, but was very toxic together in the second year. The only reason they stayed together was...

Is this true about relationships?

Is it true that at the beginning of a relationship, the male is more attracted to the female then the female is attracted to the male....