Love at First Sight

I believe in love at first sight. Because I believe that love is something that changes over time. It can grow or fade, but either way,...
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How to determine if your child is likely yours if you have doubts

I see a lot of questions regarding infidelity and I see a surprising number of men in general saying that they had no idea they were...
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What screams: I'm in a toxic relationship

I’ve never been in a relationship thank god . But from what I see with my friends and families relationships. Is that, one individual....
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"Ghosting" A Person Can Cause Harm

"Ghosting" refers to the sudden and unexplained withdrawal or disappearance of one person from another's life, typically in the context...
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At Home

Relationship Advice

If you know anyone in college or high school, please suggest to them not to get into a relationship. I am a college student that has...
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Relationship Stages

Introduction: Embarking on a romantic journey is a thrilling experience, but every relationship evolves through distinct stages, each...
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Which birthdays are significant?

Sweet 16? 18 (legal age, driver’s license, voting)? 21 (full legal rights)? After that are they the ones with zeros – 30, 40, 50?...
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The Enigma of Today’s Eligible Youth

The taming of the collective beast The foundation of our current society is built around a certain concept, one that we are required to...
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How did you realize you are in love?

I think it is really hard to figure out that you fall in love with someone. Can you recall the time that you told yourself that you are...

If Time is Infinite, Relationships are meaningless. Brad A. I , If you could Pursue a Relationship. How would you give it a meaning?

Fellow Gagger and BRAD A. I of this website. Tell me, apart from Having limited time with other Fellow humans. How would one give...

Polyamory relationship?

What do you think about the polyamory relationship? Do you have such a relationship?

What’s the point of relationships these days?

No one trusts each other. No one wants to build trust. Men and women hate each other more than usual. It’s absolutely pointless!

Someone give me a reality check? Hi. An old friend of mine back to grade school and I recently reconnected again. We never dated officially?

only tried for few months but it was long distance and then he disappeared for months. Come to find out he’s now married with kids. Is...

A potential partner. Name five attributes they must have?

For me: Respect Loyalty Compliance Hygiene Femininity

How would you feel if you found out your slim boyfriend or girlfriend used to be 300+lbs?

Would you admire them for all the weight they've lost? Or feel like they could gain it all back and not want to be with them?

Shaved or unshaved in a relationship?

Prefer your so shaven or all natural? For me No chest hair please! Love those hairy arms and beard!
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Wife wants more money. What should I do?

Offered my wife 200 to spend eg clothes but she says she wants new iphone I got the children new iphone for Christmas but that's...
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Why are women who are infatuated with a man, choose to be very girly girl and submissive to his every need almost?

I'm sure we've seen those couples where the woman is very doe-eyed when they look up at him. The boyfriend I mean. I've seen it with my...
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Women in their late 30s dating men in their early 20s. Ok or not ok?

Hmm when I’m 37, I think the youngest I would date is 28. Hookups? Maybe 22
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Do you believe boyfriend/girlfriend effect?

This popular trend that has gone viral recently focuses on the transformation before and after having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you...

Am I really stringing along my girlfriend for not telling her I'm asexual?

She assumed I'm a patient man that has self-control. Though she has expressed to eventually wanting to take things to the next level....
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