Learn To Say NO!

I decided to write this take after asking a question about it this week. I asked about the struggle of saying no, and they changed the...

Letters of Love

I was kind of inspired to do a take based on a gagger's mytake that I follow. He is a pretty interesting guy and I would at least...

Be or not to be, alone? Be or not to be, in a relationship? Be or not to be, married? Those are not my questions. Mariage is. Should or not. Let see.

I'm now in a certain age when you often hear a question like: "Would you marry soon?" or "What are you waiting for?" or "Everybody else...

What do I want out of this relationship?

"What do I want out of this relationship?" This is one of the many important questions I ask myself before I enter a mutual relationship...

Seven Years Waiting For Nothing

I used to be the kind of person who believed that everything happened for a reason. But I came to the conclusion that this is not...

GirlsAskGuys Relationship Panel Q&A

GirlsAskGuys Relationship Panel Questions And Answers. Welcome to the first ever GirlsAskGuys Relationship Question and Answers Panel....

Keep your relationship and your loved one. Part 1

Many people wonder how can you keep a relationship . I mean like me . All I saw was bad shit from my step dad cheating , and lying to my...

Can you have a happy relationship without arguments?

I was thinking about this... I feel like in a relationship you should feel free to express yourself whether it’s positive or negative...

Guys, do you agree?

My friends husband gets happy ending massages and says its business so not cheating.

When being with a woman do you feel like you can never be yourself?

The reason I ask is because there are tons of videos on youtube telling men how to keep their woman happy and interested. Or what do say...

Im seeing my ex and if he knew that someday I will want to have a threesome he would probably leave me... what do you think?

He doesn't care if i have a threesome with girls but he does care if its with all guys, so i lied to him because i dont want him to...

Would you have an online romance?

Do you think its cheating to have an online romance, would you have one?

Would you stay with someone with different perspectives?

Me and my boyfriend disagree on almost everything. I guess there's some truth to "opposites attract ". However, sometimes these...

Daddy Issues with My Teacher, what Should I Do?

I grew up in a mostly fatherless home so it makes sense that I would have this problem. For the most part I’ve been fine, but I grew...

Is he too controlling or trauma from last relationship?

My boyfriend and I have very few arguments and they are usually small ones like where should we eat, for example. But, throughout our...

How to deal with life?

How do you deal with the anger and overwhelming feelings when you're dealing with someone that you shared a love that is only in the...

Is it bad to always tell the truth?

So I'm currently in a relationship and this question came to mind when my girlfriend told me something. A couple days ago I told her to...

Assume your partner is atheist but you aren't. What would you do?

In christianity (as i know), you shall not be partner with an atheist (or deist etc). Muslim is not allow that. You must not be an...

Was I wrong about this guy?

There's an acquaintance (friend of friends) been curious about for a bit, would seem mutual given some of his actions. We've had...

How far would you go with someone in a married relationship, according the walking dead new frontier?

Its funny the game actually punishes you for saying no to her. She becomes cold and distant because you chose to be respectful to your...

Is it wrong of me to ask my boyfriend to show me the conversations he has with a girl he had a history with when he tried to hide it from me?

I wouldn’t snoop through my boyfriend’s phone without his permission. But I honestly feel like I can’t believe what he says because he’s...

Would you get annoyed if your date/partner fell asleep on you?

You're on the couch or cuddling in bed together watching a movie and then you notice he/she fell asleep on you. Would you get annoyed?

Is your man's business your business?

I am actually agaisnt this theroy but it is one I held as a young girl. Society tells young girls this. This is a toxic mentality on my...