My experience with anxiety in a relationship

I promise it won't be long. I premise that the experience I'm sharing here is not universal nor is meant to have any...

Yeah, I Feel Alive

I have been asking myself what makes you better than the others. Is there anything better out there? Last night I had a revelation and...

No, Dogs are not better than Humans

So I've heard many women (who are usually bitter from having fucked up their relationships and needed something to put the blame on so...

I'll never call my girlfriend "creepy" ever again

Before anyone gets worried, I promise this is a (almost) joke post. So, for a number of big reasons, last week has been quite a though...

Tony's Advice on Manhood

Tony's Advice on Manhood Introduction... I'm 26 years old, and I've had a lot of life experience. I've spent my life in the military,...

3 Signs A Guy Might Need A More Dominant Woman

It's common that a man might like to think of himself as the dominant partner in the relationship. This is the one who instinctively...

Is this The One?

I understand that many G@Gers are not Christians, or are not religious at all. This myTake is NOT about religion or religious beliefs,...

Is flirting cheating?

Flirting is a type of sexual behaviour, though it does not include any sexual contact. If it does involve someone who is not your...

Baby daddy wants to bring baby around bad influence friends?

My baby’s father hasn’t been involved much and it seems he just wants to get back together as a couple which I tell him sorry no.. so we...

What's the biggest regret you have?

What's the biggest regret you have and if you don't want to share, why do you regret it so much? If you don't regret anything, what is...

Should I just do it because I believe in it?

So I lived abroad for 4 months and I had a boyfriend during those four months. Our relationship moved very quickly and we fell in love....

Have you ever cheated your partner in relationship?

Be honest. Lol. I did many times. What about you?

I'm not sure I am understanding how looks can be relative?

How can anyone find a pale, 4''11 (very short in my opinion), plumb or heavy set woman, even remotely attractive? ! ... I thought most...

Why are some men controlling? This was controlling behaviour right?

I’ve just started dating again again a long term relationship and I seem to be seeing a pattern with guys. This one I’m seeing now has...

What are some red flags that you’re in a mentally abusive relationship?

Reg flag/signs that your partner is trying to manipulate you, control you, mentally abuse you?

Best ways to console my girlfriend in despair?

My girlfriend had her worst day today. Today at work she had to deal and see victims of a multiple car crash (she's not ER but the...

I am afraid that wounds from my childhood could affect my relationships. Am I worrying too much?

I mean, so far I lived without much trouble but I don't want to miss out on things in life because of what was done to me.

Would it be foolish to give up someone you love cos they don’t love you back?

So there’s this gal I’ve known for like 2, almost 3 years, and I love her to death, we’re like best of friends and get along really...

Do girls find the same guy more attractive if he is fit and muscular rather than average or fat?

Will the same guy have more chances to get girl's attention if he is fit and exercise on a regular basis? How important is that in being...

Has someone judged you when their situation wasn't any better?

Example: My aunt judges what my crushes look like. But she babysits her own husband, complains about it, and then uses an excuse to not...