What does it mean to only be interested in Long-Term Relationship?

You see this often on dating sites, single person only interested in long term relationships. But what does that really mean? On one...
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Why people are so busy today, and what's it really mean in dating when they're too busy?

I know you have all been there before. You connect with someone, you go out on one of the most amazing first dates of your life. You...
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A Simple Guide To Gold Digging

Here is a simple guide to gold digging to clear up any confusion about why it's wrong and why its a one sided benefit. In a normal...
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Bound to the results of selfishness?

It seems like almost any matter a police officer may find himself/herself/God help us, whoever-self, doing in the line of duty, in most...
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My thoughts on being lonely and perpetually single in my 30s.

I am about to turn 40 years old in a few short years, and I've never had a girlfriend, never held hands with a girl, never kissed a...
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How Accusations of Jealousy Mask Relationship Manipulation

In a relationship, open and honest communication is so important, as well as being able to trust each other. Some people though resort...
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How to be the BEST HUSBAND and BEST WIFE.

This is a short MyTake prompted by a Short video on YouTube. How to Be the Best Husband Pamper her. Take her to dinner at her favorite...
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There is No Excuse for Not Being There When You Need it the Most.

This is one of the topics that made me surprised in my current relationship. He is always there whenever I need him. I am also there for...
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What are some examples of narcissistic behavior in a relationship?

What is a narcissistic relationship pattern? How do you realize it in a relationship? Give me some tips...

What could my boyfriend be doing instead?

Me and my boyfriend just had our son 3 months ago and we don’t live together but he says he will come over to see me and our son but we...

Is it okay for your boyfriend to take out his ex baby momma and his 5 year old son out for lunch for his sons birthday while you pregnant and at home?

We have been constantly arguing since the day it happened because I feel like it was wrong towards me. His ex baby momma hates me and...

Why does everyone comment on how pretty my ex-girlfriend was but say nothing about my new girlfriend?

Why does everyone, including my buddies and strangers, compliment my ex girlfriend on her looks saying she's beautiful but say nothing...

What does “Get yourself a bad boy” mean in a relationship?

I know that means a woman get herself a bad boy who is in a relationship with her because of course

I don't want kids but she does. Is it worth agreeing to have kids in order to stay with a woman?

I've never loved anyone like her before and I know we will never stay together if I say I don't want kids.
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Asking long term married couples or partners. Do you get spankings from your partner? Is it truly still a thing? Is it more common than people know?

My husband spanks me. Not all the time but if I slap his face or shove him during an argument or if I'm being an asshole he does. Before...
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How many stages are there in a relationship?

Is it important relationship stages?

What are some rules a husband has to follow in a female led relationship?

These are female led relationships i think. Do you have like these some rules?

Would you keep your feelings for yourself if the relationship is impossible? Would you suggest to remain friends?

Hello, I am practicing Christian woman who wishes to marry a Christian man from my community. I have joined a company where there were...

If women don't care about money then why does it matter so much when raising a family?

What's the problem? I thought women did not care about money. Yet why is it so important to them? I thought women would be happy raising...
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He's 13 years older than me?

I met this cute guy but he's 13 years older than me is that to much time difference? I'm 20 and he's 33
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