A Long Distance Relationship That Worked!

After I got home the other morning from work, I went for a jog. I saw an old lady I hadn't seen in weeks. She is at the park every...

"Victim Blaming" Why Do Some People Have This Blame The Victim Mindset?

Ok this mytake is a result of my recent question: Do You Think People Who've Suffered Abuse Have More Trust Issues Than Those Who...

10 foolproof signs he loves you!

Have you ever wondered if your partner truly loves you or not? Don't know if he's showing real emotions? There are tons of woman who...

What Relationship Experts Think About Love

There is no more complicated and yet desired thing like love. To have a perfect relationship is the goal of many people but not everyone...

"Stay Safe/Be Safe" What Does That Mean To You?

So at the start of this pandemic, I saw a lot of people saying stay safe a lot,I did it myself. Which was heartwarming to see. But,...

Why you don't need to hurry with finding a boyfriend

Yes, we all know how it is. We all want someone to cuddle, someone to kiss, someone that will always be by your side... but is it all...

Covid Relationship Crashed.

Editors Note: I know there are some people here who do hate me and what I post and I deserve what I got with this, but I dont know. For...

AGE difference. Should I tell this guy that we can be friends and maybe in a few years try again if the opportunity is there?

Met a guy, instant attraction, got our numbers.. we talked for about a week before I asked his age and he asked mine. I’m 26, he’s 19. I...

Have you ever had to console a partner when their parent passed away?

Did you find it hard, to know what to say? Did you create distance or get closer to them? Did you need someone to vent to at times?

Would you be okay with this?

If you are in a relationship with someone, and they have a best friend of the opposite sex, and they slept together years ago. Would you...

Words of Anger? or something else?

I have been talking to a guy seriously for a few months now, and it has gotten super intense. I have known him for quite some time, but...

I feel like my marriage is ending?

My wife has asked me recently to drastically change our relationship. We are in a Dom and sub relationship. We have 2 daughters and have...

Do you think its acceptable to ghost someone?

For example Your dating someone and you find yourself in a bad way but instead of explaing this you just ghost them

Is this true and is there an explanation for it?

I've been helping people with their problems for my whole life, but I have never really had someone close to me. So I guess that this is...

How you used your corona time?

I supported my wife to get back her abs definition in this 1-2 month challenge which she did daily at home without any gym equipments....

Find it hard to stay with a girl with mosaic turner syndrome?

so i'm dating my current girlfriend for about 3 years , she is very lovely and fun to hung out with but she recently told me that she...

When should I ask him about the future of our relationship?

my boyfriend is about to go abroad for a long time , since he didn't make up his mind about leaving due to his family he's so stressed ,...

Is it me? And what is "IT"?

My husband and I have been together since the night we met. He moved in the next day, now married 1yr but been together for 9. We used...

I am 25 and my girlfriend is 17 (turning 18 in Nov). Am I in the wrong?

We are sort of courting too and we plan on getting married. I am going to see her in person on her birthday and give her a promise ring....

Girls and Guys would you be a sugar baby to pay off college debt?

This question came into mind because my friend has a roommate who’s apparently a sugar baby and she makes like 3,000 a week to pay off...

True or false: if someone really likes you, they would want a relationship no matter what?

Is there such thing as "too busy for a relationship"? Even if they have feelings for you

What is your love language?

If you are unsure what your love language is take the test https://www.5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/

Is this guy playing games?

I’ve been speaking to someone on Snapchat for around a week. He’s been pretty responsive, last week, he asked to meet up face to face. I...

Do you believe that there is someone for everyone?

Do you believe there is someone for everyone or are some just not suitable for partnerships