Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Shout out to the Anon who made the take "Why I'm Attracted To The Bad Guys." It gave me the idea to write this take in response. Click...

Type of Woman I Wouldn't be Compatible With

Here are 7 types of Woman I Wouldn't be Compatible with if I was Ready to Date 1. Woman Who Cares About Financial-Well Being I view...

"Advice" Take It With A Grain Of Salt

I'm not saying it's wrong to get advice or opinions from someone ever. Sometimes, we all get confused with our thoughts, feelings and...

Show connection and know the connection is real

show some connection to your love one : 1. Cultivate open communication * talk about anything ... Hope's, dreams , fears , etc * talk...

Know your place in someone’s life

And you won’t get hurt! It has taken me some time to get this..why? Because I second guess myself. Always go with your gut! If a man (or...

The Personal and Societal Benefits of Girls Taking the Initiative With Guys in Relationships

I've been thinking about this topic, having seen many questions which dance around this idea, and today I decided to write about it....

What is love? A myTake that has nothing to do with the song

*a myTake concerning romantic love, considering the amount of questions people ask on here related to it Unlike disgust, surprise or...

Truth or a lie?

So to get to the point , I really want to know if this event happened or if it is a lie. Maybe 3 years ago my boyfriends older brother...

I can't accept the fact that my boyfriend loves me? Please help me?

I have a boyfriend and we are going out since a few years. I don't know why I feel he doesn't love me. I don't even know why I feel like...

Would you let your partner shave/wax you?

My partner does my brazilian for me. We’re too cool around each other at this point. Is this weird õ. Õ

What can I do to help him?

My boyfriend is currently really upset because he has a traumatising family life. I really want to help him and it causes me great pain...

He was caught sending dick pictures to ex and now leaves phone wide open after?

boyfriend was caught sending dick pictures to an ex wife. We have been together ten years. I found out after that he was planning to...

I need advice, Please Help?

I met this guy on a dating site and we were talking for quite a few months. We met online in March and it was now summer. He lives in a...

Making your brand new relationship last through covid19?

We have only been dating a couple of months and everything has been perfect. With all the lockdowns we have been confined to now only...

What does it usually mean when two people always gravitate back towards eachother?

Im not referring to “soul mates” or “twin flames”. Non of that nonsense.

When in a relationship, do you put your friends or your partner first?

Assuming you had to make a choice between hanging with friends or going on a date night with your partner, which would you put first?

If your work colleagues denigrated you as "living in sin" with your bf/gf, what would you do?

Bear in mind they're in your business because you originally complained about not having met any decent people before meeting your bf/gf.

Please read this. Am I too much?

My parents invite us for dinner these days, and my husband is always hesitant because he wants to be careful. Anyways, we went to my...

Friend-zoned? What are your thoughts?

Is it the wise thing to do to leave the relationship after being friendzoned? Especially when she will never reconsider. By leaving...

Is it controling to demand honesty in all things from a partner?

So a little while ago I was called freakishly controlling because I have a zero tolerance policy with dishonesty.. I'm not talking lies...

Tattoos or not?

Do you all prefer your partner to have some to a lot of tattoos or none?

How would you feel if you found out your partner is still keeping pictures of her with an ex?

my girlfriend and I were talking about one of our friends who are also a couple. they told us they were arguing because one of them was...

How do you feel knowing your partner attracts more people than you?

My husband said it made him feel like he had a trophy wife knowing most other men want me but only he has me. It added to his...