The Kind of Woman I Like (and Some I Don't)

This compilation is not based on physical appeal, but character features that are not the usual, trite, go-to recommendations. Of course...

To marry or break up: A decision I can't decide! Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 of this story, you can view it in the link below. If you already have, feel free to skip on ahead: To marry...

A thought about my current relationship

I promise this won't be long. As many of you who have been following my situation and my outbursts for some time now, at end of July I...

On heartbreak and age.

As I sit here on this night in silence, memories of my youth come back to mind. Things that I have not thought about in a long time...

What is the meaning of my poetry? I will explain.

As y'all know a few weeks ago I went on a vacation to visit my cousin in Louisville, KY. Despite all the negative vibes coming from her...

My Whole Life Improved Immeasurably When I Stopped Sleeping With The Opposite Sex!

Words have power. I banished the phrase "the opposite sex" from my thought and speech quite some years ago, replacing it with "the...

"Cheaters never change": Why this is a stupid saying

I feel the need to post this after reading about another recent cheating post: I do not believe in the saying “Once a cheater, always a...

How many bathtub toys are you allowed to have in a Relationship?

Obviously I have to hide the tub toys in the beginning of the relationship. But if it's the weekend and I've got nothing better going...

Ldr relationship?

I (18) am in an ldr with a guy (18) for about 1 and a half years and plan on moving to his state for college. right now his family...

Guys, what are some things that a woman may do that will instantly turn you off?

So I'm in a good mood today because I passed my math test and to be completely honest this is the first time in years I've made more...

Would you wait for a partner that's in jail?

Let's say he was wrongfully accused or framed up, and has a 7-10 years sentence, would you wait

Where Can A Young Man Find A Good Woman?

A woman who is a good honest person, who volunteers and who has goals in life and wants a job or career. But who doesn’t want kids.

Do looks matter or is it the attitude-20 years old and single?

i have gone out with like 4 guys lets say my first kiss was at 18 with a guy from work and we went out twice and i broke it off because...

If you are in a relationship but find yourself attracted to someone else, would it be healthy to discuss your crush with your partner?

So you will never move on your crush. But openly discussing it with your partner might actually be healthy (if it’s done tactfully)....

What's your partner's love language?

The five love languages - acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, giving/sharing gifts, and physical touch. I think my...

What's your love language?

The five love languages - acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, giving/sharing gifts, and physical touch. I think that...

Would You Really End a GOOD Relationship if your partner didn't want to get married?

Let's say you've been in a relationship for 8 years and it was a GREAT relationship. Would you end the relationship if your partner...

Is Being Gay Is A Sin?

Just Asking

Have you ever cheated on anyone? Be honest?

Why and how did it turn out if you did?

Scale 1-10 how much do you care what others think?

Please give a reason for your scale choice.

Sending a girl emojis like 😘, 🌺, 🌷, 😉.. flirt or just “being nice”?

Guys would you send emojis like that to a girl to flirt, just be nice.. or both? Girls.. how would you take those emojis?

What personality type do you think is more attractive and why?

As an introvert myself, im fascinated by almost all extroverts for just being able to get on with others so easily without knowing them...