To marry or break up: A decision I can't decide!

This eternal conflict of mine has been in my mind for the past 4 years, puzzling back and forth to wondering if it would be more...

My Whole Life Improved Immeasurably When I Stopped Sleeping With The Opposite Sex!

Words have power. I banished the phrase "the opposite sex" from my thought and speech quite some years ago, replacing it with "the...

"Cheaters never change": Why this is a stupid saying

I feel the need to post this after reading about another recent cheating post: I do not believe in the saying “Once a cheater, always a...

Cheaters never change?

At the expense of getting a lot of hate, I'm ending this myth now. I have a boyfriend who I would have been with 10 years now if I...

I Know It Meant Nothing

Yes, I have a problem. A big one, maybe. Somehow I create these situations in my mind and I find (search, create, develop, make) details...

What is love? How men and women communicate and think differently!

This myTake it's something I've been thinking about a lot, but I was inspired to write it from a conversation I had with one of my good...

I'm Not Religious, but I Get Signs At Every Turn

I will try to keep this as concise as possible. Never have any of my relationships ever worked out. For me, my career and being the most...

Date's and relationships?

Why I'm the only one who don't have a girlfriend until now 😢😧😩

Girls, **How to start talking with your crush when you don't know each other**?

So I have this crush a couple of months but I don't think that he knows I exist. We go to the same school but at different classes. He...

Ex boyfriend still texts every day but wishes me the best?

So my ex boyfriend messages me every day, even good morning texts etc I've started dating someone new & he has wished me all the best...

My girlfriend has been talking to her ex for a while. Is this a good reason to worry?

I have been together with my girlfriend for about two months. She was in a relationship with him for 4 years and they broke up a year...

^^How to get my crush to know me^^?

So I have this crush a couple of months but I don't think that he knows I exist. We go to the same school but at different classes. He...

What would be a reason for you to defintely break up, have you ever delayed breaking up and why?

So i have been together with my girlfriend for 4 years almost and since we live together in the beginning of August my opinion of her...

Guys who are 18 would you date a girl a year older?

Or if you were still 18/ already 18

Should she have allowed her boyfriend to get his belongings when she made him leave after an argument?

Imagine this situation. a man and a woman who are in a relationship got into an argument. he was visiting her house. She asked him to...

Has any girl, or guy, tried, or threatened, to do something dramatic because they wanted you so badly? ... or have you done this?

I had that happen when I was in high school. A guy that I went out with a few times, and then stopped, got very despondent when I...

Which of you or your partner is making food?

Do you like if its the other person who is cooking or do you you like to do it yourself?

Do you believe in relationships?

You believe in relationships?

Girls, will you make fun of guys virgin status even if the guy had not sex with you when you are drunk and wanted it?

She is one of friend of mine. She sometimes make fun of or think I am not cool or inexperienced cause she had much sexual experience....