5 Awesome Male Relationship Consultants Men Should Definitely Listen To

As a female relationship consultant, I am willing to take on the right male clients that seek my advice, but there are some times when I...

Top 5 myths associated with men, women, and their relationships

We live in a society that has developed opinions regarding gender over time. Almost everyone is grown up with certain myths about the...

How to Ensure that Your Love & Relationship Lasts Forever.

Love, unlike what many people think, is as important for our body & mind as oxygen. In fact, when people are in love, they are...
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What Are Relationships & How To Maintain Them.

Why Relationships Matter The most profound emotion known to human beings is love. Although many kinds of love exist, many people seek...

To All The Boys I’VE Loved Before

Dear A.H. When I first came to live with the family who later adopted me, you were one of the first kids I met at church. We were both...

The things I want to say to you but I can't

I'm not good at talking. For talking is necessary to be firm and be able to withstand the confrontation, something I'm still not...

The Age Old Question... What is Love?

Yes, for my first take I’m going to tackle what seems to many like an impossible question, what is love? In school, way back when, I...

How can I resist cheating?

My girlfriend left to help her sister move and pick up a cat, for 8 days, a day after my mother died. I told her to go. But I was numb....

I am super anxious, I think I could be pregnant?

TMI- I lost my virginity a week ago. I have really bad anxiety and i tend to let it get to me. I’ve been bloated , constipated and I’m...

Do you athletes prefer an athletic partner or at least one in good shape over a partner who doesn't do sports?

I somewhat do, it shows dedication and health in addition to a common subject between us. It's a turn on for me when a woman does sports.

Is my boyfriend crushing on someone else?

My boyfriend and I are in a serious relationship. Now I will admit sometimes I do get insecure when I’m with him because he is fit and...

I need help please. What should I do?

So my girlfriend has hada guy friend that she used to like. He said no to her asking him out and they are now friends. Me and her are 9...

Is trust something you think can be rebuilt?

Or when it’s destroyed, it’s gone for good?

Domestic abuse on men?

I’m doing an assignment regarding domestic abuse and its aftermath and would like to know if there are any guys here that have...

Do you believe the saying “if you love someone you would’ve never cheated”?

In this weird generation I believe it sort of plays a role in marriage but if it were to happen a second time the marriage should turn...

I cheated on my girl, what should I do?

So long story short : Last month, me and my girl went to a party hosted by one of our friends. She went on and sat with a bunch of her...

WWhat do you like the most in being in a relationship? ?

I've been single too long now and I have come to the conclusion i miss the kissing the most. I love kissing. But i do miss seeing that...

Do you think that most people have relationships with others simply for selfish reasons?

I believe most people do. When i say selfish reasons I mean that they simply want attention and other benefits, they don't genuenly care...

So... Masculine and Feminine doesn't mean anything anymore, right?

What do these terms mean to you? Should we be glad? Should we get back to them?

Do you like to spend every holiday with your significant other?

Could be boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/husband/wife Like spend every one with them or do you branch out to hang out with friends on like...

Is it weird for someone to plaster their significant other all over their Facebook?

Like have their initials in their bio ex: “S. J. M 👫❤️” have a picture of them as their cover photo and then their profile picture of...

If someone doesn't seem intrested in texting with you , what would you do ?

he's not a boyfriend , I just wanted to make him a friend but when I tried to act cool and make a convo with him he acted like a little...

My New Online Boyfriend Seems Upset What do I Do?

I've been in only one relationship before... And it ended pretty horribly so I must not know how to be a proper girlfriend yet. But...