Finding Love, and What I Think about Relationships!

This myTake is most probably going to turn into a personal rant that I am going to regret in the future. But these are just thoughts...

Yes, White Men Love Asian Girls: Debunking Some Myths About WMAF Relationships

Not that long ago Asians were thought of as a "peril," with WW2 propaganda portraying them as almost subhuman. At that time, our...
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Should you marry for love or stability

We all know the sayings that love conquers all. But when you fall out of love with someone I believe it’s stability that gets you...

Do You Think It's Necessary to Block An Ex Even If You Guys Haven't Spoken In A Long While?

Had to put this question in Take form because my details are too long for a question. I saw some posts similar to this on Quora. Some...

New Years Eve is here. And you aren't (follow up to my Christmas Eve MyTake) - A Valentines Day will soon to follow

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021. WE ALL MADE IT! THIS DUMPSTER FIRE CRAPTASTIC YEAR IS FUCKING OVER!!! clock strikes midnight... No kiss from you...

Conflict is inevitable - Fighting is optional.

Whether it's friendships, politics or relationships, there will always be conflict between you and someone else, at some time or...

Steer clear from the relationship "gurus, experts and coaches"

This is some "take it or leave it" advice. I've only got some experience regarding this and I thought I'd share it here. Hope it helps...

How can a man make anyone feel love without saying anything?

What things can he do for her. If she was her best friend first.

Should I be nice to her?

The thing is me and my girlfriend broke up because her family did not approved me. She is very sick and respects her parents so she...

Is my boyfriend's stance right?

His stance is that bad behaviors and disrespect shouldn't be tolerated at all, from no one... not even if it's coming from a family...

What would you do if your partner confessed they were only with you for the money?

Say you been with this partner for a long time , you loved and cared about them and then all of a sudden they confess to you that they...

Is the root of all female problems they don't want to cook and clean, and so when a man hires a made to do this, he ends up marrying her instead?

I am in this situation - looking for a wife to have babies with. But, since the pretty girls won't work, I have had to make sure I can...

What can I do to show I'm a valued girl?

I feel like I'm the girl who gets dropped easily and always the second option

Do Men Care About How Much Their Partner Makes?

Do you care about your partner’s career and how much money she makes? If yes/no, why?

How can I bring up sex with my boyfriend?

Basically it's a topic we joke about and talk about, but we haven't really talked about it for real. I feel the tension between us when...

Is it still called an affair in a non marriage relationship?

If a guy or girl is seeing or close to seeing someone else while in a relationship but their not married, is it still an affair?

There is no inconsiderate guy, just because he doesn’t love you enough?

So in my country people has this quote “if a guy can't change for you, it is not his personality; it is because he doesn’t love you...

Should I let it be?

I have been dating this 23 year old for 2 years now and at first I didn’t want to say anything. But when it came to his following...

Do you care for/help out your girlfriend/wife when she's sick?

I know man flu is a thing. I haven't personally "experienced" it, but I know I'd care for my boyfriend if he got ill. But do guys also...

Do things happen for a reason?

Do you guys believe that certain things in life happen for a reason? I wonder how others think about this, so please let me know what...

Do MGTOW men really stay single forever?

Are there 70 year old MGTOWs or do they lie and call themselves MGTOW to whine about women

Even perfect relationships have dry spells where you or your partner gets "bored" of the other. What advice do you have to keep the fire going?

After awhile you get used to the sex, the personality, and being with your partner. When boredom strikes what do you do?

Women. How much money does the man you love have?

If you are a pink, who is single or widowed - answer hypothetically. Pinks, who don't date or don't want relationships - you can vote...

Do you believe that men are the head of the household and women should submit and obey?

I’m a Christian and a lot of Christian women talk about being submissive to their husbands. I’m with a woman so we just see ourselves as...

Would you break up if you felt like you did love someone but a part of you will always love someone else?

Like you loved person J but you will always love person C and person C has a piece of your heart forever

Boyfriend told me to get abortion?

So, we have a 1 year old together and I recently found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend basically told me to get a abortion. We don’t...