Yes, Love Can Happen At Any Age!

Many things have changed, but when it comes to couples of different ages, the first thing everyone thinks is the financial question. You...

A woman hitting a man it's not funny, it's abuse

Movies, cartoons and other medias actually portray a woman or girl hitting a boy or a man as something funny or comical, when actually...
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My Dream Man... The Man I Would Marry

I know what you’re thinking…this is gonna be another cliche list of unattainable traits and in my defence I’m going to argue that...

Ever realised just how messed up you're life is, was. Now I'm working at healing from it.

Since a young age I've been nothing but kind. I was raised to be a good person, but when I look back I wasn't raised to be a leader in...

She came back and sounding like a broken record for 2 hours.. I dont know what to feel or think..

Hey all. So this is the new update as of 2/19/21.. She called me yesterday. I was dealing with my friend who came to visit me who I was...

What I want for my life...

I don't want to live in a world where its all about getting money. Where me being me isn't enough. Where the only way I'm entitled to...

What to do when he's mad at you!

You got into a fight with your boyfriend? Don't know if you guys should stay together even after the hurtful exchanges of words you had?...

Is it normal to never want to be in another relationship again after heartbreak?

It low key annoys me when I hear things like "it takes time to heal" "things happen for a reason" "God has someone better" for you etc....

My boyfriend gets angry in the morning when I forgot to dry his work clothes the night before. Why doesn’t he do it himself?

I do most of the laundry because I’m more particular about it (hanging certain things up, separating loads, etc). The company my...

Leave relationship advice please?

how do you let someone go who you know isn't good for you and doesn't treat you right, yet you are still in love with them?

Dating with a military man. How do you cope with someone you know they’ll be moving away?

I’ve been seeing this guy in the military for almost a half year. Despite the covid spreading around and restrictions due to this, we...

Is it considered cheating if your girlfriend is a professional erotic message therapist with hand job?

I recently found out that my girlfriend is giving erotic messages with a happy ending for money. I don’t know how to react to what she...

Do people only marry because they're getting old, undateable and need a companion?

Not to mention they're afraid of being alone when old or even dying alone?

Why does he say he wants to sleep with me but never does?

I've known this guy for a couple of months. we were really good friends and our personalities matched up perfectly. we became friends...

My crush and his girlfriend broke up. Now his texting me to hook up, how should I handle this?

Long story short, I’ve written about him in the past. I’ve had a crush on him for several months. We would talk, but always had issues...

How can I ask my mother about letting this guy round any ideas?

Hi. I’ve been speaking to this guy for around a month now who i met online and obviously it’s lockdown. We have mutuals so i know it’s...

Have you ever dealt with a narcissist?

How do you get over them? I've had this friends with benefits for a while who I recently found out was a narcissist and I left him...

True or false. Individuals with Bipolar Disorder will always cheat at some point in a relationship because of their mania condition?

For simplicity. By cheating I am specifically referring to: Sex Emotional cheating via phone texting

Girls, does liking someone on Instagram ever work?

Last night, I started talking to a girl on Instagram that lives in the same state as me. We live in the same city too. To start the...

Have any of you ever cheated on your significant other?

If you have can you state a what made you do that?

What is the best approach for resolving conflict?

What do you think is the best approach? which do you personally use? Why is it the best?

Why type of partner would you prefer?

This is a poll about what type of partner you prefer.

Should I tell my boyfriend that I’m going out with someone he hates?

He doesn’t like that I hang out with that guy because the guy used to like me and has some beef w my boyfriend. However, the guy is my...

How many of you have one or more of "the one that got away"?

I have a person who is the one that got away. I can not admit this to anyone though.

Is it worse to be in love with someone who is ultra clingy or ultra distant?

Is it worse to be in love with someone who is ultra clingy or ultra distant? I mean at extremes. Either they wanna be with you 24/7 or...

Guys, Honestly, are you attracted to a girl that acts Aloof or a girl that shows Availability?

I saw this video saying that people who seem 'Available' are actually more attractive than people who act 'Aloof'. It makes sense to me...

My boyfriend cheated on me 2 days ago and?

I planned to swallow from now on, will that make him not lose interest in me anymore?