How Accusations of Jealousy Mask Relationship Manipulation

In a relationship, open and honest communication is so important, as well as being able to trust each other. Some people though resort...
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My thoughts on being lonely and perpetually single in my 30s.

I am about to turn 40 years old in a few short years, and I've never had a girlfriend, never held hands with a girl, never kissed a...
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How to be the BEST HUSBAND and BEST WIFE.

This is a short MyTake prompted by a Short video on YouTube. How to Be the Best Husband Pamper her. Take her to dinner at her favorite...
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There is No Excuse for Not Being There When You Need it the Most.

This is one of the topics that made me surprised in my current relationship. He is always there whenever I need him. I am also there for...
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If you are not aligned with your partner, leave. You're wasting your time.

A popular misconception about life is that love conquers all and that you can get through anything together. I'm here to tell you that...
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Let People Walk Out of Your Life

There are a lot of people who believe that any and every situation can be worked out if you choose to stay/fight for a relationship be...
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These Are The Red Flags When You Lose Them Slowly And You Don't Even Realize

1. They are no more Interest to your text Or your feelings when You discuss anything They Avoid it 2. You become second Priority for...
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Remembering my Heartbreak. (Warning: Sad venting)

So me and a friend were chatting today and he gave me videos of songs, asking me who the best singer was. We share music often, no big...
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How long should you be dating before proposing? I would love to propose to my girlfriend but all the people that know me would say it’s too soon, any tips?

Any idea on how to manage the back lash of people saying it’s too soon when I know I’m right and there wrong?

Why can't people date within their own race?

Why choose to deal with getting “looks” from strangers, facing racism from the partner’s family, compromising different...

I feel so alone, how can I fix it?

I don't have a social life, friends or girlfriend since 1 year. I go work and back home, this is my daily routine. I go doctor but he...

What to do if you can't stop loving a man who rejected you three years later?

i can't stop loving a man who rejected me and called the police on me stalked me and is now married. we haven't spoken for three years...

Why does this guy coworker mostly all the time watches every movement of mine?

He is in committed relationship as well! I mean he used to stare at me a lot before but now he tries to hide it a little more but like...

Guys, I haven't shown my boyfriend what I look like without makeup and im about to be staying with him for a whole week, what should I do?

I started a long-distance relationship and I am about to meet my boyfriend for the first time in person but, when we video call I always...

My girlfriend got a new job and needs to move in a month, and I can’t move as fast as that and now she is having second thoughts?

We have been dating for nearly a year. She told me a couple months in there was a chance she may have to move for her job and I said I...

Would you leave wealth behind to be with someone who is poor?

Would you leave the material things and a wealthy lifestyle behind to be with someone poor if it's real Love? Short story to my Q&A I...
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Are most girls loyal or disloyal?

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Do I have a right to be mad?

Gave my wife a $1000 iPad and she treats it like sht. Screen’s broken. Leaves it near the shower where moisture can creep.
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Are humans monogamous?

Taken women still want the eyes of other men on their bodies Women will be with a man with multiple women Most men would smash multiple...
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When a guy says 'whatever makes you happy can't blame you or blame myself' what does it mean?

I broke things off with him cause it was never gonna become anything besides a situationship and I waited a year on him but when I gave...
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Men, what exactly do you need help with the most in terms of social skills?

My poll options might be bad so if you have better suggestions for certain problems men are likely facing socially please let me know 🙏
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What are the signs when a relationship is over?

How do you tell if your partner is leaving you? I mean romantically...

If your partner demanded to see your phone would you show them?

Bonus question: If they found nothing on your phone of wrong doing would you break up with them?
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Are you a hopeless romantic?

I must confess, I am.
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My coworker told me his girlfriend is jealous of me, why would she be?

My coworker and I have been very friendly, but I am friends with both of my coworkers. They are guys. We have gone on Karting and...
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Are women capable of marrying for desired traits rather than love?

In my life I have seen many men marry the first girl who had sex with him. Obviously it doesn't work out. I'm 6'1" and I believe...
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