Exes actually leads you to "The One"

This is the story of how I met "The One" No, actually this is the story of my life. Because I haven't met "The One". But I think I may...

Are women failing to see the quality men right before them?

First of all I am not American so this is based on not only America but on where I am from plus the opinions of others from other...

Seven deal breakers with women!

https://www.youtube.com/embed/eTSByNW8H_s Seven deal breakers with women that ALL MEN (not just MRAs) should look out for from Mr. Paul...

I Will Love You

I want to make this thing work. I want it to get off the ground and head for the stars. Never to end. Today I make the decision to...

Men cheat for sexual variety, women cheat for emotional variety

When a man cheats, chances are he just wants to get his rocks off with a sexy/ alluring/ hot girl who he sees as sufficiently varied...

The 1 Time It's OK to Cheat on Your Partner

There may not be anything more detrimental to an intimate relationship than infidelity. Cheating is a surefire way to hurt your partner....

MyTake - Depression overtaking relationships

Another journal entry, wanting to discuss. All I can think about is how I'm going to handle it when we end. I wish that wasn't the only...

What are some things that you would need in a relationship?

what are some things that you would need in a relationship?

Girls, Am I being paranoid?

So i asked my girlfriend if my past bothers her. I asked her if she cares about my past in general. Meaning like all the things i did in...

Why do people mistreat me & how do I chose better people & not get hurt again?

Every person comes into my life has used and mistreated me when I’ve only cared for them & had their best interest at heart. Friends...

OMG I heard la llorona outside my house?

I a wife more important than than the president and he always scares me with his power what should I do omg he's always scaring me!!!

What do you think is the best way to deal with this?

I'm a father that works 2 jobs. My wife stays at home with the kids and my mom. I live in a area Canada where 3 bedroom apartment are...

Boyfriend is insecure being around me and I don't know what to say?

My boyfriend we knew each other in high school but I didn’t talk to him and as a cheerleader I specifically dated jocks... shallow I...

Is this Incest or naw?

I have a friend who slept with her mothers sisters son... aka her cousin... for years and acted as if he was just a random guy she was...

I watched a dating video for adults 50 and up & one of the men said he didn't like women to make the first move physically. Is this a common opinion?

I guess he was saying he's old fashioned or he didn't want women to be aggressive. I found it a bit odd. I'm not one to initiate...

When met with criticism of your gender's desirability-based-on-behavior do you ever actually consider it or just get angry and lash out?

What are some things you think those of your gender could do better in the dating and relationship realm?

How true do you think this is?

I saw this post on instagram and just want to know do you think this holds truth? why or why not...

I wanted to kiss him even though I’m supposedly over him?

Long story short, I had a crush on one of my guy friends. I confessed how I felt and he didn’t feel the same back but we stayed friends....

Could a three way help or hinder a relationship?

So lately my partner and I have been playing around with the fantasy of another person in the bedroom I. e. toys and such. Would...

Girls, hypothetically if you were physically stronger than your boyfriend, how would it feel?

Let's say the world didn't know and secretly you were stronger than your boyfriend. Only the two of you know you are stronger.

To the boy I once liked?

Hello readers, It's time for me to update about my crush that a mentioned since October of last year. The dude who I've liked for 3...

Girls, Will you date this guy?

I never had a girlfriend in my life. Sometimes I was busy in academics , sometimes in multiple hobbies. I have tried sometimes but never...

Can you inlfuence judgmental person to not be so judgemental?

I consider myself as not judgmental at all. I mean, I still have some weak moments but overall I try not to judge people because no...