20 Hobbies That I Find Attractive in a Partner

A. When a guy is passionate about Music in some form like: #1 Poetry- I find it more literary but its the rhythmic appeal that I like....

Why you should know your partner's love languages

You know what your partner likes to do with free time, what kind of music they like to listen to, and what kind of food they like, even...

Why even bother with love? I know why!

We've all been here. Someone comes into your life, whether by your action or theirs, and they grow on you. You start seeing them in a...

A Letter I'll Never Send to the Boy That I Still Like

I like you. There, I said it. I wrote it down: I like you. I know, that’s weird. But it’s true. Maybe I’m just a hormonal teenage girl...

Can a woman really change a man? What are the movies telling us?

This is most likely an unpopular opinion. We've all heard the stereotype. A man with several undesirable qualities meets a woman. She,...

Why it might not be a good idea to date your friend

The McClintock Street memorial @Olderandwiser once wrote a great myTake about why you shouldn’t date your best friend. I respect his...

Don't Be Afraid To Love

I could sense those sparks that united us. Something in me became alive that didn't exist. Every time we get close it only pulsates....

What's your idea of your perfect man/woman?

Mine is a girl who loves me unconditionally for who I am my personality not because she gains from me not because I provide for her take...

What are my chances of recovery after this break?

So I had another fight with my girlfriend of nearly two years and I ended up leaving her place after we stopped arguing. We hadn't...

Should "I love you" be said when it's felt?

Should it be said when the person starts to feel it or is there a rule to it?

Would you be mad?

Would you guys be mad if your boyfriend liked a girl before you but things never worked out and it’s been nine months since he started...

Have you ever been in a codependent relationship?

How do you know if you are in one and what is considered toxic in that relationship?

What is Real Love?

What kind of a relationship guarantee that your partner really loves you?

Why îs this? What can I do?

The only way that î have ever found that a gîrl likes me is by a guy telling me that they said that im cute and realizing that this...

Tips to stop being shy?

Hey im 18 and im really shy, but it can be very hard sometimes like i can't even look at people' faces... So do you have any advice for me

She's such a moody bitch?

Ok, so she isn't my girlfriend but sometimes you'd think so the way she acts. In fact, it's a lot more complicated than that... She's...

Is he cheating?

So my boyfriend and I didn't have a problem using each others phone to do what we normally do on our phone, like Facebook and snaps, but...

Would you care if your ex aborted your child without consulting you?

This is not about me, I wouldn't. I just read mixed opinions from men and complaints about not having enough rights.


The scenario is this: your girlfriend surprises you with a couples’ necklace. Which of the three choices would you be most excited about...

What kind of guy do you prefer?

What's your preference? Dominant? Submissive? In between?

What do you look for in a girl?

What is more important

Girls, Would you be comfortable/like to be in relationship?

Would you be okay / comfortable/ like to be in relationship with a guy who is just 1.5 inches taller than you and is 4 years older than you?

In the early stages of a relationship, do you have fears that they're talking to other people?

I'm talking to a man and he said that he likes me. He wants to date me and get into a relationship with me. He met me online. I have...

Should I be worried my wife has kid play dates with a widower?

So my wife met this widower at a kids birthday party for a mutual friend. Our kids are about the same age so they decided to set up some...