How To Keep a Man!

Hello! Happy Friday gagers. I`ve been doing my homework lately and realized (from the questions I have seen here previously) that women...

Stop telling people to "just leave".

I've been on this website for a while and have noticed that certain users and anonymous opinions have a habit of telling people in...

Settling, is it really such a bad thing?

Back in the day women had to choose to be with a man because there was really no choices. Those women did what they had to do to raise...

Love isn't everything in a relationship! People have forgotten about the rest of the values...

"Romeo, Romeo....urgh, get off me, that's enough!!...." " 'Love is defined as.....', come on, we all know what love is. Its messy, its...

How to keep a modern man

Spoiler you can't in a world that if I can go on my phone and find someone who wants to go on a date within a few days. I'm pretty sure...

Love at first sight...Merely a delusion!

This is a rather debatable topic and I might as well receive mixed responses. My definition of Love at first sight, is only on the basis...

Rebound relationships, disgusting.

I find the idea of a rebound relationship to be completely disgusting and stupid. The idea you enter a relationship solely to forget...

How do people handle abusive relationships?

Im stuck in a rut with an on and off relationship where the girl is emotionally and verbally abusive at her worst, but the good times...

How to Initiate phone sex with my girlfriend?

She is from a traditional conservative family. She is too shy and afraid of sex related things. Few months back we somehow did phone sex...

It's about love?

How do you keep long distance relationship working when you have a quiet girlfriend all the time

How to stop craving romance?

I constantly think about what it would be like to have a romantic partner. I cuddle my teddy bear rillakuma everynight , day dream about...

Is there meaning or a point to a life without love?

For whatever reason, if no one around you will love you no matter what you do. if you do things they don't like, they will hate you, if...

How do you open up to your partner about your traumas?

I don't even like to tell people about my tiniest problems, let alone childhood trauma. But I know to have a healthy relationship it's...

Do you believe bisexual people are more likely to cheat?

Feel free to elaborate on thought opinion

Do you think people who keep getting into toxic relationships, do so because of their own bad choices or is it just continuous bad luck?

Most of us have come across people who again and again end up with toxic men and women when it comes to relationships, and complain all...

Do you think polyamorus relationships are gross?

I'm polyamorus and when I tell my friends about it they seem to be shocked, is this not a acceptable thing, to be polyamorus

Could you be in an asexual relationship with someone you’re been in love with for a long time?

You may think “heck no” if it was a stranger, but what if it was someone you’ve had strong feelings for for several years? They have no...

Should partners let each other know what bothers them about the other?

So, my girlfriend is pretty fucking annoying sometimes. I ask her when I end up getting a little annoyed, "Isn't there anything about me...

Would you get matching tattoos with your partner?

Not necessarily each other's name/initials, but something that represents both of you/your relationship?

Are you waiting?

You're in a relationship with someone, they tell you they want to refrain from having sex til you both are married. Would you stay in...