How to handle a narcissistic girlfriend/wife like a gentleman.

DISCLAIMER: This myTake isn't meant to offend all women who might read this and take this the wrong way, please don't use this against...

Embracing The People You Think Are Needy and/or Clingy

This is my first official G@G myTake post. This was originally going to be an answer to a question posed by @treselle asking, "Do men...

What I've learned in just one night - the steps of self-improvement in the relationship

This won't be long. Tonight, that I've spent mostly drinking, barechested and smoking with window open while my fiancée was sleeping -...

Trial and sentence

The court is in sitting. The disgraced People's commissar is hurried to his seat, flanked by armed guards. Since he's a short man, he...

Sometime letting someone go is the right choice. (My Story)

Before I tell you why I let this girl go I have to tell you what this girl meant to me. She wasn't like anyone else I had might. She...

Why teen pregnancy takes up YOU time and youth.

(So before I start with my first take this is NOT by any chance judging or hating on teen moms, this is just my personal view of what I...

You Get What You Give! (Why I Love Being A Traditional Woman :) )

I'd like to say kudos to @MrOracle for his new take: Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships because it's pretty straight-forward,...

Is b*tch/assh*le the worst thing you can call your partner?

It's not the only insult I've hurled at her today. What about you?

Why would my wife ask me this?

Me and my wife are childhood sweethearts, we have been together for 15 years. I'm 30, she's 32, and we have two daughters together...

Am I wrong to feel like this in my relationship?

My boyfriend would talk about other women and jokingly tells me that he will marry an 18-year-old when he's in his 60s and that he will...

Is hurting yourself the worst way to hurt your partner or other people?

Or the best way? I dared her to call the paramedics or what she wants, in the mean time I've sent some strongly worded texts to my...

Have you ever lost affection towards a partner even though you were the one who cared the most at the beginning?

I was affectionate towards my girlfriend at the beginning, even though she had harsh times when it comes to demonstrating feelings...

Can your partner call the authorities even though if you cut yourself accidentally?

It was an accident, yet she's freaking out like I've slashed my wrist (I didn't).

What's the best gift you can give 2 ur girlfriend's bday?

My girlfriend's birthday is coming and I'm confused?

Is it possible to love more than one person at the same time?

This question is open to guys and girls, I would like to hear from both sides about how you feel about the idea of having romantic...

Would you erase a Friend's Ex from history if you could?

Not in a violent way or anything. Say you could travel back to the time a few hours before your Friend's Ex's parents made their future...

If you could play with someone's heart, would you?

It gets boring after a while if I'm being completely honest

Is it ok to be single at age 23 because I wanna marry before 26 or at least before 28-29?

My bro is 19 and his girlfriend is 18, they were in same school and in a relationship since 3 years. Whereas me 23, am still single and...

Would you be okay with your boyfriend giving money to his ex girlfriend?

Let's say that your ex boyfriend has a 4 year old daughter with his ex girlfriend. so he still sees his ex, gives her money, and every...

How would you react if the man/woman you're currently in a relationship with watches real life execution and torture videos on a gore website and?

laughs at them? Let's say your boyfriend/girlfriend goes on liveleak and watches a video of someone getting hacked up into pieces or...

In your relationship; do you believe that you caught them, or they caught you?

In recent group discussions I have become aware that guys believe they ‘caught’ the girl where as it’s obvious to all of us women that...