Finding Love, and What I Think about Relationships!

This myTake is most probably going to turn into a personal rant that I am going to regret in the future. But these are just thoughts...

Yes, White Men Love Asian Girls: Debunking Some Myths About WMAF Relationships

Not that long ago Asians were thought of as a "peril," with WW2 propaganda portraying them as almost subhuman. At that time, our...
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Should you marry for love or stability

We all know the sayings that love conquers all. But when you fall out of love with someone I believe it’s stability that gets you...

Do You Think It's Necessary to Block An Ex Even If You Guys Haven't Spoken In A Long While?

Had to put this question in Take form because my details are too long for a question. I saw some posts similar to this on Quora. Some...

New Years Eve is here. And you aren't (follow up to my Christmas Eve MyTake) - A Valentines Day will soon to follow

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021. WE ALL MADE IT! THIS DUMPSTER FIRE CRAPTASTIC YEAR IS FUCKING OVER!!! clock strikes midnight... No kiss from you...

Conflict is inevitable - Fighting is optional.

Whether it's friendships, politics or relationships, there will always be conflict between you and someone else, at some time or...

Steer clear from the relationship "gurus, experts and coaches"

This is some "take it or leave it" advice. I've only got some experience regarding this and I thought I'd share it here. Hope it helps...

How would you react to one of your parents' death?

I wouldn't waste a tear probably. If my father died, I'd get all his stuff and money, and that's a big plus. But despite being in his...

Will we come back together?

This guy and I had a ridiculously strong connection at work and liked each other for months. we started dating during lockdown and...

I am confused about whether I miss my ex, or I am just having cold feet. What do you think?

Long story short. (Girl A) Met after a bad breakup, dated one month, I ended things to go back to my ex. We broke up again, and we...

How much do I have to mention about my abusive ex when the new guy I’m seeing asks about my relationship history?

Things are going well between me and a guy and I think it is about to be serious and he already has made some hints at trying to ask...

Why does he make me do everything?

My boyfriend literally makes me so everything, do I have a right to be upset when he makes me so all the work while he sits on his ass...

What kind of people are you attracted to?

Can be either platonic or romantic attraction.

Would you put up with something boring for your partner or date' sake?

Currently sitting through a projection of Little Women, and completely bored out of my mind. It was supposed to be a group screening but...

What do you think it's the most shocking way to find out you've been cheated on?

- Old-fashioned... straight forward walking in on them in the act - Hearing their affair on a recorder but you don't see anything......

Would you dump someone if they weren't there for you when you needed them?

Yet when they needed you, you were there 100%. But if you needed them the most, they weren't there for you emotionally or even came to...

Is he thinking about exes? What should I do?

Long story short, my boyfriend has cheated in the past and we are working through it/he is earning my trust back. (We’ve been together 7...

Do you put your phone on silent when you go to bed?

is it irresponsible/selfish to put phone on silent when sleeping (because people important to you might need you for emergencies or...

"I'm in love with you." If someone says those words, what kind of love does it usually refer to?

For those who do not know, agape love is a Greco-Christian term referring to unconditional love.

Do you ever feel trapped?

I think i some times do.

Do you fantasize being in a relationship?

Single people only. If you are taken, did you used to?