Questions: Relationships

How do you handle violent situations?

I’m the freeze first then flee as fast as possible 😅 Wbu?
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I have this irritational fear my boyfriend will cheat or is cheating on me, any tips for people who go through the same?

Hey y’all so I’ve been with my man for three years. There has been no infidelity from him or me THAT I KNOW OF and he’s pretty honest FROM WHAT I KNOW. Okay, he’s an upfront guy and he will go out with his friends from...
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Issue with my boyfriend of 8 years. advice?

My boyfriend & I have been dating for 8 years. We are in our mid 20’s. I’m almost done with college and so is he. He plans on purchasing a house but always speaks about his parents living in it as well. Personally, I...
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Has anyone been so relieved and happy to breakup?

I was in an extremely abusive and toxic relationship. My girlfriend was an alcoholic and cheater. She begged me to take her back and I did but never forgave her. She couldn’t give up drinking and kept saying she was raped...
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I like (love) him and my crush says he likes me, but he's not ready to date yet because of his past relationship. What should I do?

I had a little quarrel this past weekend over text with a guy who I've been messaging for about 2 months. I'm 22 and he's 21 and we're in college. We message each other quite often, even til 1 am, at times. I started...
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He refuses to let me meet his parents, dealbreaker?

I have been with this man for a year and I asked 2 months ago to meet his parents and he refused. He also said they have have pushing to meet me too. He said they “will interfere, they will ruin everything, I don’t have a...
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Could you or would you ever leave someone you love?

You are in a relationship and things are going well, there are no problems or issues. You do very much love them... could you ever leave them? On the flip side, how would you feel if someone left you when things were...
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Is this jealoussy or are they mean?

My boss told me i spend whole day following my boyfriend like his dog and talk to him all day He said its illegal to have romance or relationship at work We never do romantic things no touching no kisses or hugs,...
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Recently got engaged?

So recently i got engaged, it’s been two week the thing it was complete arrange marriage and my fiancĂ© is really nice and supportive. We will get married next year. However I don't know if it’s normal or not but my fiancĂ©...
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Am I overthinking or is the new female friend actually a bag of red flags with her innappropriate relationship with my partner?

I (f30) & partner (m32) been together over 6 years. Lived in many different cities, had an otherwise fun love supportive relationship. We moved to new place due to a low cost of living where his long term friends live. 8...
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Complete this : "I wanna run away with my best friend to ______________"?

no cheating! first place that comes to mind is the answer uwu. if you don't have best friends, think about whoever is closer to you. just not your spouse. spouse being lover AND best friend makes me cringe hard. Xx
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What do you think of girlfriends who are possessive over their boyfriend?

this one guy i made friends with has this girlfriend that said he can’t have friends i barely text this guy and i don’t want him! he’s a cool guy but his girlfriend is doing a bit too much so i decided to back off. i...
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Does your relationship ever feel like this?

Hug hug, kiss kiss, squeeze squeeze, empty my balls. I love you honey.
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Girls, Anxious about new girlfriend and not sure how to approach these fears. Am I seeing her/talking to her enough, or is some of this in my head?

I’ve been seeing this girl for approximately two months now and dating exclusively for a week. It started off a bit rocky because it wasn’t clear at first what she was looking for relationship-wise and I think we were...
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