GirlsAskGuys FAQ

The most frequently asked questions are listed here. If you still need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • How do I ask a question?

    It's easy!

    - Hover over (desktop) or tap (mobile) on the Post text/button that you see at the top of every page, and then select "Ask Question". You will be directed to the Ask Question page.

    - Enter your details (if you want to). You can insert images/videos/links into your details either by pasting links directly into the details box, or by using the tool buttons on top of the details box. (You need to be Xper Level 2+ to be able to insert links)

    - If you have reached your question limit but have a question to ask, by clicking "Save Draft" your question will be saved until you are ready to post it at a later time! To access a saved question, simply visit your questions page from your profile and you will see the question highlighted at the top of the page. If you have saved a draft, the next time you go to the "Ask Question" page, you will see your saved draft there. You can then post the saved draft or delete it to make a new question.

    -If you are ready to post your question, click Preview Question. On this preview screen you have the option to "edit" your question.

    - If everything looks great click Submit Question. Ta Da! Your question is now online awaiting opinions!

    You can also tap (for mobile) the top left "hamburger" menu icon (3 lines) and click/tap Ask. Then follow the same process as above.

  • What is a Poll Question and how can I ask one?

    Poll Questions are an exciting feature that allow you to design your own short survey or poll.

    Enter a Question Title and Question Details, just like you would a regular question, and then check the "Poll" box and enter poll options.
    This is a great way to get advice when you are trying to make a decision and would like input based on the choices you know you have.
  • What is myTake? How do I post myTake?

    myTakes are another post type for you to share your experience and knowledge with the GAG Community. A myTake can become Promoted or even Featured; for which you will earn extra Xper points (25 Xper points for promoted myTakes, and 100 Xper points more -total of 125 Xper points- for Featured myTakes).

    How to post a myTake?
    - Hover over (desktop) or tap (mobile) on the Post text/button that you see at the top of every page, and then select "Share myTake". You will be directed to the Share myTake page.
    - Enter your myTake Title
    - Enter your details. You can insert images/videos/links into your myTake either by pasting links directly into the details box, or by using the tool buttons on top of the details box. Here you can upload images from your own device by clicking on "image" icon.(Images need to be at least 320x240 in resolution and should be less than 3MB in size. You can also insert YouTube and Vine videos, Instagram captions, and Tweet embeds.)
    - Add a topic and check the boxes for Anonymity and "no opinions wanted" preferences
    - After you're done entering information, click Preview myTake. You will be directed to the Preview screen where you'll be able to check and see how your myTake will appear when posted. From here, you have the option to "edit" your myTake or "Save it as Draft".
    - If everything looks great click Submit myTake. Ta Da! Your myTake is now online!

    You can also tap (for mobile) the top left "hamburger" menu icon (3 lines) and click/tap myTake. Then follow the same process as above.

    For more information on posting Takes, check out the myTake, What’s Your Take? FAQs & More!
  • What is a Promoted myTake? What is a Featured myTake?

    Promoted myTakes are myTakes that site Admins found to be really inspiring or helpful, full of information that we want more G@Gers to learn from! You can earn 25 Xper points if your myTake becomes a promoted myTake! When a myTake becomes promoted you will receive a message in your inbox.

    myTakes are marked with a gray lightbulb.
    Promoted myTakes are marked with a blue (guy) or pink (girl) lightbulb.

    Featured myTakes are really cool myTakes that not only becomes promoted, but will also be featured on the homepage. If your promoted myTake becomes a Featured myTake you will get a message about it and you will also earn 100 more Xper points; totaling up the bounty to 125 Xper points for that one myTake.

    For more information on promoted myTakes, check out our myTake, What’s Your Take? FAQs & More!
  • What are myTake Labels?

    There are various labels that can be added to myTakes during the myTake creation process.

    - myReview label. In a myReview, the author writes about their review of a particular product, service, place, etc. It could be a review of a new beauty product, book, anything! It is something the author has tried and now wants to give their opinion on for others to read and consider. This gives a platform for everyone to read and talk about the latest or most interesting products and services out there!

    - StoreReview label. StoreReviews are a type of myReview. These are more specific to a particular store and products they carry. For example, maybe you went to a store to try a new product, you may want to share your experience at that store, the atmosphere, the customer service, and how it relates to the product you tried.

    - Watching label. The Watching label is used for myTakes that are describing movies, TV shows, sporting events, etc. that the author has been watching and wants to talk about with the community.

    - Interview label. The Interview label is used when a member is interviewing another person or organization and are using that content for their myTake.

    Labels are a quick way to let viewers know what the myTake is about! Labels are marked with a blue/pink label on myTakes. Currently, these options are only available for Editor and Influencer members but if other users write a myTake that is a review of good quality, an admin can add the label to it!
  • How can I get more opinions on my questions?

    Make sure to add a title that both interests readers and clearly defines your Question/myTake, then check your spelling and grammar for any mistakes.

    Do not type your content text in all CAPS and do not capitalize every word.

    Be specific about the Question/myTake you are sharing or advice you are seeking and give clear details about your situation so members can better engage to your post. But also try to avoid making it so long that it'll turn them off.

    Add details to your profile so that members can know a bit about you to advise you better.

    Share your Opinions on other users' Questions and myTakes to increase the visibility of your profile. Having a unique profile picture to draw attention to your post never hurts.

    If you're going to include spoilers in your post, please let the users know before you reveal the spoiler. We don't want anything ruined for anyone.
  • What is a "Great" question and how can my question be selected as "Great"?

    Questions that are selected as "Great" are posts that we believe are interesting, unique, or really engaging for our community. You can earn an extra 4 Xper points if your question is selected as Great. These posts are displayed on our homepage and can even be distributed outside of the site to our social media pages too!

    We try to select questions from a wide variety of topics so Great questions can be serious, about relationships, or just simple, fun questions. If it's engaging, we'll find it! Having good spelling, grammar, and including a high quality image are things we look for as well!
  • How do I share my opinion on a question or myTake?

    There are 2 ways to post opinions:
    - From the Question/myTake page simply type your response in the text field under the Question/myTake details and click send it! on Questions, Submit on myTakes.
    - On the homepage, Live Feed, and on Question list pages (such as Recent Questions) you will see the "Add Opinion" link. Clicking/tapping on this link will open the opinion text box and let you send your opinion right from that page. Type your opinion and hit "Send It".

    Please note that you will need to be logged in to share your opinion on a Question/myTake.

    To find Questions to add your Opinions to, you can go to Feed from the top menu. In the dropdown menu, you can visit different question pages according to: Recent, Popular, Poll, Video, and No Opinions. You can also check the Live Feed, Homepage, and Topic pages by selecting one of the topics from the top menu. To find myTakes to add your Opinions to, you can go to "Feed" from the top menu and then click "myTakes." You can also check the Live Feed, Homepage, and Topic pages.
  • What is the opinion order on questions and myTakes?

    Not Logged In Question Opinion sorting
    1) Most Helpful Opinion (MHO)
    3) Genders
    4) The most engaging Opinions sorted by our unique algorithm

    Logged In Question Opinion sorting
    1) Most Helpful Opinions
    2) New Activity section: Opinions/Replies/Mentions (only on first load)
    3) My Opinion
    4) Influencers
    5) Users I follow (who are not anonymous)
    6) All other Opinions sorted by time (newest first)

    Not Logged in myTake Opinion Sorting
    1) Editor users always at the top, sorted by time desc
    2) Non-anonymous master level users, sorted by time desc
    3) By descending order of time

    Logged In myTake Opinion Sorting
    1) My Opinion
    2) New Opinions/Replies
    3) Users I follow (who are not posting anonymously)
    4) Editor users, sorted by time desc
    5) Non-anonymous master level users, sorted by time desc
    6) By descending order of time

    There is also an ability to change the opinion sorting. This is for Questions only, not myTakes. You will see a dropdown menu with 5 options:
    - Default
    - Time
    - Best (sorted by the most engaging content algorithm)
    - MHO%
    - Xper level
  • Why was my post removed? What are the posting guidelines?

    GirlsAskGuys reserves the right to edit content to ensure quality and to remove content that is inappropriate or abusive. We will remove content that breaks the law, is indecent or obscene, which defames anyone based on race, religion, disability, etc, or which is otherwise viewed as offensive by contemporary community standards.

    A Moderator, Super Moderator, or Uber Moderator may hide your post if it is considered to be against the site rules. Or an Admin may directly remove your post. A hidden post will be re-evaulated by our Admin team who will then make a final decision to permanently remove or reinstate the post. When an admin removes a question or opinion, the member will lose 7 Xper points for that post.

    On another note, an opinion or a reply can be removed by the Question asker, or by the myTake poster, by using the "I don't want to see this" feature. Only main post owners can utilize this feature, and it is not activated by the mods or by the admins. When a post of yours is hidden or removed by our moderation team you will receive a message with a general explanation as to why your post was hidden or removed. If you think the decision was not right please send a message through Contact and we will check the decision to remove the post. Please DO NOT post Questions/myTakes asking why specific posts were removed, as those Questions/myTakes will be removed as well. Come to us with those questions :-)

    Our general posting guidelines are as follows:

    Adult Content Under 18 – These are posts that contain overly sexual content posted by users under 18. Our members must be 18+ to ask “how to” sexual Questions. Posts that provide too many sexually graphic details by a member who is under 18 are removed for their protection. This is sexually related content that would not be presented in a high school Sexual Education course.
    For example, for those under 18, a Sexuality Question such as, "Why do guys get pleasure from nude pics?" is fine while "Best way to turn on a guy friend?" is not.

    Duplicate – If you've already posted a particular Question/myTake, please do not post it again as it will be removed. If you’re wanting more Opinions, please consider sharing it via social media.
    Also, duplicate accounts are never allowed under any circumstances. We only allow each member ONE GirlsAskGuys account so as to avoid clutter within the site.

    Explicit – These are posts that contain depictions of overly graphic violence or sexually explicit details (text, images, videos or links) that are considered poor quality content. Full nudes and posts that encourage or glorify bestiality/incest are removed as explicit. Sexual responses to non-sexual Questions are also removed for this reason. Inappropriate comments from over 18 members directed at under 18 members will be removed as Explicit.

    Grammar – If your post has so many abbreviations or spelling/grammar mistakes it will be removed. Also, please remember to post only in English. Questions, myTakes, and Opinions in other languages will be removed. However, Opinion Replies in other languages are allowed. We do have a Turkish site:, and a Spanish site: For example, “i wld luv tht 2 b awsm.” will be removed.

    How Do I Look Topic - If the question or myTake should belong to the “How Do I Look” topic but instead was shared in another topic, it will be reported by our moderation team.

    Member Posts – We do not allow members to talk negatively of other GAGers in posts.
    For example, "[username] is a stupid jerk!" will be removed.
    - ALL *Questions and Takes* about specific members in a negative way are removed as Member Posts.

    No Question – Questions that lack relevancy and a genuine question our members can address are removed. These are questions that are not in question format. If you have an opinion about something or want to make a statement, consider sharing a myTake instead!

    No Sexuality Topic – All sexuality related Questions/myTakes must be in one of the two sexuality topics (sexual Behavior or Sexual Health). If a sexual Question/myTake is posted without a sexuality topic, it will be reported by our moderation team.

    Offensive – Our caring community does not support malicious content, people come to GirlsAskGuys to get help, not to get hurt. This includes posts that would be considered offensive to either a large group of people or attacks aimed at other specific members on the site. While we encourage lively debate, posts that antagonize other members are not allowed. Examples: “You’re an idiot.” “Go kill yourself.” “I want to rape and kill all women!”

    Irrelevant/Nonsense – Posts that are irrelevant and provide no genuine help, or posts that don’t contain enough details will be removed. Examples: “I don't know", "Answer my question"

    Spamming/Trolling – If you include links or personal information for the sole purpose of advertisement or solicitation, or post "trolling" content, your post will be removed. Posts that solicit members in any fashion are considered Spam (this would include asking for contact or other personal information).
    - Questions/myTakes only asking for others to chat will be removed as Spam.
    - Opinions that only say "I don't know" and "I'm here for the Xper points" will be removed as Spam.

    Suicidal Tendencies - Posts that glorify suicide or questions asking how to commit suicide will be removed. This also includes posts that glorify self-harm such as cutting, engaging in eating disorders, and other harmful behavior. Members can talk about these subjects in questions as long as it does not glorify the action or ask members “how” to commit such actions. Example: “What’s the best way to commit suicide?” These posts are removed and we send the user a help message informing them how to get help.

    User Under 13 - Members must be at least 13 years old to be a part of GirlsAskGuys. All posts and accounts from members under 13 will be removed from the site and their membership cancelled.
  • How do I add links, images, or videos to posts?

    There are 2 ways to add media to your posts:

    - Copy and Paste the link (a page, an image, or a video link) into the details of your question, myTake or opinion. To properly display an image you need to paste the direct link to the image file; for example or (Hint: link should end with .jpg, .gif, or .png)
    - OR you can use the tool buttons located on top of the Question or myTake details box. Here you have more choices; such as, uploading an image directly from your device or designate text to be hyper-linked. The minimum dimensions of images should be 320x240 and should be less than 3MB in file size.

    You can also embed Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts to your Questions and myTakes. You can add up to 20 embedded photos/videos to your myTakes. For questions this number is 10. If you have more than 10 images in your question or opinion, only 10 will be embedded, the rest will appear as links.

    Please remember, nothing explicit or offensive! Keep it relatively clean, guys!

    Note: To insert links and add images to your posts you need to be Xper Level 2+.
  • What are Most Helpful Opinions (MHO)?

    A Most Helpful Opinion (MHO) is an Opinion the Question Asker or myTake Owner voted as Most Helpful to them.

    Users can select up to 2 MHO's for their questions and myTakes. The MHO selected opinions appear on top of all other opinions on the Question/myTake page; with a blue and/or pink star. To select a MHO on your post, click the "mho" icon with a star located on the bottom right of the opinion you want to select, then click "okay."

    The Question Asker or myTake Owner earns 1 Xper point for selecting each MHO. So they can earn up to 2 Xper points for selecting two MHO's. The Opinion Owner awarded MHO earns 7 Xper points.

    To be able to select MHO for your questions and myTakes, you must wait 24 hours after posting the question/myTake. If the Question Asker or myTake Owner does not select MHO for a gender within 3 days, the system will automatically select one or more MHO's for each gender (the system will automatically select opinions until 2 MHO's per gender are selected in total). Selection criteria is based on several different attributes. The Question Asker or myTake Owner does not earn Xper points for these auto-selections but the Opinion Owner will earn +3 Xper points.
  • What is MHO%?

    MHO% is the ratio of the number of your opinions that are selected as Most Helpful Opinion, to the total number of your eligible opinions (your eligible opinions are the opinions you posted for questions and myTakes that have MHO selected for your gender after you post your opinion).

    Your MHO% is not affected if you post an opinion to a question or myTake which has the MHO already selected for your gender. Likewise, your MHO% is not affected until the question asker or myTake Owner selects MHO for your gender.
    For example, if you shared 150 Opinions on 150 Questions, and 100 questions' MHOs were selected after you post an opinion, and out of these 100 selections, 50 of your opinions were selected MHO, your MHO% would be 50% (50 out of 100).

    While browsing the site, you will also see MHO% badges. Users who have less than 10% MHO will have grey text (ex: mho 4%). Users who have between 10 and 19% MHO have a grey badge icon with a dark grey star and dark grey text (ex: mho 12%). Users who have greater than 20% MHO will have a gender color badge with a white star and white mho text (ex: mho 25%).

    Higher MHO% users' opinions are displayed on top of other opinions by default. The only exceptions are Users you follow and Master level users, which are always displayed on the top. However, you can change the opinion sorting on questions and myTakes. There is a dropdown with 4 options: MHO%, Best, Time, and Xper Level, but the default is MHO%.

  • Why did the system choose a Most Helpful Opinion (MHO) for me?

    If, after 3 days, you haven't chosen and selected Most Helpful Opinion per gender, one will automatically be chosen for you.

    The Question Asker/myTake Owner will not receive Xper points for these automatic selections. However, the user awarded Most Helpful will still get +3 Xper points.

    Automatic MHOs are chosen per gender based on engagement: likes, replies, length, xper level, MHO%, among other criteria. As long as you're giving helpful opinions, we'll find them!
  • What is a "Superb Opinion"?

    A “Superb Opinion” is part of a recent update made. You may see them among the MHOs in a separate section. They are picks (based on an algorithm) from among the opinions selected. Only one is selected. A Superb Opinion pick can be from among the MHOs selected, but not necessarily. If the Asker picks the same pick as the algorithmic pick for the Super Opinion, he/she will earn 8 extra Xper. The user whose opinion was selected as a Superb Opinion will also be rewarded 8 Xper.
  • Can I edit or delete my own posts?

    Once you have submitted a question, myTake, opinion, or reply, you cannot edit it. However, you can delete your own questions.

    In order to delete a question, it must meet certain criteria:
    - No MHO has been selected
    - Question must be older than 24 hours

    Questions cannot be deleted if:
    - The question is highlighted by GirlsAskGuys or is very popular
    - The question is older than 30 days
    - You have already deleted 2 questions in the past 24 hours

    There are two ways to delete questions:
    1) From the single question page, click on the overflow menu in the top right corner and you will see the option to delete.
    2) From your questions page on your profile, you will see a trash bin icon beside each question that is eligible to be deleted, click this icon to delete the post.

    The Asker will lose 6 Xper points for deleting their question. However, the Opinion Owners who posted on the question will not lose the points they earned for posting.
  • Can I delete other users' opinions or replies on my posts?

    Yes, if you don't like another members reply or opinion on your post, you can remove it. Simply click the overflow menu (3 dots) in the top right corner of the Opinion or Opinion Reply. Then click the "I don't want to see this" option to remove it. In these cases, the other user will not lose Xper points but their post will be removed from your thread.
  • What is disavowing and how do I disavow a question?

    Disavowing a post means your question will be turned anonymous, you will no longer receive notifications for the post, and it will be removed from your profile.

    You can disavow a question 24 hours after posting. To disavow a question, just click the overflow menu (3 vertical dots) in the top right corner, and then click "disavow." You can also disavow a post by visiting the question page on your profile and clicking the broken link symbol beside the question you want to disavow.

    Note: After a post has been disavowed, you cannot get the question back.
  • How can I report a post?

    GirlsAskGuys reserves the right to edit content to ensure quality and to remove content that is inappropriate or abusive. We will remove content that breaks the law, is indecent or obscene, which defames anyone based on race, religion, disability, etc, or which is otherwise viewed as offensive by contemporary community standards.
    Please see "What are the posting guidelines?" to learn what should be reported.

    To report a question, myTake, opinion, or reply, click the overflow menu (3 vertical dots) located at the top right corner of each post, you will then see the option to report the post. Choose a reason from the drop down menu and click Report.

    Content you report will become hidden from your view on the homepage, question list pages, and the live feed. Keep in mind, this does not mean the content has been removed from the site, it will only be hidden from your view on the previously mentioned pages of the site. After the report is made, admins will review the post within 24 hours and decide whether to keep the post on the site or remove it.