10 Questions I've Been Asked About Ramadan By Non-Muslims (Part 1)

So with living in England, it's without a doubt that I'm going to meet and become friends with non-Muslims. And as I always say, where I...

Lotus flower symbolism

"just because she carries it well doesn't mean it isn't heavy." The lotus flower represents a "silent warrior," who fights a battle...

The difference between the sheep and the goats - bible talk

In the bible the son of man divides the nations into two groups one group is the sheep one group is the goats the son of man says to the...

These are the 12 Laws of Prosperity - Revised Edition

1. Do not be greedy for material gain 2. Do not worship vanity or beauty or superficial ambition 3. Do not neglect to do what you say...

Why the bible says a sad face is good for the heart

The bible says a sad face is good for the heart This is sadness removes the worship of vanity in things like tv or celebrities or hair...

My revised take on Light and Dark with new ideas - Bible Talk

In a previous post I said Light is a symbol for sweetness and connection Now I will add that Light is a symbol for purity and...

Why Jesus prayed over night in Luke 6:12 of the Bible

In the bible Jesus went to a mountainside to pray and spent the entire night in prayer to God In the morning he gathered his disciples...

Christians How would you interpret this dream?

I dreamed my mom wanted to buy an eco friendly home we could not afford since it was over 1.3 times our whole Net worth We ended up...

Quija Board or known as Spirit Board Have you used one?

An interesting concept Never used one yet haha Wondered if anyone has had any experiences on this Was it scarey or re assurance

Why is it important to wait till marriage?

Honestly everyone says it and it's really annoying because they bring religion into it but then don't even know if you are religious....

Do you agree with these religious statements?

Im a Catholic person I believe in God, His faith but Im not religious obsessive fanatic. Im just an ordinary common person who do...

Is there any nation in the world that brings religion into the politics more than americans?

i dont think so lmfao moreover america is claiming itself is secular

Why do Catholics support gay marriage? Why was my Mom angry that I opposed it? Should I become an Evangelical?

I told my Mom I opposed it. The bible clearly defines marriage as between a man and a woman, which Jesus himself stated. The Bible also...

What should I do about this?

I am a devout Christian, and my boyfriend also claims to be a Christian. Due to my devout beliefs I believe being gay or transgender is...

Can you explain their is No God?

I had a conversation with an atheist. But the person can't explain me the concept of No God. That their is no God.

Would you be scared if you were a killer in a past life?

I don't remember this but my mother and a couple relatives told me that as a 4 year-old, I started talking about stabbing a teen girl to...

Christians, is this kid evil?

Owen is 13 years old, a atheist, and a bedwetter. His parents are both Christian and strong believers in god. One day upstairs, Owen got...

Do people need the Holy Ghost in order to have a chance at making the Rapture?

https://www.ernestangley.org/read/article/30_bible_teachings Ernest Angley thinks in order to be raptured up in the clouds to meet...

How often do you manifest?

Do you manifest daily until you get it? Or do you manifest what you want once in a while and trust in divine timing? Any tips?

Do you believe the shape of your feet can influence your character/personality?

In other words, do you believe psychics who read your soul by reading your sole? My friend is one and she read my foot (in the pic) and...

Why do some atheists spend so much time debating with theists about God?

I was thinking : The theists are probably looking for a chance to convert the atheists to the religions that they believe is the truth....

Which spiritual gift excites the Holy Ghost more: speaking in tongues or prophesying?

Which spiritual gift do you think more excites the Holy Ghost: speaking in tongues or propheysing? Why so?...