Palmistry (Palm reading)

Hey Hello to everyone! Apple here! This is the second mytake within 15 hrs but I didn't really got any work now and it is my writing...
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Barefooted: A Catholic White Man's Visit To A Hindu Monastery

Anyone who truly knows me, would very much consider me a "Desiphile". So when I found out that there was a Hindu monastery on Kauai, I...
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Why your character matters more than your aptitude

I know three people with tested genius IQs that ended up unemployed, broke, or underpaid. All three had character issues and family...
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My Theory on Obesity Among Religious Christians

There is a psychiatrist who said 80% of obese women were molested as children, meaning it happened before their late teenage years. I...
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How I understand the notion of One God as a Christian

I do not view the idea of one God as a Christian God or a Muslim God or a Buddhist God or an Orthodox Judaism Tetragrammaton. My idea of...
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How I wasted my childhood by not knowing God

When I was in middle school I was the smartest kid in my class, not religious at all, and I used to mock people less popular and less...
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This is my non Jewish Understanding of the 12 / 14 Tribes of Israel.

The 12 / 14 Tribes of Israel No G-d beside justice and charity // Zebulun (Dreams) No image or status or standard worship // Simeon &...
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A Dream God gave me about accessing miracles

I had a dream where God said that if I worry about what I can control, that God will worry about what I cannot control. I can think of...
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Why are people racist and Islamaphobic?

As a young Muslim girl living in london. I find it very upsetting that people have such hatred towards Islam and just racist and...
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If God is real, why doesn't He punish my great-uncle for being a bad person?

My great-uncle-in-law (the husband of my grandma's younger sister) was and still is a bad father to his two sons (now in their 30s). He...

If we are living in a stimulation does that mean everyone i’ve met or talked to was just fake all along?

I believe there's a chance this could be a stimulation from weird coincidences in my life and just how life itself is weird.

When was the last time you prayed?

Who did you pray to?

Do gay people think they aren’t included in John 3:16 ?

Whosoever ever means (YOU) whoever you are I am a hopeless alcoholic I hear all the time that I have no place in gods kingdom for my sin...

What affect will the antichrist to come have on women?

Okay here's what I've been wondering , when the antichrist comes on scene & with the help of the false prophet & his ability to produce...

Do you believe that Torah / OT obedience leads to wealth and success?

I had over 12 health problems, my mom had cancer, my best friend was suicidal, I was being bullied at school and abused at home, the...

Why nuns and hijab become a sex object?

This is really annoying😑

Are you a religious person? Why or why not?

I was reading a little bit on the demographics of religiosity and the article I was reading claimed that religions were created so...
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Are you scared of dying/death?

I am, after I went to my first funeral and saw the crematorium etc. I’m scared with regards to suffering and the afterlife It made me...
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Is the Vatican more dangerous to Americans than Iraq?

Just counting “casualties”, Bush invaded the wrong country.
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Would you be surprised and in disbelief if Earth was actually a place for people to have a second chance to enter heaven because they didn’t make it?

Meaning nobody on earth made it to heaven the first time around so they were given a second life and second chance to do the right thing...
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Do you considered Catholics and Lutherans to be more similar or different?

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries they sometimes killed each other. They considered themselves opposites. What do you think?
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