Why You Should Be Careful Choosing The Right People Around You

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT Believe it or not, having healthy people around you can give you a healthy environment in your life. Being with the...

Jesus always provides when you need him the most!

I wrote a previous myTake "The latest issues in Australia show one thing. We need to learn about respect!" and had comments that really...

The spiritual essence of spiritual creatures in the spiritual realm and why they are stronger and more intelligent than humans living in natural world

I want to discuss the natural world and the spiritual world and how each wars against each other and why we as natural creatures are...

Why objective morality is proven using the Copernican Principle and how to easily defeat the subjective morality followers cultic teachings

I will discuss how we definitely know that objective morality is true and subjective morality is false. I will cover 4 contingent...

More on the Existence of God and Free Moral Agency. Not for the Intellectually faint-hearted

Since I have mentioned some of these arguments elsewhere in the past several days, I am going to consolidate them into a single 20,000...

Can the devil be real?

This happened to me when I was 17 yr old. I went to a church confirmation retreat to a location in the forest. My friends and I at the...

Common misconceptions about what the Bible teaches

Common misconceptions about what the Bible teaches I have noticed a lot identifies as Christians while lacking the basic understanding...

Should we deem certain religions as officially false?

would it go against freedom of speech?

Have you at any point in the recent past, to your knowledge, heard anyone 26 (or younger) use the word “WUSE” in their vernacular, in any context?

My hypothesis is NO, you have not. (I have s bet with @holy_ghost_fire) ... Because that term is not utilized much anymore & has fallen...

What is the Meaning of Deje Vu?

What does it mean when you have it? They say it's just us failing to remember a memory but I am not convinced yet... Have we lived...

Why dont religious people question their religion?

I dont understand how christains can say their word is absolute because it's written in the bible. Dont they realise that their religion...

Do you live with purpose or do you just exist?

Be interested to hear people's perceptions on this... How would you define the life you live? Do the things you do make you who you are...

Why does Christianity have to make the issue so complicated and confusing?

Why does the Christian religion have to twist and turn the story saying that all humans have sinned and are sinful making Christians...

Would you fake believe a religion to get with someone you love?

There are many devout believers in some faith out there that might only want to date/wed their ‘kind’ would you fake it to be with them?

Why do people on GaG gets irritated when someone says they support Bernie Sanders?

To me this tells me that several people here don't like/or hate Bernie since simply saying it is a sure downvote when it's posted. It...

Who can understand the mind of God and His Will?

We all know that God's thoughts and ways are far exceeding our thoughts and ways. We as the creatures can't seem to even grasp the...

How can Satan's role as tempter be accomplished if God gave humans free moral agency?

Of course Satan's job is not only to tempt humans to sin but wanting us to give in to sin and not flee from him or be able to resist his...

Can you or have you already talked to the dead?

Do you believe it is possible to speak to the dead and have you ever done it?

Which of the 7 archangels do you think is the most powerful in the lives of humans and why?

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Archangels Of course each archangel has their own power and I am not asking which one is the...

Are the foundations of science based upon more of a secular essence or more of a spiritual essence?

I am not asking what science is currently showcasing but want to want what the beginning roots of science was basically founded and...