10 Questions I've Been Asked About Ramadan By Non-Muslims (Part 1)

So with living in England, it's without a doubt that I'm going to meet and become friends with non-Muslims. And as I always say, where I...

The 12 Keys to Prosperity - Basic Version - What I learned from Personal Research

Passion = You have to find your glory and your dream and your hope and your belief powered goal Struggle = You have to wrestle against a...

Some Encouragement I found for planning my life during this unproductive time - a Biblical View

A pastor said "God does not choose the qualified - he qualifies the chosen." Meaning you don't have to have the skills or experience or...

3 reasons to criticize religion, from an atheist perspective:

I’ve been asked countless times “why do you criticize religion? Why don’t you just keep your opinions to yourself”? — Well, it’s true I...

Can I offer you a sea shanty during these trying times?

Hi there. When you hear the phrase, sea shanty do you think of Assassin’s Creed? Pirates of the Caribbean maybe? Or perhaps that...

Why does God allow evil things to happen?

Where does evil come from? Every time I came across this question, I always wanted to have an answer, always actually wanted an answer...

10 Questions I've Been Asked About Ramadan By Non-Muslims (Part 2)

You know the drill, I said I'd make a part two here it is. If you haven't already read part 1 here you go: 10 Questions I've Been Asked...

If you devote your life to God what do you hope to get in return?

I'm an atheist but I get that some people believe if they follow a faith and lead a good life they'll get a spot in heaven. But you get...

Never trust an atheist?

Do you believe that to be valid advice. A wise person once said it to me.

Christians do you agree with these ideas?

I think the man you attract when you are doing God’s will is the man God has in mind for you and the man you repel when you do God’s...

Have you ever felt that GOD (Holly Trinity) or perhaps satan tried to talk to you?

True answer ppls. Be real on this one. I will tell you my story in a couple of days as an update.

What is Barack Obama’s actual religion?

Republicans and Donald Trump say that he is a Muslim Famous atheists like Richard Dawkins say that he is an atheist But Obama said that...

If you were to die today was your life worth it?

All I do is work seems like my life was 95% doing what I dont want to do just to survive. If i died today and made it to the other side...

Why is it a big issue when a Muslim woman chooses to cover their body?

I heard lots of stereotypes about muslim women and how they are dressing especially when it comes to head covering. If a woman can...

How well do you cope with death?

Are you comfortable with the concept of death? Are you afraid of death or just afriad of the people you care about dying? What's the tea?

Did Satan really think he could persuade Jesus to commit sin?

Is Satan foolish to think he could have a serious chance at persuading Jesus to do sinful things? You would think Satan would be...

Are you religious/spiritual?

Also, why/why not? If you're religious/spiritual, let me know about your beliefs, I'm curious ☺️ Personally, I'm not religious, but I...