10 Questions I've Been Asked About Ramadan By Non-Muslims (Part 1)

So with living in England, it's without a doubt that I'm going to meet and become friends with non-Muslims. And as I always say, where I...

I'm glad I was born ugly, dumb, slow, abandoned by my parents, so that I will search for true love.

The kindergarten teacher suggested I don't advance to the next grade in kindergarten because I was developing slower than the other...

My take on the nature of salvation and the nature of God

This is an old painting of a man touching God and His angels The love God has for us is different from a Care Bears or Tele tubby...

How Does Religion Affect Relationships?

Any relationship is built on trust and love, but religion provides an undeniable bond between two people. Interestingly, most people...

How to know if a relationship is God’s will

1 - You teach each other respect Your respect for yourself and for God and for them and for your family and for society and for religion...

How I understand the 10 Commandments

1st Rule = You serve Gods principles and Gods children and not your own ego or appetite 2nd Rule = You serve Gods virtue and Gods...

The Ten Guiding Principles to a Prosperous Life - Bible Style

1 - Serve God’s glory and not your own ego 2 - Serve harmony and not vanity 3 - Serve compassion and not reputation 4 - Serve health and...

Why do you think we have dreams of those who passed away?

It seems like they never fully leave me. I keep seeing my childhood best friend in my dreams, my grandmother, my uncle, and my cousin....

Why are a majority of Americans in favor of gay marriage despite a majority of Americans being Christian?

I find it very ironic. The Bible is crystal clear of its views on homosexuality... why are so many “Christians” in favor of it? Do they...

Do I have any say so in this plan of Gods?

Bare with me please. I compare this with the story of Job, in a way. By receiving twice as much of whats been lost. I feel that my...

Has anyone experienced the ouija board? If so explain the incident?

What changes it made to your belief about spirits

Is the henotheistic god almighty?

Is the henotheistic god almighty?

Christianity or Islam?

Yes, what are your thoughts? Is Islam correct? Is Christianity correct? Has the Bible changed? :)

New Christians- biggest challenge?

This question is mainly directed at those who didn’t grow up in church. If you came into your faith as an adult (or teenager, just later...

Which of the following is true about religion?

I do not think religion should be a thing. It is backwards and anti freedom/free thinking. Also, it is a weapon to divide people apart!!!

Does Pope Francis make a wise point that it isn't smart to argue with Satan because you may compromise some of your spiritual standards?


When is the second coming of Christ?

Joseph Smith—Matthew 1:31 "And again, this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto all nations, and...

The paranormal and supernatural?

Do you believe in it? Any stories? Please provide proper answer.

If you can’t prove God exists, you can’t believe in Him, right?

can't prove God exists or doesn’t exist, so there’s no justification for belief at all.

Does swearing on a holy book make a mockery of religion like these Sikhs seem to claim and does courts have the right to implement it?

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/04/26/swearing-holy-book-makes-mockery-religion-sikh-leaders-say/ I don't agree with Sikhism but...