Why Feminism is Bad

Femininity Its name is derived from feminine but there's nothing feminine about it. It preaches freedom for women up to the point of...

What is England Really Like? Part II

May be typed errors or spelling mistakes. 1. Too many immigrants! In my area where I live right now, it's peaceful with a few Indians...

10 Things I Do When I'm Interested in a Lady

This take is about what I do when I'm interested in a girl. I don't use the word "like" because often times I don't really know her to...

What's Wrong With Men's Fashion?

Ok, so picture this: You're a woman. You feel like you have pretty good fashion sense. You're not quite up on the latest from the...

From The Red to the Black: Some Fun Facts About Black Friday

One week from Today many retailers online and brick and mortar all over the world will be at war over your Holiday purchasing dollars....

Playing VS Being Hard-To-Get

Men hate it when women play hard-to-get...but they also dislike women with standards, who are picky, or simply don't like them. Playing...


Do guys like making their girlfriends jealous?

Like starting at girls and making friends with girls

Close friendship between a single woman and a married man, can it exist?

I´m talking about a really close telling-each-other-everything type friendship.

Do you ask your new partner about their ex?

I know this sounds unfair and it really isn’t my business if my new partner decides not to answer, but I always entertain the...

What does it mean when your significant other says that he doesn't feel like talking to you?

He will respond to my texts and says he loves me but then randomly says out of nowhere he doesn't feel like talking to me and he's been...

How would you define intelligence?

How would you define intelligence? What makes an intelligent man or woman? How would you decide if someone you meet is intelligent in...

Guys, do you talk about a crush to your friends?

Do you talk about your crush to your friends what do you say to eachother and do you teach eachother about the girl they like?

How many of you flirt just for fun without any intention of dating someone?

There are no right or wrong answers so be respectful to each other. I’m just curious as to how each person perceives flirting...


Are flannels for old guys or do they look good on younger guys too?

It's fall and I figured I would get a nice red and black flannel but my mom thinks flannels are for, "old men". Wanted some more opinions 😑

Straight women and LGBT men, do you like beards on men?

I am trying to debate growing out my beard. This is just one example.

Did you know that there is an international men’s day?

Google always puts up those images or animations for women on international women’s day so I asked myself is there an international...

Have you ever been successful when flirting online?

By successful, I mean that it resulted in a relationship.

Have you ever surprised someone on date?

For example, giving her flowers, or suggesting a spur-of-the-moment addition to planned activities?

If your ex talks about you with your friends, do they still have feelings?

Like they talk nice about you and all the good times you had.