Tattoos I find adorable AND sexy

Fashion & Beauty
For the ladies and the gents! There are certain tattoos I find more appealing than others... Especially on certain genders... I'm not...

I Still Live in a State Where Religious Laws Are Enforced

Society & Politics
I don't drink alcohol at all, and never have, so there had never been a personal need for me to buy alcohol before the fateful day on...

IceCreamology: Your Ice Cream Sign

Most of us can agree that astrology is nonsense...but what about IceCreamology? Through a complex study of different facets of our...

A Second Chance At Love

I need to start off did I ever believe that I could love anyone after losing the love of my life? Absolutely not. I met my husband when...

3 Quick Tips on Getting the Guy to Make a Move on Tinder

So you are on Tinder but all the wrong guys keep messaging you and asking you out. How can you get the guy you actually want to make his...

Social Media And Relationships: Why It's Okay To Care

"Calm down, it's just Facebook." "It's only Twitter, it doesn't mean anything." "Why do you care? It's none of your business anyway."...


What would you do if you caught your mother cheating?

So for example you catch your mother or father cheating in a dark place at night... what would you do?

My dad wants me to spend some time with his girlfriend?

Family & Friends
So, he had been dating her for a few months and now they're "officially" together in a relationship. I think it's totally ok, he is...

Have you ever been scammed , either in real life or on the internet?

Just curious after watching a documentary about people being scammed

Boyfriend recording me to spy on me?

Guy's Behavior
My boyfriend set his phone up before leaving the room to record me and when he came back after a few he's like who were you talking to?...

What personality are you most attracted to?

doesn't have to be like a specific tested one like intj or anything... just what type of person do you find yourself attracted to? what...

How would you feel if the girl wanted to pay for dates and such?

Not like in an overbearing "I must pay!" way... but more like, she always offers and sometimes pays for you anyway because she wants...

Do you have a college degree?

Education & Career
Do you have a college degree? If so, in what field? I start my college courses next week😊

Why do guys love spanking?

Guy's Behavior
My boyfriend loves spanking me when we play fight. In fact he always loved grabbing my ass even at random times like when he's walking...


Can white passing biracial people wear weave or braids?

Fashion & Beauty
Do you think people who are mixed with black and white but, are white passing, wear braids, weaves, etc. I'm thinking of getting braids...

Who is the "best" Disney princess?

Entertainment & Arts
My friends are having a "gala" party (their word not mine) over Labor Day weekend and want us to come dressed like Disney characters...

How easy are you in coming out of your comfort zone?

I must admit that although I'm not that afraid, in general I like longer periods inside my comfort zone. Having people around me who I...

Are you in a happy relationship?

If you're not happy. How long do you stay?

Can someone be 'just friends' with the opposite gender? and why (not)?

ok so girls at school say im weird just bc i have 3 boy friends, boy friends as in just friends, they say there is always some love...


Changing my Western Worldview Helped me Stop the Objectification of Women

Society & Politics
I had always thought of myself as an egalitarian seeing that women are men’s equals I grew up in an environment seeing that as the norm....

The World is a Wonderful Place, Yet We See Only Evil

Yes, people are starving, people are dying, there is a shit-ton of illnesses on this planet that anyone can get and humans are slowly...

100 Reasons Why I am Not Having Kids and Won't Change My Mind

Family & Friends
In this crazy and out of control world, where everyone is obsessed with having children the childfree make a vast minority of the...

The Trouble with Butter - A Parody

Entertainment & Arts
I had another idea for a song parody. (Here's the first one if you missed it). This parody is of the song 'Trouble' by Ray LaMontagne....