A Long Distance Relationship That Worked!

After I got home the other morning from work, I went for a jog. I saw an old lady I hadn't seen in weeks. She is at the park every...

10 foolproof signs he loves you!

Have you ever wondered if your partner truly loves you or not? Don't know if he's showing real emotions? There are tons of woman who...

The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020

This may sound ridiculous but unless you care at least on the same level as I do about men's fashion options (and enjoy looking good or...

The Science of Sleep: What's Wrong with It & How to Fix It

I have sleep issues. My interest in sleep began as a teenager, pulling the books on dream analysis off my psychiatrist stepfather's...

Real Life Suits: The Lawyers We Know

In my country we have a saying: “Law is not a profession of cowards” ~ a true fact. We've all heard exciting stories about the work of a...

Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!

I am ripping a plaster of sweet lies off rapidly here but this is no secret to any of us. While it appears to be an unpopular opinion...

What do you think of Tomi Lauren’s PSA To Boyish Men rant?

The “Angel” has turned “Devil” yet again with her anti feminist, anti-Democrat followers now as she has published a call to action to...

Why are women more attracted to men who are surrounded my many females than man who are not?

It's a fact , the more women a guy attracts and has around him , the more likely he is preferred by a woman than a guy who has limited...

“I’m not sorry for being God” ? What is she saying?

Please interpret this. A friend and I are going back and forth making short poetic statements. I have to respond to her, or else I lose....

My boyfriend has a secret kid. Should I leave him?

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. I need advice. I’m 23 years old, a senior in college and dating a guy. He’s 27. Already...

Does anyone remember these frozen treats from childhood?

I loved the Bug Pops, The Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars and the Mickey Mouse and friends popsicles especially the grape Donald Duck ones.

Do you believe being kind pays off even if the people around you are treating you horribly?

I feel a bit torn about this question sometimes becuse on one hand i want to belive good people exist around me. But at the same it is...

As a religious person do you tolerate the LGBT community?

Whether you are Christians, Jews, Muslims, what is your opinion on the LGBT community? Do you tolerate them?

When should I ask him about the future of our relationship?

my boyfriend is about to go abroad for a long time , since he didn't make up his mind about leaving due to his family he's so stressed ,...

What group of signs are the best signs in your opinion?

Drop your signs , fuck the ophiuchus ⛎ I said what I said 💅🏽

What's the best waist size for a girl?

Please explain why you chose the one you chose.

Feminists in the 1910s protested for the right to vote, which only men had, but not to be drafted, like men were. Was this hypocritical?

Before women could vote, they also didn't have many of the responsibilities men had. How come they only wanted the benefits men had...

“Most people in jails and prisons deserved to be there.” Agree or disagree?

In other words, the people in jails & prisons were not put there outside of the choices they’ve made in their lives.