Four Types of People That Waste Your Life

Family & Friends
1. The Killers of Dreams Everything we want to do in life, starts out with a dream or a wish for our future. Sure wishing you can be a...

Elemental Fashion: Wind and Water

Fashion & Beauty
Wind and water are all around us. The two elements conjure up visions of rainy days, calm or rough seas, snow fall, ice, a blustery...

Facebook Nearly Caused Me To Lose My Job

Education & Career
I wanted to share this story with you so you can be aware of something I had never even thought about. I comment a lot on things on...

Women's Fashions: 1950's vs. Now

Fashion & Beauty
Fashion is a historical representation of the times we live in. For example, it can help illustrate how modest or free society was at a...

Awesome Hair Color Technique You'll Want to Try Out Right Now!

Fashion & Beauty
This techniwue is amazing... Really inspiring and beautiful! It's not's not conservative, it's splendidly loud, crazy, fun...

Journey of Gaining Self Confidence - What It's Like

Self confidence is something people either seem to lack or have too much of. I want to talk about what it's like from both ends; how I...


What is a new hobby or interest you have discovered?

I've taken an interest upon cooking. I used to love cooking, in fact when I was 13 I designed the layout for a bakery and named it,...

Those who were single past age 25, how did you *eventually* meet your s/o?

I just turned 26, and it seems like everyone at my age is either in serious committed relationships, (married, kids, etc.) and the other...

What type of personality do men prefer on women?

Girl's Behavior
I'm a bit of a loud-mouth, blunt, I can be considered a bit sexual. I'm extremely honest, most things that come to mind come out my...

What’s a seemingly small thing that instantly turns you off someone?

Be it for a potential relationship or friendship, what’s one small type of behaviour or quality that makes you see them differently?...

If you really wanted children but hadn’t found the right person, would you do it on your own? Such as with an anonymous donor or adopt?

Family & Friends
People are leaving it until later in life to have children, but if you hit a certain age where you started to feel you were running out...

Have you ever developed feelings for an old friend or ex from a long time ago?

I think my high school boyfriend, first love, now just friend for the past 10 years might be interested, and I'm not sure how I feel...

Is it ok to wear a denim jacket to a wedding?

Fashion & Beauty
My boyfriends mum is getting married next week, I have my outfit ready shown below and did a practice run for my hair and makeup and...


When you see a group of friends that are of the same sex, do you assume they are gay?

Society & Politics
I'm not trying to offend anybody, I'm just curious to see how many people perceive these situations.

Do you agree with the saying. " Once a cheater, always a cheater?

Do you agree with the saying. " Once a cheater, always a cheater? Do you think people who get caught cheating on a SO are never to be...

Is velvet clothing too feminine for a man to wear?

Fashion & Beauty
I've never seen a man wear velvet clothing but I have seen plenty of women wear velvet pants. I've only seen men wear corduroy clothing...

If you are married and have been unhappy why are you still married?

Break Up & Divorce
Have you already been through counseling? Was there infidelity? Why are you unhappy?

Should your boyfriend/girlfriend be your "best friend"?

Should they be your best friend, or is it ok to call someone else your best friend?