Why Men Keep Being Weak With Women

I saw it again a few weeks ago at a festival. Another guy following around a girl he likes like a puppy. I know this girl. Friendly and...
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The Benefits of Traveling Alone: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Introduction: Picture this: You find yourself in a bustling foreign city, the aroma of exotic street food wafting through the air, the...
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Dating is hard, getting a date can be hard, try not to be hard on yourself

Some people get discouraged when they get rejected, or they feel like people just don't find them attractive, well, it's hard. You could...
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Instead of getting mad at each other for overthinking too much, make your intentions clear from the jump

Sometimes we get angry with each other(especially with the opposite gender) for overthinking, like when people get on here, and say...
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Agree or disagree? Confidence turns women off

I think the core reason so many women dislike Andrew Tate is that he is over reliant on confidence and boldness. It's his whole...
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The question keeps coming up but the answer is simple. Why does society value women for their youth and looks and men for their wealth and strength?

I think that the reason this question keeps coming up is because some people do not want to accept the clear answer. It all goes back to...
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What Misandry Is — YES, IT’S REAL!

hi! so the term misandry gets thrown around a lot on here. i’ve even been accused of being a misandrist a few times. i’m not AT ALL...
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Does anyone else find most people on social media annoying and narcissistic?

All they do is bragging about themselves Very few creators are actually entertaining

Do guys test girls?

Sometimes I feel like I’m being tested to see if I am submissive enough or how much they can get away with what is a tactic or testers...

What do you believe are the core reasons for failed marriages?

I hope this question doesn't cause too much chaos but personally from my observations I have noticed that there's many cores to failed...

Serous question ladies, what are your expectation when you turn to online dating?

I been online now for almost three years. Lots of ladies out there with incredibly complicated and busy lives. From the single working...

Have you had the new Covid vaccine?

If not - you should. I have as I do some hospital work and it is mandatory, but even if it wasn't mandatory, I would still get it.
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Do you ever visit anyones grave?

Someone who was very close to you? Reading some old X-men comics made me wonder about if people on here visits graves often.
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Why do girls’ buttocks jiggle when they walk?

How can a girl get rid of jiggly butt? :( By the way, I'm not fat nor my buttocks are big...
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What does girls think about slim guys?

My wife thought me that she think slim guys are better than the ones with muscular. I'm not a slim guy nor have musculars. What do you...

What is the worst part of being in love?

Have you ever experienced any bad sides of being in love? What was it?
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Do men prefer virgin girls first?

I'm just curious about your opinions: Is it wrong for a guy to prefer virgin girls?
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Do girls really like shy guys?

As a woman, I do not like shy guys, it seems as a lack of confidence to me... What do you think?
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