If only you weren't fat, you could live forever!

I know no one actually thinks this, but it sure seems like they do sometimes. Of course, fat shamers, health trolls, armchair...

Does 11.11 Singles' Day meant to disrespect Remembrance Day?

11.11 Singles’ Day 11.11 Single’s Day is started in China, it “is a shopping holiday popular among young Chinese people that celebrate...

A little thought before moving in

I promise it won't be long. Tomorrow, I'll officially start moving in with my girlfriend. We had agreed it would be by 2020, but things...

Why Bumble is the Best Dating App

Firstly, not paid by Bumble. No vested interest. Just want to share why I think you should switch to Bumble if you're still wasting time...

A word to the nice guys, from a former nice guy

Before actually delivering my message to the nice guys, I would like to clarify exactly who I am referring to, so that my target...

Guys: Why you should pick the average-looking girl over the pretty girl in the room!

If you've hopped into Google or G@G and you've typed "Why do I always get rejected by girls" (or something along those lines)......

What is it like to live in America?

I live in Turkey and I have to live here. I found it difficult. What is it like to live in America?

Is it normal to feel insecure over my boyfriend following Instagram models?

I’m talking about the hot, thin waist, big boobs, perfect looking bottom... you know the ones I mean! I wouldn’t go to the extent of...

Are intelligent girls more attractive?

I’m the type of girl who actually likes deep and intelligent conversations. I’d so rather talk about the current economic trends then...

Why do a lot of women feel less confident when they see other pretty women as if someone’s else’s beauty takes away from their's?

I never understood that lol. If someone is pretty I don’t think you should feel as though they’re prettier than you just acknowledge...

How can I get sexy legs and sexy butt?

I’m 22 but always skinny. I have 5lb dumbbells for arms which Ik is nothing. I have 25lb weight ankle weights but don’t know what to do...

Guys, isn't it embarrassing going to the washroom when other guys might see you?

I mean for us girls we have our own stalls and privacy but what the heck goes on in boys washrooms?😕

What age were you in which you started using curse words?

Can be any word that is considered a 'Curse' word within your family?

What’s the perfect “Girl’s Night Out?” Where would you like to go and what would you like to do?

Guys, is it OK for your girl to have a "GIRL'S NIGHT OUT"? ... would you want there to be any limits on it?

Is your online personality very different from real life?

For me, online is this different world to explore, share, and express less conventional aspects of my thoughts. It probably seems like...

True or false: Most guys have low standards?

What do you guys think of this when people say: "Straight men would go bang OR date anyone with a vagina. Even if she's fat Or Ugly"

What's your opinion on chokers?

I have worn them occasionally and was just wondering other people's opinions on them and if they're a generally liked thing or the...

Do you carry a pocket knife with you wherever you go?

I grew up in a blue collar family. When I was a young boy, receiving my first pocket knife was a rite of passage. It meant that I was...

What's the most surreal experience you've had?

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve had (not talking about paranormal shit). Just like adrenaline rush kind of thing or like an...

Who else find religious people super annoying?

They are super annoying. They want to push their backwards religious views on other people. For example, who you can and can't get marry...

If a guy is very attractive will he have girls after him?

So I don't use facebook very often But one day I logged in and I saw him posting about how nobody was online And I girl "hearted" his...

Would you still be with your partner if they switched bodies?

So there's a show called "Altered Carbon" on Netflix. In the show, the characters have these things called "Cortical Stacks." Cortical...