My problem with political correctness and political bias

Society & Politics
It's kind of funny that I'm typing this take. When I was younger, I never thought I would care so much about society. I use to think I...

Why Men Don't Chase Women Anymore

Girl's Behavior
Why do so many women complain about men not chasing them anymore? I don't know if anyone else has ever noticed but women many times...

Teachings We Should Learn From Other Religions - Part 2

Religion & Spirituality
Few days ago I wrote a MyTake Titled as Teachings we should learn from other religions. However I wasn't able to write about all major...

A Collection of Passionate Photographs by Salil

Entertainment & Arts
I'm a passionate photographer and I'm sharing my collection with you guys. Depending upon your taste, you may like it or may not. These...

Yes, I am a Feminist and it Doesn't Mean I Don't Appreciate chivalry!

Society & Politics
I am a feminist, not one of those who complain about having to shave armpit hair, or having to wear a tampon, or not having equal pay as...

6 Things Parents Should Stop Doing!

Family & Friends
1. Don't yell in front of your kids Yelling in front of your children can scare them into thinking that when they grow up they won't...


Do long distance relationships work?

I'm planning on applying for law schools, majority of the schools are out of state. I've been dating a guy for a few months now and...

Do guys look for their girlfriends or girls they like in a social setting?

I told my boyfriend I was gonna be somewhere he was gonna be I saw him when he came in but he didn't see me and he didn't even try to...

Can a guy and girl be just friends?

Saw a friend post this on Facebook. And just curious about what y'all think. No feelings for each other or anything. Just friends. I'm...

What's the best way to approach a shy/nervous guy?

Guy's Behavior
I've noticed this guy at school making a lot of eye contact and staring at me. When I enter the class he is staring and when I leave I...

How do I give someone space but still keep a connection with him?

My really really good guy friend is having trouble getting over his divorce. He recently told me he has some things he needs to take...

How much does a guy's height matter?

Girl's Behavior
Would you reject a guy for being 'short'?

Have you ever been rejected by your own parent/s? Complete rejection from birth, or even before?

Family & Friends
I am looking for people's experiences who have had this extreme treatment from own parents or a parent. My daughter was born not long...


Loose fitted clothing is a smarter choice during hot weather (over 35C/95F)?

Fashion & Beauty
I personally know it's true... but I'm interested to know what you think. VS.

Have you ever cheated on your partner?

Marriage & Weddings
Please be honest with this one.

For all the college kids, how do you usually meet people?

So you are trying to meet the one or maybe just looking for something simple. How do you usually go about trying to meet people?

What exactly do you consider "rich"?

GaGers often talk about "rich" or "wealthy" people, for example when it comes to politics. This makes me wonder what you guys actually...


The 7 Best Korean Rappers

Entertainment & Arts
I've been into hip hop since I was 14. I started with 50 Cent and Eminem but then I deiscovered a lot more :P. I also listened to German...

What If Every Woman Was Beautiful?

Girl's Behavior
Beautiful I too believe all females are beautiful in their own way you just need to believe in yourselves more and tell yourselves that...