Everyone wants a honest, sincere and genuine person so what does that mean when it comes to texting habits?

Simple statistical fact is most people read a text within 3 minutes of receiving it. Receiving it means, within 3 minutes of them seeing...
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Luck or Hard work: What matters more?

Sometimes you blame yourself for not putting in all the efforts required. The other times all the hard work that you’ve put in seem less...
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My decision in going back to college in my 30s

"Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow" - Stephen King When I graduated High School in 2009, I enrolled at East...
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Why joining a gym will improve your self esteem, regardless of your size

I've recently joined a gym, I always thought I didn't need one, but that changed when I moved out and realised that it's pretty...
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Can a Guy Be the Prize in a Relationship?

First consider how different types of relationships work. In a traditional relationship, the guy PROVIDES things to the woman in...
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To All My Oversized Girls <3

To all my oversized girlies, Have you ever felt that you were too large to be pretty? The society we live in usually portrays the...
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How Do You Reject a Girl Nicely?

im just not interested in her.

Is Hurricane IAN near you?

Are you in the path of Hurricane IAN?
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Why did my friend post a picture of us as her profile pic even though we don't talk anymore?

We were friends in highschool and we attended the same university but then I stopped going and since haven't talked. She doesn't even...

Do you think a good actor/actress is the one who is involved in all the film making?

or a good actor is the only who only acts and have a great preformance and that is all. There are actors who are directors, writers...

Do flirty guys become serious when they interact with their crush?

like more calm, more attentive, joking but not teasing at all, respects boundaries more in a way

Do you believe in signs and horoscopes? Do you agree with this 🤣 ?

I am Libra. I don’t believe in signs and horoscopes. I believe in the person and they have their own personality. Not based on their...

What do you think of the people who have been to hell and back but it was their own fault?

Say someone made a really bad mistake/decision when they were younger but they manage to somewhat redeem themselves. At what point is...

How would you feel if the internet went out forever?

Could you still function a normal life without it?
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When shopping, which one do you prefer/use more? Cash, Cards or E Wallets?

No matter how advanced the world is, im still a cash person and i only use credit/debit cards or digital wallets when really required or...
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Have you gotten over your past with hurt feelings and bad experience in relationships?

I feel you... hope you are going to be alright
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What song do you have to listen to at least once a day? Maybe several times a day?

We all have that one song we can't get enough of. Here's mine. 🤘😈🤘

RE: "But what are you doing to help black people? 'Your' people?" (My Ten Tips to Help "The Black Community")

So this turned into a whole thing from my last MyTake. The short version of this whole long discussion that was had over in this last...
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