David VS Goliath.

Religion & Spirituality
The story of David VS Goliath is one of favorite stories in the Bible. I admire David's courage to stand out and dare to fight Goliath...

Great Ways to Show Thanks to Mom and Dad

Family & Friends
When you mention something like Mothers or Father's Day, or things like Valentine's Day, people ask...well, why do we need a day to...

My experiences as an AirBnB-host.

Travel & Leisure
AirBnB has become increasingly popular during the last few years. After using the service as a traveler a few times, I started to do...

Robert E. Lee, A Confederate Hero, Was NOT In Favor of Confederate Monuments and Flags Post Civil War

Society & Politics
Robert E. Lee was quoted as saying, "my conviction is, that however grateful it would be to the feelings of the South, the attempt in...

How to Creatively and Stylishly Mix Patterns and Prints

Fashion & Beauty
Not everyone wants to wear just one print at a time. Some like a bolder style with a lot of color and texture in their clothes or you...

Giving No F's Is A Terrible Life Philosophy

Society & Politics
There are a lot of people who have the life philosophy that they just don't give a f--k or they give no f--k's and that's the way they...


Do you think it's wrong to troll on dating sites?

It seems to be the only thing that makes me feel gleeful these days.

Why do liberals support strict gun control so much?

Society & Politics
I never understood why liberals are so passionate about putting so many restrictions on gun ownership and self defense rights.

I was a separate bank account from my significant other, what do you guys think?

I want a separate bank account from my boyfriend so my extra money that I work over for can go towards paying things off instead of...

What is the worst thing about you?

me- i trust the people easily.

Who is the better rock group:KISS or AC/DC?

Entertainment & Arts

Do you like watching Olympic sports?

Entertainment & Arts
Like track and field events?


Should serving in the military be mandatory?

Society & Politics
Please explain why you've your opinion. I'm talking about able bodied people and not people with disability or other conditions....

Is mutual attraction just wishful thinking?

You always see it in movies, tv shows or read it in books. Two people (mostly male and female) are instantly attracted to each other in...

Is it true that guys don't know how to stare at girls they find attractive?

I found this picture a few days ago and it made me realize how true this is (it depends on the guy tho, no generalization).