Mental Health, Gas Lighting, Self Doubt and Liars: My Story

Family & Friends
I am an only child. Only children end up spending a lot of time alone. I was a very cheerful child. But very afraid of my mum. Fear...

Many People Have A Hard Time Conceiving A Child, Yet the Undeserving Ones Have No Issues...

Family & Friends
So many women struggle for years trying to conceive a baby, the thing they want more than life itself......

9 Online Dating Tips for Guys!

Let's face it. When it comes to dating, women have the power. This is most evident in online dating. She might receive between 50 to 100...

Why I'm Not Changing My Last Name, Ever

Family & Friends
1. It's my heritage For as long as I can remember, whenever I've said my full name, I am asked how it is properly pronounced and what...

The Double Standards of Women in Dating: The Hypocrisy of Equality

Recently, I have been on a dating website and (unlike most guys), I have been blessed to receive messages from several different women...

Cis People: I Hope Someday You Can Understand Us

Society & Politics
I myself am more "traditional" than the tumblr people, I actually despise them and the SJW "non binaries" for giving trans people such a...


Should people in a committed relationship share their personal passwords with each other?

Aka passwords such as instagram or other social media devices, to allow the other person to feel comfortable and safe within the...

How to deal with estrangement from parents?

Family & Friends
I am estranged from my parents because my mother has severe Borderline Personality Disorder and has been abusive towards me all my life....

Do you believe that if you miss an ex, they miss you just as much?

Break Up & Divorce
I'm not convinced personally but it's a nice thought.

How do guy want to be cheered up? Girls any advice is welcome?

Guy's Behavior
When you're discouraged in general what do you want to hear? How do you want to be comforted?

I'm stuck in somewhat of a long distance relationship. What do I do?

So I met this guy online and we've started talking. Well mostly sexting and stuff but talking a little. He's said he's addicted to me,...

What's the cutest thing your pet has ever done?

Family & Friends
Every pet has done something either so sweet or ridiculous that it's permanently filed away in our memories. Tell me your cute pet...


Do women (you) like being cat called?

Society & Politics
Make your pick. I wanna see if guys talk for women, or what women think about catcalling.

Is "normal" and "common" a thing?

Society & Politics
I'm wondering if you thinks both normal and common is real or if it's just a false illusion humans made. I've heard some people telling...

Corrupted drug dealer cops sentenced to 21 years in prison, same as mass-murder who killed 77 people, right or wrong?

Society & Politics
In Norway the case about the police Eirik Jensen got a lot of attention the last years. The police officer were found guilty in both...

How many hours a day do you use technology?

Technology & Internet
how often do you use technology? please comment what you use it for. thanks!