Winner of Miss Turkey Tweeted Her Way Out of the Title

Trending & News
Itir Esen - miss Turkey 2017 was stripped of her title after one of her former tweets came to light. "I am having my period this...

Autumn themes nail art you might want to try out!

Fashion & Beauty
Simple, dark red nail polish is classically appealing to most people. If you want something that'll match most of your outfits - go with...

Autumnal Accessories

Fashion & Beauty
As we've previously mentioned: red is the color this season. Pair red shoes with a purse of the same hue and you're golden! A leather...

One of the Worst Things To Do After a Break-Up

Break Up & Divorce
Break-ups are some of the worst experiences in life. They can often be like experiencing the loss of a loved one, except they are still...

Stephen's Movie Reviews: IT

Entertainment & Arts
I admit when I first saw the trailer for this movie I thought it was going to be just like the remake of the 1990 classic. Well it...

Elemental Fashion: Fire

Fashion & Beauty
Fire, the next element, is one that easily stands out and above the rest. When one wears the element of fire, they do so not to blend in...


What's your plans today?

Family & Friends
Lets talk gaggers

What is your type, personality and interest-wise?

Sure, we all want a kind, honest, loyal partner, but that should be a given. What specific personality traits or interests do you...

We TRUST in SCIENCE in all matters of our lives. But, in the matters of RELIGION & FAITH, we do just the contrary. Why?

Religion & Spirituality
We strongly believe that SCIENCE knows nothing about the basis of Religious Beliefs & Faiths, when we owe our evolution (what we are...

If a hospital doesn't pay its bills, is it ethical for the supplier to stop their service?

Society & Politics
This is an article about a hospital in India. In the article, it says that 64 children died due to a lack of oxygen. The article says...

Do you think the more traditional style of dating will always be around?

I still think it benefits girls more than it will ever benefit guys, but do you think it will ever change?

My best friend doesn't support me as an artist?

Family & Friends
I'm make art sometimes and a lot of people have objectively told me that I should put myself out there as an artist. But I feel...

How important are your friends to you?

Family & Friends
I have 3 BFFs who are very important to me. They are like sisters I never had. We do lots of things together. They will all be my...


Do you prefer multitasking or concentrating on one thing at a time?

The question is pretty self-explanatory. Would you rather do multiple things at the same time or do things one at a time?

Does prayer work?

Religion & Spirituality

What do you guys think of social media these days?

Technology & Internet
These days a have kids growing up with a phone in there hands, eyes glued to a screen. When I was 16, I got my first phone. You could...

Does reading a book make you look unapproachable?

Do you think people avoid conversation with you when you are reading? Are you less inclined to talk when you're in a good book? Do you...