Observations on Behavior in Dating: A Battle Between the Sexes

This may trigger some people because whether you want to admit it or not, everyone does at least a few of these things when dating. I am...

You Get What You Give! (Why I Love Being A Traditional Woman :) )

I'd like to say kudos to @MrOracle for his new take: Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships because it's pretty straight-forward,...

Wonder Why Men Cheat?

Wonder Why Men Cheat? Many women who have been a victim of cheating wonder about this very same question. Men sometimes seem...

7.5 Billion Reasons Why You Shouldn't Bet on 2021

Hypothetically, let's say, in December of 2020, all the leading world health organizations announce that there will be a Covid vaccine...

Online Dating is missing something very important!

So you are out and about with your friends on a Friday night and start to flirt with all kinds of people. This may take anywhere from...

Going exclusive is scary. Why won't he kiss me? [Three months of online dating series]

This take is about a guy I met online. I've known him for three months, he's Central European like me [some people didn't get that...

Does leaving your child behind really make you a bad person?

I got pregnant at 23 with my first child who was taken away about a week after she was born by CPS for mental disorder ( mostly suicidal...

If you write, would you share your writing with your partner?

I mostly write short stories and I let her read some. She tells me her impressions and with a bit of embarrassment on my part she can...

Do you like receiving cute texts and images?

I used to not really care about them, but nowadays when she sends me all those cutesy images full of hearts and other stuff while she's...

Why don't guys buy girls flowers more?

Do they not realize the magic relationship bettering power that flowers have?

Does success on dating sites like Tinder correspond with success in real life?

In other words, if you can't attract others on dating sites, then you probably won't be attracting anyone in real life either and vice...

What do you do for extra money?

With bills getting more expensive every year, a lot of people work at a full-time job and also do something else to make extra money....

Do you believe that being single is like a disease that needs to be cured?

Obviously if you are single there is something wrong with you. Leave a comment below.

If you dump someone because you lost feelings for them, do your feelings ever come back?

So say you have a partner and for whatever reason you dumped them because you didn't care about them anymore in that way, once you feel...

Do you think working from home is the new future with or without covid?

Now that a lot of people are experiencing it, do you think we should keep it this way? Personally w traffic, enormous costs of office...

Would you feel disloyal dating again if your spouse died?

Someone asked a question on here that if their spouse died would they start dating again, this question i guess is more mainly for...

Do most couples living together actually cuddle when they go to bed?

I don't mean quick little nap cuddles, I mean retiring for the night bed time.

Your all time Favourite Live Concert Ever

As everyone knows, there's a lot of types of music genres and tastes, but that's not the point here. What I want to know is, for ever...

Do you agree with this video about Complementing girls? It basically say complement her fashion sense, her confidence, and her intelligence.

Relationships.. Plans.. and Weddings

Today, like many people, are getting married today. As for me, today was one of the days the ex wanted to get married (10/10/2020 - if...

My 30 Halloween pick salute

I have decided to do a quicker and more condensed version of my Halloween picks. 21. House – 1986 / House 2 : The second Story – 1987...

Why a vote for Freedom and Donald J Trump and against Socialism will save America!

WHAT I AM NOT: A Republican or a Democrat WHAT I AM: A Fearless Freedom loving registered Independent American WHO DONALD J TRUMP IS: A...