HOT TAKE: Having A Type Is Unhealthy In A Long Term Relationship and Here's Why

Well for starters, let's clearly define what it means to have a "type." Your type is what you're attracted to, whether it's firm abs or...
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What does it mean to only be interested in Long-Term Relationship?

You see this often on dating sites, single person only interested in long term relationships. But what does that really mean? On one...
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Men vs. women making mistakes

I don't know if it's only me, but it seems to me that guys get away with making mistakes *early on* more than women do. In the sense of...
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Why You Should Never Get Back With Your Ex?

Preface: There exists a wide array of anecdotes that are the exception to what I'm about to say. If your story is one such where you did...
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It's ok to look, isn't it This myTake is prompted by an interesting video by Bettina Arndt, an Australian writer and...
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If your ex is reaching out

If your ex is reaching out to you, what they are reaching out for is the green light. In the Great Gatsy, he ( Gatsby) was trying to...
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Why people are so busy today, and what's it really mean in dating when they're too busy?

I know you have all been there before. You connect with someone, you go out on one of the most amazing first dates of your life. You...
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How is your gift shopping this Christmas month?

I’m done all my Christmas shopping, the only person I have not gotten a gift for yet is me, but I can do that next year.

What did my boyfriend mean?

Last night my boyfriend has been talking about getting a place together. We live in California. He lives in a small studio and I live in...

I think my boyfriend has a drinking problem. He disagrees. Am I right?

My boyfriend likes to party and I don't. I do not drink at all and he's known this as long as we've been together. I still make an...

Does my crush like me back?

I was moaning to my crush because this guy I don't like is basically in love with me and crazy about me and he said, "I don't blame...

Is it creepy for a guy to ask how old a girl is?

I'm 23 right now and should be at university. But life got in the way so I'm working retail for a while. The only girls I meet here...

Guys, does it actually hurt your feelings when you ask a girl to be friends with benefits and she says no?

Like say you're not the type of guy that wants relationships, whereby you're more comfortable with a friends with benefits arrangement....
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Women Aren’t Allowed To Age In The USA. True Or False?

I’ve seen guys only of course say men with wrinkles are ok but a woman having wrinkles drops her “value”
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Guys would you date a girl who is tall like 6 feet 2 inches?

I have a female friend who is subconscious about her height because she thinks men would not want to date a girl who is 6 feet 2 inches...
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Do you prefer a massage from the same or opposite gender? Why is that?

If you're booked in for a massage (not from your partner), do you prefer someone of your gender or the opposite gender? Why is that?
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What does the date under "Hey there I am using Whatsapp" Status mean?

Where it says "Hey there Im using Whatsapp" in your contact info, there is a date. This guy who I was dating and talking to through...

What should I say when a girl asks what am I to you?

I'm not a fan of immediately giving a name to a relationship. What do you think should I say when faced with such a question?
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Why is she ignoring me after we kissed?

I have a group of friends with whom I used to hang out. One guy likes one of the girls, and one day when we were all together, he tried...

What do you do to stay fit?

I go to the gym. Wbu?
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