How to Train to Increase Your Short Distance (1-2 mile) Run Times

Health & Fitness
A How to on dropping your run Time Over the past 2 years I've made lots of progress on my 1 and 2 mile run (especially considering 1...

Classically Chic Fashion Choices

Fashion & Beauty
Fashion choices are personal to each individual. However, if your main goal is to be chic, because you feel that way on the inside,...

Teachings We Should Learn From Other Religions

Religion & Spirituality
There are many advantages of being atheist. Like you don't need to pray 4 times a day, you don't have to donate money to holy places...

How To Guide; Beachy Waves

Fashion & Beauty
Beachy waves are universally accepted and loved. They're neutral yet fun, casual yet have a great potential of being chic. Beachy waves...

My Personal Favorite Wrestlers of all Time

So here are some of my favorite wrestlers of all times and why they are my favorites. Enjoy 😊 1. Randy Orton The reason why Randy is...

Dating Outside Your Race

About fifty times a day, someone is asking on Gag, "should I date someone outside of my race," or stating that, "my parents/friends...


Guys, why do you feel intimidated with successful women?

Successful women are just like other women with similar wants and needs. What's intimidating about them? Be honest.

How do you prefer sleeping with your significant other?

By this I mean literally sleeping... spooning, apart, caressed, etcc..

Should transgender people be allowed to change the sex on their birth certificate?

Society & Politics
Should they be allowed to completely change their sex on their birth certificate, should they have to declare their transgender status...

What is your favorite type of jokes and humor?

Entertainment & Arts
I like Dirty humor, dark humor, slapstick, political jokes what about you all?

Do women have to wear makeup?

Fashion & Beauty
I never find the need to wear makeup and never really used it. I'm currently in highschool and the majority of girls wear it so I feel...

Men working in a predominantly female work place?

Education & Career
Have any men on here experienced being the only man, or one of few men in a mostly female environment or work place? How did you find...

Does anyone here watch Love Island? Which couple do you want to win?

Entertainment & Arts
For anyone that doesn't know, Love Island is a reality tv show where single people known as "Islanders" come on to the island in the...

Why won't my boss introduce me to his wife?

Guy's Behavior
My friend turned boss still hasn't introduced me to his wife although he's had a handful of chances to do so. We started out as friends,...


What do you think of extroverts?

also what personality type are you? if you don't know you can go to to check it out. E means extrovert....

Feminism kills femininity and masculinity. Agree or disagree?

Society & Politics
I don't think we need feminism in the west at all. It's unnecessary and the 'extra' feminism is literally killing femininity and...

Do you remember your very first childhood boyfriend/girlfriend?

The earliest girlfriend I can remember was Kristy. We were together from 3rd grade to 6th grade. Kid love at it's best. What about you?

If your ex gives you second chance, does that mean he/she was missing you after break up?

does it mean they had missed you? if they take you back or give the relationship another chance

Atheists can live peacefully because of tolerance of religious people. True or not?

Religion & Spirituality
Well I'm talking specifically where most population is religious. Atheists in such places are unharmed because the religious people...


Frogger: The Ultimate Metaphor for Life

Entertainment & Arts
Frogger was an arcade game developed in 1981 by Konami. The object of the game was to direct frogs to their homes one by one by crossing...

Try Posting Your Own Songs!

Entertainment & Arts
I really enjoyed writing that other take on classical music recommendations and so I figured I’d share a few more.. only this time,...

HIIT Workouts... The Right Way

Health & Fitness
If you don't know what HIIT workouts are, HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It is a form of working out where you must...