Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

Looking for a Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend, husband, friend, brother, or any other man in your life? Look no further - we've...
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Grocery Store Tips

1. Park next to the cart corral If you are lazy or efficient, park your car next to the cart corral. For one, only one person can...
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Gift ideas, Gift items for adult lovers

Gift items for adult lovers a meaningful gift indicates that we knew and thought about her interests (and her preferences must be...
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Does bad packaging annoy you?

Bad packaging is a common frustration for consumers. Whether it's difficult to open, wasteful, or poorly designed, bad packaging can be...
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Car Brands Ranked From MOST👍 To LEAST👎 Reliable 🇯🇵🇰🇷 Part I

Note: 'Major' brands are always mentioned first in bold with 'minor' brands (such as luxury ones and acquired ones) written in brackets....
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My Review of the 2012 Ford Fusion SE as a new driver

This is my first car, a 2012 Fusion SE. When it came into my possession last year, it had 237k miles on it. It now has 238,880. Talk...
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Why Peugeot is The Greatest Car Manufacturer Ever (Not Toyota)

In response to this myTake... I think you could easily make a case for any of about five different companies as being "The Greatest...
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87, 89, 91: What even is Super Premium Gasoline?

I ride an antique motorcycle so I can't buy any of them... But we'll get to that. First things first, what is the difference between...
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What gift to ask from boyfriend?

He got a promotion and wants to buy me a gift which is so sweet but nothing comes to my mind. I don't need anything. I told him maybe we...

Can you afford to go shopping for yourself?

Like clothes, shoes, purses, socks, hats, etc.

Why are impulse items always at the checkout queues in stores?

Can’t they just be like “Girl, you don’t need that Reese’s, you’re trying to eat healthier”?

Any gift ideas for a Chinese mother in love?

My friend is looking for a gift for her Chinese mother in law. Any suggestions?

Can guys by their gals anything without screwing it up?

I just have her put it in the Amazon cart.
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Which whip should I buy 26yo?

Luxurious mean bmw or sporty showy audi
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Do you have any joke's? I have one?

So I was there a Rich man he was very rich and he have 3 girlfriend's. So He decided to married but he wants know whitch one is...
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Which one do u like?

If it more then one then lmk please
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Is Disney’s ‘Frozen’ a MGTOW movie too, not just a feminist movie?

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is being heralded as a great movie and the most feminist movie that Disney has ever made. However, some are claiming...
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Do you think its true that all Mexican or Latino men cheat?

I replied to a question and it made me wonder, do you think its true that all Mexican men or Hispanic men cheat?Ive heard so many...

Which do you prefer?

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What do you like to do for your birthdays?

It me birthday :)
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My boyfriend didn't get me a Christmas gift, how should I handle this?

My boyfriend and I are having our 6 month anniversary on New Year's, so we've been together a while. My birthday was last month, and he...
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