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Halloween Treats

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What is the most useless thing you've ever bought?

We've all squandered our money on something that ended up in the junk drawer. Mine is stainless steel bar soap. What's yours?

What have you bought yourself recently?

I bought red tassel earrings and a black necklace

Can I ask y'all for a favour?

can you go to the swarvoski website and tell me which necklace or bracelet would you love to recieve as a gift? if it where from a friend?

Has anyone ever bought perfumes from fragrancenet. com?

What do you think about their quality? Are they genuine perfumes?

Which should I get?

Ok call me a mega nerd or whatever lol. But I recently played the resident evil 2 remake and loved it! It was my first resident evil...

Have you ever shop at HSN or QVC?

I got a watch a few years ago from HSN and it still look beautiful as ever.

What to buy for my girlfriend?

I have a budget of $150 for buying some dress for my girlfriend. It's been more than a year since we met. What dress would you buy for...

Werid question, I know, but can you recommended any Electric Shaver to shave the Bikini area?

I want shave down there but I always used cream removal and I just afraid to cut myself. Do you know anything device that is stupid...

I bought a game with a digital code off of Amazon but I'm not getting the code. Any help?

I bought a Pokémon game off of Amazon for my 2DS and so far I haven't gotten the digital code Im supposed to get to redeem it yet. Do...

Which car has more sex appeal?

lol i know cars dont matter... but still, which one gets more attention in the public? and especially girls! lol

Would you ever buy used shoes?

Would you ever buy used shoes online or at a yard sale? I wouldn't unless I knew the person and felt comfortable with their hygiene.

Which pants do u like most. Am buying 4 GF?

Looking to buy gym clothes for my girlfriend. Vote on best looking one. Thanks.

Would you buy this Tiffany and Co clip?

It's only one clip. Expensive lol

Wish is best Item that I am bidding on this weeks auction?

The Harper Whales Serigraph is already up to $140, so I am not getting it.

How is this plan for my mom's birthday?

I didn't have much money so I brought her this necklace, a small stuffed animal that is not in the picture and some chocolates With...