Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

Looking for a Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend, husband, friend, brother, or any other man in your life? Look no further - we've got...
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Top 8 Best Birthday Gift Ideas That You Can Give Your Girl In This Pandemic Period

You don’t need to have a special occasion to gift something to your lovely lady, be it your girlfriend, mom, or sister. But if it's a...
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Small businesses need your support now more than ever!

It's no secret that the coronavirus has hurt lots of businesses. Small businesses have been hurt the most. Many laying off or...

Mytake For Cigarette Smokers

As businesses are shutting down. Recession a possibility. People should be finding ways to spend less, not more. For those who smoke...

Cars I wouldn't buy

I would not buy: 1. Fiat. In my country they cost much and have very little resale value. They also have a bad reputation for...

The Portillo's Experience and some other mall stuff

At the Schaumburg Woodfield Mall in Illinois. They had opened for the holiday season a so called pop up version of the Portillo's...

My time at the Volo antique and thrift shops

I was going to use pictures of the place in a question but there were so many things to share I felt it would do better as a mytake This...

What are ways to build my credit up fast & how long do you think it will take?

I work, i live with my parents & I’m 20 I just got my credit card & pretty much all I’m going to do so far is buy gas with my card every...

Have you ever shopped for Instacart?

For those who have shopped for Instacart what was your experience. As Im thinking about trying Instacart as a shopper myself. #Instacart

How is your grocery shopping Modus Operandi?

Do you buy your home groceries monthly,, each 2, weeks, weekly? What kind of groceries (veggies or fruits or other things) you do buy as...

How to pick out a Christmas gift for a picky sibling?

My sister sends me random things she likes all the time but I never bother saving them for later. I’m a good gift giver, but she’s...

What can you buy for a dollar?

I've seen a bunch of articles online about stuff you can buy for 100 yen or 10k won (which is about a dollar) but I felt kinda bad that...

What are some good Christmas gift ideas for guys?

So my boyfriend and I have agreed to not spend a bunch of money on each other for Christmas. I have already planned one thing to get...

Did I purchase a good game?

i just purchased watchdogs is it a good game tell me about it, if you dont know it just carry on

Why aren't there any Halloween songs to get me in the Halloween mood?

Is this a good anniversary gift idea for someone who has everything?

Hiring a babysitter to have dinner out so we're not spending too much on gifts. It's getting delivered to his place of work ☺️.

What holiday are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to Veterans Day. Thank you for your service but ummm, thats also the day its gonna be 11X points all day at the...

What item from Aldi from my October 2020 visit seems the most interesting?

I know, I keep asking this aldi question but they always surprise me every time I go in

I ordered a smartwatch 7+ days ago and it still has not shipped. Is this normal?

After I ordered it they jacked up the price by around $100 dollars so I’m worried the guy who sold it to me is being slack cause he...

Which is a more reliable car, an old Honda or Toyota?

Both cars are the same year an 08 & have the around the same millage & haven’t been in wrecks but which one will work with me the best...

What shoes should I get my boyfriend?

Im worrying about what to got my boyfriend for Christmas and next year were going thailand for 2 weeks so o thought it be a good idea to...

Does birthstone matter when getting a ring?

I wanted to get my girlfriend a ring, so I picked amethyst because she loves purple and would be more concerned with the meaning of the...