Valentine's Day Cards For Friends With Benefits

Whether you're involved in a friends with benefits engagement right now, or perhaps you're stuck in that "what are we?" phase of dating,...

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

Insipred by @Jjpayne's recent question about collecting Hot Wheels or similar type collector cars, I set out to my parent's house...

How to get your girlfriend or spouse the gifts she actually want!

I hear so many men saying it’s so hard to find a gift for my girlfriend or spouse. Well here is a great tip. If she has Pinterest, make...

Americans Will Buy ANYTHING!!! Top Five Stupid Infomercial products

If you've ever watched TV you are probably familiar with the Infomercial and the "As Seen on TV" product. Some like Oxi Clean or Flex...

Are Cashless Transactions Actually Making You Cashless?

Hello and welcome everyone! It's your boy Hal and I've been seeing several amateur takes on dating and relationships so here's something...

From The Red to the Black: Some Fun Facts About Black Friday

One week from Today many retailers online and brick and mortar all over the world will be at war over your Holiday purchasing dollars....

Black Friday 2018: If You're Going to Shop Online or In-Store, Here's What You Should Know

It's officially the Holiday Shopping season. Stores and online retailers are competing to earn your hard earned dollar. Walmart and...

Giving my s/o my love diary for valentines/first anniversary, creepy or cute?

I have a cute small thin little notebook laying around and I thought about turning it into a diary-esque thing where I write about my...

Girls, What should I get my crush for her birthday?

Her birthday is in two more days, so any ideas? We're in high school and she's turning 17.

IN America how is that we accumulate so much?

Stuff clothing, and kids are being raised to just buy it instead build it?

What is your favourite Victoria Secret scent? (body mist & lotion)?

I am trying to buy a Victoria Secret body mist & lotion, however because this is online I won’t be able to smell it (obviously 😂). So I...

Girls, is it weird for a guy to gift his female friend a Victoria's secret perfume who are nowhere close of being romantic?

I have a female friend and I want to gift her a perfume, of course any perfume will do but this specific Victoria's secret has caught my...

What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made, and how has it impacted your life?

My personal best purchase I've made is my adopted dog from local animal shelter, she is currently my faithful companion and I love her...

What’s your favorite?

what’s your favorite clothing store to shop at?

Ideas for a birthday gift to a s/o? 🎁?

My boyfriend will soon celebrate his birthday, so I’m wondering what should I get him? Give me your opinions and also what have you...

If you were at the supermarket and accidentally broke something and no one noticed, would you tell an employee or just leave it?

I dropped a bottle of beer and it smashed, noonen noticed and I just left it :/. I probably should have let an employee know

So girls lady's women who likes to wear high heels?

If you would you like to go shopping for heels and sexy outfits

What item would you buy if it was a remanufactured product for half the price of a new product?

say what you think it can be any thing not on the list or choose from the list after choosing say what you think

Which thing has the most toxins you bought to sleep with?

say what you think in comments after you choose

Are you already getting ready for Christmas?

Buying presents? Decorating? Listening to Christmas music? Planning Christmas events?

Guys, would you still buy gifts for a woman you weren’t “serious” with and just casually dating?

There’s this one guy I know that buys gifts even for people he isn’t serious with... I also know that he’s a caring guy as well... also...

Which phone case is better?

I’m buying a new phone case soon since i think both of my cases look old and ugly but i’m going to keep putting one of the cases until i...

Would you pay $2500 for a suitcase?

Would you pay $2500 for a suitcase?

Does the price on a gift matter?

Does it matter or not? #Gift #Christmas My Opinion: I think it's a good thing the gift shouldn't be too expensive or cheap, but I don't...