Valentine's Day Cards For Friends With Benefits

Whether you're involved in a friends with benefits engagement right now, or perhaps you're stuck in that "what are we?" phase of dating,...

The Portillo's Experience and some other mall stuff

At the Schaumburg Woodfield Mall in Illinois. They had opened for the holiday season a so called pop up version of the Portillo's...

My time at the Volo antique and thrift shops

I was going to use pictures of the place in a question but there were so many things to share I felt it would do better as a mytake This...

Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

Insipred by @Jjpayne's recent question about collecting Hot Wheels or similar type collector cars, I set out to my parent's house...

How to get your girlfriend or spouse the gifts she actually want!

I hear so many men saying it’s so hard to find a gift for my girlfriend or spouse. Well here is a great tip. If she has Pinterest, make...

Americans Will Buy ANYTHING!!! Top Five Stupid Infomercial products

If you've ever watched TV you are probably familiar with the Infomercial and the "As Seen on TV" product. Some like Oxi Clean or Flex...

Are Cashless Transactions Actually Making You Cashless?

Hello and welcome everyone! It's your boy Hal and I've been seeing several amateur takes on dating and relationships so here's something...

Nintendo Switch or PS4 for Christmas?

I'm a gamer. I love to play the Sims and I can play for hours, but they don't have it for the switch. They have it for the PS4, but I...

Chevy vs Toyota?

I’m trying to surprise my mom with a car this weekend. I’m only a college student so I can’t afford the latest car (obviously) but I was...

Have you ever bought something that you already had, but didn't know that you had it before buying?

I bought a 30 dollar math book, that apparently I already had bought. The difference is that the one I had is digital. How should I get...

What can I buy for my boyfriend on his birthday?

I want to give him a special gift I have something on my mind but I need some suggestions too. What would you like to get from your...

What to buy for Husband?

Okay so my husband is trying to lose weight for his brother's wedding. He can't really wear a fitbit because of work and I'm not quite...

Has anyone owned a Mazda Atenza or Toyota Avensis car before?

If so what did you think of them? Any good/bad things about them?

Are you a good gift buyer?

Are you good at getting people gifts?

Which one of these Station Wagons do you think looks the best?

Out of these 5 which do you think looks the best. Or if you can be bothered rank the order.

When more stores start having robots an hologram checkers an less people working how will people feel about it?

after choosing say what you think it can be any thing not on the list or choose from the list to comment on

Which one of these 2020 Concept cars do you like?

What do you think about these 2020 Concept Super cars/ upcoming releases? Which one is your favorite?

Does this coin (dime) look rare?

I found it the other day.

Why do you think stores like the gap, Victoria Secrets, Walmart, Macy's, are losing younger shoppers?

when they use to be popular with young people after choosing say what you think it can be any thing not on the list or choose from the...

Is it acceptable to regift books to friends?

The book is called “You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life.” My friend often...

Best Secret Santa gift out of these?

So we are doing Secret Santa at work and the person I have is a male who is 21 and quite easy going. The plan is to get one of these...

Hey GAG! I bought some Gilette razors! Are you mad now?

I bought these but with 3 blades :P :P :P Are you mad now?