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Cars I would buy

I would buy: 1. A car that is reliable I work shift and there is a curfew in my country to deal with the COVID 19 virus so it would be essential for me to own a reliable car. Reliable cars don't break down or wear out...
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Sears Had Everything: The decline of an American institution

Sears had everything. Sadly, today I learned that the retailer Sears will close another group of stores, leaving only 30 retail stores remaining. This is from a peak of over 3000 stores. Sears had always been the go-to...
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Why we buy impulsive? Is it normal?

Well, we all have seen thou long line of random article you need to walk trough to get to the cashier when at stores and have wonder who buys all this stuff, or you might be sitting there right now with a pack of sweets...
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Top 8 Best Birthday Gift Ideas That You Can Give Your Girl In This Pandemic Period

You don’t need to have a special occasion to gift something to your lovely lady, be it your girlfriend, mom, or sister. But if it's a special occasion like your girls Birthday then no need to brainstorm for ideas. Here...
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Small businesses need your support now more than ever!

It's no secret that the coronavirus has hurt lots of businesses. Small businesses have been hurt the most. Many laying off or furloughing workers with some never reopening. Some big national retailers are going bankrupt...
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Mytake For Cigarette Smokers

As businesses are shutting down. Recession a possibility. People should be finding ways to spend less, not more. For those who smoke cigarettes, one way to save tons of money is to make your own. I've done this for years...
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Cars I wouldn't buy

I would not buy: 1. Fiat. In my country they cost much and have very little resale value. They also have a bad reputation for reliability issues. The parts are not easy or cheap to get. I had an old boss who bought a...
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The Portillo's Experience and some other mall stuff

At the Schaumburg Woodfield Mall in Illinois. They had opened for the holiday season a so called pop up version of the Portillo's Restaurants located in the Chicagoland area and suburbs. So I decided to share some of my...
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My time at the Volo antique and thrift shops

I was going to use pictures of the place in a question but there were so many things to share I felt it would do better as a mytake This starts with me standing next to a real terminator prop used in terminator 2 sent...
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Childhood Memories: 'Tinkertoy'

Insipred by @Jjpayne's recent question about collecting Hot Wheels or similar type collector cars, I set out to my parent's house shortly after answering Jj's question to dig through old mementos in my parent's attic &...
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How to get your girlfriend or spouse the gifts she actually want!

I hear so many men saying it’s so hard to find a gift for my girlfriend or spouse. Well here is a great tip. If she has Pinterest, make a fake account and start following her . You can look through her pins and choose...
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Americans Will Buy ANYTHING!!! Top Five Stupid Infomercial products

If you've ever watched TV you are probably familiar with the Infomercial and the "As Seen on TV" product. Some like Oxi Clean or Flex Seal are awesome and work well. But, these are some products that just plain stupid...
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Are Cashless Transactions Actually Making You Cashless?

Hello and welcome everyone! It's your boy Hal and I've been seeing several amateur takes on dating and relationships so here's something to slightly change your mood lol (Yes I'm cocky 🤣🤣). This is mainly my personal...
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From The Red to the Black: Some Fun Facts About Black Friday

One week from Today many retailers online and brick and mortar all over the world will be at war over your Holiday purchasing dollars. The day called "Black Friday" hasn't always had a cheery meaning. In the 1800's it was...
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Black Friday 2018: If You're Going to Shop Online or In-Store, Here's What You Should Know

It's officially the Holiday Shopping season. Stores and online retailers are competing to earn your hard earned dollar. Walmart and Amazon look to retain their titles as the champions of American Holiday shopping. While...
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Halloween Treats

...for you or for someone you're thinking of... Halloween costumes you can wear all through the year: -something you can wear even when it's not Halloween, it doesn't necessarily have to be wearable in its entirety, but...
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13 Tricks Retailers Use to Get You to Spend More! What you can do to guard your green!

It happens to us all! . . . and leave with bags stuffed with stuff you hadn’t planned on picking. That’s no accident: profitable retailers know precisely what they’re doing. They know how to use creative ways to get you...
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Toys R Back? Five ways I would deal with a Toys R Us Reboot

Back in March Toys R Us announced they were liquidating all of it's US stores. As of June 30th, all stores were gutted out and closed. However a few weeks ago Toys R Us canceled its bankruptcy auction to plan a comeback....
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Jim's Guide to Selling Your Car

Having just been through this process, with my gal's old car, for the first time, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the whole thing... 1. Find out what it's worth. You can ask around garages, and see what they'll give...
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5 Things that Annoy Retail Workers

I've been working in retail for 2 months now after working in food management for 3 years. My short time in retail and there are already things that irritate me that I wish people were more conscious of. I get that you...
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