Mytake For Cigarette Smokers

Great way to save money 🤑
Great way to save money 🤑

As businesses are shutting down. Recession a possibility. People should be finding ways to spend less, not more. For those who smoke cigarettes, one way to save tons of money is to make your own. I've done this for years and saved a lot of money that way.


Depending where you live depends how much a pack of cigarettes costs.

Where are you on the price list?
Where are you on the price list?

Where I live a generic pack of cigarettes is $7 a pack, and name brands from $8- $10 a pack. So 10 packs of generic=$70 and 10 packs of name brand $80-$100.

Whereas to make your own, you just need a bag of tobacco, a box of tubes, and a rolling machine-the rolling machine one time buy.

For those who smoke menthol
For those who smoke menthol

So first, bags of tobacco:

I chose to picture Gambler brand because it is one of the cheaper brands of tobacco. But there is all different brands depending on how much you want to pay. I use Gambler myself.

For those who smoke regular
For those who smoke regular

They have all different varieties depending on if you smoke regular, menthol, light, menthol light, etc.

For those who smoke light
For those who smoke light

Where I live a 6oz. bag of tobacco cost $7-9 depending where you buy for a 6oz. bag (makes about 1 carton)

and a 12 oz. bag anywhere from$17-20 again depending where you buy.

Another light variety
Another light variety

You can also purchase online and have delivered but some online companies there is a minimum bulk amount to buy, but costs even less that way.

Different types
Different types

Now for the tubes:

There is different brands. Now me personally, I usually use tops tubes or Gambler tubes but there are many different brands.

Cheap brand
Cheap brand

Gamble tubes by me are about $4 for a box of 200 tubes, which again makes 1 carton.

And finally, cigarette rolling machines:

Cheaper rolling machine
Cheaper rolling machine

You can get a tops (pictured above) or Gambler rolling machine for less than $5. And that you only have to purchase once.

Nice rolled, packed cigarettes
Nice rolled, packed cigarettes

My neighbor has this. She paid $40 for it, but it makes a nice, rolled cigarette with just a crank of the handle.

They always have electronic machines but those get more costly.

So to sum up to make one carton, (using Gambler prices) I can make 10 packs for$10-13 a carton, verses the $70 for generic, and$80-100 for name brands. That is a savings of $60-90 a carton.

All these items should be available at any smoke shop.

And again, tubes and tobacco and rolling online machines can be purchased online and may save even less in long run.

Thanks for reading 🤗


Mytake For Cigarette Smokers
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  • Lliam
    I smoke a pipe. I like it because I can light it, take as many puffs as I want, and then let it go out and tamp it down. One bowl can last a long time. Once you light a cigarette, you have to smoke as much of it as you want and then discard what's left. So I think I conserve tobacco that way. And no rolling necessary.
    I like the smell of pipe tobacco. I also prefer the aesthetics and feel of a pipe. Although, I don't know if I've ever seen a woman smoking a pipe. Why is that? Lol

    I order 16oz (1 lb.) bags on-line from Smokers Outlet for a little over $11 a piece. I usually order three bags at a time. With shipping, it's about $45 for 48 oz.
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  • loveslongnails
    I have an even better take, darlin... just quit. Take the money you'd spend every week on smokes and put it in your piggy bank. After 4 or 5 years you'll have enough for a luxury vacation at a Sandals resort, plus your lungs will have cleared out about 80% of the crap in it, depending how long you smoked and how much. AND, your partner won't be kissing an ash tray. :) As a former smoker, I'm allowed to say that shit :)
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    • Funny my hubby was not smoker and said I was only smoker her ever kissed who's mouth didn't taste like an ashtray 😁

    • On one hand, good for you. On the other, just stop. :)

    • Hell no. Not right now. That's my stress reliever. Smoking while I can.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Thank goodness I'm just a "social smoker" who'd only bum a cigarette or take a few puffs from my husband who also bums a stick from our friends.
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  • mrdimples78
    Sugar which is a necessity of life and primarily what our brain uses as a source of fuel also causes diabetes can that be considered a poison
    • Well said 👍 😊

    • I rely on information not opinion thank you

    • Smart man 😊😊

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  • ThatGuy133
    I rolled my own too. But I didn't have my roller thingy for long. I hand rolled most of the time... they looked like crappy joints 😂

    It's the most inexpensive way to smoke for sure
    • I'm pretty good at it but yeah I've made some that were limper than 🤐 you get idea as this is posted under shipping, have to keep it clean 😁

    • *shopping lol

  • TCredo
    Interesting My Take - and nicely laid out Toots!

    I think you could sell these at your hydrant bidet sundries stand :)
  • SebastianPlanet6
    I am a social smoker. I buy 5-6 packs of cigarettes a year. That is it. I do enjoy it specially if i am drinking at the same time.
    Pretty informative. Did you know that if you are native American you do not have to pay taxes on tobacco? 😎
  • KrakenAttackin
    Or you could use this quarantine time to quit smoking and actually stay on the planet a little longer.
  • alance99
    Nice mytake, they can try to reduce it or quit it altogether
  • navyP
    Let's see right now here in Ohio neports are about $8.50 a pack
    Yes it's cheaper to roll your own but only if you use the pipe tobacco which is disgusting and taste no where near the same
    If you purchase cigarette tobacco it cost more
    And by time I'm down with the hassle of rolling my own in the end it's cheaper for me to just pay the $8.50
  • Tim-loves-it
    I gave up smoking.. boyfriend Goodrich, course I also sold the car too! LOL
  • prashant9643
    Good. But you will also be spending more money on condoms. Why don't you find out away on that too
    • I'll leave that to the ones that wear them. I'm single so, no condoms needed here

    • Good, hope u will need them some times.

  • MotherEarth2020
    They use to have cigarettes rolling machines at tobacco outlets stores.

    You would put your tobacco in and your tubes in. It would take about 5 minutes or less to make you a whole carton

    It looked like this
    The rolling machine
    The rolling machine
    Mytake For Cigarette SmokersBoy them things saved a lot time and you got to use them for free as long as you bought the tobacco from them

    Another cool thing was that you could do a custom blend of tobacco if you wanted.

    Now that was fun making custom tobacco cigarettes.
  • saggittarius039112
    Thank you. Ill remember that
  • padreflint
    I used to roll my own until the government raised the taxes so loose tobacco costs the same.
    • Where are you from. Not here it doesn't. I just got a bag of tobacco and box of tubes for $13.17 and I'll get 10 packs out of that. One pack costs almost $10. Big difference

    • Manitoba, Canada

    • Oh ok well here way cheaper to roll.

  • sdrawkcabosmi
    Smokin's bad, m'kay.
    You shouldn't smoke.
    • Lots of stuff bad for you. Let people do what they gonna do if they aren't harming others

    • It's a joke from South Park.

    • Sorry lol didn't really watch South Park so guess didn't get it 🤷🏼‍♀️😅

  • biggurlove
  • Sixgun77
    Im stocked on pipe tobacco and cigars.
  • rickle
    Don't smoke, everyone knows juuling's way cooler.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I might just start smoking again
  • 888theGreat
    How I feel about Alcohol... save your money.
  • msc545
    Tobacco is poison. Literally.
    • We all have our"poisons"

    • @mrdimples78
      Exactly! Thank you for saying what I would of 😊

    • In a world of snowflakes and oversensitive nosy little s**** I am nothing but honest thank you 😘

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