Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Over a year ago I shared this myTake on a genius way of classifying various body types, categorized by not just your bust, waist and hip...

My favorite looks for winter ❄️

I'm going to start by saying that I might not be 100 percent correct about all these looks actually being “in” this season but I think...

The hair care accessories and products and how to enjoy it to the fullest for healthier hair

Hair picks For certain types of hair, the best to take care of it and detangling it is by using hair picks. This comes in many different...

How insecure beautiful people helped me.

Caution: May sound petty. I love browsing "How do I look section". Not because I am a guy and want to perv on the pictures of ladies...

The Hot Girl Face

Due to request, I'm also making a Take on what I notice makes a girl's face 'hot' -- according to my body's reactions to looking at...

The Hot Guy Face

So this has appealed to my curiosity for a while. Basically, what makes a guy have a 'hot' face. And what's the difference between hot,...

Ladies, are leggings or yoga pant acceptable as outerwear?

In your opinion are yoga pants and leggings acceptable as outerwear? Should a long shirt or skirt be worn over top of it to cover...

Do you have a preference when it comes to hair length on your partner?

Some people prefer long hair, some prefer short hair, texture also plays a part. What length do you prefer on your partner and why?

Does hair thin when you consistently wax?

I have really long and a lot of hair on my legs and I am thinking of waxing. Will waxing eventually thin your hairs because it takes the...

How are ugly people treated compared to a average person?

I heard ugly people are suppost to get rude stares and get mistreated by people, but I haven't experienced this. But at the same time...

Which style do you prefer?

1. Always done up. Makeup and very stylish trendy clothes. 2. Grey sweats and hoodies. Only some days they try. 3. Minimal makeup and...

How important are straight teeth?

Dont get me wrong, I take care of mine. But white doesn't mean straight. Grew up incredibly poor and have since succeded. At 27, should...

Is there any way that a guy can make his lips bigger without surgery?

My lips are really small and I want them to get bigger

How can guys fill in their eyebrows?

My eyebrows are really messed up and I want to fill them in and fix them. Are there any tools that i can use or any techniques?

Do you think I should get surgery on my skin tone so I can be more beautiful and appealing?

I'm lightskin and I thought this guy like me but he said he never like me because I'm ugly just because I'm lightskin. He told me he...

Is crossdressing okay in a public setting or schools?

Do you think crossdressing should be more accepted in public settings or schools?

Do you prefer shorts or jea s?

Which do you wear more often? I rock jeans all winter and summer

Which ethnicity of women tends to be physically the prettiest, sexist, charismatic and overall better?

I will always choose my own kind forever. 😍😍... Arabs and Indians are top notch too.


About 5 minutes after the other post I found a black I sweater to wear Over the t shirt. I like the skirt and t shirt -but not...

#9 WEAR ME, WEAR ME NOT (these are WOMENS overalls.. why is the crotch so long 🤨😒)?

I’m really annoyed I was set on wearing this but I think I look like A guy trying to dress like a girl- - bc of the center. Plus it...

Do you think these males are more effeminate?

Do you think dudes who wear skinny jeans are more effeminate than dudes who don't?

How do you guys feel about this since its so controversial?

This has been a huge deal since just recently Danielle bregoli was ridiculed for wearing braids. So my question is, black women,...

Which of these fast food mascots looks better and why?

I am just curious which mascot looks better and why. Please explain. Women, which way would you want your man dressed of these 2? Men,...

Which color top do you like better that my sister is wearing and why?

Also, do you think both tops are good and do you like both things she is wearing on her head? Tell me what you like about them. Yes, my...

My boobs are 36b. do you think I should take enlargement pills?

when I took of my bikini or non push-up bra, they look way smaller when I cover my boobs with my arm.

“Fitting” question: How far Are waists on flare skirts with elastic waist bands, supposed to stretch. Is this too much or normal. Should I down size?

So I know I already posted this. It’s NOT a wear me, don’t wear me question. Definitely NOT a how do I look question. It’s a DOES THIS...