6 Reasons Why Dark Skin Promotion is So Important

#1 It's no secret that dark skinned black women are the least represented in commercials, advertisements & magazines. This severe lack...

5 Celebs That I Think Are Fine Af 😍❤

Hey there, Gaggers/GAGers (however you spell it). I was nominated by @2opaz to do this thing, which was not easy for an indecisive...

Entertainers/Actresses I Admired Over the Years

@LongSchlongSilvr you asked for it bud 😉 Beyonce & Jennifer Lopez For starters, these two had to come first! They got my dream bodies!!...

Attracting a Desi Like Me 🙌

For starters, I’m not Desi/Indian but my name is actually Desi which is short for something lol. So I feel like i’ve made a lot of...

The man that wore leggings

@Swaggirl1 -" @Hapinus is very inspiring" "Thank you. I really am" - @Hapinus From What is your opinion on guys wearing leggings? Guys...

Top 5 Things That I Find Attractive on Ladies

In response to the challenge from @AngelicSin's question Things That I Find Attractive On Guys I'll say the top five I guess. And it...

3 Things I Find Attractive On Girls

I heard of this thing on G@G called #WhatIFindAttractive so I thought I'd make one too! Here we go... 1. Personality I like a girl with...

Do you think that women who do not have nice bodies should wear 2 -piece bikinis?

I know many women are super confident about their bodies and themselves regardless if they look good or bad in clothes that truthfuly...

What men's underwear is best, briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs?

I'm ftm transgender and trying to find the best type of men's underwear

Do you like makeup/beauty accounts which one is your favorite?


Would this $250 leather biker jacket be a good investment for my style?

I always think it’s hot to see a girl in similar jackets so I thought I might look good in one.

Dress skirt or jeans?

Boys like girls wearing a dress , skirt or jeans?

What to do of an ugly face that make up makes worse?

I'm not exagerating, I have a skinny oblong face that make up makes uglier, and that can look fat at the same time and long. When...

Should we end the age limit for getting a tattoo?

tattoos aren't the same as drinking or smoking, so I don't see the harm.

Should I change up my hair?

I just turned 18 and feel a need to change up my hair. My hair is naturally black, but lately I've been thinking to dye it a shade of...

Light hair or dark hair?

Which do you prefer over the other

Girls: I need your opinions please?

Which girl is most attractive in my profile pic?

Girls, Ladies: I need your opinions?

Which is most attractive in my profile pic?