The differences between professional standards of clothing between men and women are sexist to women.

Men and women wear different things, that's expected. But in the office, these expectations turn into requirements. During my internship...
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Helping women understand how men view the "Body Positivity" movement.

The body positivity/healthy at every size/fat acceptance movement exists solely to shame men for desiring fit women, and does absolutely...
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How to get out of a rut!

Not going to waste time here. Follow these Instructions. First, get up out of bed. Shower with the best soap and wash your hair with the...
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D-cup Does NOT Mean Big: Getting a Properly Fitted Bra, and Bra Reviews!!

I want to make it very clear that as I write this myTake I am writing about bras as a *** FUNCTIONAL*** piece of garment first and...
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The History of Men's Underwear

Men's underwear has come a long way over the centuries, from simple loincloths to the wide variety of styles available today. As fashion...
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Thin lips look better than big lips.

I am so sick and tired of this media created trend of girls wanting bigger lips. I love thin lips and how they look and I find that big...
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Looks matter a lot more than women are willing to admit

Now keep in mind i never said that women say looks don't matter at all because women will say they do matter. But a lot of men feel like...
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To All My Oversized Girls <3

To all my oversized girlies, Have you ever felt that you were too large to be pretty? The society we live in usually portrays the...
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What's something you are proud of?

Last week I got to walk for Louis Vuitton!

Has light therapy helped your skin?

I got a light therapy mask. Have any of y’all tried it?

Girls, What’s a perfect casual summer outfit?

Just beginning to explore my feminine side and hopefully begin my transition. Looking for ideas, suggestions and help to find a few...

What is the most favorite jewelry women like?

Please someone answer my question "What is the most favorite jewelry women like"?

What’s your favorite lunchpail?

I’ve been pleased with my zipperless titan with a removable plastic insert. Easy to keep clean and keeps my food cold. And no zipper to...

What do you wish you looked like?

Let's play a game show what you want to look like what you think you can actually achieve and Ware you are currently So how I wish I...

Do you prefer wearing socks or no socks?

I don't wear socks at all. What's your team?
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Who has the best twins?

Goozoongas look alike and so do fraternal twin sisters. Let's settle this debate once and for all.
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Is going commando in a skirt or sundress actually common or not?

So ladies of GAG, how common is it that women go with no underwear under a skirt or sundress. If you never go or rarely what is...

Light hair, dark eyes or dark hair, light eyes?

Imagine both girls with pale skin and equally beautiful
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Why do people find collarbones attractive?

Why do people find collar bones attractive? A couple of my friends love collarbones & when they see mines they love it. So why do people...
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Is it possible to be 'petite' but still be "big boned" ?!

I am just extremely worried now because all my life I have been said that I'm small, petite, small frame, etc, but just recently my...

Girls, what do you think of guys wearing leather jackets?

yeah so a few months ago I decided to buy a $500 leather jacket, and ever since I get snarky comments from guys but yet the girls seem...
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What do tights or pantyhose feel like to wear?

Do they press against your legs all the time? Do tights or pantyhose restrict your movement? What do tights or pantyhose feel like to wear?
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