Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Over a year ago I shared this myTake on a genius way of classifying various body types, categorized by not just your bust, waist and hip...

7 Reasons Why Girls Have Short Hair

Hello there! I'm Stela. I was reading a question earlier today that had to do with hair, where I noticed that most guys said they...

Let people wear what they want!

I’m tired of people stating opinions on women wearing tights in public and asking if they are wrong to do so. Or worse yet telling them...

My favorite looks for winter ❄️

I'm going to start by saying that I might not be 100 percent correct about all these looks actually being “in” this season but I think...

The hair care accessories and products and how to enjoy it to the fullest for healthier hair

Hair picks For certain types of hair, the best to take care of it and detangling it is by using hair picks. This comes in many different...

How insecure beautiful people helped me.

Caution: May sound petty. I love browsing "How do I look section". Not because I am a guy and want to perv on the pictures of ladies...

The Hot Girl Face

Due to request, I'm also making a Take on what I notice makes a girl's face 'hot' -- according to my body's reactions to looking at...

Thoughts on belly rings?

Before I got pregnant I had mine in for about 2 years and I’m getting it repierced after my child is born.

What color's your underwear today?

Hiya! What color/style are you wearing today? Do you match? How's your day?

Wearing a thong bikini?

Me and my friends are going to the beach and they are wearing thongs. They keep asking me to wear one too. I have a few thong bikinis...

What do you think of this jacket?

I was never a leather jacket kind of girl but I swooned over this one as soon as I saw it. I think it would be nice with plain,...

Women, do you get tired of wearing makeup?

I started wearing makeup at age 14, and now, in my late 20’s, I’m tired of wearing it.

What would flatter my body type?

I'm usually described as an hourglass because my waistline is defined and I have wider hips and a bigger bust. However, I also have "man...

Does smelling good automatically make you 100 times more attractive especially when it’s a nice expensive fragrance?

When someone smells like heaven then to me they seem more attractive and similarly when I spray a nice expensive sexy perfume I feel...

What do you think about girls who don't use make up AT ALL?

Is it alright to be all natural, like no make up no skincare?

Who is your prefer among these most beautiful teens in the world?

Kristina Pimenova age 14 Jade Weber age 14 Klaudia Nicole Pietras age 15

Leggings or Jeans?

What to wear today? 😋😋

How would you rate Camilla Cabello?

a lot of people including family members and random people have told me that i look a lot like her and two guys have said that she’s the...

What type of nails do you prefer on yourself or your partner 💅?

Personally I'm a bad nail biter so natural looks bad and the polish I have to redo everyday because I pick it off, gel only lasts a week...

Which dress from Goodwill do you find the most interesting?

So I took my mom to go shopping for a new purse to get her by. And I turned around and was like "whoa... That's a nice dress and like a...

Is wearing 4 necklace too much?

I have 2 small gold chain with gold pendant, 1 big and long gold chain with pendant and one big steel and gold chain. Wondering if this...