What Are Kibbe Body Types And Why Do You Need To Know Yours!

Kibbe body types system was created by a stylist named David Kibbe. It consist of 13 body shapes and quite diffrent from the shapes we...

Beauty Icons for Each Kibbe Type

This myTake is mainly for ladies but if you are gentleman who likes to educate himself on this topics , you are always welcome in my...

More and more young men are focusing on their aesthetics and charm.

More and more young men are now aware about how to take care of their physical looks and enhance their aesthetic appeal. Nature has...

Eyebrows are the most important feature in terms of attractiveness (looks) science never lies.

Don't underestimate the power of subconsciousness and your health. Proof that the eyebrows are the most important facial feature Its...

If you wear a bra, I urge you to read this myTake

Hi guys! I'm sharing this myTake today, because I am extremely passionate about helping people understand how bra sizing works. I have...

Why it's better to stay classy, not trashy

Someone call the thought police! I just shared some thoughts that the lamestream media doesn't agree with! Oh no! You see it everywhere,...

The difference between real 1940's fashion and FAKE 40's fashion (AKA time period Halloween stores SUCK)

I saw some clothes online the other day that were claiming to be "1940s fashion" and it just pissed me off for the 100th time. I'm...

How to have a great sense of style?

I love plain colors outfits but my mother always complain that I have terrible sense of style and it's ugly.

Thoughts on belly piercings?

I might be getting a belly piercing for my birthday. I’m not completely sure if I’m set on the idea but I think it’s an extremely cute...

Why are woman so scared to show their natural face?

My face has pores, tint of red and some zits but I still think I'm pretty. Women want super smooth poreless, flawless skin. Why the...

What kind of jewelry do you wear and why?

I wear only 2 rings. They symbolize birth stones of important people in my life.

Do you think stocky-built woman are attractive?

Stocky built women are usually 5”8+ They aren’t necessarily chubby. They usually have somewhat flat stomachs, broad shoulders, Thick...

Which work shoes should I buy, please help me pick?

I need them because I walk a lot at work. Guys I am so tired of working... lol please send help lol hahah

Do You Think Mae Powell is Attractive?

Mae Powell is is a singer and songwriter and is in the band, Mayya Feygina. I personally like her artistic clothing. What do you...

Did you gain weight over these lockdowns?

I tried fitting in some cute bum shorts, no chance. Belly won't fit in my jeans even if i suck it in, im officially fat. Lockdown has...

Should people shave armpit, chest, leg, and belly hair?

I personally believe women should, but should men also shave their legs, chest, armpits, bellies, and nips?

Which outfit you like best?

just little outfit inspos/moods i made for myself for when it's not like -10 degrees out. bt;w for the pink hair that would be a wig,...