The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020

This may sound ridiculous but unless you care at least on the same level as I do about men's fashion options (and enjoy looking good or...
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Ladies would you do a retro lunar manicures from the 1920/40s now known as half moon nails? A little nail polish history.

Nail polish and nail art can be seen as far back as 3000 bc. Sometimes nail paint was used for battle or as a statement of class and...
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4 Details the Diamond Industry DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.

1st off diamonds are made up of carbon. Which despite their hardness is also their biggest flaw. Diamond crystals while hard and sharp...

Getting a Daith Piercing

Yesterday morning I couldn't sleep after coming off a night shift. I decided that maybe I could go for a drive and grab groceries. I...

There is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!

We live in a world where pretty matters and anyone who says otherwise is flat out wrong. Several years ago I learned this fact the hard...

Why girls filter their photos and want plastic surgery.

Ahhh....the magic of filters and it’s free than getting plastic surgery. It’s also a little self esteem/confidence boost. But anyways,...

The Fight That Changed Fashion

In late 2004, in a basketball game between the Indiana Pacers and the defending champion Detroit Pistons, a major fight broke out...

Why do girls wear makeup?

I am debating with a friend and she says it is not to improve looks and I disagree

Is it appropriate to wear shorts and high heels?

This has been a very hot summer. I wear nice shorts everyday. They are jeans shorts, tan or blue cotton shorts or something else nice. I...

Which celeb do I resemble?

please no rude comments, i'm just curious

How does this crochet outfit look?

I made the hat and bralette top as a set :)

Is this normal hair growth progress and do I have thick hair?

These are pics of my hair from last year curly vs straight : This was me on February with curly hair: And this is me recently...

Do You Like This Bathing Suit? Why Or Why Not?

PINK cheetah part two... Got some feedback to lay off of the filters and just use the natural lighting... So honest opinions please......

Girls how do you organize your makeup/makeup bag?

Thinking bout reorganizing mine, tossed out the old one I don't use. Not sure how to best organize everything 😕

This Outfit is Specifically Worn For ______?

Also, do you like the criss cross design? I think it's cool. I'll put the correct answer of what this outfit is used for in the update a...

Guys, do cow nose rings look like shiny snot (nasal mucos) or disgusting? from afar at least?

I like very few piercings. But not so much this style and my elder relative keeps pointing out it looks like snot and I can see what she...

What can you say about the ladies in the Philippines? or the Filipino ladies?

Are they attractive? Are they beautiful? Are they wife material? What else do you know about them? I will be happy to hear your...

Do you think it looks weird if somebody casually wears cat ear headbands out in public?

Cause I think they're cute but I feel weird going out in public.

Which girl is the winner tho?

Which girl looks the best in your opinion?

Would you judge someone with a tattoo negatively?

Judge them negatively Even if its a mini one

Which of these women has the better hairstyle?

Also, can you guess which woman is 18 and which is 28? So which of these women do you think has the better hairstyle? Men, which...