My guide to healthy hair

Good hair care is very important no matter what the texture of your hair is. Nutrition is the most important part of good hair...

Contact Lenses Vs. Eyeglasses

Hello my dear G@Gers I am back again with another remarkable Topic that concerns most of us. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR EYES Don’t forget, that...

A little bit of leather

This is a mytake about leather or at least leather appearing clothing. The first image I posted is fun because it is a strapless top yet...

The Battle of the Blouses

This is one piece of clothing that is a small part that can get over looked but makes a big difference. It's like the one feminine step...

Easy and Simple ways to go with fashion

Some simple and easy tips to follow to help you choose the right outfit. Sometimes when we feel like dressing up it can be difficult to...

The Ever Changing Fashion

Just some fashion ideas! Fashion is constantly changing and new trends are always popping up, although recently it seems that old...

Flair for Fashion!

It is always fun to try out new makeup looks and find different ways to enhance our beauty. Here are a few different idea that you can...

Can or should I get tattoos on my scars?

Have a couple of tats on my legs but I want some more on my body, only thing is I have a lot of scars on my body, not massive sort of a...

Does this mean that you are high income?

If you can buy a 120 dollar dress and shrug it off as not too expensive?

Do you find belly button piercings hot? Is this normal for a helix piercing?

I want to get my belly button pierced next but I'm scared because of my experience with my helix piercing so far, does a belly button...

Corset in Fashion?

Should corsets become mandatory in the home?

Are these things signs of being ugly?

I never had a boyfriend, never been on a date, always got rejected, and nobody ever had a crush on me. In elementary school a few people...

What hair style or haircut do u like on a girl?

Do u like straight hair with a side part or middle part? Or do u like wavy hair with a side or middle part. Or do u have a specific...

Do I have distichiasis?

Here are some pictures that I took of my eye lol

When would be a good occasion to wear this top?

I don't really wear halterneck tops as I'm self conscious about my chubby arms and tummy , but I thought I'd give a try. Should I take...

How do you dry your hair?

I'm too lazy to dry my hair manually so I just let my hair dry naturally. I try to shower at times in which I won't have to go out in...

These fit. They say size #14. Normally I am size 2-4. How is this possible?

Now I got these at a vintage shop so the size is very likely from earlier decades.. What I don’t know is of size 14 was at anytime ,...

Is it normal to have wrinkles at 18?

When I was 16, I noticed that I was beginning to develop very fine lines on my forehead. I’ve recently noticed a wrinkle in one of my...

Do I have good fashion sense?

Like do I usually dress okay?

Is this hairstyle cute or not?

It didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to :/

These are the colors / styles I have tried since “ the shave” 🤭 😛 🤷‍♀️.. I think it simpler to consolidate a vote (rather than cross reference) ?

{I left out the curly 1B black , bc while I think it is very striking, it did not look natural on me. More tyen any of the others, in my...

Medium brown curly hair? ( It was 38 inch Like the black - this one I cut. Helped a bit, though I think it still looks a bit “ swamp thing”)?

Thing is my hair is naturally wavy so, curly hair shouldn’t look so bad on me. Maybe the Curls are too tight so do not suit. Or the...