The differences between professional standards of clothing between men and women are sexist to women.

Men and women wear different things, that's expected. But in the office, these expectations turn into requirements. During my internship...
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The Terrible-ish Things I Wore in the 2000s

I consider the 2000s up there with the worst decade IN MY OPINION for fashion outside of the 70s. Somebody once described women's...
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Tips For Wearing High Heels

Disclaimer: Let me just start out by saying high heels are not for everyone and this is perfectly fine. Never let a job, friend, or...
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Rating Chap Sticks

Rating Chap sticks ChapStick is my least favorite chap stick. I know its a favorite amongst many people but not mine. The smells are...
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Helping women understand how men view the "Body Positivity" movement.

The body positivity/healthy at every size/fat acceptance movement exists solely to shame men for desiring fit women, and does absolutely...
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How to get out of a rut!

Not going to waste time here. Follow these Instructions. First, get up out of bed. Shower with the best soap and wash your hair with the...
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D-cup Does NOT Mean Big: Getting a Properly Fitted Bra, and Bra Reviews!!

I want to make it very clear that as I write this myTake I am writing about bras as a *** FUNCTIONAL*** piece of garment first and...
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The History of Men's Underwear

Men's underwear has come a long way over the centuries, from simple loincloths to the wide variety of styles available today. As fashion...
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Do men like seeing women in Traditional Dresses?

Today we had a promotional event and Chinese gave me traditional historical blue dress to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival. My coworker...

What does your casual wear look like?

Could even be wearing just crocs xD

Which outfit should I wear?

I love dressing up🥰... I'm wondering what should be my next out fit. I'm interested in dressing up as Harley Quinn from Batman or...

Whats up with modern fashion sense?

It looks like you're hiding fat rolls. But still want to seem like you're in a miniskirt.

Should I buy these things?

I need 2 blazers for work, 2 more black t shirts; and I spotted a dress that I’d like, all of which I’m considering putting on afterpay....

Wealth or beauty?

Beautiful as good looking and hot. My answer is I want to be beautiful and rich. (Although I am very obsessed with male beauty I rather...
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What body insecurity/flaw hurts the most the one who has it?

Body dismorphia is common among both genders. To me it has been my weight. I gained weight at 16 and lost in 23. So I have suffered from...
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Are these boxers cute?

Men would you wear these?
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Is this a cute shirt?

I'm thinking about buying it
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Which pyjama would you like to wear or have your (future) girl wear?

I differentiate depending on the temperature of my room but usually I like longer sweat pants-ish pants with a top or an oversized tee...
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What do you think about men wearing leggings?

I'm a straight guy but leggings seem very comfortable to me. If a wear them, do people think that I'm gay?

I'm a guy. What can I do to stop my nipples from popping through T-shirts?

I personally don't like it when this happens. How can I stop it from happening?

What color nails do guys like?

I really don't understand them... I believe that guys like it when girls wear nail polishes and I have red ones. But one of my male...

Do guys really like girls with thick thighs?

**First I'd like to clarify, I mean thick, not fat** I'm starting to hear it in songs a lot where the guy says he likes a thin...
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What do girls think of guys with a belly button piercing? I was thinking of getting one. What jewellery do you recommend?

My girlfriend told me that she doesn't want me to get a belly button piercing. Do all girls think like that or is she one that just...

Is it okay for men to wear one piece swimsuit?

We've just started swimming classes with my girlfriend and she bought me a one piece swimsuit. What do you think if you see a man with...
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