The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020

This may sound ridiculous but unless you care at least on the same level as I do about men's fashion options (and enjoy looking good or...

More and more young men are focusing on their aesthetics and charm.

More and more young men are now aware about how to take care of their physical looks and enhance their aesthetic appeal. Nature has...

Eyebrows are the most important feature in terms of attractiveness (looks) science never lies.

Don't underestimate the power of subconsciousness and your health. Proof that the eyebrows are the most important facial feature Its...

If you wear a bra, I urge you to read this myTake

Hi guys! I'm sharing this myTake today, because I am extremely passionate about helping people understand how bra sizing works. I have...

Why it's better to stay classy, not trashy

Someone call the thought police! I just shared some thoughts that the lamestream media doesn't agree with! Oh no! You see it everywhere,...

The difference between real 1940's fashion and FAKE 40's fashion (AKA time period Halloween stores SUCK)

I saw some clothes online the other day that were claiming to be "1940s fashion" and it just pissed me off for the 100th time. I'm...

10 beautiful Pakistani actresses!

I really wanted to choose a light-hearted topic because we are already going through so much in 2020 and we always see negative things...

Why do so many young girls fill their lips up with chemicals and use botox?

Young girls I mean 18 to 29 year old wrinkle free young women... They look older than they are.. And they don't even need it anyway.....

Anyone here tried on of the beard growth packs?

How much it help your beard game? I've heard the supplements make some guys go bald dont want that!😂 So let me know if there's any...

Girls, Do you like to wear high heels?

They are looking so sexy on girls feet, especially when revealing polished toes under that, amazing..

Girls, what do you think of guys with receding hair lines?

What do you think of guys who's hair started receding early?

Does my studio look good? how should I decorate it?

I don’t like the walks I wish it was a light grey color to match the elegant theme I’m going for. But it feels kinda empty I need help....

Do women want to grow their hair out because of societal beauty standards or internal preference?

Is it brain genetics that cause females to want to grow their hair long, or is it society and beauty standards?

Is it normal to feel insecure about your eye color?

I have hazel green eyes which look dull. Many people in the past made weird comments about my eye color - saying that they are not light...

Creative or Stupid?

I am not sure who this is for anyone who is wondering. Content found at: under content uploads. My friend...

Do you ever feel self-conscious wearing tight clothes in public?

Since I was a teenager I have always liked to wear tight / form-fitting clothes in public to flaunt my curves, especially skinny jeans....

From What you can see, Which style / color Winter coat, suits me best?

Yes, for those of you who think you recall you are correct, I asked this exact question a year ago but with no face. I am now less...

Which race of women is the hottest based on these images?

So me, my friends and I were discussing which one of us boys like the best. My non-white friends say that guys dont like white girls. I...

Who is hotter between blondes and brunettes (girl opinions welcomed)?

I tried my best to match them lol but I don't know. You all know already your preference.

Do you think Ben Shapiro wears a dress in private?

I will not be surprised if we caught him wearing a 👗 He had a huge melt down this past week because Harry Styles was wearing a dress 😂😂

Do You Like This Hairstyle?

For any of you who are wondering who this girl is who does not know already, this is Bettie Page. She was a very famous pin-up model in...

Which material/look of boots is hottest?

Love wearing thigh high boots with leather mini skirts.

Girls, which style do you prefer on a groom. Guys which style would you prefer as the groom?

I feel like I’m forgetting a style but oh well, GAG only gives 7 poll options anyways. I’ve never been crazy about the whole suit/tie...