My Opinion On Body Positivity

When most people on this website hear the phrase 'body positivity' they probably think it means 'glorifying obesity'. Now I have seen...

Why men need to be proud creatures of their facial hairs and chest hairs and how to rebuke the naysayers

I will cover certain hairs on men, only the ones that are not supported as much on our men now: facial hair and chest hair Facial hair...

Just because a woman has a tattoo, doesn't mean she's slutty/less attractive!

I've seen things on here that I want to address. I've seen many tattoo topics on GAG. And many females and males saying "women that has...

Manscaping! One of the best trends of modern society!

Manscaping is the removal of body hairs from the male body. It's a trend that's here to stay - women like it , men like it. A win win...

My favorite makeup looks

These are a combination of soft makeup looks and dramatic This is supposed to be a french look I like the makeup look on the left...

Is chest hair a past thing of history now?

Back in the 60s/70s most of the men had lot of chest hair and didn't remove it at all. Then came the mid nineties when guys started...

Why I changed my hair length on men beliefs and why I doubt I will never change them again

I will share why I feel that men should walk with confidence and support short hair and not let their hair grow. Of course this doesn't...

Does nubuck get water damage like suede?

I see plenty of nubuck shoes made for winter... Are they duranble or will they get ruined as soon as I step into snow?

What would you do if you had that power?

Imagine that you have the power to transform a man you hate or who has hurt you to turn him into a woman for two weeks. What would you...

As an adult, have you ever bought your clothes in the Juniors/teen department?

Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s I have a couple times cause I’m kind of petite.

Do you like your natural hair color?

I am a ginger man i don’t really like my hair. What about you?

I like to go outside without wearing clothes at night. Am I a criminal?

I usually go in small streets so that people won't see me, but I'm so scared of getting raped. Maybe I need to stop this habit...

Hurt in fingers after nail polish?

So, recently I noticed that my finger sometimes hurts really bad, like for example, when I put on or remove the nail polish, my nails...

Is there a physical attribute that you wish you had?

Like dimples? A beauty mark? Smaller feet? Anything?

Which shoes should I get?

I can only try in store the fist pair. From what I read in the details they are all made ut of nubuck leather and have faux fur lining...

Which dress should I wear?

There is a Christmas party at the hotel that I work at. The party is semiformal, there is a mix of young adults who party and older...

Is this a good outfit to go to a wedding ceremony?

The wedding ceremony will be a Congregation Mass in Church

Do you find cellulite unattractive?

I’ve heard guys say it’s unattractive, but at the same time, I hear guys rave about how hot Scarlett Johansson is and she has a lot of...

Chest hair on men or bare?

What's more appealing to the people.

Do hair, skin and eye colour and facial contrast affect masculinity/femininity?

Based solely on physical appearance (no clothes), biology (hormone levels, estrogen/testosterone) and colouring, do hair, skin and eye...