Why be insecure?

The fashion industry demands for underweight women to model their clothes because that would mean they can use one size of clothing for...

Not everyone can “love themself”

When god created me, he made sure my arms and legs worked and I had a functioning body, he didn’t pay much attention to my looks...

This is How Beauty Standards Differ Around the World

Our preoccupation with beauty is an international obsession, but how we define beauty across the globe couldn’t be more different. In an...

Why I Choose Not To Wear Makeup on The Daily

At my age, most girls have discovered make-up they know what it's all about, and they either wear it or they don't. I do not wear it as...

12 Nationalities I'm Most Attracted To

This one is pretty self explanatory. I will only say, I based this list on several criteria, not just looks. I know you probably don't...

The Entertainment and fashion industry needs better standards

These days any ugly girl can become an actress or model. We are so politically correct and avoid hurting feelings. It's okay to say, "...

Learning to be thankful for the skin you are in

I did a question recently about this Girls, do spend more time enjoying your assets or judging how good your assets are? and I thought a...

Does/Did Your School Have A Strict Dress Code?

There is no dress code at my school. You could probably only get in trouble if you were wearing something that promoted gangs, drinking...

Guys, have you ever worn suits without ties?

There are times when I’ve worn suits both with and without ties.

What color pantyhose to wear today?

Choices are tan black taupe white or wear legging.

Girls, have any of you owned thongs from Luana Safira in the past or now?

How was your experience with products of this brand? Did you like the fit or price and other things about this?

Is it weird for a guy to accessorize (would it be a turn off)?

In high school, I had to wear a uniform so I never got to experience all the weird style phases teens go through and I kinda wish I had...


Honest opinions and examples and pictures are welcome?

Do you believe woman beauty peak is only 12 years?

So from 18 to 30 is when woman look their best and most attractive to men. And more sexually valuable

Which color should I get?

Im the most indecisive person when it comes to these things. Thanks in advance🙂

Do you think Jessica Mauboy is pretty?

Click here to see pictures of Jessica Mauboy

Do you like fishnet stockings and chokers?

Just opinions! Do you like them? Are they sexy or ugly?

Girls, Your opinion on stubble?

When guys have very hairy body and face , they choose to closely trim it all face to ankles or maybe shave it once in a while it gets...

Who looks more visually appealing (with clothes on)? Black men or black women?

This isn’t to ask who you’d rather have sex with. In every animal species, men look better. If you’re not attracted to black people,...

Does high rise swimmers look good?

High rise bottom part Does it look good? Or does it look like granny panties?

Girls, Men with shorts?

Do you like this kinda of style? Do you girls like it? To me it looks amazing