Can curvy be attractive?

You will notice this is not so much a question as a mytake :) I really like curvy girls myself. In fact this picture is one of the best...

My guide to healthy hair

Good hair care is very important no matter what the texture of your hair is. Nutrition is the most important part of good hair...

Flair for Fashion!

It is always fun to try out new makeup looks and find different ways to enhance our beauty. Here are a few different idea that you can...

A look through some fashion magazines

This is a simple look through of some pictures in a couple of fashion magazines. That shows one of the libraries I go to as well :)...

A New Look in a New Year

This is an attempt to show new fashion. I've based this on google searches so It could be dated but I have seen a couple of interesting...

Hip Dips: A Women's Curse?

It's no secret that wide hips are the one of the most desirable part of a woman's body, they often subconsciously indicate fertility and...

The Top Designs For Winter

The season of shriving and coldness started, making us wonder what to wear to keep the things chilly. Winters are perfect, to try out...

Can one piece swimsuits be sexy?

Also do you think a girl should wear whatever feels comfortable for her? I don’t like to expose my boobs because I’m shy af. But I’m...

Are some people just objectively attractive or unattractive?

There are celebrities that nearly everyone thinks are hot while there are also celebrities that nearly everyone thinks are ugly

Which type of dress looks best on long legs?

I have really long legs and I just want to get a Prom dress that’ll look normal/good on me. Should I get one that shows them off or...

What is an attractive body to you?

And do these “ideals” match the society standards of what is “hot”?

What are you eyes color?

I am Asian and yes I have those common dark brown eyes 😂 I really like colored ones though, what are yours?

Do you think people look best comfortable or dressed up?

Given that confidence is thought to be attractive wearing something that you feel comfortable in might make you feel more confident but...

Would it be attractive to girls if guys wore short dresses?

What if guys wearing tight short dresses became very common scene?

What dress is the most beautiful?

So what dress do you think is the most beautiful and why? Thank you!

Girls, Men in shirt, which type appeals and attracts you the most?

When men wear shirt and their upper chest is visible, some have lot of hair and some very less and some none. What type looks most...

Whose legs selfie looks attractive and appealing?

Whose legs selfie looks most appealing, attractive and arousing?

Which one should I get?

air force ones or the timberland boots

Is it bad to want to have a perfect body and a perfect face?

I want to be perfect in general. I feel like if my body was flawless then I could at least find a decent guy to like me...