Contact Lenses Vs. Eyeglasses

Hello my dear G@Gers I am back again with another remarkable Topic that concerns most of us. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR EYES Don’t forget, that...

Stop telling curvier women their clothes are inappropriate. SERIOUSLY.

To start off, nooooo, this is not body shaming, and yesssss, this may come across bitter because at 22 I'm just figuring out that "oh,...

The magnificent footwear of women and why each shoe style is outstanding with my opinion of their confidence level wearing them

I will display boots, high heels, sandals, tennis shoes and jelly shoes and why I like each one. I will explain why each style in cool...

Why modesty is sexy (in my opinion)

First of all, I am not saying by any means that women shouldn’t wear revealing clothing if they want to. It’s their body so it’s their...

Fashion with Character: Cartoon and Pop Culture inspired looks for your wardrobe.

I did a series of Mytakes on this topic in the past couple years. However there are a lot of updated looks so let's take a look at some....

All The Information I Have To Share About Stretched Ears

*Disclaimer* I'd like to congratulate anyone who is going to take time out of their day to say something negative about stretched ears...

10 Beautiful Carnival Costumes of all Colours

I Have been thinking about becoming a Carnvial girl for either this year or next years Notting Hill Carnival Parade in August. I've been...

Do you change your grooming, how you dress, and (if you're a girl) makeup, when your around a crush?

If I'm gonna be spending a lot of time around a crush, I'll be extra careful that I don't let dirty clothes pile up 'til I'm out of...

Long or short hair?

Do you all prefer long or short hair on a guy, and why?

Can u spread your thighs in public?

Previously women used to tightly hold their legs closed especially if they wear mini-skirts, however, I'm really wondering is it really...

I need a suggestion for a hair style, I'm not very good with the whole face shape thing and stuff lol?

I'd like to go for something kinda punk and or emo, I really like the spikes and edginess.😎😎

Do you think the Victoria Secret Bombshell bra is too overpriced?

Like it’s so expensive It’s not worth it I would only buy it if it’s 60% off lol.

Have you tried the a Victoria Secret Seamless thong?

This has to be the most comfortable thong. Due to the stretchy material a number of guys are even trying this as it fits both women and...

Which body type would you rather see on a woman?

I know this has been asked a million times, but most posts are about Corona now, so let's have something that doesn't require we use our...

What color heels match best with this outfit?

I've been going back and forth about what color heels to wear with this outfit, what do y'all think? What kind of earrings would go...

60s sitcom fans! Which dress looks best on Elizabeth Macrae?

I voted F. The reason why I like that one is because it’s her! It makes her look really beautiful. Please vote and if you vote,...

What do you think of ear piercings and ear rings?

Especially on women. Do ear rings add anything? Are the piercings gross?

1. Black hair with auburn highlights 2. Light brown hair with black roots 3. Lavender hair with black roots?

These are my three favorites. I like them all fairly equally. {I obviously don’t want to be ordering anything frequently under covid 19...

Anyone had to cut their own hair yet?

Salons/barbers are shut done. Is cod corona

Charcoal skirt / black tights/ black camisole / blue- white top ~~ clash? ?

I was thinking the top had blue and black thread , not blue and white. So I’m pretty sure this too clashes 🤔🤷‍♀️ Any suggestions for...