What's Wrong With Men's Fashion?

Ok, so picture this: You're a woman. You feel like you have pretty good fashion sense. You're not quite up on the latest from the...

Fun Advantages Of Being Curvy

Hi everyone. I'm about 5'9" and 148lbs. I'm a whole ass (pun intended) tall and curvaceous lady with D cup boobs. Some days I'm not okay...

6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Lingerie for Your Wedding Day

Bridal wear hanging neatly in the wardrobe, makeup and hairdo appointments fixed, dainty shoes sitting on the rack, jewelry and...

Why I Hate Being A Woman

1. I look nothing like other women I'm a 177cm giant. I have a deeper voice. Bigger feet. Stronger features. I do not consider myself a...

My Unpopular Makeup and Beauty Opinions

Of course, a big part of it is based on what works for me and what does not, but here are some of my unpopular opinions, in no...

My Insecurities And How I Deal With Them

This is a post just meant for venting and it is part of my self love journey. 1. Breasts I can pretty much say this has been my biggest...

Why Models Are Not Beautiful

Lots of women and even some men seem to think models are attractive. Most men however do not find these women attractive. Models look...

How would you describe a shallow person?

Well if you google the definition of shallow it tells you "An example of a shallow person is somebody who only cares for looks and money".

Girls, how much of a confidence boost do you get from wearing super sexy lingerie under your clothes?

In particular, if you have great boobs, do you feel more confident wearing a push up bra, a plunge bra or something see through? And if...

Do you think that your ears are always dirty?

It's so frustrating, I clean my ears every day but I still can't have ponytail because I think my ears could be dirty.

Girls ,,, what do you want your partner to wear before having sex?

I mean when you know you will have sex what would you like him to wear? What makes him sexy to you?

Why are a lot of people less attractive in person, compared to his or her online photo?

I've recently been meeting up with a lot of people that I've met online. A trend that I've started to notice is that most of the those...

What kind of clothes make a woman stand out?

What kind of clothes make a woman more attractive?

Get oily roots on the second day?

I get oily roots on day after i have taken a shower. My normal hair is dry, itching and fizzy. What should i do?

What do you think of people wearing colored lenses?

Like people with brown eyes wearing green or blue lenses and then lying about it being their real eye color.

Which swimsuit from these do you like the most? Can swimsuits be as sexy as bikinis?

Please vote by the style, not the colors. There are many colors available They're a bit retro looking, high cut like Pamela's swimsuit...

Light makeup vs heavy makeup? My question for men and women?

i prefer light makeup heavy is shit i will imagine index of three 0-15

If a guy is not interested or attracted too a girl. Is there any possible way too change his mind?

This guy said he does not find my friend attractive and she is also not the type of girl he would take interest in. Anyway this other...

Casual winter wear shopping and a few drinks at a Christmas market?

Hey girls and boys what's your favourite for a Saturday afternoon shopping and a few drinks?

Which two sweaters/jumpers should I get?

I wanna get two of them but I like them all so I need help with deciding xD Preferably one green and one red but which ones?

Straight women and LGBT men, do you like beards on men?

I am trying to debate growing out my beard. This is just one example.