What Are Kibbe Body Types And Why Do You Need To Know Yours!

Kibbe body types system was created by a stylist named David Kibbe. It consist of 13 body shapes and quite diffrent from the shapes we...

Typical "sexy" things that I find yucky

And when people try to say you aren't "right" for not liking the "norm" they are just as yucky. Uniqueness and differences is what makes...

Beauty Icons for Each Kibbe Type

This myTake is mainly for ladies but if you are gentleman who likes to educate himself on this topics , you are always welcome in my...

More and more young men are focusing on their aesthetics and charm.

More and more young men are now aware about how to take care of their physical looks and enhance their aesthetic appeal. Nature has...

Eyebrows are the most important feature in terms of attractiveness (looks) science never lies.

Don't underestimate the power of subconsciousness and your health. Proof that the eyebrows are the most important facial feature Its...

If you wear a bra, I urge you to read this myTake

Hi guys! I'm sharing this myTake today, because I am extremely passionate about helping people understand how bra sizing works. I have...

Why it's better to stay classy, not trashy

Someone call the thought police! I just shared some thoughts that the lamestream media doesn't agree with! Oh no! You see it everywhere,...

Is it worth buying designer swimwear?

I can't remember the last time I went to a pool, but there are designer swim shorts for a really good price. Do you think Its worth it?

How many designer items do you own?

I have over 100. Includes shoes, clothing, belts, sunnies, scarves, undewear etc.

Is there any point of living of you're not beautiful?

I'll never be beautiful or look thick.. curvy.. big breasts or lips.. no sharp jaw line... whats the point of living if you're too ugly...

Fake bleached blonde?

Guys, do you mind if a girl who is white skin but has dark roots bleaches her hair blonde? Do you think that makes her less attractive...

Thoughts on heterochromatic eyes?

My eyes are actually both brown but my right eye looks grey in this picture. It's probably the lighting. I personally wish my eyes were...

Why do I find my self prettier without makeup?

I only use powder on my daily routine and thats it lol however i like the makeup look on others. I troed multiple different makeup and i...

Which hair texture do you like the best on a girl?

Please don’t choose based on the hair color or the looks of the girl *texture*

What Do You Think of This Outfit?

Feel free to say something else on the outfit that isn't in the poll.

What Do You Think of This Active Wear Outfit?

Other active wear outfits & styles are welcomed in the opinions as well.

Which outfit do you prefer?

A little bit fancier this time!

Should I cut my hair?

Can you help me choose which hairstyle should i cut?

How many coats?

How many coats do you say when painting your nails? What's your routine?

Which is cutest?

I planned on getting a few dresses next month. I need new clothes and was hoping to surprise the guy I like next time he visits with...