Socks, Boots, Velvet and Ballerina Slippers

This may sound like a strange title but I had quite a lot of requests from one gagger and I thought rather than a long string of them...

You're more beautiful when you're not aware of it

This take is based on "What makes you beautiful" by One Direction and "Du bist schön" by Alligatoah. You don't know you're beautiful...

Fun with Floral

So Recently I was looking for inspirational photos and I found this one Other than make me want to go the tropics myself :) It inspired...

Should You Buy A Dress Online From China?

As we approach the upcoming Spring season of weddings and proms, you may be hitting the online market and trying to catch a stellar deal...

Clothes with Bows or Bows on Clothes

This is inspired by this question HAIR BOWS: What Do You Think Of Girls Who Wear Bows in Their Hair? My fashion polls don't always land...

Why high waisted pants are better than low waisted

The problem with low and medium waisted pants: 1. Low waisted pants are uncomfortable for about anyone. If you have love handles they...

Foot care routine: 0-100 transformation (TL;DR included)

Brief summary mentioned below for those who don't want to read the whole thing. I used to hate my feet. I really hated my feet so much...

Why are accents generally considered attractive?

Sure some accents are not attractive, but by and large accents seem to make people seem more attractive

Who do you think is one of the prettiest girls ever?

Out of curiosity, for me I’d say it’s either my girlfriend or scarlet johanssan/selena gomez/Vivian V lmao. Wbu? Could be anyone (model,...

How to shorten sleeves on polo shirt for work?

I have a wear a red polo shirt exactly like this for work. But the sleeves are so long they reach my elbows! Is there anyway I can...

Is it just me or does your nose look bigger on camera?

Whenever people take a picture of me, my nose looks big. But when I look at myself in the mirror, my nose doesn't look as big as in the...

Where can I get a body top like this one?

A simple long sleeve (red only) with scoop neck, ideally not a bodysuit but most were made that way so I'd be okay with that. It looks...

What's better, cute girls or hot girls?

Okay so I found this image and I'm actually curious on people's preference. Just vote on what you think is better and explain why.

Does the watch match?

Is it normal to wear a watch with a hoodie and sweatpants?

#23 WEAR ME 🌹🌹🌹WEAR ME NOT 🥀🥀🥀 ?

I never ever wear crop tops- well not this short- sure this one shrunk lol or I got it to wear under stuff. I was just wearing it after...

A man's body looks best and sexiest when?

A man's body looks best , most appealing and sexiest when it's : A.) Totally smooth hairfree skinned everywhere neck to toe B.) Has...

Guys, are you attracted to a certain hair colour?

Do u have a specific hair colour you're attracted to? Say if you preferred brunette hair, would you still be attracted/date or marry a...

How do G@G users like to dress when going to a party?

A day or so ago, @coachTanthony asked whether people would attend a GAG party at a swanky hotel. If I throw a GAG party at a swanky...

How many pair of shoes do you have?

I have 10 pairs 1 pair of Basketball shoes 1 pair of Running shoes 2 pair of trainers 2 pairs of boots 1 pair of work shoes 2 pairs of...

Do you like girls that have cosmetic surgery done?

I've had a lot done on myself due to being a model and I've heard some conflicting opinions.

What should I wear to a party?

I’m going to a party next weekend and I have no idea which dress to buy