Is chest hair a past thing of history now?

Back in the 60s/70s most of the men had lot of chest hair and didn't remove it at all. Then came the mid nineties when guys started...

My favorite makeup looks

These are a combination of soft makeup looks and dramatic This is supposed to be a french look I like the makeup look on the left...

Why I changed my hair length on men beliefs and why I doubt I will never change them again

I will share why I feel that men should walk with confidence and support short hair and not let their hair grow. Of course this doesn't...

The jewelry I love seeing women wear and the jewelry I hate seeing women wear

I will discuss 4 pieces of jewelry which is necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings. I will tell how I feel about each of them....

The Feminine Figure

Fighting the Fat Belief Every day, there are words everywhere, concerning the body shape and movement of women. The media has elevated...

Why having racial preferences is not racism!

Here’s a simple statement: Most girl’s Im attracted to do not smoke, when a girl smokes, it is a turn off. here's another statement:...

Anti-Aging Products That Actually Work (Backed by Science)

To see the science of skin care anti-aging, myTake: Scientifically Demonstratable Anti-Aging Techniques, for Skin Care. 1. Nuetrogena...

What would you say if your partner wanted cosmetic surgery?

Personally I love my girlfriend the way she is but if she came to me and said "I'm happy with my bra size but I would like them to be...

Im a hairy girl... what do I do and how big of a turn off is it for guys?

i have dark hair everywhere. its on my stomach, chest, back, face etc. i pluck between my eye brows so that you can't aee a unibrow but...

What do you think of men wearing female jewelry (specificly bracelets or low hanging necklaces)?

A lot of jewelry under the mens section consists of skulls, anchors, crosses, leather... stuff I don't fancy. The girls sections have...

Based on my body, how should I dress?

I have 32dd breasts, a flat stomach with visible ribs, thick thighs/butt, kinda broad shoulders (I swim), curved/muscular legs. I’m 5”3....

What are your honest opinions on my beard?

It’s been 2-3 weeks since my last shave. Does it suit me?

What should I wear to the party?

Im going to a party and Im wearing a crop t shirt which is white. Should i wear skinny jeans, or but jean shorts which are white and...

Can men wear skirts?

How would you feel if you saw a man wearing a skirt?

Makeup help me?

My Girl Friend wants me to cross dress on the weekends. we are 22. last Friday night i went to a sleep over at her house. The only way...

Should We Push For Less Sexy Halloween Costumes?

Every year I see tons of my friends post the same general thing. They have a young daughter between 10-18 and they are having trouble...

Have you ever avoided wearing skirt or dresses because you were scared of being judged?

I am very girly but I don't dress that way because I am scared of peoples judgement..

Which dress is nicer for a Christmas dinner?

Appreciate all comments good bad rude or sad


I’m on my way out, so I thought I would try once more. This was # 48. #48 was very difficult to see.. I think this is clearer. Not...

Women apparel behaviour (only in India)?

Would you prefer to buy


A few visual adjustments.. Will not be wearing white under shirt that hair is now covering. Will not be wearing Flip Flops with grey...

Are baggy swim shorts finally dead?

I see a lot more short shorts on beaches these days, which is good in my opinion, I've always hated trying to swim or tan in long baggy...