What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?

I'm 2 years away from kicking in the door of 40, and I'd like to think in my 38 years of life on this planet, that I have plenty of...

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)

Is February the month of love, or lust? I'll let you decide. Every week during the month of February, I will update a list of the...

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)

February is the month of "love". Every week during the month of February, I will update a list of the greatest Social Media Influencers...
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The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 1)

February is the month of "love". Every week during the month of February, I will update a list of the greatest Social Media Influencers...

Typical "sexy" things that I find yucky

And when people try to say you aren't "right" for not liking the "norm" they are just as yucky. Uniqueness and differences is what makes...

Beauty Icons for Each Kibbe Type

This myTake is mainly for ladies but if you are gentleman who likes to educate himself on this topics , you are always welcome in my...

What Are Kibbe Body Types And Why Do You Need To Know Yours!

Kibbe body types system was created by a stylist named David Kibbe. It consist of 13 body shapes and quite diffrent from the shapes we...

Are halter necks coming back?

I found these on ASOS and it’s giving my 00 vibes from when I was a teenager :) Do we think it should stay in the 00s or should we bring...

What's something you don't like about your hair?

I'm not happy with the length of mine. I wish it would grow faster.

What's ur opinion on the gigantic fake lashes girls wear?

I hate them so much. I actually hate fake eyelashes tbh.

What is this color called?

What is this color called?

Should I dye my hair?

I wanna kinda piss my mother off. If so what color?

Do you wear thermals under your clothes regularly?

Add what country/state you are from!

Do you think all women are forced to shave by society?

Most girls or women especially hairy ones shave. Those who don’t shave don’t wear sleeveless tops because if they do they will be shamed...

How many different hair colors do you have?

My head hair is light brown but my facial hair is red. I've also found a dark black patch right in the middle of my chin.

How many of you wear baseball caps when you go out?

Like just going out to a store or going to a friends house. Do you wear baseball caps?

Stella Versini (France) VS Arianny Celeste (Mexico), who is prettier?

Hi, this is a challenge for an international tournament of girls, here the match is between: Stella Versini (France) VS Arianny Celeste...

Would you be into these matching outfits as a couple?

Some call it old school but i loooved the late 90s, early 2000s tracksuits style. I was wearing em up until 2019 but im sure i’ll start...

Which shoes from Lover's Lane look the most interesting?

I was passing the store and they advertised sexy shoes so I was curious and their options are pretty interesting

White t shirt tucked out is ok OR should I tuck it in?

Just IN 📢📢📢 😱 just drank quarter cup of rubbing alcohol by ACCIDENT mixed Lemon/ Lyme Zevia with it (basically 7 up with stevia...

Tracksuit Thursday: what do you ladies think of men in tracksuits? 😂?

Back when I lived in NY, this was a daily encounter. I even started wearing tracksuits myself on the weekends. They just had a little...

Is it weird for a grown dude to like Frozen?

They tell me, conceal don't feel. Don't let them know. Well now they know... Also, Anna vs Elsa?

Do you think most celebrities are overrated?

In beauty. I think Scar Jo looks basic As do Sofia Vergara, J lo, Victoria Justice (in some pics she looks stunning), Beyonce, Margot...

Do you consider this expensive for a perfume?

Do you consider 104 dollars for a 100ml perfume expensive, in the middle or cheap?