Romantic Body Type: David Kibbe Theory

Over a year ago I shared this myTake on a genius way of classifying various body types, categorized by not just your bust, waist and hip...

Let people wear what they want!

I’m tired of people stating opinions on women wearing tights in public and asking if they are wrong to do so. Or worse yet telling them...

My favorite looks for winter ❄️

I'm going to start by saying that I might not be 100 percent correct about all these looks actually being “in” this season but I think...

The hair care accessories and products and how to enjoy it to the fullest for healthier hair

Hair picks For certain types of hair, the best to take care of it and detangling it is by using hair picks. This comes in many different...

How insecure beautiful people helped me.

Caution: May sound petty. I love browsing "How do I look section". Not because I am a guy and want to perv on the pictures of ladies...

The Hot Girl Face

Due to request, I'm also making a Take on what I notice makes a girl's face 'hot' -- according to my body's reactions to looking at...

The Hot Guy Face

So this has appealed to my curiosity for a while. Basically, what makes a guy have a 'hot' face. And what's the difference between hot,...

Do you like natural makeup on men?

I never thought I would but I do 😳 these men did a really good job!

Which watch looks the best ?

Hey ! I wanna buy a decent watch because I just got promoted and thought I should buy me something nice. I already have a sportive one...

#12 revisited : I’m 💯 OK that people do not like it. I’m concerned that I don’t see the “Technical” problem.. I don’t see it being absurd?

Sorry to beat this into the ground. I was pretty much in agreement about it being a bit too much... but after looking at it without the...

Girls, Do you like guys with shaved legs and arms?

Do you like it when men shave their legs and arms or like it more when totally natural hairy?

Are ugly looking people more likely to suffer from low self esteem?

I actually think the answer to this is yes.