To All My Oversized Girls <3

To all my oversized girlies, Have you ever felt that you were too large to be pretty? The society we live in usually portrays the...
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Tale of the 1970s Fashion Apocalypse

Okay, this upcoming August we are having theme renewal wedding and its going to be a 1970s them party. So I started doing research on...
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Dressing for the Office... Men vs Women

Have you ever wondered why men and women dress differently for the office? In particular, women tend to wear dresses while men wear...
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What if humans never wore clothes?

So, the human race is considered an exception because humans have brains smarter than animals. One more classification of humans is...
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The skin will look very young, this is how to use Rice Water Ice Cube

Rice Water Ice Cube: Women use a variety of beauty products to make their skin look young and beautiful. But you can also take care of...
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Uncomfortable wires, band riding up, straps falling down - if you've ever experienced these bra woes, this MyTake is for you!

90% of women wear the wrong bra size, so if you're reading this, you're probably in that 90%. There are many reasons for this, and the...
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Here are the top 5 beauty hacks of 2022

01. Soap Brows This DIY version of brow lamination is what will keep your dream of shiny, bold brows alive. Rub a wet mascara brush...
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Would this make for a cute Halloween costume?

A ski bunny! Get it?

Are these Nails nice?

This question was inspired by an anonymous poster,

What do you think of the main fashion trends of 2022?

I feel like a lot of inspiration is taken from early 2000s with low rise jeans/trousers. Can you think of any other examples?
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Girls, what do you think of my outfit?

@EmmaMary @Julie4

Should I tint my eyebrows?

Should i tint my eyebrows, pretty self conscious about my looks

Do we really need to see this on social media?

Is it necessary or important, or it is better if this lady enjoy her pregnancy in private with friends and love ones and like stop...
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How do y'all feel about the white lives matter shirts? Would you wear this shirt?

Do y'all really think this is fashionable or just more proving a point? If you don't know this is Candace Owen's and kayne west at...
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Nude or red lipstick?

If the rest of the face makeup is good and matches perfectly with the lipstick color, which lipstick color do you like more: nude or red?
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Which type of gold do you prefer or own, white gold or yellow gold in any jewelry?

White gold or yellow gold in any jewelry
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Which leggings are appropriate for everyday wear?

And which ones do you like the best?
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Do you like skinny jeans on men?

I won't change my style based on the answer of the question but I'm actually curious cause it seems like some girls hate it on men and...
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All right Ladies…Do guys need expensive clothes to get noticed?

Observe the prices 5x more expensive for seemingly the same cloth sewed by Pilipino 5 yr-olds. CHICKS: Can you tell the difference...
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Do you like these sneakers- Would you choose white or grey or black?

I originally purchased them in white but they were two sizes were too long so I returned them & purchased grey instead. I think dune...
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Which pants do you consider hot (or prefer to wear)?

Which do you prefer to wear? Which do you consider hot on ladies/girls? (and in which context, e g office or streets)? Feel free to...
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Girls, how do you like to have your nails done?

I really love to have my nails done, I prefer to have them in the almond shape, even if i would like to try the coffin shape. What about...

Do women really "hit the wall" at 30?

I've heard a lot of men especially online saying this type of bs like women hit the wall/expire at 30 but it just doesn't seem to be...
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Were you a hot child?

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Thoughts on kpop dieting?

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