The Hot Guy Face

So this has appealed to my curiosity for a while. Basically, what makes a guy have a 'hot' face. And what's the difference between hot,...

The Hot Girl Face

Due to request, I'm also making a Take on what I notice makes a girl's face 'hot' -- according to my body's reactions to looking at...

Ladies, are leggings or yoga pant acceptable as outerwear?

In your opinion are yoga pants and leggings acceptable as outerwear? Should a long shirt or skirt be worn over top of it to cover...

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

1. Classical or vintage makeup a lot of actresses used to wear their makeup like this throughout the 1900s ❤️ I particularly miss this...

Benefits of Being Physically Unattractive

You take a hard look at yourself in the mirror, and what do you see? You see an ugly you. You hate your own face. You hate your body....

Why men need to be proud creatures of their facial hairs and chest hairs and how to rebuke the naysayers

I will cover certain hairs on men, only the ones that are not supported as much on our men now: facial hair and chest hair Facial hair...

My Opinion On Body Positivity

When most people on this website hear the phrase 'body positivity' they probably think it means 'glorifying obesity'. Now I have seen...

Are most people in the world average looking?

Like I personally have never seen a guy or a woman who makes me go “Wow they’re perfect/gorgeous.” I mean beauty is in the eye of the...

He wants me to wear a dress but I’m so insecure ?

I’m a petite female 5’4 small boobs small weights small booty and skinny legs and maybe it doesn’t sound that bad but I’m not the type...

Guys, What facial features in girls?

What facial features do you think make a girl look pretty in your option, it’s a survey to see what stands out to people

Would you stop shaving your armpits if your boyfriend liked it natural?

I'm always afraid to bring up this topic with someone I'm dating

If a woman does not remove her facial hair for years, will she have a mustache or a beard?

I am talking about an average woman with an average hair growth. I know there are exceptions and there are women who are real hairy but...

Would this be a good body physique to work towards?

Yes this is the one and only Patrick stewart, it still amazes me how he's not considered one of the most attractive men of all time,...

Have you guys ever put something on you haven't worn for ages and found out how it completely didn't fit?

Like I put on my sweater from my 16th and my hands didn't get out the end of the sleeves lol

If a guy really likes women's toes, what would women think about getting a pedicure from him?

A guy that is a straight gyno likes vaginas, but doesn't come on to all of his clients, and it seems a lot of women choose to go to a...

Which boots look better?

First pair are the cheapest, second pair are the most expensive (almost twice as expensive)

Guys, do you like girls with boy short hair or long hair?

Boy short or long like at least shoulder length.

Is this a correct outfit for Luau party?

The theme is Hawaiian

Bags! Which one is nice?

Thinking about getting myself one later. Help me choose which one; Silver hardware or Gold hardware?

With or without beard?

Do you find guys with beard more appealing? is facial beard actually more eye-catch to you?

Opinion about underwear?

Do girls find it sexy when a man wears a thong?

Are there only feminine sugar babies?

so I asked a question this one, about why sugar babies always seem to have a certain look, is there rich men or wealthy guys who would...