Adorable Beach Footwear

Starfish anyone? Sparkly, simple, flip flop style, but with an obviously adorable twist! Knotted rope sandals - quite innovative!...

Beautiful Beach Coverups

Beach coverups are stylish, cute, mostly pretty short (hence acceptable mostly only for the beach) and very breezy! You don't have to...

5 Beginner Makeup Mistakes💄

Mistake #1- Not applying a base (lotion/primer) The main reason you should be applying a base is so Your skin can stay hydrated. If you...

Tips for clear GLOWING skin!

After a lot of research, reading up on dermatologist articles and testing out many products/methods I have finally nailed a good damn...

Classically Chic Fashion Choices

Fashion choices are personal to each individual. However, if your main goal is to be chic, because you feel that way on the inside,...

How To Guide; Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are universally accepted and loved. They're neutral yet fun, casual yet have a great potential of being chic. Beachy waves...

The Many Reasons I Love Leather Belts

1- They hold jeans up in place. There is nothing worse than yanking up your jeans, or bending over and having your jeans slide down. 2-...

Girls all natural, or with makeup?

Reasoning behind why would be appreciated :) I'm just genuinely curious

Curly hair or straight hair?

i need y'all opinions

What's your favourite? 😍?

I what's your favourite look , Left it right?👄

What clothes/colours should I wear to attract guys?

Hey all, I've read a lot about how clothes and colours affect the way you are seen by others. Like, red can awaken feelings of passion;...

I hate my haircut?

I hate my haircut. I went in to get a pixie cut, and the woman would not do it. She's like "Your hair is too thick, it won't lay flat....

Any tips on how to improve body odor and hygiene in hot summer weather while using public transportation?

Where I live it gets up to 109 in the summer. I take public transportation to get to school and most places. I used clinical deodorant...

Boys do y'all like long hair or short?

Do y'all like long hair or short hair style on a girl what do y'all like the most?

Girls, is this guy ugly?

This guy is incel, that means he has never had a relationship with a girl. Is he really that ugly?

The concept of beauty is totally objective, partially subjective or totally subjective to you?

It's a thought that came to me by reading some opinions on this site: a dude finds ugly the beautiful Swedish actress of the 1950s Anita...

Which do you prefer to use?

I prefer to use Tinted Moisturizer it's lightweight, moisturizing and medium coverage which is good because I don't need much coverage.

Who is more beautiful face?

Who is more beautiful face?

Which tattoo should I get and wear should I get it?

I kinda wanted to get something on my collarbone, or something on my sideboob like in the pictures?

Lads, favourite kind of underwear?

Yeah lads what do you find most comfortable and supportive etc, not sure what I have going on works for me