My Opinion On Body Positivity

When most people on this website hear the phrase 'body positivity' they probably think it means 'glorifying obesity'. Now I have seen...

My favorite makeup looks ❤️💄

1. Classical or vintage makeup a lot of actresses used to wear their makeup like this throughout the 1900s ❤️ I particularly miss this...

Benefits of Being Physically Unattractive

You take a hard look at yourself in the mirror, and what do you see? You see an ugly you. You hate your own face. You hate your body....

Why men need to be proud creatures of their facial hairs and chest hairs and how to rebuke the naysayers

I will cover certain hairs on men, only the ones that are not supported as much on our men now: facial hair and chest hair Facial hair...

Just because a woman has a tattoo, doesn't mean she's slutty/less attractive!

I've seen things on here that I want to address. I've seen many tattoo topics on GAG. And many females and males saying "women that has...

Manscaping! One of the best trends of modern society!

Manscaping is the removal of body hairs from the male body. It's a trend that's here to stay - women like it , men like it. A win win...

My favorite makeup looks

These are a combination of soft makeup looks and dramatic This is supposed to be a french look I like the makeup look on the left...

What can I expect during a leg wax?

I'm getting my legs waxed today for the first time. Are there any details I should know?

Guys, Do you think girls should take it easy on the make-up?

In my opinion, I think they should limit their makeup usage, because I've been seeing it a lot lately. I think they are already...

Could I be a model?

I'm 5'9.5" and i used to do ballet. People tell me i'm graceful, and ballet is a reallllly good tool to know where your body is in what...

What Color Eyes Do You Prefer On A Woman?

I have hazel, gold mixed with green, eyes. What color eyes do you prefer?

Laddies if it was socially acceptable for you to wear guy clothes, what clothes would you wear?

I asked the guys earlier, so its the girls turn. I know the social faux pas isn't as bad for girls in this case, but it still exists...

Does your nails get in the way of typing when using your computer or laptop?

So I keep my nails a little bit on the long side and sometimes they definitely get in the way when typing especially when using my phone.

How do I grow out naturally curly hair?

So my hair is naturally curly and seems so much shorter when it’s natural, I spent most of my life straightening my hair and caused a...

What girls think about long hair on men?

Wha do girls think about long hair on men?

What's up with the eyebrow deformation fetish?

Why in the name of humanity, do we have women walking around with painted on eyebrows? Who told them that "hey, you know... If you...

Guys who shave legs?

Would you rather prefer guys who shave everything including legs OR Would you prefer guys who just shave balls/bush but have natural...

Do you think long dresses look better with or without a slit?

The other day one of my pals was talking about how he hates slit dresses "because it ruins a perfectly good maxi dress"... which to me,...

Which shiny casual jacket outfit option looks the best?

I got inspired by the display and by the recent holiday sparkle search

Which holiday party sparkle outfit looks the best from these options?

I saw some different sparkle clothes at the mall and was inspired to try to do a search

Do you think they look like a cute couple?

I think she's too good looking for him But oh well lol 🤷‍♀️

Have you ever tried smile direct club or have had braces?

Sorry for the blurry ass picture but it was a screenshot from my IG story. Anyways, I’ve had both braces and now I’m using smile direct...

Vivant’s Thrift Shop Closet #59 #DIGITORDONATE (SKIRT) ?

It’s a TINY bit loose around The waist.. I don't know if that makes it “too pleated”, bc the fabric may overlap more than it is meant...

Do you think having a big nose is unattractive?

I have a big nose Thinking of getting a nose job/rhinoplasty

Does curly, Afro hair make a women ugly?

By curly hair I mean 4C hair that curls. I always thought that my 4c African American hair is stopping me from experiencing true love...