The differences between professional standards of clothing between men and women are sexist to women.

Men and women wear different things, that's expected. But in the office, these expectations turn into requirements. During my internship...
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Thin lips look better than big lips.

I am so sick and tired of this media created trend of girls wanting bigger lips. I love thin lips and how they look and I find that big...
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Looks matter a lot more than women are willing to admit

Now keep in mind i never said that women say looks don't matter at all because women will say they do matter. But a lot of men feel like...
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To All My Oversized Girls <3

To all my oversized girlies, Have you ever felt that you were too large to be pretty? The society we live in usually portrays the...
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Tale of the 1970s Fashion Apocalypse

Okay, this upcoming August we are having theme renewal wedding and its going to be a 1970s them party. So I started doing research on...
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Dressing for the Office... Men vs Women

Have you ever wondered why men and women dress differently for the office? In particular, women tend to wear dresses while men wear...
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What if humans never wore clothes?

So, the human race is considered an exception because humans have brains smarter than animals. One more classification of humans is...
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The skin will look very young, this is how to use Rice Water Ice Cube

Rice Water Ice Cube: Women use a variety of beauty products to make their skin look young and beautiful. But you can also take care of...
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Which one do you find more attractive? Short women or tall women?

Which one do you think is more attractive? Short or tall women?

How do you get dressed?

So I usually say we are all the same because we all put our pants on for the day, but I was curious to how you get dressed? I usually...

What do you think is the best accessory FOR WOMEN?

A few days ago we talked about men's accessories. What do you think is the best accessory for a woman?
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Is this winter padded coat/blazer too big on me?

Just to clarify, I wanted a long winter coat but it's only available in standard version, no petite one and I'm 5'2 and they all...
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How many girl's here like mini skirt and how many like long skirt?

How many girl's here like mini skirt and how many like long skirt?

(Not what you think!) Do people on the left or the column on the right appeal more to you for whatever reason?

Take your time. You can leave an opinion stating: 1. Left 2. Right etc. And explain why you choose it, do they seem like they're nicer,...
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Is it courage or their sloppy behavior for very famous people to share photos without makeup?

Here are the no-makeup pictures of Selena Gomez. What do you think about them? Personally, I think, this is such a self-confident...
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Who wears short shorts?

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Does he look… weird to you?

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