Is chest hair a past thing of history now?

Back in the 60s/70s most of the men had lot of chest hair and didn't remove it at all. Then came the mid nineties when guys started...

Manscaping! One of the best trends of modern society!

Manscaping is the removal of body hairs from the male body. It's a trend that's here to stay - women like it , men like it. A win win...

My favorite makeup looks

These are a combination of soft makeup looks and dramatic This is supposed to be a french look I like the makeup look on the left...

Why I changed my hair length on men beliefs and why I doubt I will never change them again

I will share why I feel that men should walk with confidence and support short hair and not let their hair grow. Of course this doesn't...

The jewelry I love seeing women wear and the jewelry I hate seeing women wear

I will discuss 4 pieces of jewelry which is necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings. I will tell how I feel about each of them....

The Feminine Figure

Fighting the Fat Belief Every day, there are words everywhere, concerning the body shape and movement of women. The media has elevated...

Why having racial preferences is not racism!

Here’s a simple statement: Most girl’s Im attracted to do not smoke, when a girl smokes, it is a turn off. here's another statement:...

Opinion on girls with a tattoo?

Specifically one similar to the one pictured (placement, style, etc). And does the tattoo being black/white or colored effect your opinion?

Anyone considering switching from skinny jeans to straight leg?

Is anyone considering switching from skinnies to straight leg jeans?

What size of pants is considered big or fat for your gender?

I’m a size 8-10, at times I can’t button the size 8. But everyone tells me I’m skinny or healthy/normal. Are these sizes considered big...

Do people judge or find it unattractive when people wear specific types of sunglasses that “don’t go well” with their face shape?

Really like round sunglasses but have a round face and saw a chart saying round face people should wear other sunglasses. Thoughts?

What do you think of women that always dress provocatively and post provocative pictures online?

What impression do you get of a woman that constantly exposes too much skin in public - wears super short shorts, skirts, dresses, has...

What color clothing do you look best in?

For me even though pink is my favorite color I look best in white, and also yellow.

How to grow out your hair faster?

I am an African American male with a little West Indian heritage. So far I haven't really grew out my hair but now I want to in the...

What do you find most attractive about the your significant other physically?

For me, its eyes. She has the most gorgeous eyes. Every time I look in them, I get lost all over again.

Girls, I want to learn to snowboard this winter, does my outfit look ok?

I'm new to this site, so I can't post an image but it's my profile picture. Any other advice on what to wear/how to layer is welcome!...

Men removing leg and arm hair?

More and more men are now removing their legs and arm hair after the trend of chest/back hair removal. Some of the reasons for male leg...

Is it common to attract drama with people, even when you stay to yourself?

This has happened in middle school, HS, at work, college etc. Am I the issue or just unlucky? I tend to meet people that get along with...

What Is Your Favorite Eye Color?

Don't make a decision based on the attractiveness of the people In the pictures, but simply eye color. This poll is for men and women.

Would you buy your favorite brand's jeans in black even if you already have a similar pair?

My favorite jeans come from this brand and I personally can't find a better pair. Today I noticed they have the same style in black for...

Is Conchita Wurst Attractive Or Not?

I'm wondering how many people finds Conchita Wurst (Tom Neuwirth) attractive although he has an unconventional style. #ConchitaWurst...

Girls, Does this foundation blends with my neck colour?

Well my face is lot darker than my neck because of the five oclock shadow and over sun exposure also slight redness on cheek nose area....

Do you like beards?

I think they are age hiding