My Opinion On Body Positivity

When most people on this website hear the phrase 'body positivity' they probably think it means 'glorifying obesity'. Now I have seen...

Why men need to be proud creatures of their facial hairs and chest hairs and how to rebuke the naysayers

I will cover certain hairs on men, only the ones that are not supported as much on our men now: facial hair and chest hair Facial hair...

Just because a woman has a tattoo, doesn't mean she's slutty/less attractive!

I've seen things on here that I want to address. I've seen many tattoo topics on GAG. And many females and males saying "women that has...

Manscaping! One of the best trends of modern society!

Manscaping is the removal of body hairs from the male body. It's a trend that's here to stay - women like it , men like it. A win win...

My favorite makeup looks

These are a combination of soft makeup looks and dramatic This is supposed to be a french look I like the makeup look on the left...

Is chest hair a past thing of history now?

Back in the 60s/70s most of the men had lot of chest hair and didn't remove it at all. Then came the mid nineties when guys started...

Why I changed my hair length on men beliefs and why I doubt I will never change them again

I will share why I feel that men should walk with confidence and support short hair and not let their hair grow. Of course this doesn't...

Is there a physical attribute that you wish you had?

Like dimples? A beauty mark? Smaller feet? Anything?

Girls how often do you wear heels and for what reason do you wear them?

girls how often do you wear heels and for what reason do you wear them?

What can I expect during a leg wax?

I'm getting my legs waxed today for the first time. Are there any details I should know?

Covering up breasts and how to make women comfortable?

Most of my friends are twenty and thirty something women. Often they will wear low cut tops or deep v tops. I like the way it looks and...

What vibes do these outfits give off?

And which one looks better and why?

Is this good to wear to funeral?

So I’m going to a funeral on Saturday for a loved one of mine who has passed, I went to H&M and bought this since I don’t have anything...

Do You Sleep With it Without Socks 🧦?

Do you prefer sleeping with or without socks and why?

Is societal norms on beauty debilitating to society?

In an odd circumstance, I was recently contacted by a former bourdoir client. She had me shoot her as gifts to her boyfriend (now ex)...

Is there something wrong with my eyes or does President Donald Trump look unnaturally Orange? My children call him the orange guy. Is he okay?

Many news outlets have speculated that he overtans. Specifically, makeup artists were interviewed and the theory is that he excessively...

Prettier girl in your opinion?

I’m wondering who you guys think is prettier? Selena Gomez Or Hailey Bieber? PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT AS WELL!!!

Would you take a woman less seriously if they dressed like this?

So this is relevant to my last question- Is this style unattractive to men? Would you take a women less seriously if she dresses like...

Which dress should I wear?

There is a Christmas party at the hotel that I work at. The party is semiformal, there is a mix of young adults who party and older...