My guide to healthy hair

Good hair care is very important no matter what the texture of your hair is. Nutrition is the most important part of good hair...

Easy and Simple ways to go with fashion

Some simple and easy tips to follow to help you choose the right outfit. Sometimes when we feel like dressing up it can be difficult to...

The Ever Changing Fashion

Just some fashion ideas! Fashion is constantly changing and new trends are always popping up, although recently it seems that old...

Flair for Fashion!

It is always fun to try out new makeup looks and find different ways to enhance our beauty. Here are a few different idea that you can...

Can curvy be attractive?

You will notice this is not so much a question as a mytake :) I really like curvy girls myself. In fact this picture is one of the best...

A look through some fashion magazines

This is a simple look through of some pictures in a couple of fashion magazines. That shows one of the libraries I go to as well :)...

A New Look in a New Year

This is an attempt to show new fashion. I've based this on google searches so It could be dated but I have seen a couple of interesting...

Are some people just objectively attractive or unattractive?

There are celebrities that nearly everyone thinks are hot while there are also celebrities that nearly everyone thinks are ugly

Is it wrong for a female to wear a boy shoes?

I like Jordan’s and I like to get them in 6.5y because they are cheaper than getting the same shoes in my original size. Plus, should...

Why is it everytime I see a woman with a tattoo, I associate it with sex work?

Not sure, but why do women with tattoos trigger this idea that they are sex workers branded by their pimps. Like how farmers brand their...

What do you think of these shirts?

For a party holiday in the summer

Anyone want to buy me this cute dressing table :p?

Don’t be shy now 😂😂 Nah but in all seriousness, what do you think of it? I think it’s so lovely! X

What do you think of buying used designer shoes?

I bought a pair of Prada loafers for 10 dollars that costed originally over 500. They are old, but in a good shape and have been using...

Do you like outfits like these?

High waisted leggings with a long sleeve cropped shirt. I like them cause they are comfortable, sexy, and flattering without showing a...

Why does my nail polish always start chipping?

I tried buffing, using top coat, clear, yet it still peels or chips immediately

Which One Is Your Favorite Designer Brand?

Like who overall has the most stuff you like? I think I’m gonna have to go with Michael Kors, I really like his stuff.

Girls, body hair preference for men?

It's no secret that this question is for my own reference, and this is for all body hair (everything below the neck). I am hairy, but...

On Average, Which Place Has The Hottest Guys?

Just want to see the most popular vote 😁

Hairy guys or non-hairy guys?

Hairy guys ( including hairy chest) or non-hairy guys ( including no hair on legs) what's your more preferred type? And what would be...