Valentine's day dress

While Valentine's day can be looked down upon it is fun to see different people's interpretations of it. Even anti-valentine's day is an...

Get The Perfect Wardrobe For Winters.

Say goodbye to the summer season and welcome winters. Yes, the winter season is about to arrive. Interestingly, your wardrobe demands a...

You're more beautiful when you're not aware of it

This take is based on "What makes you beautiful" by One Direction and "Du bist schön" by Alligatoah. You don't know you're beautiful...

Socks, Boots, Velvet and Ballerina Slippers

This may sound like a strange title but I had quite a lot of requests from one gagger and I thought rather than a long string of them...

Fun with Floral

So Recently I was looking for inspirational photos and I found this one Other than make me want to go the tropics myself :) It inspired...

Should You Buy A Dress Online From China?

As we approach the upcoming Spring season of weddings and proms, you may be hitting the online market and trying to catch a stellar deal...

Clothes with Bows or Bows on Clothes

This is inspired by this question HAIR BOWS: What Do You Think Of Girls Who Wear Bows in Their Hair? My fashion polls don't always land...

What do you think about modeling?

Guys, do you have more or less respect for women who model? Girls, do you want to model? Have you heard that most women who model...

What do you think about butt ripped jeans?

Looks good on her but I don't think everyone could make that work 😂😂

Do you like ripped jeans?

I think they look good with some styles, The second girls jeans look way too ripped up though and it looks kinda trashy lol

Can someone tell me how I did so far? I'm practicing?

I'm just practicing. I'm not perfect at cutting jeans yet. Can someone be honest on how I did so far?

Anybody know how to naturally shrink clothes?

I have some cute clothes (various materials) that are too big for me because I lost a bit of weight lately after doing ballet. I don’t...

Should I not wear makeup this time to see him?

I always have makeup on when I’m with him I usually looked like this But this is me without makeup: I have a really big acne...

I am afraid of cutting my hair, what to do?

I’ve had this fear since i was 12 y old. The hairdresser chopped of so much of my hair bc he said it was damaged. like ok, i get that,...

What's better, cute girls or hot girls?

Okay so I found this image and I'm actually curious on people's preference. Just vote on what you think is better and explain why.

Which jacket do ya think is nicer?

Leave a comment good bad or just whatever thanks

Which to go for? If any?

PG gray, AJ blue, BP and Met are prob my top picks but i like em all. I wanted something to workout in but at the same time i wanted an...

Is My Hair Straight or Wavy?

Do you girls think my hair is wavy or straight and what color would you say it is? I’ve been thinking about either growing it out or...

Which is better?

The I have no idea which is better so... personally idc at all either way🤷😂😂

Do you prefer the neat or unkempt look?

Inspired by a certain pair. Neat being someone who looks like s/he just got cleaned up. Unkempt being someone who looks like s/he just...

Which of these natural Brown hair shades do you find most attractive/appealing?

Which of brown hair shades do you find most attractive for both genders (be aware that some pictures might not be accurate, so don't judge)?

Do you think jawline muscles are attractive?

I personally like tham in guys, tehy aren't necessary but i find they really help someone's face be more attractive