Socks, Boots, Velvet and Ballerina Slippers

This may sound like a strange title but I had quite a lot of requests from one gagger and I thought rather than a long string of them...

You're more beautiful when you're not aware of it

This take is based on "What makes you beautiful" by One Direction and "Du bist schön" by Alligatoah. You don't know you're beautiful...

Fun with Floral

So Recently I was looking for inspirational photos and I found this one Other than make me want to go the tropics myself :) It inspired...

Should You Buy A Dress Online From China?

As we approach the upcoming Spring season of weddings and proms, you may be hitting the online market and trying to catch a stellar deal...

Clothes with Bows or Bows on Clothes

This is inspired by this question HAIR BOWS: What Do You Think Of Girls Who Wear Bows in Their Hair? My fashion polls don't always land...

Why high waisted pants are better than low waisted

The problem with low and medium waisted pants: 1. Low waisted pants are uncomfortable for about anyone. If you have love handles they...

Foot care routine: 0-100 transformation (TL;DR included)

Brief summary mentioned below for those who don't want to read the whole thing. I used to hate my feet. I really hated my feet so much...

Are flat platform sandals too casual to go out?

To go to a bar with friends, or a club?

Ladies, have you ever found that using hot tools/coloring your hair has made it thinner?

I started coloring my hair and getting it blown out two years ago, and I swear to God it looks great when it's styled, but I think all...

Do you like this look?

I am a man, and before I never worn female clothes, it is a new experience for me

Does guys like/prefer girls more with natural hair color or colorful hair?

I love dying my hair a lot haha. It’s just fun and stylish in my opinion. As you can see my profile picture is blue and platinum blonde...

Girls, What do you think about guys wearing crop tops?

I own a few crop tops, I don't wear crop tops as often as I use to though.

Why are latina girls so damn cute?

I mean, look at this one on twitter (She's of age)

Do "ugly" people have potential?

I put "ugly" in quotes because it's completely subjective. I've always struggled with my self image, and one of the things I say to...

Do women find men with long hair and a big beards attractive?

I am a man with long hair and a big beard and i like the look!

What's your opinion on Filipina women?

Im a foreign guy living in the Philippines, I feel like almost every girl I see is just breathtaking.

Why did my skin blister from wax?

I recently got my arms waxed at a beauty salon. The wax was so hot that it burnt my skin and made it blister. Was it that my skin was...