What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?

I'm 2 years away from kicking in the door of 40, and I'd like to think in my 38 years of life on this planet, that I have plenty of...

BMI versus Reality: How Expectations of the BMI Distort our Body Image

Anyone who does not live under a rock knows how the BMI is used to distort the self image of people, especially women, by creating...

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

No. That's correct, NO! Okay, this is a simplification because not everyone will agree on what is attractive...but most, and by most I...

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 3)

Is February the month of love, or lust? I'll let you decide. Every week during the month of February, I will update a list of the...

The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 2)

February is the month of "love". Every week during the month of February, I will update a list of the greatest Social Media Influencers...
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The Most Interesting Social Media Influencers (Part 1)

February is the month of "love". Every week during the month of February, I will update a list of the greatest Social Media Influencers...

Typical "sexy" things that I find yucky

And when people try to say you aren't "right" for not liking the "norm" they are just as yucky. Uniqueness and differences is what makes...

Why do we care about men's opinion on our looks?

I know I ask to be rated but the question popped in my head today why we kinda care what men think of our looks? Also why men don't get...

Have you ever clean shaven your head?

I had clean shaven my head once years ago. I think about clean shaving my head once again the next week with some beard on.

What are some of y'alls skincare routines to get a clear face?

I'm talking no acne scars, no acne, even tone, smooth skin. And also please list products please. thanks

Do you like this dress, or is it too much like a granny’s dress for a young person to wear?

What do you think of this dress? Do you like the style? Or is it too much like a granny’s dress?

Which earrings look better?

1) these are £110 2) these are £69

What Do You Think About Thigh-High Socks Or Stockings?

Do You Like Them, Hate Them, OR Something Else?💙 Follow Up: 🧦 Do Thigh-High Socks/Stockings Make A Woman's Legs Look More OR Less...

Thoughts on Kardashian’s #Photogate?

I think it shows how fake Instagrammers and modeling is. Apparently photo editing is very important to them.

Girls, What’s it like to have breasts and wear a bra?

do you notice a difference with the style or material of a bra or if it’s a new or old one? And do the cups put and pressure or...

Do you find this mans outfit strange?

My friend said it looks "gay" to him. I don't understand why he thinks that, he says it's just weird and he used this word. I really...

Guys, Is the dimple nice?

Miranda Kerr, for example, has two dimples. Do you think a girl should have a dimple? I wondered what the guys think of this. Of course...

Guys, which on?

😂😂lol. which on beautiful?

Rough looking somewhat stubbly legs after closely trimming?

So since I have really coarse long and messy body hair I closely trimmed my legs , thighs arms but they're not so soft n smooth as other...

Paisley ties: yay or nay?

What do you girls/guys think of paisley ties. I got invited to a big wedding this summer and I’ll be wearing a tailored black suit with...

Guys, which do you like more on a girl, skirts or jeans?

Try not to choose which of these two look better in these pictures but rather answer in general terms

Is it worth wearing unprescribed contact lenses if you’re scared of sticking something in your eyes?

There’s just this special occasion ill be going to and thought about wearing contacts for the first time but I've always been scared...

Which Japanese brand is more attractive?

which Japanese brand is more attractive yes ,,🤔

Girls, You prefer guys to shave / trim thighs & legs before wearing shorts?

As a female do you like and want men to shave / closely trim their legs and thighs before wearing shorts?

Cute outfit or no?

It's actually a crop top but you can't tell