The unresolved modern problems with men's fashion and it's 2020

This may sound ridiculous but unless you care at least on the same level as I do about men's fashion options (and enjoy looking good or...

Getting a Daith Piercing

Yesterday morning I couldn't sleep after coming off a night shift. I decided that maybe I could go for a drive and grab groceries. I...

There is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!

We live in a world where pretty matters and anyone who says otherwise is flat out wrong. Several years ago I learned this fact the hard...

Why girls filter their photos and want plastic surgery.

Ahhh....the magic of filters and it’s free than getting plastic surgery. It’s also a little self esteem/confidence boost. But anyways,...

The Fight That Changed Fashion

In late 2004, in a basketball game between the Indiana Pacers and the defending champion Detroit Pistons, a major fight broke out...

What did people look like in the 1960's

I saw a picture posted by a gagger recently and it got me to wondering what I could find that showed pictures of past era's where the...

Why being a pretty girl sucks

It's all from my personal experience. And I acknowledge that being pretty has its benefits. I've never had to buy my drinks unless I...

What's the best waist size for a girl?

Please explain why you chose the one you chose.

Would you judge someone with a tattoo negatively?

Judge them negatively Even if its a mini one

Which of these women has the better hairstyle?

Also, can you guess which woman is 18 and which is 28? So which of these women do you think has the better hairstyle? Men, which...

#1 color combo: Would lavender pair better with this skirt? #2 fabric rules : Textured OR Smooth fabric top, pairs better with the ruffled skirt?

I think I know the answer but not certain. I don’t think you Can see but the top has a kind of raised texture on it. It isn’t severe...

Does red or blonde hair look better on me?

Not sure whether to stay w red hair or dye blonde (naturally dark blonde)

Which is more important to you?

I mean your beauty ideals, not in general so chill